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  1. Shame can imagine the anticipation for the pedal. I am so curious how different it will be from the M11 version. Im keeping the mk2 for awhile. Still like it and it fulfils my needs. I bought the proton 2 and a few months later the proton 3 comes out. Now he is up to proton 4. Can't keep up.
  2. 4&5 String


    Yes I have the first. Only difference they cooked the neck and gave an extra bolt to hold the neck. Pickups are different also and Im not crazy about them either. I love the Fralins on mine. A little more expensive than most but worth it.
  3. 4&5 String


    Beautiful Bass. Love Black Jazz with the red PG. I have the American Pro P bass and I love it. I changed the PU's too. I put in the standard P Lindy Fralins. Amazing vintage style PU's.... Is this the Pro 1st version or the 2nd?
  4. So is there a difference between the M2 and M3 except for the sizes?
  5. Can't go wrong with the way huge Pork and Pickle.
  6. His wife is singing in this song too. Love this song.......Man glad this got in.
  7. I have the MK11 and really like it. Have not tried the new version but 3 leaf updates their pedals alot. Nothing wrong I guess but it always makes you want the new version. In a live situation its hard to say one is better than the other when you have the newer OC-5 and the very impressed EBS studio octave model. But there is something about the older OC2. The 3 leaf MK11 and Im sure the MK3 get very close.
  8. What strings are you going to use on that baby. It would look great in matte black. Make sure all the paint is off and sand it down. Maybe black in Nitro. Will look great in a few years of solid use.
  9. Nice looking bass for sure. Isn't it amazing how we go into cycles. Whereby we own a good first bass and want to in our mind something better. We sell and buy. It continues until you pick up your original or something of the same and fall all over in love with it. You say to yourself all the money I have spent for basses that that may not be as good. Enjoy that bass.
  10. Both bass players in Dumpsterfunk and Mothers Finest are brothers
  11. Somehow I keep coming to this just to smile. Will Lee is so talented that he can just groove and stand out. (1) Black Or White (bass instrumental cover) - YouTube
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