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  1. Somehow I keep coming to this just to smile. Will Lee is so talented that he can just groove and stand out. (1) Black Or White (bass instrumental cover) - YouTube
  2. Prince was so talented that no matter what instrument he picked up there was a style and groove to it. Many of his studio recordings was him playing all the instruments. I didnt say all. But you can tell he had some really good bassist in his band, including Larry Graham that he learned from.
  3. Bubinga5 is it something about the already active pre you have that is bothering you? Not sure of your answer is but I would change out the pre and get something else. In fact you mentioned Sadowsky. You can get a pre for that beautiful Jazz o yours and it will have a passive active possibilities. This was on their site"Our drop in preamp is perfect for adding the Sadowsky sound to J-style basses with a plate. They can also be removed from the plate for rear installation for basses with a control cavity.
  4. 4&5 String


    The wood on that bass looks very high quality.
  5. Sorry.... I was seeing a few AB amps and I thought I'd sneak one in. 🏳️
  6. I have the Future Impact. The C4 is easier to program and smaller.. If I had another chance I would pick the C4. Again not knocking the Future Impact. Its is legendary in some ways, but the C4 Source Audio answers all question with total professionalism and sounds great. Some mention Nathan Navarro. I believe he uses the C4 now from using the Future Impact. He is another not only a good bassist but he is super friendly and answers questions pretty rapidly.
  7. 4&5 String


    I really like the originals. Well made and sound great. I have a 60"s version in red.
  8. I agree I think all of the Thunderfunk models were great. Made extremely well. The 420 were the early one's. He continued the AMP Gibson who bought out AMP in 88 I think. When thunderfunk bought them out around 2000. He made them better and improved the sound. AMP was a few members from SWR who designed it so it had a little bit of SWR in it. And a lot of EDEN. SWR and EDEN never liked each other when SWR pulled away from EDEN who was making their cabinets. That's why EDEN came out with the David series while SWR had the Goliath. Get the resemblance? David and Goliath. Sorry for getting away to far from the amps. But again I really liked Thunderfunk.
  9. This was my EDEN 800A which I loved. Loved the A and B series as the C had problems. It flew out the back of my truck coming home from a gig. When I arrived I didn't see it and the back door latch was opened. When I got back to the gig (about 30 miles away) it was all over the street. It was in a rack. Not long ago I picked up a older WT 550 and love it. Like the hybrids. Many still are light enough yet have a nice tube warmth.
  10. There are many really good class D heads. I have and still use the GK 800 Fusion and the weight and easy to transport is fantastic. But there is still something about my eden WT550 and alembic F2B/Crest CA 6 still are very dear to me.
  11. Can't go wrong with a Cali. I use the Empress and really love it. They are coming out with a new version strictly for bass. Looking forward to it.
  12. SVT that is a difference from the class D. But it sounds incredible..
  13. Excellent amps. Had both. Still wish I had the 550B. Dave has retired and no longer making them. Will be had to find. Easy to repair as it was made with the best parts. A very good work horse. If you keep it clean and clean the inputs regularly this amp will last.
  14. For me I would go with the Thunderfunk 550B Model. Had also the 750a but somehow I liked the 550 better for its tight lows. Unfortunately Dave has retired and is no longer making them. The amp has always been reliable except it needed yearly input cleaning. Very punchy and Transparent. The EQ was excellent. At 20 pounds it was easy to carry.
  15. Ped that is a beautiful bass. Congratulations and good luck with it.
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