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    2008 USA model just after the S-1 switch had been discontinued from the Precisions.
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    +1! There are a zillion variants on neck shapes but the chart below is a useful guide for the most common traditional shapes. Assymetrical neck shapes are also available and can look similar to your drawing.
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    That's not dancing so much as trying to cope with a severe wedgie! Somebody pass her the talc.
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    I built one.... Genuine Flea Roadworn Body Lakland Skyline Neck Tonerider Pickups (have tried a few different pups in but these work well) Kiogon S1Loom
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    Can't see a bass demo yet, but hopefully not long.
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    PRICE REDUCED TO £1,800! The bass cull continues with this genuine 'one of a kind' Status originally made & customised for TM Stevens around 26 years ago. For whatever reason he didn't end up with it & it was then owned by Ashdown for about 20 years and used for testing new kit. I bought it direct from them and it's been played at a couple of rehearsals and one gig since then. Apart from one small surface scratch down the bridge, and some small buckle rash on the rear, it's pretty much perfect - certainly doesn't look 26 years old! The surface marks should be visible in the pictures below - The volume control 'sometimes' has a little scratch sound right at the end of it's travel towards off position but you have to listen very closely to hear this. It may well go with a continued bout of twisting. Some screws and bridge hardware are showing some age but I felt this just added a bit of character It has no serial number and there has been some debate between various Status experts (all of them far more knowledgeable than I) about whether it's an S2 Classic or an Empathy. Rob Green thinks it's an S2 so that's probably a safe bet. Here's what Ashdown said about it: "This S2-Classic is the ultimate combination of traditional and modern guitar design. Made in the 80's built for TM Stevens and painted by a top German artist. TM Stevens never actually ended up with the bass instead it found its way into our possession around 20 years ago and has been one of our go to test basses. Woven carbon graphite and selected exotic woods are combined to create a bass which sounds even better than it looks. It has a wide, even frequency response with huge dynamics and sustain." Note that the artist signature appears to be Andi Graphic Art 94 - this would suggest it's a bit newer than the Ashdown estimate but that 94 may not be the date it was made and/or have nothing to do with that at all. Could just be the 94th piece of custom artwork etc. It has the classic Status electronics with the sweepable mid boost/cut switch and sounds just like a Status should - great cut through that sits in a live mix really nicely. Happy to post anywhere in the UK / EU at cost - probably £25 UK & £40 EU (both with insurance).
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    Some years I got multitracks to a number of Queen songs and I am delighted to say the DI bass tracks are refreshingly as bad as if I'd played them. Add in the mic'd 4x12 and the 1x18 and it all sounds wonderful.
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    Just seen this bad boy on a thread over on TalkBass: I don’t play 6 string or fretless but good lord!
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    My Bitsa Jazz/MM fretless. Love it!
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    Fender Precision 1977/78 according to the serial number. Has some playing wear but it’s a good’n. Ash body, maple neck. Guitar Info Your guitar was made at the Fullerton Plant (Fender - CBS Era), USA in 1977 - 1978 Production Number: 76111 Cash sale at £1950. Trades wise I might be tempted by an musicman. I’m in North Shields, Tyne & Wear. I’d prefer pickup but may meet half way or post if I really have to. I’ve sold 4 basses recently so check my feedback. I decided to get down to two precision’s so that’s why this one is up for sale.
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    Brilliant piece of kit. In great condition. Never missed a beat for me. In all kinds of venues. Selects the best channel for you after a scan, so no need to worry. Nice and compact. This does not come with a clip. The original clips arr useless so I removed it and used a levys pouch. You can buy them for around £15. Comes boxed, with spare psu and even the plastic caps for the transmitter. Only selling due to getting the rack version. Grab a bargain.
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    I’m about to string my Dingwall Super PJ5 with some of these after hearing many good things about them. No particular reason why I chose the nickels over the steels to be honest. I’m thinking I’ll check into this thread over a period of months and report in on how well they’re retaining their fresh tone. Wish me luck!
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    I think this went over the heads of many readers...
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    Lovely. Is that the one at Classic and Cool?
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    You should. Mines a metro, just lovely. 😃
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    I did not know this, thanks for the heads up. I had them in a Fender Jazz for a while and they sound great together.
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    Great work, Bart, I'm enjoying these and I'm not a huge RHCP fan by any means.
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    Hello! I did exactly that earlier in the year. Great wee bass now. I'm still looking for a bridge. Needs to be 17 or 18mm spacing and Hipshot do a vintage one that drops right in with individual saddles but I'm trying to keep it cheap so waiting on a 2nd hand one. Tuners on mine are just Squier ones I got for cheap, involved drilling holes but I think any tuners would involve drilling to fit them. Good luck, great platform to start with!
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    Mines is a laid back house vibe. Night time driving past the trees. It’s getting there.
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    I worry my sig is over the top... I wouldn't blame anyone for hiding it. There are several people on this thread whose sigs I've hidden for being 'in my face'. You know who you are... 🤣
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    I couldn't resist the temptation, and ordered it anyway... it's on and it looks absolutely brilliant. No pics of it until the bass is finished, soz I would heartily recommend Rothko & Frost's service to anyone. Dead easy to arrange, fast delivery and a really superb product. First time I've used them, but won't be the last.
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    If I recall correctly Dave Swift does the opposite, flats E to G, roundwound B for greater clarity in the mix.
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    Another horn solo this time, Sonny Rollins's first saxophone solo on the tune 'St. Thomas' from the 1957 album 'Saxopone Collosus'. An interesting insight into Rollins's concept and 'thematic development'. It is perfectly playable on the bass but woudl probably need some time spent with it in order to determine the best fingerings to get the phrases to flow. https://bilbosbassbites.co.uk/st-thomas-first-sax-solo-sonny-rollins/
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    I already have some of these! 😁 A couple of months ago, before these were released, MSL asked me to do a YouTube comparison of the different series of strings. When the LongEvos landed in the UK I was sent a set of each (steels and nickels), with the intention of adding them to the video. When the additional tracks had been done, the tonal difference between these and the Energy and Groove series was imperceivable, so it was decided it wasn't worth changing the video as it just made it longer for no real gain! I have been an exclusive user of Elixirs for the last 6-7 years or so (by choice, not endorsment! Chance would be a fine thing!). I love the feel of them and have always felt that, and long life is well worth the extra expense. My love for them is now on hold until I see how long the LongEvo's last, because they feel/play great and the street price is going to be about £10 less for a comparable set of Elixir! I have set of Steels on one of my JVs, which I have recorded with, but not gigged yet (we're out tomorrow so will update if I have further to report!), and a set of Nickels on my Lakland 55-02. If you want to hear the LongEvo Nickels in action, wind your ears around this:
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    We knew you couldn't stay away... Welcome back
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    Pleased you like it. We're pleased with how it came out and all seem very focussed on things at the moment.
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    I must be one of the rare individuals that just doesn't use pedals? Even back in my guitar playing days everything was rack mounted and run from a single MIDI controller but I can see why the idea has appeal to those with pedal-boards. There is, as always, an alternative solution by mounting non-midi enabled or analogue pedals on a rack tray, safely away from punters/beer etc and using a MIDI controlled loop switcher such as this by Morning Star - https://www.morningstarfx.com/ml5 - one MIDI cable and an appropriate foot switch lives on stage whilst this lovely gadget lives in the rack with the pedals and can be programmed to engage/disengaged as many/few of your devices as you wish so no more tap-dancing either! Just a thought for those FX pedal users out there seeking a more elegant on-stage solution.
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    Got HUMAN TRAFFIC and been listening to it this morning, terrific stuff, fantastic catchy songs, superb playing and singing, well worth buying IMHO, top notch !! John 😎
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    Well, its just like spam, it washes over you after a while and you won't even notice it, like brief look, delete, move onto the next one.
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    Hi Greg, welcome back! 🙂
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    I think it's what they sounded like new. The treble boost was always a bit hissy when turned up, but early days for active electronics. Never bothered me much because I like a middly sound and never really boosted the treble. I don't doubt they have improved it since then and use a quieter chip.
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    Good evening, Greg, and ... You already know that there's plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share.
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    S'what I thought, but I read through their doc a few times; no mention. On their forums, it's been requested as a 'feature', but it's not been taken up. Seems odd to me, too, but it's maybe a DAW for doing other stuff, really..?
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    I'd put them in a place similar to Gil Scott-Heron.
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    @stewblack was Hell Benton getting one!
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    Darn it..! Why did you have to do that..? Now see what you've done..!
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    Woo hoo , I think I’ll put another verse in now !!
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    Not really reggae but then where the hell do you put The Last Poets..? Stupid question really, you put them ON.
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    Had a Zoom B1X Four from Alfie... Quick response to emails, Quick dispatch, Arrived next day packaged to survive the rigors of Royal Mail. Units' box and contents, paperwork etc. all 'As New' as described. All Good!
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    Indeed, but that is just terms. You can't use the pickups without power, so the pickup assembly is active. The board in the picture is just a set of plugs to get power to the required pickups and the output to the plug, so the loom itself is passive. Advantage of that is you can use very small windings or small magnets which would normally produce too low an output as it is being buffered at source.
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    You won't, he'll be there when you next log on
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    Here is my lap steel with the bender. I have them installed on the A and C string on a C6 tuning (CEGACE). They move the A string up to A# and the C string up to C#. You can obviously set the pitch of each bender to whatever you want with in reason of the movement of the lever. That bar at the rear is a pivot for the bending mechanism and the mechanism can be moved along the bar to any string position. Also, benders can be set to bend the pitch down as well as up depending on where you install the string on the mechanism. Those four nuts you see on top and by the bar are fine tuners for both the open string and the pitch when the palm lever is pressed. Hope this helps.
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    None whatsoever 😂 😴 You got to learn the dots, mate. Trust me, it's worth it. Try Jeff Berlin's reading packages.
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    Another hassle free transaction with Phil who sent me some schallers All Good ....Great Communication ....a pleasure! Buy Sell and trade with Confidence! (Not Condiments) Many Thanks Martin😎
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    One of my favourite basses ever is my Ibanez Talman short scale, they're only £150 new, cheaper than a set of boutique pickups! Admittedly it's had some minor hardware upgrades - new pots, £10 eBay special high mass bridge, Wilkinson machine heads and I swapped out the pickups for a set from my old Peavey Zodiac. But the upgrades cost no more £50 in total. It's been shielded and I've rolled the fretboard edges. It's comfortable to play with its distinctly un-Ibanez chunky neck, but it sounds great, resonates as good as anything ten times the cost and it just looks cool, a bit like a Jaguar but with a daft shaped head stock. The only gripe is that it's a bit heavy but it's my go to bass. I prefer it over a number of basses that I've owned that cost many times as much but the Talman just feels right in my hands.
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    ok, here it is. about a year ago I was treated to the phrase "which part of: there is no way we are having a double bass in in this house - did you not understand?" I had told her it was a quarter size. She thought it was going to be the size of a largish viola. But we all know DB sizes don't work like that. Anyway, after a couple of gigs where I really got on with it and some recordings I had a mishap. One night a loft hatch door was blown off and pushed it off the stand. The resulting damage was the neck came off the body. I'm of a mind to fix it but now can't be bothered. I'll have to borrow my son's sash cramps. About the bass (yeah Megan) I've no idea of it's make, age or materials used I bought it from Pamela's musical instruments for £350 about 15 months ago. I comes wit bag and stand The post needs re-positioning Pictures are below nb the bridge is not glued onto the neck pocket. So, if you feel that you would like a bit of DIY (not that type) or perhaps want to call that bloke Nick whatever his name is off DIY SOS then you can have the lot for free. Otherwise, as our Gamba player said - let's see how brightly it burns. Now I know that it's going to be a pain to send it by post so if you pay my fuel and can drive within 100 miles of Hull 🤮 then I will meet up with you

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