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  1. My first new bass in about 3 years. I'm not into relics and I don't like the Foo Fighters. Fender should just make a stock version of this bass. I wanted a P-bass with a rosewood board and this one is a nicer colour than the stock Mexican offerings and has a decent bridge and Seymour Duncans. The Nitro finish means that it doesn't feel like bass has been plastic coated and the fake road wear means that I won't care when the real thing happens. Definitely a stage bass. I've never owned a precision but this sounds exactly how I expected it to. Once I get some Nickel wound strings on it and lower the action a bit, it will be perfect. The 'A' neck is nowhere close to any Jazz that I've ever played (despite some internet review claims), but a bit chunkier than my Stingray, albeit sightly narrower at the nut. What's to say? It looks like a Fender, has a big 70s Fender logo and plays like a Fender. Big beefy precision tone and I'm looking forward to cranking it up at the next practice.
  2. I'm not usually one to look back but I ended up catching my old band twice this weekend. We never used to hang out - we were just bandmates. This is the first time in 30 odd years of playing that I've been in this position. I think they've been through about 3 bass players since I left a year ago, and there had been other significant changes too, meaning that it wasn't simply like 'bumping into your ex'. Still an odd experience though and I did detect a little bit of, not tension exactly but definitely a vibe. It was the new bass players first and second gig too, so no pressure. FWIW, I thought the old songs from the EP we did, sounded less convincing but the new song fitted their new style really well. Hard to say that diplomatically though but I did find myself willing them on a bit. Any similar experiences. How did you feel about it?
  3. Wow. Brendan looks a lot older. I wouldn't have spotted him at all. But Joe looks exactly the same. I miss Fugazi.
  4. I saw Queens of The Stone age around the time of Rated R. Nick Oliveri was naked aside from his bass, then took his bass off. The best / worst though was David Yow (Jesus Lizard singist) who invaded the stage at a Melvins show I attended. Initially he was wearing a toga and cowboy boots. Then the toga came off. Then he stage-dived into the crowd. I'm not sure what's worse though - the being naked or stage diving in cowboy boots.
  5. Cheers dude - and thanks for the use of the cab! It was very loud indeed. I clearly need to work on my power stance though....
  6. You remember semi-correctly. It's ragged as hell. Ship of Fools is a total monster - that's the fuzz bass. It's 100% VDGG though. Each album is it's own thing and in the original run at least, there are no duds.
  7. The sax is still there on Vital but there was a problem with the mics, so the strings dominate. The recent post-Jackson albums, I've not tried out. They fell out a bit I thought, which is sad after so many years.
  8. He wasn't trying. It was his. Nadir's Big Chance is way ahead (2 years?) and Rotten was/is a huge fan.
  9. Ignoring Aerosol Grey Machine, just get all or any of the others up to Present. They differ, but each is uniquely them. Or just get Godbluff and Vital.
  10. My '92 stingray has pretty square neck edges but the frets are nicely rolled off. It is without exception the nicest neck I've ever played. I've never been 100% sold on the scoopy sound, but the neck is so good, it's remained my only or main bass for 27 years.
  11. We bagged a mid-table main stage slot at what has turned out to be the final Macmillan Fest in Nottingham on Sat. It's been running for 10 years and if you play original rock or post-rock music in Notts, it's been the one to aim for. Six stages, 12 hours of music. It was a pressure gig, because not only were we aware that we were being given a shot (i.e. a better billing than we'd earned), but it was our first live outing in 4 months, following our singer's having a baby. I don't think we could have got it any better in tehe practice room without playing out for a while before this gig. The Rescue Rooms is a bigger stage than we're used to but I think we adapted pretty fast. A few lessons learned - drums are quieter on a big stage and on a riser for starters - and I did have to go walkabout at one point to compensate for a particularly inaudible picked clean guitar intro (lousy monitor mix). And bang it was over. Appreciative crowd. We held the audience ( and they had 5 other stages to check out) and got a lot of positive feedback. Another band who'd seen us before commented that they hadn't 'got it' previously, but in a much bigger room, the huge reverb soaked sound and classical singing suddenly made sense. Did some press (a first for me - but I missed Eyre Llew's set). Had a nice Japanese meal, caught Nordic Giants in all their costumed splendour and was still in bed before 11. Pro shot of me doing the volume pedal / delay thing in the intro .
  12. It worked! However, due to the 'on the floor' placement of the cab and the biggish stage, I have never been simultaneously so loud and yet had to dig in so hard to get any definition. I'm sure the backs of my knees enjoyed the workout.
  13. It's true they didn't have a permanent bass player, but Nic Potter plays on 'H to He' and 'The Least We Can Do' and then comes back again later on for the 'Quiet Zone' and the (colossal, IMO) 'Vital' live album. Hugh Banton played bass on the others where needed.
  14. Except I'm at work and have a school run to do and so won't have the luxury of free time between now and load in. PMT Nottingham don't have them listed anyway. Online order only.
  15. Cheers. I've spoken to the guy who's cab it is and he has some cable options anyway. They are loading out after our set so they'll be around anyway.
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