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  1. Yes, but fortunately, most places seem to offer a per track rate and an album rate so we should be able to soak up the cost if we decide to include the song on the album. There's a lot of material in play so it will depend what kind of theme emerges from what we have. Given the band's propensity for endless tweaking, it wouldn't surprise me if there is an album mix and and single mix anyway. Or even a completely different vocal performance.
  2. WRT £££ it's a balancing act. It's pretty dense music - I think we got up to 40 audio tracks, plus MIDI - so there's a lot of detail to wring out and once we've finally agreed a mix we do want it to to really shine. It is only one track at this point though. If it proves to be a major upgrade on what we can achieve ourselves (our guitar player mastered the last album) the we just need to cost it into the album budget.
  3. It was a belter. Nottingham Metal to the Masses Semi Final. We aren't a metal band - more an atmospheric art-rock with classical singing type of deal - so we weren't really feeling any pressure, despite the music being tricky to pull off live due to all the twists and turns and dynamic shifts. Our singer is due to give birth tomorrow(!), so it was definitely a case of 'above and beyond' but what with the impending hiatus, the previous gig being a total car crash for reasons beyond our control, some higher profile shows coming at the end of the year and the venue (The Maze in Nottingham) about to close, we really wanted it to be a good one and somehow everything just clicked. We've regularly been given horrible live sound at the Maze, thanks to 'that' sound engineer, but it was a different guy last night (Phil, who often does sound at the Salutation) and everything sounded great on stage and off. Very loud but super clear. I borrowed a couple of 1x15 Yamaha cabs and really loved my sound and felt much more in control than usual. I even managed a couple of big jumps. Decent and enthusiastic crowd, lots of Friday night drinking and hanging out going on only added to the good vibes. Three total strangers complimented my playing (I assume they were bass players, because ...er who else would notice the bass playing?). Unexpected but a nice detail, plus everyone who had seen us before agreed it was the best they'd seen us. I feel really beaten up today mind.
  4. Seems like a few shouts for Turan and the price looks good. The plan is to see what a pro can achieve vs. what we can do ourselves on a single track - we're pretty DIY and and have two engineers in the band but obviously our resources are more limited than a pro setup. If the results are good, then the next album will be up for grabs. All we have to do now is agree on a mix... or rather argue about it.
  5. We have releasable recordings in the pipeline and I was wondering what folk have done about mastering and are there any mastering studios anyone would like to recommend (or otherwise). Initially we'd be looking at one or two tracks for digital release as 16/44 downloads via Bandcamp, plus the major streaming platforms handled via DistroKid. It looks like some of the bigger studios offer online services for example (Abbey Road, Metropolis). I'm not sure who my band used last time, but I do know it was done cheaply and there were issues arising from their inexperience at the time, that we'd all like to avoid. Anyone got any experience with this?
  6. With great reluctance, I'm selling my Strymon El Capistan. Still the best standalone tape delay sim available IMO, but needs must and I have a DD500 that gets me mostly there. Single moving/fixed or multi (3) head engines allow recreation of Echoplex and Space Echo delays. Over bias for a high-pass Echorec type delay. +/- 3dB adjustment on the repeats. Analog dry-through (true bypass or buffered if you want trails - and honestly I can't tell the difference sonically). Dual function controls offer adjustment of low end contour, bias and tape crinkle, independent of wow and flutter and tape age. Even the new Volante doesn't do that! Sound on sound mode allows endless overdubbing as the original recording decays. Brilliant for soundscapes. Mono in / Stereo out and expression control of any of the primary parameters. Original PSU included. Has velcro on the base. Includes UK postage. Consider trade for IE Subterania or FMeron or other similar (if such a thing exists), basically interesting high quality filtery / synth pedals. NOW SOLD
  7. Didn't sell after all, so it's back up.
  8. Pedaltrain Nano+. Ideal first board - fits 4 - 5 standard pedals. Used but in good condition, with gig bag. No velcro. Price includes UK delivery.
  9. TC Flashback for sale. Toneprint enabled delay. Great condition, boxed. £65 £60 delivered within UK. Can't work out how to edit the header price but hopefully this is clear.
  10. The clear-out continues... Boss LS-2 for sale. 2 channel line switcher with independent volume controls and blend option. Awesomely useful pedal, but I now have an ES-5 so I don't need it. Great condition, boxed. Price includes UK delivery.
  11. I'll look into that. I'm equipped. I run mine in parallel with the Okto Nojs > Manta. x
  12. Mastotron x 2? They look to be set the same too - no fuzz but PW dimed.
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