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  1. Temporary board following the highly inconvenient demise of my ES-5 loop switcher. Hopefully Roland get their skates on. No MIDI, no parallel routing or clean blend and one song will be unplayable. It is smaller and lighter though.
  2. Sometimes that works to your advantage. One band I played with in the early 90s did a hippy festival in rural Norfolk. The techies were so out of it that we went on 5 hours late, which bagged us a 10.30pm Saturday slot in front of a suitably intoxicated, large and appreciative crowd. We didn't cut our set either.
  3. radiophonic

    Boss SY-1

    It looks very impressive and it's clear that this and the C4 are likely to compete. The tracking appears to be incredibly solid. I'm going to wait for the C4 I think and do a more detailed comparison. Provided the sounds and tracking are in the same park, then the MIDI control would swing it. If the Boss had even a couple of presets, I'd be more interested but 11 position switches under stage lights seems like trouble to me. Plus I have other source gear, meaning that the expression control wouldn't integrate well into my existing board. Probably great in the studio though. Boss do seem to be killing again these days.
  4. The selling point of the Scrutator is the expression pedal control of all the parameters and the 2-pole filter. Plus it has a preamp. I'd really like to compare it to the Frantabit though- any pedal that offers an 'obliterate' option has to be worth a look. I notice there's one in the classifieds, but alas I am skint.
  5. Shellac / The End of Radio (BBC Sessions). Now that is a bass bass sound.
  6. That's a good shot. It took me a second loo to work out what the guy on the right was playing before realising the angle of the shot was across the band rather than through it. Personally, I wouldn't wear those trousers, but the I do have t-shirt.
  7. That was quite informative. II thought it sounded synthier without the amp sim. All the harmonics were in the top end. Maybe not a good choice. I agree about the Mastotron too - I always run mine with a clean blend for everything except synth and the it has an OC2 in parallel. Clean blend has opened up a lot of pedals to me for bass.
  8. It's the 'Enter' switch that's glitching, so I can't do a reset. I'm talking to Roland.
  9. My ES5 has developed a fault so I'm in no-spend limbo until I've worked out what the issue is...
  10. Boo. Blinked and I missed it.
  11. Diabolik and P&C look promising I must say. Both are still actually available too, although not cheap. The P&C is in the same ballpark as I'm expecting the new Source Audio C4 to be, which seems anomalous. I guess they have to ship from NZ though. I spent some time tweaking last night and found that I got better results with the Mastotron if I disengaged the subs and let the OC2 do all the work. Nice results with the 3 voice harmony on the PS6 and now my DD500 is working as a digital octave down and a detune chorus, I don't have to worry about changing modes under stage lighting either. I've got a couple of months of getting sounds together while we prep the next album and before we resume gigging and I'm hoping the C4 is out soon so I can decide whether to stay on the fuzz path or jump into a digital solution.
  12. I'd love an Oxide. but I've never had the $$$ when one came up. The Zeus looks very interesting - similar to the Okto Nojs but with control of the gate. The octave sounds very OC2.
  13. Does the external gate approach work? I associate gating in a fuzz with starving the cathode, which would add a lot of randomness of the probability of a note being sustained at a given frequency. I'd assumed a noise gate would be too smooth. I don't really have room for a gate pedal anyway, but I'm curious.
  14. What are people using? Historically I've had the Okto Nojs, which includes a pretty unique fuzz-half. I've no idea what it's based on but it has quite a rich, almost nasal mid range. Unfortunately you can't adjust the gate, so I always needed a second fuzz for routine heaviness. The solution was the ZVex Mastotron, but it's very dry and I always found it benefited from a blend with the ON when doing the filter-synth thing. Now I have an OC2, so the ON is off the board and I'm looking for alternatives. Nothing Muff related, needs to have an adjustable gate tonally distinct from the Mastotron. Unpleasant Surprise is on my radar as an oddball. Fuzzrocious Blast Furnace is a possibility too. Anything else I should be considering. Ideally something I can actually buy...
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