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  1. Glad the Retro two10 is working well for you mate, your old Super Compact is spot on for me too! Would have considered this one too but unfortunately no cash and no space at the moment!
  2. Pretty sure I played this bass at the North West Guitar Show earlier this year. Either that or it was one remarkably similar. If it is the one I played I can personally vouch that this is one of the finest basses I have ever played in the 20 years I've been playing. Absolute bargain at that price, this will make someone very very happy. Good luck with the sale!
  3. Pub band - small PA options?

    If it's just vox and keys going through it the Yamaha Stagepas stuff is great. My Father in-law has used them for years and we've done some reasonably sized venues with them, perfect for vocals and keys with great projection and clarity and also very light and compact. I'd recommend checking out the Stagepas 600i which is probably around your budget.
  4. Ash Sire v alder

    I am intrigued by this thread though, I've been looking for an unbiased comparison on the Ash v Alder V7s.
  5. Ash Sire v alder

    [quote name='Jean-Luc Pickguard' timestamp='1499886300' post='3334352'] Are the pickups too high or too low? [/quote] +1 on that, I upgraded the pickups in my VM Squier recently and at first it just didn't sound right. Adjusted the pickup height and it instantly made a HUGE difference, now it sounds incredible!
  6. Richard Bona

    My father in law has met him at a gig, apparently had a lovely chat and a beer with him. He said he's a really nice bloke and also commented on his great sense of humour. I've been a fan for several years now but not had chance to see him live yet.
  7. Basschat Wedding

    Congratulations to you both!
  8. Nile Rodgers

    Watched the set and really enjoyed it. Fantastic crowd an the band were super tight. Jerry is a really talented and entertaining player but I do agree with a few people here that there was a touch of over playing going on here and there. But then who am I to be calling him out on that, he's on stage at Glasto with Chic and I'm not! I LOVED his tone, to the point where I'm looking into what gear he uses to attempt to replicate it!
  9. Janek Gwizdala - Bristol gig

    [quote name='Hector' timestamp='1497973681' post='3321747'] Ok, since Adam Wood appears to have signed some sort of NDA with Janek, here's my best guess as to what the exercise is, in case anyone else is interested: Example is a G major to Ab minor arpeggio. The convention is Note, String, Finger. Haven't got a bass to hand so hope there's no mistakes. This is just my way of playing it. (The major arpeggio bit) G E 2 B A 1 D A 4 G D 2 B G 1 D G 4 (Now descending minor arpeggio bit) Eb G 3 B D 4 Ab D 1 Eb A 3 B E 4 Ab E 1 You're then set up to play an A with your second finger, restarting the pattern playing Amaj to Bbmin. It's a neat little warmup, could take you all the way up the neck. For improv/jazz bods, it's useful when playing over altered chords - G alt is just Ab melodic minor over G, so you could go up a G major arp followed by an Ab minor arp to really clearly outline that sound. [/quote] That's pretty much it I think, don't have my bass to hand as I'm at work but I think this is it! In fairness the thing he showed me was quite a long time ago and my memory may have mutated it into the exercise I use in my practice routine so might not be the same. When I get a chance I'll sit down and write it out but what you've posted there seems to be pretty close from memory.
  10. New improv track - advice needed on recording issue

    [quote name='bazztard' timestamp='1498196023' post='3323024'] if it's an old M Audio interface it's probable USB1.1, they were barely passable when new imho [/quote] I was messing around with this last night actually. I think the problem is exacerbated when I solo the bridge pickup or the neck pickup on my jazz, typical single coil hum but I also think it might have something to do with how it processes the audio. Interesting you mention USB 1.1 because the interface stops working when plugged into a USB 3.0 port on my PC so is definitely not compatible with it. I think it's time to embrace the fact that it needs to go in the bin and I need a new one! Been having a look at the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, my mate has a mobile studio business and he uses the 8i8 and swears by it. I don't need something that big so the 2i2 would be great for me.
  11. Janek Gwizdala - Bristol gig

    [quote name='Hector' timestamp='1497877704' post='3321025'] Sounds a bit like that diminished arp to minor arp thing he has in All The Good Stuff - that it? [/quote] Very similar yeah. Like I said I can do it at a fairly moderate tempo but doing it at Janek's pace is pretty much a no go! And thus I continue to shed lol! [quote name='bootleg' timestamp='1497915033' post='3321355'] What a great show. Intense sweaty performance. Absorbing and more accessible than I expected. Pretty amazing playing straight after travelling from LA. He came 7000 miles, so I only had to walk 1. [/quote] When I met him he'd literally come straight from the airport and plugged in his bass to warm up. He said he hadn't even had time to cut his finger nails so he was having to roll his tone off a bit to stop it sounding to clanky! Can't knock his drive and his enthusiasm, I've always found him to be a really distinctive and engaging player with a "sound" about him that singles him out. More than likely this is his note choices and phrasing because he sounds the same whether he's playing a P-Bass or a Fodera.
  12. Several up and coming female bassists

    Good shout on Alissia Benveniste, I've come across her work before and she's really great. I'll check out the others later.
  13. Janek Gwizdala - Bristol gig

    [quote name='Hector' timestamp='1497871948' post='3320946'] Ooh, what's that then? [/quote] Difficult to describe but essentially a 2 octave major arpeggio ascending followed by a 2 octave minor arpeggio descending but you start the minor a semitone up from where you finished the major. I can do it just not at the speed he can!
  14. Janek Gwizdala - Bristol gig

    Top bloke is Janek, met him about 12 years ago and he was really chatty and had lots of time for people. He spent a good hour or so before his gig just hanging out with people then after the gig stuck around to watch some other acts and hang out with some more people. He was sharing a practice technique with me that I still can't get right after 12 years!