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*WITHDRAWN* Squier VM Jazz upgraded with Haeussel pickups - price drop £270!!

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Hi everyone

It pains me to do this but I desperately need a 5 string and I can't afford to have both so here is my beloved Squier Vintage Modified Jazz. This bass has had a MASSIVE upgrade in that it's loaded with a pair of Haeussel JBass 4 noiseless pickups. It sounds incredible, it feels incredible and it's the closest thing I've ever played to a 70's Fender that wasn't an actual 70's Fender. I can honestly say that I do not want to sell this bass and if I didn't need a 5 string I wouldn't be selling it but needs must I'm afraid.

The bass is in really good condition, a couple of very minor marks as it's been gigged but only noticeable if you're really looking for them. New these basses are £350, with the Haeussel's you'd be looking at upwards of £500. Honestly I'd pick this over a standard Fender in terms of feel and tone, hence why I bought it in the first place. I'm looking for £270 collected with a Fender gig bag. The Mono strap and Gruv Gear Fretwrap are not included.

I've attached some photos and some demo mp3s where this bass has been used.

Any questions let me know.

Edit: I am willing to post if buyer pays courier charges and accepts the risks etc but would prefer collection as I don't have a hard case for it.








Solar Flare.mp3

What Did You Do Today.mp3


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Reduced priced

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Offers and trade propositions posted in 'For Sale' ads are systematically deleted. They are to be made by Private Message (PM...) only.
Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

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43 minutes ago, Dad3353 said:

Offers and trade propositions posted in 'For Sale' ads are systematically deleted. They are to be made by Private Message (PM...) only.
Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Sorry that would of been me, taken note of for the future :facepalm:

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Dropping the price to £270 collected with a brand new set of Warwick Reds on it.

I will post if buyer pays postage costs but would prefer collection.

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Recorded another quick demo of it tonight. All bass sounds used in the track are the Squier. The bass lines are have no effects on them, the melody bits have some stock effects from Guitar Rig, the overall track has some light compression on it. I've just restrung it with Warwick Reds so it sounds very zingy so I have the tone rolled off for quite a lot of this recording.


squier demo.mp3

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Going withdraw this as it looks like the price of a new one has come down. This is still much cheaper considering the Haeussels but I can't justify lowering the price any further.

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