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  1. Here's my latest, the mighty 'Ambition'. Choc full of fun bits this one. See the actual Youtube description for explanation of the video overlay:
  2. You weren't in my band were you? 😉 Another cover from that album on the way...
  3. Yes, despite the mushy production (lots of reverb on everything and it sounds like the bass has been panned wide) there is some excellent and original bass work on it. Stuart recorded just two albums with them, No Rest and Vengeance. To be honest I'd recommend both. Vengeance is a little more raw (which is a good thing production-wise) but again, fantastic pick/plectrum bass work including a couple of fretless numbers and one or two recorded on a six string. The bass is really the star on these early albums playing the role of low end plus rhythm and lead voices too, the guitar lines are pretty sparse. Hugely underrated and over looked bassist, IMO. The next two albums featured Moose Harris on bass, also very good (nice guy also) and again some great basslines that really drove their anthemic sound. Thanks for the positive comments guys, much appreciated. More to come, this is fun stuff to play 🙂
  4. Hi folks A quick search tells me there are a few guys here interested in the excellent post punk pick (!) bass style of early New Model Army. IMO Stuart Morrow, their original bassist, is easily one of rock's finest pick players and came up with some excellent bass riffs and licks. There are very few bass covers of his work on Youtube so I thought I'd record a few to celebrate their 40th birthday, starting with the two below from their second album, No Rest for the Wicked. Cheers
  5. Ok, got it working at last after installing into a different directory to my usualy plugin folder and also clearing Reapers plugin cache and rescanning. Phew that was **** hard work.
  6. So... created an IK account, downloaded the authorisation manager, entered my serial for amplitude, managed to download it after several issues, installed and chose plugin directories but it doesn't show up as a Reaper plugin. The standalone app is accessible. Tried rescanning and rebooting Reaper, no help. Tried reinstalling Amplitube, multiple 'Can't create the following file or directory blah blah' messages, had to cancel installation Tried rebooting Windows. Nope. Hopeless.
  7. OK many thanks for listening and input guys, that's unanimous & just what I needed to rule out any recording issues. I know what you mean but my action is already about 2.5-2mm, as low as it will go without lots of buzzing (with current strings) which is not what I want. I thought about an amp sim, saw that thread and actually tried to install this a few days ago, I had several problems with the installation and registration procedure and eventually gave up as I couldn't be bothered to raise a ticket thru their customer support process. Maybe I'll revisit this one, I think you're probably right that my ears want to hear an amp & miked up cab.
  8. Ok, thanks for that. I should say I'm not aiming to get my wet sound straight from the pickup, but maybe more in that direction? I have this clanky Precision sound in my head and the dry recording seemed an awfully long way from it. Perhaps I need to lower my expectations of what is normal for DI bass. My studio monitors are Tannoy Reveal, cans are Beyer DT770.
  9. Not entirely happy with my new Squier Affinity PJ bass tone, which I bought for some recordings only and intending to record direct to interface. Before I ask about possible pickup upgrades elsewhere on the forum, I'd be grateful if you guys that record with P basses could have a listen to this recording to help me rule out any possible recording errors on my part. The dry recording is P pickup only, tone wide open, played with pick between the P and J pickups, recorded direct to Scarlett interface @ 24/44.1 (inst. level), with zero post processing, fresh Ernie Ball Slinkys. I'm not a recording noob (though its been a long time since I recorded bass) so I'm pretty sure there's nothing amiss with the recording - but asking here just in case I am about to have a forehead slap moment. To my ears this sounds really dead, muddy and muffled. Is this what I should expect from a typical P bass recorded dry, or from a Squier? Wet track has a shitload of EQ and is approaching something acceptable for me. Thoughts? Dry.mp3 Wet.mp3
  10. Well I tried the Dunlops and yes a little less abrasive than the Rotosounds but still not very comfortable to play. Also didn't like the tone (this is for a recording project, recording direct to interface) - like the Rotosounds I found they have a kind of grainy/gritty metallic sound in the upper register which accentuates string buzz. I like a low action and they just didn't work for me. Guess I'm not a stainless steel guy, but thanks anyway. Have returned to Ernie Ball for now. Will give D'Addario a try next time.
  11. Ok thanks chaps, shall give the Dunlops a whirl first 🙂
  12. Just picked up a 2nd hand Squier PJ bass mainly for playing pick style, UK post punk type material so looking for punchy, bright, clear and clanky mid range tones. Gauge wise anything above 100-40 is too thick for me. I just tried a set of Rotosound 66 and ouch, when sliding up the strings I find them too rough. Is this typical of stainless steel strings or is there a set that is smooth that I can get for about 20 quid? How do Warwick Red Labels compare? Any other suggestions? Not necessarily wedded to the idea of stainless steel and Ernie Ball slinky's are my fall back... Thanks
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