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  2. As the title says.. I'd like to try some brighter strings with a bit more 'chime', but it would be good to know what strings are on there. Any ideas guys?
  3. Hi all My Marcus Miller V3 has the option of restringing through the body (holes in the back) vs holes in the rear bridge plate. Oddly the website doesn't say what the difference is or why you might choose a specific way. Is there a difference? Jon
  4. Hi folks I've just a bought a B1Four and slowly getting my head round it and the Guitar Lab software. I just wondered if anyone had a Geddy Lee (Moving Pictures era) patch* they had put together they wouldn't mind sharing details of? Maybe post a screen grab of the settings in Guitar Lab? My bass is a Jazz type (Marcus Miller V3). [*Obviously goes without saying tone is in the fingers, no-one sounds like Geddy, unique style of playing, Ric vs Jazz debate yadda yadda.... ballpark is fine and there are several examples on Youtube of guys getting a tone I'd be happy with] Cheers
  5. Hi folks So my E is noticeably louder than the other strings, the question is do I lower that side or raise the other side? I'm thinking to lower the bottom string side as I sometimes knock the string onto the pickup when I'm playing slap. This could of course just be clumsiness that I need to rectify. Anyway here are the measurements for each pickup height, last fret held down. Neck: E 2.5mm G 2mm Bridge: E 1.8mm G 1.5 mm What you you guys reckon?
  6. Hi and welcome, which deep, dark part? I grew up in Bridgend. Jon
  7. Cheers Skybone. I record acoustic guitars by miking up through my Focusrite interface. For electric guitar I currently use the THR10 as an interface - don't know whether you are familiar with it but it has several amp/cab models, multifx etc plus ASIO drivers to work as a proper audio interface, so I don't really need another multifx. The THR10 also has a bass guitar option but very limited, no amp models or anything. Sounds like maybe one of the dedicated preamp/di pedals you mention might be best. Would be nice to have something I could record with as well.
  8. Hi folks I have a small (can't swing a cat) home studio and I am getting into bass again after a long long time, my Marcus Miller V3 arrives soon. I have at my disposal a Yamaha THR10, Roland Cube 30x and also a Fender Passport 300 Pro portable PA (pic below). I really don't have room (or cash) for a bass combo and just want to get the best room sound with what amps I have. I am thinking the best bet will be into the Passport, will I need some kind of pedal/di/amp sim thing to get the best tone and if so what would be some entry level recommendations? No intention to gig to so if the latter will make a marginal difference in my situation its probably not worth it. I hope to do some recording also ( I have a DAW with Focusrite audio interface) but I am thinking that's probably a separate issue and a separate thread. Anyhow, mentioned just in case it isn't! Cheers Jon
  9. Ok thanks for input. Re copyright I wasn't looking to monetise, just wanted to make sure I didn't get my channel blocked or anything. I notice that for people who do this sort of thing often have the copyright info below their video blurb, under a heading 'Music in this video' Like the guy below. Does this get added automatically by some bot? On the subject of removing the bass , I *think* the guy below hasn't done that and is simply playing over the original complete track, would you agree?
  10. Nice one , good luck to you too.
  11. Hi guys I'm thinking of recording some bass covers for Youtube. Most people seem to play back the original track in the background and play along over the top. So some questions: -Firstly is the copyright issue straightforward to sort out? Do you just declare it as part of the uploading process and Youtube handles the details/credits the composer and publisher etc? I want to do this properly and want to avoid hassle. -Secondly, any tips for maximising audio quality? I have a home studio and have recorded two CDs so I'm not a newbie, I'm just wondering what best practice would be. eg with most people it sounds like they are playing the track in the background in their room on a CD player or something which puzzles me. I'd want to mix things properly, by importing the original track into my DAW, removing the bass* and then mixing with my take. Is there some weird Youtube rule that prevents people from doing this properly? -Best way to remove or to least reduce the bass guitar in the original track? (I've often wondered where those isolated bass tracks come from, as basically I want the reverse). Obviously I could try EQ in my DAW, just wondering if there's something a little more surgical out there - maybe using the software app. Transcribe, for example? Let me know you thoughts, cheers Jon
  12. Hi folks I'm about to buy a bass again (probably Marcus MIller V3 2nd gen) after a hiatus of several decades and found this site when looking for info/reviews. Have played guitar for 40 years, fronted a band as bassist/vocalist many years ago, worked as a classical/Spanish guitarist for about 17 years and packed that in last year... Anyway, apart from a keen interest in modern acoustic fingerstyle guitar I feel the groove of bass beckoning again. Hopefully you guys can help me with some questions about doing stuff at home 🙂 Cheers Jon
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