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    So finally got the bass back from being wrapped. I’m sure it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I am a Batman Fanboy. It was wrapped by a company in Oxford called Vinyl Revolution and I can honestly say they were an absolute pleasure to deal with. They have wrapped the pickguard to match the image but also wrapped the same image underneath in case I ever want to change the pickguard for a clear one. I supplied the image(found on the internet.) They did the rest. Cost £115 + VAT. It’s obviously cheaper if they just supply the wrap and you do it yourself. I think that was £30 + VAT to produce a wrap in an image you supplied but I’m not that patient or handy to fit myself lol.
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    Just re-visited some old Doobies and realised how much i love the simple but wonderful bass line on that track from Tiran Porter, who was on the 2nd album Toulouse Street and subsequent albums I know the vid isnt live, just the track playing over the top, but Tiran is sporting a T Bird and wondered if that was the bass they recorded Toulouse Street with On a side note, Tom Johnston is one of my all time fave male crooners
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    Lag Collection Jazz Bass 1989 This bass is from a rare family. The Lag Collection basses were their flagship models back in the days when Lag was still a little French luthiers shop. These were high priced instruments with top specs. Sadly LAG were bankrupted in the mid to late nineties after a production moved to Asia. The new Lâg has nothing in common with the original Lag quality-wise. The Lâg name is still being used now on guitars and basses using an "^" accent over the "a" in an attempt to from the original Lag brand lustre. This bass is from an exquisite line of the original instruments from the late 80s to early 90s made with immense attention to detail. The bass is beautifully crafted and equally rewarding in sound - the Bartolini jazz bass pickups are a prominent feature of Lag basses and sound great. All the hardware is rock solid, as seen in the pictures the Gotoh tuners are made in Japan. There a few spider web dents on the back of the bass that I have tried to capture in the pictures, the bass has clearly been played not left in a case somewhere. Other than that it’s in extremely good condition. The bass is a nice manageable weight at 8lbs (3.6kgs) and comes with a good quality padded gig bag. Everything is original to my knowledge apart from two things: Firstly I have copper shelded the electronics cavity and secondly one of the circuit joints linking the bridge earth and circuit earth to the sleeve on the jack was quite ropey causing a little hum. I tried resoldering but not much better so I took a couple of cms off the wires and used a small piece of chocolate block instead. All good now. If you have any questions at all, or require additional pictures of any details please ask away and I give as comprehensive an answer as I am able. Spec.: · American Walnut body with matching headstock · Maple Neck · Rosewood fretboard (24 frets) with mother of pearl dot inlays · Bartolini single coils with classic volume/volume/tone electronics · Gotoh tuners + 3D adjustable bridge I would prefer to arrange some kind of delivery/collection/meet up if at all possible. I'm pretty flexible and willing to travel a bit if necessary. Courier would be the last resort and will be at cost to you. Here are some pics including a couple of catalog shots that I got from Lag when I was researching these basses:
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    I'm about £100 into this and it's nearly finished. Just some light tarting up and adding the stop ends to the feet and the wooden end cheeks.
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    Reinvention. It's funny, isn't it? Man has reasonably successful bass guitar business making copies of guitars made by another business, sells out, starts another business doing pretty much the same, then enters into business doing the same again, then resurfaces again doing pretty much what he started out doing in the first place. It's almost like this from Red Dwarf: Kryten : It's the old story: droid meets droid, droid becomes chameleon, droid loses chameleon, chameleon turns into blob, droid gets blob back again, blob meets blob, blob goes off with blob and droid loses blob, chameleon and droid. How many times have we heard that story?
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    Hi, I’m selling this beautiful handmade in italy bass by famous luthier Costanzo. Mint conditions. No Trades. I’m selling only because I generally use 24 fret basses. It features a red alder body with prestigious koa top, maple neck, ebony fingerboard, handmade pickups (splittable), Pope preamp, hip shot hardware. Sound stunning and it’s really versatile
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    A big PA. it's a synth at the end of the day, so a bass amp isn't best suited. A really good FRFR speaker would be ok for backline. I'll be DI'ing mine when I'm next out.
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    I bought a piece of ebony and sanded it to a thickness of about mm. Sawed it in the shape for the headstock overlay. I drilled small holes for tiny nails that prevent the faceplate from sliding while glued and clamped. Printed out a paper template of the design to check the definite shape. Did a few tests for the sliding mechanism. I used scrap wood that I had lying around When I knew the sliding mechanism worked according to plan, I glued the fretboard onto the neck. I always use strips of bicycle tubes tied together by mean of clamping. You get a nice and even pressure on the entire fretboard. And it doesn't slide because its wrapped all around. I cut the parts for the sliding mechanism from the same nine ply center piece. I just used the part that was under the neck. I had to remove a lot of wood there anyway. And I routed some slots for the pickup screws and the pickup wiring I sawed a hole for the pickup in the part that was going to be the frame. Plus I routed the back side, so the plate with the pickup would fit in nicely.
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    Great player who seems to know how to devise bass lines that just work. Not too flashy, but always spot on in my opinion. He can make simple sound like an "art". For example, the track "Taking It To The Streets" from the album of the same name. So simple, and it works beautifully.
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    Just bought a stunning SR1205 Premium on a whim and plugged in this morning. Absolutely blown away by those big singles, can’t wait to get it in a band mix next week. If all works out well I may look for another. Can I join the SR club? 😉
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    Very reasonable shipping I might move to Paris to take advantage of that deal ! Oh no hang on ..............,.,.
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    I'll jump in and say that's a very good explanation.
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    Thought I'd share this experience in case someone else has the same problem - it might save you some hassle/cash. A while back my MXR M87 died. The level meter was still functioning but there was absolutely no sound coming from the pedal output. I did all the usual quick fixes (contact cleaner on jacks, replaced footswitch etc) but to no avail. After a bit of digging I discovered that the output op-amp in this pedal (TLC2262 in case you were wondering) has a maximum voltage of 16V. Obviously this would normally be OK in a pedal that runs at 9V, except that MXRs "Constant Headroom Technology" feature is essentially a charge pump circuit that doubles the pedal's internal voltage to 18V. It shouldn't take a genius to work out what therefore ensues if, like me, you're unlucky. I replaced the TLC2262 with an AD822 (which has a supply voltage of 18V) and my pedal now lives and breathes again. I believe MXR will fix pedals under warranty for a flat fee of £75, whereas replacing the blown chip cost me less than a tenner and a few minutes fiddling with a soldering iron (the TLC2262 and AD822 chips are both surface mount - soldering these can be tricky unless you're experienced in doing so). It appears that mine is not an isolated issue as a quick Google uncovers many such failures, so I figured I'd pass this info on in case any other BC members' M87s suffer the same fate. Please use or disregard this information as you see fit!
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    That's a much better demo! Sounds great there. Orange should hire these guys next time, both their original demos in this thread put me off ever wanting to try one!
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    Hi Brian, WDmusic have various jazz necks with a 12” radius, https://www.wdmusic.co.uk/necks-c60/bass-necks-c61/wd-music-jazz-bass-neck-with-ebony-fingerboard-satin-finish-p247
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    At least Hugh went on to bigger things. Gotta love Family Guy....
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    Fender MIJ Traditional '70s Mustang Matching Headstock California Blue guitar. Condition is Used. £620 collected from Chesham, Bucks or £660 posted to UK, payment via paypal friends and family/Gift preferred I've done 5 things to this guitar 1. Replaced the white pickguard with a dark tort one 2. Added custom switch spacers that I bought from the states so that the two switches sit a little lower and you don't accidentally switch the pickups to different settings by accident. 3. Put heavier strings on 4. Tightened up the trem as I don't use it. 5. Replaced the knobs with cooler ones. Its a used guitar and has some minor cosmetic damage, including a small chip in the lacquer at the back of the neck It's an awesome sounding and playing guitar but I'm saving for a new bass For this special FSR edition, Fender have stripped the the prized Mustang formula down to barebones, punchy specs! Boasting a '70s matching colour headstock, Dynamic Vibrato tailpiece, biting single-coil pickups and the classic California blue finish, this guitar will simultaneously transport you back while delivering a wholly focused yet extremely versatile sound! Specifications: Body Finish: Polyester Body Material: Basswood Body Shape: Mustang® Bridge Pickup: Single-Coil Mustang Bridge: Floating Bridge with Dynamic Vibrato Tailpiece Color: California Blue Configuration: SS Control Knobs: Vintage Style Black Plastic Jazz Bass® Controls: Volume, Tone Fingerboard Material: Rosewood Fingerboard Radius: 7.25" (184.1 mm) Fret Size: Vintage-Style Hardware Finish: Chrome Neck Finish: Polyester Neck Material: Maple Neck Pickup: Single-Coil Mustang Neck Plate: 4-Bolt Neck Shape: "U" Shape Number of Frets: 22 Nut Material: Bone Nut Width: 1.578" (40 mm) Orientation: Right-Hand Position Inlays: White Dots Switching: On/off, phase slider switch for each pickup (in/out) Tuning Machines: Chrome Die-Cast
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    I just ordered one of these from Guitar Guitar. (white/maple) tried hard but couldn’t resist.
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    somehow went through a hidden portal to a parallel universe and found these folks, great fun. Tuba playing the bass line
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    Like what I'm hearing, thanks for posting.
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    Our guitarist has the guitar version and has used it on few gigs and it's been quite good. I wouldn't use the bass version for anything other than a practice amp though. I just looked on the Vox site and while the guitar version has a 10" speaker, the bass version only has an 8". Strange.
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    I’m an Ashdown uber-fan so will always recommend their gear, it sounds great, it’s very hard wearing, they’re based in the UK and their customer service is very good, plus most of their gear can be fixed at Ashdown HQ. That said the Line 6 Amps get very favourable comments. What type of music do you play and what bass do you use, these are factors to take into account.
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    I would have loved to do this, I think it is such a great song. Tried it in a early band but the drummer didn't have the right touch. In my recently defunct covers band the drummer, who does, and I were pushing to do it but the guitarist ('band leader') said much the same - overplayed in the 80s - and steadfastly refused, even though we had been asked to play it several times. Shame.
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    That SRV clip was so slick. Guitar tech and SRV in perfect sync
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    Yes of course, although I am on vacation now and so cannot send until middle/end of next week. Per my previous post, it would be £310 posted to France
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    As new, never used Fane Sovereign Pro 10-300 Speaker. 10", 8 ohm, 300w A.E.S. Versatile in 2 way ported enclosures such as the classic bass driver plus horn tweeter or compression driver format. Can be used effectively for bass guitar applications. Exhibits smooth frequency response that gives a balanced tonal character when properly matched to appropriate high-frequency drivers. Best suited for 15-40 Litre ported enclosure designs. 2.5-Inch Inside/ outside windings copper voice coil. Mounting Information Overall Diameter 258 mm / 10.15" Baffle Hole (Front Mount) 234 mm / 9.21" Flange Height 7 mm / 0.27" Mounting Hole Quantity and Diameter 4 x 6.5 mm Mounting Hole P.C.D. 246.88 mm Overall Height 113 mm / 4.44" Nett Weight 4.85 kg Packing Carton Dimensions 150 x 280 x 280 mm Shipping Weight 5.45 kg Thiele Small Parameters FS Hz 58 Hz RE Ohms 5.7 Ohms Qms 6.08 Qes 0.33 Qts 0.313 Vas Litres 41 Vd Litres 0.208 CMS mm/N 0.211 BL T/m 15.3 Mms g 37 Xmax mm 5.5 Sd cm2 378 Efficiency % 2.36 Electro Acoustic Specifications: Nominal Chassis Diameter 10" / 254 mm Impedance 8 Ohms Power Handling 300 w (A.E.S.) Peak Power (6dB Crest Factor) 1200 w (A.E.S.) Usable Frequency Range -6dB 45 Hz - 5 kHz Sensitivity (1 w - 1 m) 97.5 dB Moving Mass inc. Air Load 37 grams Minimum Impedance Zmin 6.8 Ohms Effective Piston Diameter 214.88 mm / 8.46" Peak Displacement Volume of Cone Vd 0.2 litres Magnet Weight 56 oz Magnetic Gap Depth 10 mm / 0.39" Flux Density 1.0 Tesla Coil Winding Height 18 mm / 0.70" Voice Coil Diameter 63.5 mm / 2.5"
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    I know this won’t be to people’s taste but here is a snippet of what we do - this is a louder section of course - it’s a low B/fifth/octave through two delay pedals, a reverb and a bass distortion. I play in stereo with two Trickfish Bullhead 1Ks that each drive one Trickfish TF112 cabinet each. Amazing equipment but I just don’t think two 1x10s will be able to get close to what I need. IMG_1782.MP4
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    Top gear and Lee is a super chap to deal with. I'd love the epi but just opened my wallet and found it empty other than an old sainsburys receipt and an expired green flag recovery card.
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    Bill Evans with Scott La Faro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCGsXx6WF6I Harold Mabern with Christian McBride https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpLJywSOpJs
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    I have a B Social and a PJB Suitcase. The PJB is leaps and bounds ahead of the Ashdown in terms of build quality, the Ashdown is strictly a stay at home amp. I like Ashdown gear (I've had a lot of it) but the lack of any physical speaker protection completely rules out using a B Social for any kind of gigging situation, something will end up going through the speaker, either in the car or at a venue. Even putting it in a non rigid case would wreck it. The PJB gear is built for gigging, the Ashdown stays at home looking pretty for practicing and the PJB gets slung in and out of cars, vans and venues without having to worry.
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    I had a Barefaced midget...12 and a Barefaced 10 ,I did not like them at all together.I do a small gig so I tried the 12 for the first set and the 10 for the next.I kept the 12 and sold the 10.I normally use a Barefaced super twin which I love..had a gig I hate last night and could not be bothered luggin the super up the lift so used the midget and survived...band is drums,sax and guitar..not real loud but not real soft either
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    COMING SOON TOIce Road Truckers: Wales
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    Perhaps the OP's guitarist is a fan of Venom. I think the bass player (Cronos?) used a half-fretted bass, frets up to about the 10th fret.
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    And that's how to be a professional. The audience would have left having had a great evening. Entertainment can still be made from mistakes.
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    Think I've seen this, or something similar before. I wonder what possesses someone to wake up one morning with the thought, "today, I'm going to make something pointless, horrible and rubbish. And then try to sell it". Makes me think of this [email protected]: I'm not a remotely violent person, but I'd happily take that and beat him over his idiot head with it until he stopped.
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    Fingerboards? Whatever suits the look of the bass. On the whole I prefer dark coloured fingerboards, but I wouldn't say no to a light coloured one if it looked right. I'm still to be convinced that the fingerboard wood itself makes any consistently noticeable contribution to the sound of the instrument.
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    I basically haven’t started yet. This year has been a flurry of buying and selling in preparation for moving into my own place. Once I’m there (in a couple of weeks), there will be zero purchases......because it simply won’t be possible financially lol. Si
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    Thanks Lawrence , the neck is a very comfortable & is joy to play 👍 Here are some more photos ( not sure if they’re better - but at least more! ) :-
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    You do realise where you are, right?!!?????!!!
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    Thanks, I'm not selling a new one, I'm offering to sell a well aged, kindly reliced one that matches the look and wear/ age of an early 70's one, albeit, was prob manufactured in the 80's . note the difference on the back of my headstock, when I put back the original tuner. Now, as it's been packed away, over the years, it dosen't match, see my point ? no problem if it's not what you want ! Best Wishes. mike.
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    It’s nice to see manufacturers engaging with a forum. Hats off to you, chaps!
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    New year, new rig 😎 I have been looking at getting an old Trace head for a while and this beauty came up for sale here along with the EBS cab. Huge sound and huge smiles all round, though probably not from the neighbours. It sounds epic using a Precision with flats, just so much punch! Love it.
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    I'll have to give it a miss is year. My wrist op is on 19th March and I'll out of action for 6 weeks.

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