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  1. Ive just brought a vm and i,m blown away with the build quality of these sandbergs. Everythings top notch from the bridges through to the heavy duty string tree,s. I,m converted for life 🙌
  2. Thats a museum piece. My mrs would throw me out but god damn i think its worth it.
  3. Really nice color contrast. Just brought a tidepool strat looks similar. You offloaded the roasted le mate.
  4. Tidy looking bass..... This color looks much better on the stingrays than it does on the bongo,s.
  5. Wow, thats a blast from the past. Had a jade green one back in the day. The pre amps were so extreme, i could never understand how or why the fender circuits were so bland on the active deluxes ect. Especially when you factor in leo,s pre amps in the stingray and g&l,s. Proper slapper of a bass 😉
  6. Thats by far the prettiest Cort sp i,ve seen hands down. Really nice contrasting color.
  7. Stunning that m8. Is it a roasted neck? Cheers
  8. How has this not gone. Just cant use 5,ers. (Hand cramps up in mins or this would be gone.)
  9. Stunning looking bass tbf. Like a more conventional built bongo with magic under the hood
  10. Nice looking bass that. Great price. Been gone already with postage.
  11. Bassbandit


    Wow what a grain .....
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