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  1. This might explain the difficulty I had in getting a WTP600 last year. Ordered it in March, then came lockdown and a year of chivvying by the local dealer who got nowhere with them. Managed to find one on Bass Direct in the end. It's a crying shame. I love the Eden sound.
  2. Similar thing happened to me with Teenage Kicks a while back, fortunately during a rehearsal - my mind went completely blank and I just stood there staring at my bass wondering where to put my fingers. Awkward 😧
  3. At the moment it's Roxanne, which I also have to sing. I can play and sing just fine to a click, but without it I'm losing the groove on the pre-chorus every effin' time.
  4. I feel rather guilty posting this after reading @Woodinblack's tale of spineless [email protected] We had our first post-lockdown rehearsal last Thursday and the vibe came back with a vengeance. Our normal rehearsal venue is a college studio. We couldn't get a rehearsal studio - they were all rightly earmarked for music students - but we did manage to bag the auditorium. We were all rather nervous - although we'd done a fair bit of online stuff, we hadn't played ensemble for the best part of fifteen months. There was a fair bit of tension in the air, especially as everyone apart from the singists had to wear masks. The singists were enclosed by perspex screens. And just to add to the personal stress, the first song was Town Called Malice, which muggins here had to start. Worse, my Eden Metro, which had conked out on our last gig, was having its first outing since I'd had it repaired. If it put a foot wrong, I was determined to chuck the amp section off the Forth Road Bridge and reduce it to a 210 cab. A deathly silence fell and five pairs of eyes zeroed in on me like eighteen-inch guns on a battleship. Oh God, why did I ever go near a bass guitar? There was nothing else for it. Off I went, praying for the earth to swallow me up. Riff, riff... and the drums and guitar came in... riff, riff and I hit the low F#... "Better stop dreaming of the quiet life, it's the one you'll never know..." Oh wow. It all came back in an instant. A huge grin spread across my face and I knew I was back where I belonged. No, it didn't all go swimmingly. We all hit more bum notes than a farting contest and I have a lot of homework to do. But when we finished and loaded out, I was walking on air. And the Metro? I'll leave the verdict to the college sound engineer. "Christ," he said, "that's a killer bass amp!" It's good to be back. Rock on! 🤘
  5. Aw mate. That sucks big time. Sounds like you're better off out, though. On the upside though, could you and your wife form a new band?
  6. Congratulations, Sarah! Very well done!
  7. We've managed to bag a college theatre for a rehearsal tomorrow - first one in the best part of fifteen months - but I won't be in the least surprised if things shut down again because of it. It's spreading like wildfire. On the upside, the f---ing Tattoo's been cancelled again. Every cloud, and all that...
  8. I'd have three rooms - first, a rehearsal studio with all our instruments in it - PA, backline, four basses, six guitars, two keyboards, drum kit, euphonium, baritone horn, trumpet - with black walls decorated with classic posters, a few vintage neon signs and an illuminated Route 66 petrol pump. Plus a vintage Wurlitzer jukebox complete with bubbler. Cliches perhaps, but I like them. Second, a performance space with a stage and lighting rig. Ideally with doors to the rehearsal studio so I could just wheel kit between the two. Performance space would also double as a home cinema, complete with proper cinema seats. Third, a recording studio. That, plus a library with rugs on a stone floor, a huge fireplace, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, well-stocked drinks cabinet and an armchair with wings that you just sink into and a matching footstool would be my ideal.
  9. +1 for this. When the Police first appeared, 'chronic' was the politest term I could think of. The Stranglers, the Clash, the Adverts, Ultravox!, Blondie and the Boomtown Rats were my bag at the time. But since last summer I've been having lessons in singing while playing bass and I've got on top of two Police songs - Every Breath You Take and Roxanne - and I've realised just how good they were. If only I could put the clock back...
  10. I have a modern copy - an XT25 that I bought from Gear4Music a few years ago. I just wanted a travel bass, and it's great for that - light, small and easy to lug about. Nice tone, too. On the downside, it's an ergonomic nightmare. Horrendous neck dive and an awkward playing position even with a strap extender fitted. Back in the years BC (Before Covid) I used to take it to London on work trips and use it to work on new songs, which I'd then polish up on my Jazz when I got home.
  11. Same here. Wife plays keys and has an absolute belter of a voice and husband plays rhythm guitar. There's never been any hint of a them-and-us vibe. Maybe we're just lucky?
  12. I think the Ex Pissholes deserve an honourable mention.
  13. We've got our first full one next Thursday and I mustard mitt that I'm cacking it. Three of us had a wee get-together outside a few weeks ago and it went reasonably well, but this one's the real deal with all of us present. I think we'll be OK, given that it'll be fourteen months since we've played ensemble and we've all admitted that we've got some ground to make up, but the nagging doubts won't go away. I'll doubtless be kicking myself savagely for every wee slip-up I make. But it's got to be done.
  14. I really should drop in there more often... been neglecting it for a while now. The WhatsApp group's gone quiet, too...
  15. Woho, does it ever... that rig pushes out some serious air!
  16. I think I meet that criterion:
  17. True enough - we got a bit of stick for not playing Suffragette City at our last gig, even though it's hardly an eighties staple. I don't doubt we'll have to introduce some selections from the cheeseboard at some stage, but we're keen to be seen more as primarily a post-punk indie outfit rather than general 80s pop, if that makes sense. We already have Don't You Want Me on the go and we know we'll have to include a good sprinkling of floor-fillers if we're going to be asked back anywhere. So far, the balance seems about right, but I expect it'll evolve over time.
  18. We're an 80s band and we hit the same problem. We narrowed it down to everyone's general preferences for indie and post-punk stuff, so no Bananarama, Bucks Fizz or general cheesy pop. That has meant omitting some songs that a few of us like, but it does ensure that the set lists hang together fairly well.
  19. We're planning an outdoor get-together - I'd hesitate to call it a rehearsal - this weekend. I'm more nervous than I should be, but I'm guessing so is everyone else. If things more-or-less hang together, I'll count that as a win.
  20. Depends. If it's dad rock or bluesy type stuff, my other half might come along, but otherwise I'm quite happy going alone.
  21. What @Lozz196 said. If you're playing through a practice amp, you might hear a very different sound to that from a gigging rig. I've run into that problem, although I'm using Ernie Balls roundwounds. My practice amp is a wee Eden EC8, and the B string sounds very muddy through the speaker - it's only a single 8" driver, after all. It's slightly better through headphones, but not much to write home about. Gigging backline is an Eden Metro combo with a 118 extension cab. The difference is astounding, although I have to fiddle with the crossover settings a bit.
  22. I think the Passions' I'm In Love With A German Film Star deserves an honourable mention. I've had their three albums on the go back-to-back this afternoon, and it's like nothing else they've recorded.
  23. Another shou' ou' for Bass Direct. I finally heard earlier this week that my local dealer wouldn't be able to get hold of the Eden WTP600 I ordered the day before lockdown last year - great timing there lassie - so I morosely headed over to BD's website to ogle the eye candy.... ...and found they had a nearly new WTP600 for sale... ...which is arriving Monday. Yay!
  24. That would put me right off buying one. Thankfully my MacBook has an ethernet socket, but when I need to replace it, I'll have to think long and hard whether I'll be prepared to dispense with that. It's bad enough only having two flippin' USB sockets - it feels like form over function is going a wee bit too far.
  25. Flippancy aside (sorry @Teebs), I've found my motivation's been all over the place recently. Periods of highs - making progress with the EUB, learning to sing [1] while playing bass, cracking on with transcribbling, trying my hand at writing replacement lyrics for some well-known songs, getting another band up together, giving in to GAS, getting to grips with Jamulus, wasting money on books I'll never read - followed by some intense lows. That's got worse recently. I expect it's a touch of SAD plus work - I'm stuck inside all day in front of a laptop working on clinical data sets that contain an endless stream of heartbreaking stories and enduring shite weather when I can get out for a walk - but I'm really demotivated right now. Things will improve, I know - but the last few weeks have been the toughest for me since last March. [1] for very small values of 'sing'
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