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  1. I remember John Entwistle referring to himself as a Bass Guitarist, he hated it when people called him a Bass Player.
  2. He is a good man!........But getting back to previous posts, a lot of Who fans claim The By Numbers LP as a really good album that came after Quadrophenia and before Who Are You. Entwistle's Bass on Dreaming from the waist is exceptional. It became a fans favourite when they played it live up to 1982.
  3. But his head is the right place!...And to correct you his Surname is spelt "Daltrey"
  4. I think Daltrey in his day had one of the greatest Rock voices and had a unique stage performance. He is also a true Brexiteer which shows that not all musicians are brainwashed which is refreshing.We have also got to remember that he is pushing 80 so his voice is not going to be the same as it was in the 70's. A truly great man who has given a hell of a lot to charitable causes and he is a true Patriot at heart.
  5. Singles are not relevant anymore but I do like this track. But The Who know they will always make more money and reach a bigger audience by packing out large venues. But I guess that is what The Who have always been about. Playing live on stage is their forte, and lets not forget that both Daltrey and Townshend are both nearly in their eighties, they really don't need irrelevant single success as they have done it all before. Long Live The Who!
  6. That is beautiful!.......Great price too!
  7. I use Seymour Duncan SPB-3 Pups and really like the sound of them. They are the loudest and most popular pups in the series and have a punchy fat tone.
  8. I would say that any competent guitar tech could do a rewind quite easily. I don't know of any company that just does rewinds, that kind of thing usually comes under guitar service/repair.
  9. North West Guitars in Warrington are good. I have had them repair a number of my Basses and they know what they are doing.
  10. RedVee

    Amp Modelling

    For pedals I like and use Tech21's VT Bass, Leeds and Sansamp Para Driver, I also use Amplitube for plug ins when recording using a DAW.
  11. I have tried nearly every Flatwound string going, and if you are looking for the brightest then that would be EB Cobalts. Before they came on the market the brightest were Chromes, and as for TI's well they don't come close to Cobalts for brightness but have more midrange qualities.......So go for EB Cobalts.
  12. Strings and Things are suppliers of everything that is EB related in the UK. I don't think that you can get just the grub screws you would have to buy the complete saddles, but if you say it is stripped inside the saddle then purchasing the saddles would be the only solution. The saddles on a Stingray are not the greatest thing about the Bass, and when you want to adjust the height be careful not to go past the point were you feel any kind of resistance.
  13. I use a PF-20T for home recording and it gives me great results using the transformer out directly in my audio interface. The PF-20T is likened to the Ampeg B-15 and the PF-50T is likened to the Ampeg SVT- VR.
  14. I remember Mozzer moving out of LA around 7 years ago. I think he lives in Italy now.
  15. But we went back in 1812 invaded and burned the White House down whilst the crack American troops where seen running off up Capitol Hill. But seriously English accents has got nothing to do with it as proved by The Smiths in the 80's.
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