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  1. Obviously before you posted a reply in the Huawei thread, did you not see some of the earlier posts where members are blatantly getting into politics which is not allowed on the forum. Please learn how to do your job as a Moderator properly. I have reported it but I thought you would have known better!

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    2. yorks5stringer


      So a sovereign state bans equipment from another sovereign state (at the behest of another sovereign state) in its Telecoms insfrastructure. Can't see how this is not political/Political.  Maybe stick to reading about string gauges and speaker cones is the safer option and block Off Topic?😉

      On a different note,  have never been able to understand why people post PM's in a status update but I thought I'd pile in anyway, I feel liberated!

    3. Dad3353


      What's all this 'Status Update' anyway..? My bass is a Hofner..! :/

    4. Daz39


      Sir, but Sir - I saw him do it, I did, so ner!!

  2. Not floppy at all if you hold the string with both hands, but I guess some people just don't have the technique which is a shame.I still cannot get my head around your idea of sticking strings to a lollipop stick.....LOL. That is a sure fire way of losing some control when filing nuts.
  3. Now you are making it more complex than it really is, the gauge of the string will create the perfect slot so there is no need to add anything else. Just use the end of the string before you cut it and you will be fine.
  4. I have replaced many nuts on my basses over the years and have always used a string. The finished job is always perfect and the technique is easier than using a file as you use both hands which gives you more control. Obviously it is better using Rounds than flats but flats will do the job too.
  5. Why not use the strings that you are going to put on the Bass as a file. That is what I have always done, it is just as good as a file and will leave you with more dosh in your pocket.
  6. Are you having problems with a certain string gauge?
  7. RedVee

    Show us your rig!

    Nice one rubis.........Any pics?
  8. RedVee

    Show us your rig!

    I no longer gig I just record and play at home so here is my man cave rig an Ampeg PF20-T Amp and a Ampeg Micro SVT 210 Cabinet and it sounds great, very similar to a B-15 Head.
  9. I own one and on certain Basses it shows a B instead of an E when it is positioned at the end of the headstock. If you move it to where the decal is on say a P Bass it shows E, so that is where I place it now on all of my Basses.
  10. My Acoustic came with those horrible Phosphor Bronze strings, so I quickly replaced them with La Bella White Nylon Tapewounds which are a popular choice for Acoustics.They are ten times better than the stocks in both feel and tone.
  11. Sparks by The Who from Tommy.....I prefer the live version.
  12. Lovely Jazz Bass that would also look tops with a black scratch plate!
  13. Maybe you could look for reviews on youtube at the new short scale Stingray which is passive!
  14. I have a Classic and the same thing happened to me as the grub screws/saddles are useless. If you either raise them too high or too low the grub screws just strip. So if you are adjusting the height do it very slowly and when you feel some resistance stop because if you carry on the will surely strip. I had to get replacement saddles for my Classic so just be careful next time.
  15. When I finally go I want The Jam's Going Underground to be played at my funeral!
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