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  1. I think I would forget the individual presets after the first four unless I write them all down, so in my opinion having that many preset options doesn't sell it for me. One of my current favourite Basses didn't cost much more than this pedal which for me puts it all into perspective.
  2. £500.00 is way over the top, it looks like a great pedal, probably better than the YYZ and the SH-1.but I aint forking out that much for it.
  3. Apparently the preamp is not as harsh as the one in the Elite, which is good!
  4. Nice looking Bass!.......I am tempted to get the Mocha P Bass, but why on earth did they get rid of the truss rod wheel?
  5. Actually the Entwistle tone I prefer is his Tommy era tone of a P Bass through a Hiwatt which I get with a Tech21 Leeds pedal, but you are correct in regards to his latter tone. I will buying one not because Entwistle used to use one but because it looks like it is going to be more versatile than the YYZ and the SH-1 both of which I did consider purchasing. But more importantly if it is close sounding to the PSA-1 which I tried some five years ago then that will be the reason for my purchase.
  6. Yeah I think you are right there!......But personally if it is based on the Rack mountable PSA-1 then I want some of it. The Steve Harris pedal going off reviews seems to be an excellent choice, but I just think the PSA 2.0 has bit more going for it. Combine that with ability to sound like John Entwistle in his latter years seals it for me!
  7. I think he is quite a good Bassist too who most people in the know would take in what his opinion would be.
  8. I was going to purchase the Steve Harris pedal but thank God I delayed it as the PSA looks like it is the better purchase overall.
  9. Yeah it goes nicely with the Rosewood fretboard, but would look even better with a Pau Ferro fretboard.
  10. I have both but I prefer the Spectracomp for its features, but the Multi-Comp Studio Edition gives better old school compressed tone from the off.
  11. TI Flats on a P Bass is a match made in Heaven. Leave them on for around 20 years and you won't look back!
  12. Travelling separately to concerts is just the norm for any big band to do. Older bands tend to take their families along with them once their children have left school so they travel separately, and as for Roger not recording in the same studio well something must have delayed him as Pete was waiting for Roger to come into the studio to record his vocals and this can been seen on Pete's video blog. Daltrey has always recorded his vocals in the same studio used by the rest of the band but he has never allowed Pete to be there when he has laid down his vocal tracks.Most bands from the 60's that are still going are not pally with each individual member and The Who are no different.
  13. I remember John Entwistle referring to himself as a Bass Guitarist, he hated it when people called him a Bass Player.
  14. He is a good man!........But getting back to previous posts, a lot of Who fans claim The By Numbers LP as a really good album that came after Quadrophenia and before Who Are You. Entwistle's Bass on Dreaming from the waist is exceptional. It became a fans favourite when they played it live up to 1982.
  15. But his head is the right place!...And to correct you his Surname is spelt "Daltrey"
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