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  1. This issue only affects a small minority of UK citizens,although it will cost them there is nothing really anyone can do to change it. Some you win ,some you lose!
  2. I use the MXR Isobrick which has never let me down. It's a bit pricey though!
  3. I would say the majority would be doing it for the money over academic artistic practice.
  4. But it also goes to protect home grown musicians and bands.If they don't come then that means more work and more money in your back pocket for local bands. I don't understand why everyone is getting so worried, the vast majority of musicians and bands make the majority of their dough over here and not in Europe. I just wish something similar could be done with football players from Europe, as I am all for promoting local talent above anything else.
  5. If you discourage them then they won't come. Obviously this will give more opportunities to local musicians to perform and be rewarded. It sounds good to me!
  6. I hope that happens,then we can all return to pre 1975 where bands toured Europe without any problems..........Happy Days ahead Peeps!
  7. I use my Spectracomp at the beginning before any other effect, and my MXR-87 Compressor at the end as a transparent limiter.
  8. I too have the natural but with a Rosewood fretboard and it is one versatile Bass. Leo Fender once described it as the best Bass he ever made.
  9. Nice Bass!........I am a bit late with this one, but welcome from a fellow Sint Helenser!
  10. I purchased a Rickenbacker but the strings didn't lie fully in the nut slot, so I just used the string as a file........Perfect fit all round!
  11. RedVee

    G&L L-2000.

    That is what I did then I got stung by them again. I would never buy a Bass from them ever again!
  12. RedVee

    G&L L-2000.

    Andertons yet again showing their slack customer service, something that I have experienced more than once.
  13. Well I don't know, but go and take a look at their website and have it out with Alembic!
  14. On the Alembic website it mentions that John's frets where flush with the fretboard enabling him to get his action super low. I read this about fifteen years ago but I cannot remember the source but I know it was not from the Alembic site.
  15. Classic Rock can only be contributed to bands that originated in the 60's. The majority of you don't know the difference between Classic Rock, Heavy Rock and Heavy Metal!
  16. Didn't John file his frets down to the board on his Spyder so that he could get super low action, or was that his Buzzard?. Anyway if you are looking to sell it any time soon let me know, though I think that would be another long shot!
  17. Argh well, I think I will just have to wait for a used one to turn up somewhere, though that is a long shot. I do prefer the pointed headstock compared to the V headstock, or is the V headstock a different model and not a Spyder?
  18. Mmm.......I remember seeing one for sale around 8 years ago and it was priced at $10,000.,that is a bit out of my price range.
  19. Now that is one beautiful Bass.......I think I need one!
  20. Cannot see the point in posting that demo seeing that it is a guitar demo and this is a Bass Guitar forum!
  21. I think I would forget the individual presets after the first four unless I write them all down, so in my opinion having that many preset options doesn't sell it for me. One of my current favourite Basses didn't cost much more than this pedal which for me puts it all into perspective.
  22. £500.00 is way over the top, it looks like a great pedal, probably better than the YYZ and the SH-1.but I aint forking out that much for it.
  23. Apparently the preamp is not as harsh as the one in the Elite, which is good!
  24. Nice looking Bass!.......I am tempted to get the Mocha P Bass, but why on earth did they get rid of the truss rod wheel?
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