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  1. Agree about music connecting, and understand why someone would want to go out, have a few bevs and dance their head off to a load of ska covers for example, so I wasn't really commenting on the originals vs covers debate. I have done both and get a buzz from both too. A good cover however should possess an element of the players soul (or conductor in the case of classical - I am sorry but I do see many classical players as mere conduits for expression by a conductor), therefore transforming it to some degree. I would not really want to see someone else's paint by numbers picture, but would happily do one myself to alleviate boredom in private if I felt so inclined. I do take on board that she does embellish her covers, so for this I do stand mistaken. It would be great for me if she used her platform to show us something a little more personal though
  2. Call me out if I am being unfair here, and sure she can play, but is it not a rather pointless waste of talent to simply play other people's stuff? I know people will say yes but she is being paid now and getting gear etc. But the question remains can she - and indeed any of these you tube copiers - be anywhere near as creative as those she is mimicking??
  3. Hallelujah brothers and sisters. So with that in mind let's all please be upstanding and worship the true meaning of the words slap bass Amen xxx
  4. You have to give Porgy and Bess a go too - if you haven't already. Miles and Gil Evans at their best.
  5. Panathalassa is bloody great. Good shout! I love Big Fun too - an underrated gem that one. If you want just mad and funky, Get up with It does the trick..... full on that album.
  6. Agharta is great but a little frenetic in parts. It is in fact the Afternoon session of a Matinee. I absolutely love the evening session that is Pangea. Just washes over you. Some of it is so relaxing it is untrue.
  7. Snapshot of the first Rubber Band tour, supporting Parliament and Sly Stone........ what a line up. I just love the happiness oozing from every pore of Bootsy's sweaty a&s body on this. The purest of funk for the funk purist.
  8. Bleach is a killer - well worth a listen. I was lucky enough to see them at Goldwyns in Brum Town around the time of its release too.
  9. Think I'm gonna stick with the Tbird. Its become too close and personal as well as being far too much of an individual to let go of. My piggy bank will be gun inspired from now on....
  10. Agreed. But according to the interweb, so is the Thunderbird..... you only néed long arms to play it 😂😂
  11. no no no... penny farthing or not at all....
  12. Some wonderful bass playing here and there.... but more importantly this 30 minutes is in my humble opinion the epitome of the punk ethos......Please give it a watch.. Long live Nomeansno....
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