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  1. Glad your'e all good. Rack of 11......most expensive one on the rack 😂😂😂. Its like I had upset her and she knew.... mmmm. I think I found the offending tool, a wooden push along Peter rabbit... which is now in her playhouse🐰😂 My Thunderbird is in its case though.!
  2. Easy mucka. Hope you are keeping well all considered (again). Thanks for reminding me of my stupidity 😂. However little person induced mojo is not the worst....... so I keep telling myself.
  3. 1990 - Part ex in Musical Exchanges. A black and white Encore P bass and not much cash (can't remember the actual amount) for this little Thunder II beauty. It's not going anywhere. Custom colour I do believe and the optional xlr... lovely to play. Going nowhere.
  4. Watched 15 minutes of it..... sorry it was dire. Turned it off and listened to the first track off his new album.. ... Boom 🔥🔥🔥. Wow what a drum beat that is. My days it is a quality tune. 78? Sounds like it was written by a fresh faced kid. This says to me, sack the awful second rate band, stop touring and do it all yourself in the studio - much better to me. Also a year off has brought his voice back too. Cant wait to listen to the rest of it
  5. I am a postie and I have never witnessed anything approaching such [email protected] behaviour in my Delivery office (maybe the pile of parcels I am standing on is not high enough to see right to the back😂) Seriously though, I'd be sending a picture to the seller and suggesting they speak to the courier.
  6. Saw them at Phoenix 95 and they were still top drawer. Rocco has been a big influence on me over the years. Man that festival was legendary. Bootsy's Rubber Band (best live act I've ever seen along with Nomeansno) , P-Funk All stars, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Paul Weller, Public Enemy, Ice T, Bodycount, Galliano, Freakpower......... for starters 😳.
  7. Undoubtedly Nomeansno. Underneath the aggressive facade is Utterly sublime playing, incredible tightness and vocal and lyrical genius - with one of the greatest bass tones of all time for good measure driving the whole thing. You can probably feel the incredible love I have had for this band since the mid 80s... Just check out the whole of Wrong for proof. Or this live for starters, especially from about 3 minutes in if you are after the virtuoso playing/vocals
  8. You've also got the 'middle period' Chinese 70s ones, which are fab too. I love mine. Wonderfully playable with a proper growly tone. Very smilar to the Matt Freeman apparently.
  9. I can't. I have no other gas except for a mapleglo 4003 and the fun I could have with 2 amps and Ric'o'Sound....
  10. Released at last after 20 years. Really excited and proud to have been involved. Hope you like it! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3858518204161229&id=100000092619883 Check out one of the tracks. I am quite proud of my bass line on this one - really sits well under Nige and the boys.... and the sprinkling of guitar from Gem sets it off.
  11. Just popped this into the fave Christmas song thread, but it definitely belongs here at this time of year. Fantastic album - one of his very best in my humble opinion. This is one funky Christmas tune right here
  12. Nearly 50 and still partial to a bit of the old Slade etc at christmas😂. My go to album is Christmas is Forever though, with this being a particular fave. Back to his 70s best with this one!
  13. The Harley Benton was bought as a mere curiosity for me. I'd never played a 5, didn't really need one, but thought hey ho would lile to see what it's all about. That's why I paid peanuts. It feels like a much much better instrument than 177 quid though, so I am a happy bunny
  14. Harley Benton MM85a if you want an active 5er with 2 humbuckers and a 5 way selector switch.. about 180 quid. Or for about £120 an MB5 sb for a single humbucker, passive version. Have a look on Thomann. I went for the MM85a as it was to be my only 5, so I wanted the extra tonal options. £177 for a punt was well worth it
  15. I have a shed load of nylon .73 Dunlops in one place. My dad also bought me this one Christmas which was really thoughtful and cool as! No fear of not having a plectrum..... Now where is my gorgeous wife's credit card😂.
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