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  1. On Let There Be Rock (Paris) , Cliff Williams plays the whole of Live Wire with the E string out of tune - about a semi tone - to prove it is actually live 😂. Now that is too cool...... Either that or his guitar tech was given his bfh straight after the gig.
  2. Could be...but why is the turnaround so long if that is the case? I need to ask what is being done to it.
  3. Exactly, but it was sent back described as a misaligned neck. What part they need is beyond me. I didn't do too much to it as I was afraid of invalidating the warranty. Although you have to take the neck off to adjust the relief.
  4. That's a bummer. I am not as precious over this, and although it is a cracker in terms of tone, and I paid pretty much a second hand price for it new, I would rather have the cash back than wait x amount of months. I will definitely be going over it with a fine tooth comb if and when it returns. Given what I saw in the shop, I am half expecting to have to send it straight back again.
  5. Strings were far too close to the g edge of the fretboard and the d string was bent round the string tree rather than parallel to the a. Funny thing was, I had a look at another hanging in the shop and it was worse. In fact I would say that more than 50% of the £800 + fenders on show were off😳.
  6. This boot is made for fonkin - Bootsy again
  7. It's been six weeks since my Mustang was sent back to Fender with a misaligned neck. I have just been told by the retailer that they are waiting for a part (wtf?). I know the world is a bit messed up at the moment but I am starting to miss it now. How long do you think is acceptable to wait for it to be returned?
  8. The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus) - Yes oooof.
  9. Not recorded yet unfortunately. Lock down and all that. The singer/guitarist has quite severe asthma so has been a bit worried about public indoor spaces etc. We are not even allowed to hook up at home either at the moment in Solihull. It has really put the brakes on everything. The thing I love about our project is that the singer is just too good at impressions so he can slip into the original singers voice at any time. You want to hear his Robert Smith and Bryan Ferry... I can't play for laughing. Can't wait to record it all asap
  10. I am doing exactly this at the moment. The more feisty three piece vibe is so raw and exciting. You wanna hear our version of Rio...kills it. Funnily enough a lot of motown classics suit the style.. As the Jam knew all too well .
  11. Well here's a thing. How I missed it I don't know. I ve just spotted they are doing a satin black version with matching headstock...... 7 quid more but there are no pics on the Thomann site. Question is, do I change my order. I am torn. I do love my all black P Bass, but I also love a sunburst, and the stingray style really suits it in my opinion. Coin toss maybe? Please don't suggest one of each as I would have a divorce on my hands....
  12. That is really good to know.... cheers. I just can't wait to see if I bond with a five string. I can't believe I have never played one in my 34 years of playing. I reckon it will come in handy too, as the singer I am working with likes to change the keys of tunes a lot. Sometimes going higher just sounds wrong.
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