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  1. Happy 30th Anniversary to Marleaux Bass Guitars
  2. yes, it is a simple added switch. There is hardly any volume change between just the pickup and the added active electronis. With both of the EQ controls full up (particularily the bass, because that's boosting the output) the active is slightly louder than just the pickup, so I roll off the volume a notch to match both sounds (active and passive) and it works great. I honestly don't know unfortunately how much Ernie Ball has changed the pickups ever since the 80s and also not about te Joe Dart signature bass. It might be just a stock StingRay pickup, it might be slightly hotter. If I ever get a chance, it would be interesting to A/B compare my bass with the Joe Dart... but I doubt that will ever happen. I have to add, that if I roll off both EQ controls on my bass by 50%, the sound almost 100% matches the passive sound
  3. As you can see/hear in my video, the volume difference between active and passive is marginal. The pickup itself has quite a high output. In the video when switching between active and passive I only had to roll off the volume a tiny bit to make both sounds equally loud, but also depends on the setting of the EQ while active. You could try and have a bypass switch installed like I did. However, this is an early 80s model. I am not sure if they significantly changed the pickup since then. It worked perfect for my bass.
  4. Hello dear bass community, on my first attempt to create some youtube content with halfway valuable information, I created this topic. I had my early 80's StingRay customized with a passive bypass switch back in the 90s and never regretted it. What are your thoughts?
  5. One of the best bass amps ever made. Had a few opportunities to play it. Always amazing. Someone get me a rock'n roll world tour and I'll buy it - alongside two 4x12" original Marshall bass cabs from the same series, which are also brilliant. Really hard to understand why this amp has never made it into the ranks of SVT's or Hiwatt 200s popularity, it's a killer. Good luck with the sale.
  6. Hi, is your EA combo still available? best regards from London Oliver
  7. Selling a beautiful XOTIC XJ-1t 5 Bass XOTIC XJ-1T 5 Model - 5-String / made 2010 (originally sold at Chicago Music Exchange) Body - Alder Color - Vintage White Neck - 22F Maple/Rosewood Frets - Jescar Silver Nickel (#6150Type) Pickups - Xotic Original Pickups Tuner - Hipshot Bridge - Xotic A Style Brass Controls: 1 Vol - 1 Balancer - 1 Tone - 3Band EQ (Push/Pull 1 st Vol for Active/Passive), Push Pull Passive Tonecontrol for activating HRI (Hum Reduction Inductor), Active Volume can be adjusted via trimpot on the back Preamp - Tri-Logic 2 Switches - 2 x Mini Switch (Mid Switch/Bright Switch) Hardware - Chrome Strap Button - Gotoh Weight - 4,7kg Extras - The round fretmarkers on the fretboard are made of Luminova, which glow in the dark. Case - Hiscox Hardshell Case The bass is in absolute mint condition, as if it would be brand new. Not a single scratch or bump anywhere. It is a beautiful, responsive and clear sounding instrument. A really lovely bass, if you are looking for a quality 5-string Jazz Bass, that actually sounds like a very good Jazz-Bass. I had this bass retrofit with the Xotic HRI (Hum Reduction Inductor). Since the pickups are single coil, they do pick up a lot of noise, when not used in middle position. But especially the neck pickup sounds freaking amazing just by itself, so I decided to dig into the pocket and get the optional hum reduction circuit installed (200.-£). It can be acrtivated/deactivated via push/pull of the passive tone control and it works absolutely perfect, completely hum free without any loss in sonic quality. Comes with a hardshell case by Hiscox The bass can be viewed and tried at the London Bass Gallery in Camden. All business will be dealt with by them respectively. Price (1,800.00 £) is non negotiable and absolutely no trades. The only reason why I am selling it, is that I have too many basses already and it never gets the attention it deserves.
  8. [quote name='jenzuwin' timestamp='1489854843' post='3260378'] Does it include a cover? [/quote] Sorry, no cover
  9. SOLD !!! Aguilar SL112 Bass Cabinet 600.-£ Brandnew, never used, except for very few recordings. I bought it a few months ago, when I was in urgent need for a top quality speaker cab for recording purposes. Now I don't need it anymore as I have other gear arrived by now. The cab never left the building. Specs: One 12" cast frame woofer, 7 oz. neo magnet Phenolic tweeter with integral phase plug Custom crossover with variable tweeter control One Neutrik Speakon and two 1/4" inputs Deluxe Strap Handle, Rubber Feet 12mm Lite Ply Power Handling: 250 watts RMS Frequency Response: 37 Hz - 16 kHz Sensitivity: 99.9 dB 1W 1M Impedance: 8 ohms Dimensions: 14 7/8" H, 19" W, 18" D Weight: 25 lbs/12kg Located in Central/West-London
  10. [quote name='AlpherMako4' timestamp='1489132754' post='3254530'] I'd love this but it's far too expensive for me 😥 [/quote] I know, but I really can't settle for much less. It was a very expensive combo,mbut the features are by far exceeding what most other combos offer. It is quite special and probably has to wait for THAT right one to come by and buy it who is specifically looking for these features in a combo amp.
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