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    Hi all, For sale is my beloved Gibson EB-3 purchased 2 years ago for £2150 from Andy Baxter Bass in London. Selling because it has now become a back-up, and it deserves more. Huge range of tonal possibilities with the pick-up selector - sounds and plays beautifully. Professionally set up in February for recording, this is a very reliable, rock solid bass, especially considering the age. I would say the condition is good->fair - I have tried to highlight all major dings and wear in the pictures, but it is half a century old, and has clearly been played. The case is not original, but it's vintage and super cool. Looking for £1500 ono - it's a bit of an investment piece that shouldn't lose value. Currently in the market for a tube head and a cab, preferably Ampeg (SVT or V4-B), so would be up for discussing a trade. Based in Brighton, but I can meet in London or surrounding if needs be. Preferably cash on collection/meet, but am open to discussion - just message me with any questions!
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    Saw this on EBay last week, offered a price, and got it. how it survived Hermes delivery only in its original box, with a boxed amp taped to the bottom, I will never know. I guess the courier gods were on my side. I am liking it muchly.
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    I don’t think it’s unreasonable at all, switch it the other way, would you expect him to cancel a holiday he’d already booked because you’d booked a gig. Put that to him, see what his reaction is.
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    There is...or was! I know the statue has been removed a few times due to repairs or what have you. I'm assuming it's still 'all original'. As for who's underneath all that bronze...there was a very well regarded Philo impersonator who's not been seen about Dublin for many, many years......
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    If someone told me they were going to throw me a lifebelt after I'd fallen off a pier and didn't... I'd be furious. If someone told me they were going to sell me a bass and didn't... I'd be mildly annoyed.
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    We've all gotta be allowed to change our minds, surely? And particularly if it's done before any cash has changed hands then it seems pretty innocent to me. There are plenty of FS threads where fellow BCers actually question "why are you selling this, you're mad!" etc. and folk do withdraw items from sale. Should the ability to withdraw an item be taken away and once listed we are all forced to sell? Let's turn this around and apply the same rule to our buying products online that are in perfect working order, but that we simply don't like. Should we 'as a matter of honour' not be allowed to return them so we don't disappoint the retailer and knacker their sales margins (which returns have the effect of doing)? Dave I know you're disappointed and also that you're a great BC'er, but I have to agree with Si, Cam, Hiram et al and their sentiment that folk do change their minds and we just need to be grown up about it and move on. Life's too short and there are a zillion other wonderful basses out there with willing sellers who would love to part you from your cash.
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    As I said earlier my reaction was different from yours but not right or wrong just different. You've every right to your feelings and to voice them. The real positive here is that we can share ideas, experiences and views without resorting to nastiness and name calling.
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    Just watched an interesting long interview with the Eastwood guy on YT. I suppose the handy thing about the Eastwood Basses is you can cut your Bass strings to length on the many sharp body edges😀
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    I agree with the others. I'm retired and book holidays to take account of gigs already committed to. In an extreme or unforeseen case, (they sometimes happen!) I'll organise a suitable dep and I see arranging a dep as MY responsibility not the rest of the band. Frank.
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    I would recommend NEVER flexing printed circuit boards, especially relatively old ones, as you can crack the copper tracks and damage previously good solder joints and/or components.
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    Yeah, my 425 sounds a bit more aggressive compared to my P34. Aggression can easily be added but its a bit harder to take out IME. Either works fine for me, and to be honest in the recordings ive got from rehearsal with both i cant tell what bass was used unless im playing the low B-D, but i can appreciate the smoother tone will work much better for some. If i was to sell my P34 id definitely be looking at a 435. Blast, i want to get my 425 out now lol.
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    I was just waiting for the location of the inevitable duel! Surely honour demands it!
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    Only had one deal here which gave me any cause for concern and I was warned off by a vigilant fellow member. The mods dealt with the guy, no harm done. The chap who changed his mind and refunded did nothing to put me off trading here with him or anyone else. I can't count all the other hassle free transactions I've enjoyed over the years. This is still a safe place.
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    I'm afraid in spite of what we'd like to think there's just as many unethical people amongst bass players as there is in any walk of life, that's not to say there's a lot, but you don't need many to give everybody a bad name, same with not clearing up dog stinky poo and leaving litter lying around
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    Meanwhile.... the Earth is burning to a crisp, Brexit, god knows how many wars raging as we type, Paedophilia happening on an industrial scale, .... but yeah let's rant about someone having a change of mind on selling a plank of wood.... a bit frustrating... absolutely it is ! Worth ranting publicly about honesty, trust, honour, breaching of contracts, codes of conduct etc etc .... get off the grass!... just as poor form as seller changing their mind ! Punch a wall and move on. 🤪
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    Hello and thanks for looking at this post. What we have here is an Eden VT300a in all its valve loveliness. Under the hood is housed 6 fresh premium 6550s by TAD, these can be switched out for EL34s to drop the power from 300 to 200 watts. For a breakdown of the controls here’s a link to the manual. http://www.edenamps.net/assets/4012.006_vt300b-2005.pdf Included is the optional foot switch. It’s not necessary for operation but helps. The weight is around 25kg which includes the case. Collection is preferred, meeting up half way, within reasonable distance is also possible for fuel money. I would also courier at cost. Trades I’d be interested in include American P basses, Warwick Streamers, Behringer x32s, Lakland 5502, Decade or P basses, Avalon U5 plus cash, Barefaced Two10 or 2 One10s plus cash
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    Here we have a Triumph Jazz Bass, from what I can tell they were made in china for the Japanese market( pinch of salt may be required) ! What I do know is that for the money it is a little Blinder! Plays lovely, low action . Just great value. 38mm nut.
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    Cherry Red...WATER based, received this as a goodwill gesture from Crimson Guitars. Its a 150ml bottle...p&p £3.85
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    Status Stealth 4, 100% carbon fiber bass, headed model. Great conditions, some minor scratches on the back as shown in pictures. Very lightweight (3.7 kg), balances very well on a strap, exceptional sustain. This model has a 3 band active EQ with a boost/flat/cut switch for the Mids and a knob to select the frequency to boost/cut. Currently strung with Thomastik Jazz Roundwound strings. Sold with its original Hiscox hardcase. Payment with Bank Wire Transfer. EDIT: Got a quote from the courier (Mailboxes etc.) about shipping costs: Packaging + Insurance + Delivery (any part of UK) would be around 115€, But I'm going to cover the shipping costs. You can hear it at the following links: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RDDEVOCLLH_OJDhaNq3sYT6hHInuwbr- https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hyxhaI9FE31ACjcUabKciuJNgjEhwB1a https://drive.google.com/open?id=1V3IEsuNn7_T7FFPNqr--g-wWNQRxYKwA PM me for further info.
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    Custom build 30” Scale Hipshot Bridge Hipshot Tuners Haeussel Pickups Delano 2 band preamp Comes with official gig bag. Excellent condition, Trade wise it’s Amps I would be looking for: particularly interested in Ampeg, Mesa & Darkglass. I am willing to travel to make a deal happen, so please don’t be put off that I am in Scotland.
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    I think this is my personal favourite of all the Foderas I’ve ever played!
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    He should have incorporated a bottle opener in there somewhere !
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    That's a good buy.... A trolley/ sack barrow will be compulsory.
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    Yep too true mate. A Sandberg VS4 would be nice if i could get the right colour combination. Where's CUZZIE when you need him most
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    I think this will always happen when members of a band have lives outside of bands, music , gigging and don't depend on band incone to survive. Blue
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    I found this on line this morning. I hope I'm a part of the transition. "Greetings everyone! As many of you know, and some may not, Maple Road is going through one heck of a transition right now. Randy is officially retired and on his way to Florida as we speak, so there is a rather large pair of blues singin’, guitar slingin’ and harmonica playin’ shoes to fill. But have no fear, we have some exciting things in the works and Maple Road will begin the next chapter of it’s musical book very soon! There will be a slight lull in live performances for a short time, but stay tuned for all upcoming gigs! www.mapleroadbluesband.com will be getting an overhaul as well, so keep an eye out for that! A HUGE thank you to Randy for his commitment and talent for nearly 13 years, and to all of YOU for supporting live music! Don’t go too far, this transition won’t take long....!" Blue
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    A buyer on here backed out on me a couple of weeks ago. I'd taken the bass off sale on here pending payment as well as on ebay (losing my final value deal), gumtree etc. It was frustrating, but in the grand scheme of things not the end of the world. I've done many excellent deals on here and met some lovely people, but unfortunately have had more issues on here buying and selling than in any other marketplace. I did used to believe in the BC code of ethics as suggested above, but the forum is just a group of disparate people and as buyers and sellers we just need to protect ourselves as best we can.
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    He's completely out of order. Cancelling gigs is the quickest way to get a bad reputation amongst the people at the venues, especially if you're not an established band. It's not like the threads on here are completely understanding when venues have to cancel gigs, so the same applies for the band. Rule of thumb is that everybody in the band should stick to what gets into the diary first - if there's a gig you don't book a holiday for that date, if there's a holiday you don't book a gig. You never cancel a gig because one band member fancied a break and didn't care about playing the gig. My personal experience is that nobody ever remembers to use the band diary, but they damn well know how to use their own and once a gig is confirmed it should be set in stone. there should certainly be a band discussion about "I'm looking to book gigs in February, any dates you can't make?" and when somebody pipes up that they're thinking of going away that month and won't be able to commit until much closer to the time, that's fine, you don't book any gigs for February. Or February, March and April if he's being really vague about when he's going away. It shouldn't be a problem. Well, there might be a problem if you are all depending on gigs for your livelihood, but I'm assuming that it's not the case Too early to look for a dep?
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    Always loved Sonny T when he was with The New Power Generation. Still got it too.
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    Absolutely with you on this. If you join a band you simply can't mess venues or other band members about like that. It never works and leads to a bad reputation and resentment amongst members. A simple online diary (google calendar or similar) allows holiday and gig dates to be entered for all to see. Once a gig is agreed by all then holidays have to be worked around it. If he can't commit to gigs he shouldn't be in a band.
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    That's great! Thanks for the advice!!
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    I’ve been screwed over twice by my courier this week in collecting a bass I’ve sold. There was a movie being filmed in Edinburgh which may have had a knock on effect the first day (Fast and Furious flick) and the next day I waited all day only to discover they’d called but I never heard the buzzer if they even tried it - I’d even left the front door unlocked so they could just walk in the stairwell. Anyhow the buyer has been great about it and I’m very grateful for his patience. Sometimes things are just out of our hands and it can frustrate all parties!
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    Hmm sometimes these days I often start posts with something like "I'm not sure it's a good idea to sell this..." - and sometimes it's not hyperbole to amp up a sale thread, it's genuine uncertainty. BUT in any coms with perspective buyers I would repeat my uncertainty and if I changed my mind about selling something it's not because the selling isn't really really aware that I'm conflicted about selling item X. The other reason I might withdraw something is that if there's a chain going on... like with house sales. I was thinking of selling my G&L L1000 this week to fund a PreEB Stingray... say I put the L1000 on sale, someone enquired, I would have made them aware of the chain and then if the 'ray sold before the L1000 sale went through they would have known I might pull out of the whole thing. Kinda annoying, I get that, but the key I think is communication and letting the other party know the circumstances where you might pull out. To my mind it's my item, and until money has changed hands there's nothing forcing me to sell it. In a way, if I get this with something I'm buying it's sometimes not the worst thing, if the bass is any good then probably the owner doesn't really want to sell it! I get it's annoying, but unless it's some kind of unobtanium its just a bass guitar, and usually from a maker who still makes things
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    The fact that the noise stays at the same level indicates it's the noise floor of the amp. By including the noise reduction switch on earlier models Trace Elliot acknowledged noise was a factor at low volume or in studios. This is also why setting the input gain as high as possible using the three LED system is important to maximise the signal to noise ratio. What you need is a totally silent (relatively) AH200 GP11 Mk5 head! 😉
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    Sorry about that, if i knew you were a BCer I wouldn’t have sent it....
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    What about a scenario where you are booked to play a gig at a venue, turn down other gigs/family events etc. Because of doing this gig. Venue turns around and says last minute they don’t want you to play. Similar scenario/ different scenario? No money has been lost and no children or animals hurt in this episode. Would the win some/lose some idea still apply? Purely Devils advocate here, no axe to grind.
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    Glad you've made a decision and enjoy playing the Bass👍
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    I'll go for six months plus, but I'm from the Jamerson school where a slightly dead string is no bad thing.
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    With respect. You can't really say no harm was done without knowing much more about it Si. Maybe the buyer had arranged to sell the bass on at a profit. Maybe they had a gig which absolutely required that particular bass to be used. Who knows. But, if you make an agreement that is sufficiently well defined to form a contract (offer, consideration and acceptance), then at least potentially you expose yourself to risk of action if you decline to go through with a sale because you have simply changed your mind. So don't agree to sell something unless you are sure that's what you want to do. And don't assume that it doesn't count because there is no signed piece of paper.
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    No, there wasn’t any harm done, you just didn’t buy a bass guitar......perspective is key! With respect. Si
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    Thanks .. tho my wallet might not lol !
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    My old 70's p bass was bronzed and used for the Phil statue in Dublin. My only claim to fame! The guys at the Guitar Emporium in Belfast had Phil's black p bass in the shop courtesy of Philomena and they spec'd mine to match Phil's before the bronze casting.
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    My wife loves my EUB sitting halfway up the stairs on the small landing area, she is right it looks good there, my only issue is the way it mocks my inability to play the darned thing every time I walk past it
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    Looks quite cool, but it always upsets me when something like this, which is so neat and tiny, has a PSU about the same size
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    Every bass player should be made to try one of these, at least once ! Remind themselves of what we could have been playing, before someone invented NeoDiddy speakers and class Diddy amps.
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    Some of those gauges are heavy! 40-100 is all I ever use. A heavier gauge = higher tension. If you pick or finger at super-fast speeds then a higher tension might make sense. However, if I want to play super quick I just move my right hand nearer to the bridge where there is less lateral movement of the string. I like to bend strings and play with a light touch to preserve my wrist, which is why I play 40-100. Peace Davo

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