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  1. I seem to remember the lead singer from Eat not only get naked but he stage dived into the crowd at the Phoenix festival.
  2. I use my nose to turn the page if its more than one, I'm so professional lol
  3. I purchased my modulus from a guy in Italy through BC. Never met him before, but put over £2k in his account hoping a decent bass would turn up. Sure enough it arrived as stated and I’ve been as happy as a pig in 💩 ever since. If you want a bass bad enough you’ll take a bigger risk. Sound the seller out, see the tone and quality of their previous posts etc and good luck. rich
  4. 😲 What do you do with all your strings? If you only gig them once and bin them, I’ll take them off your hands 😝 Rich
  5. It is just a song that is well known And gives the average drunk punter a chance to wail some lyrics, simple as
  6. These were the 2 years I went to Reading. Either popular music has become softer or the nature of the Reading festival has changed cos the lineups I went there for were somewhat different 😝
  7. Yeah it’s the third time I’ve seen them and they’ve got better each time. I’m still aching all over and bruised, they make you forget how old you are 😂
  8. Super night at Shepherd’s Bush Monday to see Prophets of Rage, the band and crowd was in fine form!
  9. Sounds great, I'd have ripped those tables out tho and cleared an area to dance, gives people an excuse to sit there and foot tap if there's tables set up in front of the band. Rich
  10. I’m only down the road in Herne bay so I’ll sure pop down when I have funds to part with. Good luck with the venture. Looks great! Rich
  11. What an amazing thread! I say amazing, I mean dangerous. I had thought I’d quashed my GAS and then I find this thread!! Anyway here’s my single ray that ever owned, bought new in 94 and still in nearly new condition, gigged heavily but treasured. I’m on the lookout for matching 5 but unsure I can handle the extra weight...
  12. gt4ever

    Show us your rig!

    My current rig. Gets me the tones I need to cut through nicely in my function band. A lightweight rig for me as I’ve had old skool TE gear for many years. Might have to add a 4x10 cab at some point but more than happy with what I got. My only GAS is for a Wal.....
  13. Only time I used JMB was to audition someone and he ended up nicking my flight case with my cables, leads,some pedals, mics and all my guitar tool accessories. Still waiting to come across the little nasty pasty again.
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