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  1. We play loves missing by iggy pop. Cool groove and goes down well.
  2. Yeah it does depend who’s dvd collection you’re going through 😝
  3. I usually go through Someone’s DVD collection and normally find a suitable name.
  4. Souljacker pt1 by Eels. Has a great simple grooving bass line that just changes key the once.
  5. Like it, had a real NIN vibe from the Pretty Hate years. 👍🏼
  6. Let me know when you want to part with the sparkle. What hardware has it got??
  7. I seem to remember the lead singer from Eat not only get naked but he stage dived into the crowd at the Phoenix festival.
  8. I use my nose to turn the page if its more than one, I'm so professional lol
  9. I purchased my modulus from a guy in Italy through BC. Never met him before, but put over £2k in his account hoping a decent bass would turn up. Sure enough it arrived as stated and I’ve been as happy as a pig in 💩 ever since. If you want a bass bad enough you’ll take a bigger risk. Sound the seller out, see the tone and quality of their previous posts etc and good luck. rich
  10. 😲 What do you do with all your strings? If you only gig them once and bin them, I’ll take them off your hands 😝 Rich
  11. It is just a song that is well known And gives the average drunk punter a chance to wail some lyrics, simple as
  12. These were the 2 years I went to Reading. Either popular music has become softer or the nature of the Reading festival has changed cos the lineups I went there for were somewhat different 😝
  13. Yeah it’s the third time I’ve seen them and they’ve got better each time. I’m still aching all over and bruised, they make you forget how old you are 😂
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