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  1. Modulus Flea bass --- part ex possible

    I'm on the lookout for an FU4 but can't bring myself to part with wads of cash without seeing and playing it, as much as I'd love a trip out to NL I just don't have the time but good luck selling (need a badass bridge too) Rich
  2. Modulus Flea bass, (withdrawn, lost my bottle!)

    I'm interested in the blue sparkle but got dilemna. New work van or blue sparkle.... But looking at your posts I think you're just being a tease and they're not for sale! Rich
  3. Warwick Alien Standard or Deluxe

    Thanks mate, Wish there was a second hand alien on the market as new theyre ridiculously expensive new! Deluxe it is then I think.
  4. Hey guys I was going to purchase the standard 4 string next week but today got a £150 quid tip from a nice generous customer (I'm a tiler) so I can now afford to jump up to the deluxe. I've been craving an accoustic for many years but have always bought other equipment more necessary to immediate needs. Question is, is it worth paying the extra for the deluxe? I'll be using it for noodling in the front room and amped up for gigs so not essential to have big noise when not hooked up. What do I do? Rich
  5. Best 80's basslines?

    [quote name='dlloyd' timestamp='1448032633' post='2912534'] Nothing fancy, but very effective... [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIMlPygBV2o[/media] [/quote] If you like The Forest, the tree mix from Mixed Up Album is sublime. [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhpmhZxMp9k"]https://www.youtube....h?v=QhpmhZxMp9k[/url]
  6. Have a bump on me, own a 93 with 2 eq and its my one and only baby had from new and plays like a dream.
  7. Just before I click to buy new band PA

    Thanks guys. Maybe I need to rethink or even get second sub in near future. Only going new as I don't have funds and it'll all be on credit paid monthly.
  8. Just before I click to buy new band PA

    Just seen they do a more expensive 12 channel, the MFXi12. That comes in at a snip under £500. What do you get for the extra money and is it worth stretching the budget to get it?
  9. Hey guys, I've had enough of our rubbish out of date bits of PA we've been using up to now. We are a 5 piece indie band doing mainly parties and pubs. I'm just gonna go down the credit route and am pretty decided on the QSC K10 package from gear4music. Comes with 2 x K10's, K-Sub, stands, bags and cables. Gonna get the Soundcraft EFX12 from GAK to go with it. 12 channels will be enough with 2 monitors, 2 guitars, 2 vox, bass and drummer will have whole kit mic'd up too, or should i go for a 16 channel. PA package is £2130 and mixer is £275. Before I clicked I just wanted to see what experienced PA people think of that kit for the money and function for what we are. Hopefully hear some positive feedback and click to buy this evening! cheers Rich
  10. Audition Thief

    I've warned all music shops around and muso mates in the nearby circles around Canterbury etc. I've given up hope finding him or my gear and am resigned to the buying back of my equipment bit by bit, but I wont be gigging anytime soon with or without a singer.
  11. Audition Thief

    Studio owner was unable to give an accurate desription of the singer or the case so could not provide a statement. It was half 10 at night and there was one floodlight outside the studio. A flight case looks very different to a plastic carrier bag in any light, but as he was unable to describe the flight case in any detail he apparently is not a reliable witness. It's ridiculous and it looks like whoever it was has got away with it. I still cant believe the nerve of someone to come to an audition and thieve equipment, it's a crazy world. Rich
  12. Audition Thief

    Just got off the phone to a PC looking into the case. He's gonna speak to the studio owner to get a statement off him and then get in touch with the singer. They said not to call his bluff with the CCTV and leave them to do their job so thats what I'm gonna do. I'll keep you all posted if theres a happy ending to this one! Rich
  13. Audition Thief

    The plot thickens. My gut instinct was always the singer as the culprit. I phoned the studio to see if there was CCTV. I told the owner what happened. He said he saw the singer take a flight case directly to his car and put it in there and thought nothing of it. I said how did he know it was the singer, and he described him and said he got to the studio early and they were chatting before we arrived. I know that this said singer turned up with just a carrier bag with a drink and lyrics inside. So now I have a witness who has nothing to gain from lying. At least I know that my intial instincts were correct. So... what next. I filed everything with the local police. My last contact with the singer that me saying yesterday that I'll check if there is CCTV to see what happened. I now know that he was seen stealing the case so is my best bet to lie to him and say there is CCTV and it shows him putting it in his car and to give him an opportunity to return it to the studio or I'll press charges, or let the police deal with it. Do I call his bluff in the hope that he hasnt got rid of it yet? I just want my gear back! What do you reckon. I am so f***ing livid. Rich
  14. Audition Thief

    Yep he could well be and I'll never know, end of really.
  15. Audition Thief

    The singer eventually replied to me after days of avoiding my texts and calls saying exactly what I thought he would say. He said he put the case outside the studio as he didnt know which van to put it in, and then when he left it was not there. Unless there is CCTV then that's it. I've got no proof, it's at the back of a light industrial unit so no footraffic whatsoever and we were the only band there that night. I'm just cross with myself that I gave gear to someone I did not know from Adam. If anything I hope this highlights to others not to make the same stupid mistake. The saga has ruined my Easter and I'm trying to put it all behind me and gradually replace all the items that were in there. But as everyone knows, our flight cases have all our bits and pieces in them, and I'm lost without mine! Night people. Rich