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  1. I remember ABC well, and then in the 90’s I used to use Hands Music in Kingston near the market. Bought my first Stingray there.
  2. On the nirvana subject I’ve gotta say that Lounge Act is probably my favourite of Krist’s basslines. Super fun to play when you’ve nailed it.
  3. Was expecting to see a meatball recipe 😬
  4. Best era of stingrays, have had my 2EQ 94 ray from new and similar to you I was about 17 when I got it. I’ve nearly sold it a few times outta desperation but so glad I didn’t. Have an East Kent bump on me.
  5. It’s a great baseline to play, Elvis always had great musicians around him. I always enjoy this tune when we put it in our set, the pentatonic run down towards the end adds a nice touch too.
  6. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zh1kuvv7DqW2CKGLlwpc5uWgV48VD_GD/view?usp=sharing Bit sloppy in places but always fun to blast through.
  7. Yep both my bands have been put on simmer til life returns to normal again, whatever normal is or will be.
  8. Maybe it’s because the breakdown comes right after the sped up part that you know you have to nail.
  9. Lovely bass but my god wear socks or something when taking photos of reflective objects 😂
  10. Yeah the limiter makes sense, I found it went off the cliff and and just drowned in noise before I got the tone. Might dig it out again and try that method. 👍🏻 thanks man
  11. Yeah I got a regular fx25 and can’t seem to get great sounds from it. Tried for ages and gave up.
  12. Been after a 90’s P bass for a while and own a ‘94 2eq Ray gathering dust....it has emotional attachment though. Decisions...
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