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  1. What an amazing thread! I say amazing, I mean dangerous. I had thought I’d quashed my GAS and then I find this thread!! Anyway here’s my single ray that ever owned, bought new in 94 and still in nearly new condition, gigged heavily but treasured. I’m on the lookout for matching 5 but unsure I can handle the extra weight...
  2. gt4ever

    Show us your rig!

    My current rig. Gets me the tones I need to cut through nicely in my function band. A lightweight rig for me as I’ve had old skool TE gear for many years. Might have to add a 4x10 cab at some point but more than happy with what I got. My only GAS is for a Wal.....
  3. Only time I used JMB was to audition someone and he ended up nicking my flight case with my cables, leads,some pedals, mics and all my guitar tool accessories. Still waiting to come across the little nasty pasty again.
  4. I think the best way to find musicians or bands is to use local music shops if you have them, chat to owners/people working there, put a card up etc. Other ways could be local jam nights, or going to see bands on the local circuit, chat to them and punters. good luck
  5. I’d only need it for gigs, borrowing an xvive off the guitarist at the moment but it likes my modulus but not my ray.
  6. Yes thanks I did see that and will no doubt have to do the same thing, it’s a silly thing to have to do but the design and operation apart from that seems perfect
  7. Think I’ll be going for the line 6 G10, the ease of use and the clever way it charges up is a winner for me.
  8. It’s possible to have the best time there without going to any of the main stages. When I used to go many years ago all the entertainment began when the main stages ended....
  9. Yeah I always find myself noodling around to unsuspecting songs in different genres. I play in a function band too that forces me to dip into a wide selection of genres. For me, i feel it can only improve you as a musician and also surprise you into new and enjoyable musical experiences.
  10. Yeah wristbands all the way, go all out with the 118 look with matching headband too
  11. If you like Indian with a twist and dont mind delving a bit deeper into the wallet The Ambrette is extremely good, other than that all the usual suspects are in the town.
  12. Yeah Ladyluck is your best bet for up and coming punk rock bands/scene. There’s a great pizzeria near top of high street called Chapter that is easily best pizza place in town.
  13. Yep good advice. Starts, endings and structure and just play within the boxes, keep it simple. The more you learn the nuances of each song the more intricate you can tailor your fills and runs etc. Keep it simple. Good luck and try to enjoy!
  14. Sounds like you need some time out and focus on more important things in your life. Enjoy the early days as much as you can, they grow up quick! I find most things happen and pan out for a reason most of the time. Good luck!
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