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  1. Just gonna put this here oh and yeah thanks for the bass only file. I don’t have any particular style of player I warm to, I just love watching a musician showing how much they love playing and entertaining.
  2. I use my old set of senheiser hd25’s that I’ve had for close to 20 years and still going strong.
  3. I love him as a musician and his chemistry with flea is sublime but let’s be honest, he’s only back to pay for a messy divorce. I’m hoping I’m wrong though.
  4. Indeed it is. Heartwarming read for sure. Been lucky to meet and have a drink with him too. 20 mins flew by but he was genuinely charming and attentive to every word. Lived up to every expectation. 😃
  5. Original post was purely a heads up for fans willing to part with a lot of money to see them for maybe one last time. We know who loves and hates them from any previous posts mentioning them. I don’t do and have never actually seen any band in a stadium before but I’m willing to part with the money I get from playing a couple of gigs to stand at the front and see them one final time. Period.
  6. Yeah same, but there's 5 of us so I could only get the one ticket.
  7. Gold circle standing at the front I paid £166. Considering I saw them for free last time is making me justify the purchase. Think cheapest seats are just under £90. I’d never normally see a band at a big venue like this but I’ve been a lifelong fan and think this may be the last time they come over, so…
  8. Quick heads up. Extra london date added. Gold circle standing tickets still left if you have deep pockets. if this floats your boat and you get them thank me later 😉
  9. Yeah sames. Way too far to travel even halfway for me man but if it were nearer.
  10. Hopefully they’ll kiss and make up before the get out touring their next album.
  11. Get the guitarist to play drums and find another guitar, they’re 2 a penny guitarists 😜
  12. Yeah it’s not backstage, more to the side of the stage but some places do VIP for an extra and it is packed and there’s no point, but at Hyde park it was worth the extra money. Never splashed out for a gig before like that and probably never will again, I’m a surfing stage diving get stuck in gig goer but it was a totally different experience and very enjoyable 👍🏼
  13. Hyde park isn’t very grunge, so might as well lord it up in style once in a while.
  14. I did the VIP a few years back to see KOL and Pixies. It was worth the extra money. Loads of chill out area, easy access to front of crowd, no beer queues, decent toilets, just a generally much better experience if you can afford it. Think I paid £215 for it. It was a proper one off but weather was great and you did feel more VIP than a lot of other venues I’ve been to.
  15. We’ve done a few outdoor parties and a festival over the last month or so but it was our first return to a good ole pub gig at the weekend. So good to make people sing and dance again and not a mask in sight. It was bloody fantastic.
  16. Yeah I think confidence is building for a summer of live music, we have 2 a month booked in so far from July to December, a mix of pubs, legions, parties and dinner dances. I’m not confident they’ll all go ahead but I’m happy to feel positive again that there is hope and possibly something to look forward to this year.
  17. Just watching the cure from Hyde park again. For me it just doesn’t get too much better than a forest about an hour in.
  18. I love Dinosaur JR and seen them a couple of times at different venues but I will never see them again indoors. I feel fortunate to have come out with my hearing intact, think there are thousands of people out there with permanent ringing due to Joe Mascis. I love my music loud but he was totally ridiculous.
  19. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and having a good chat with him. He is a genuinely warm and generous spirit.
  20. While the % of people who catch it and die is relatively low, you might want to think of the % of people who still suffer months on with varying degrees of long covid, some with possibly permanent damage. This is the unknown entity. I caught Covid back in Feb/March and while I’m relieved to be alive and functioning, I’m still suffering with breathlessness and the inability to concentrate properly. People just need to be sensible and minimise risk where they can.
  21. Old advert but wondered if this item is still lurking about?
  22. Sounds great, it’s not my music taste but a trio for me brought a whole new dimension to live music. It’s raw, exciting and nowhere to hide. The rhythm and natural understanding between 3 musicians Is far more palpable. I just wish I’d been in a trio sooner. My main function covers band is (was-bloody Covid) my main band, but the garage psychedelic surf rock trio is my fun little side project. It’s immense fun. Enjoy and good luck finding a decent drummer 👍🏼 Rich
  23. Very kenny Everett start to the vid 😝 Sounds great btw 👍🏼
  24. To flip it on its head, from a punters point of view, I visually like to see a backline, It gives a backdrop and character to the band imo. Seeing the choice of cab and amp tells me a lot about the musicians as well.
  25. I remember ABC well, and then in the 90’s I used to use Hands Music in Kingston near the market. Bought my first Stingray there.
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