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    Thanks for the great feedback, Ewan. One of my favourite projects Have a happy birthday on 27th!
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    VERSION: Floor TITLE: Basic amp patches DESCRIPTION: Basic Live tones set up IN DETAIL: Here are six patches for the Floor. SVT normal, Mesa 400+ Channel 1, Mesa 400+ Channel 2, Aguilar DB 751, GK 800 and the B15 Portaflex. The 'SW' in the preset name are my initials. These are optimised for my live sound with a Fender Precision. I send XLR to FOH and the 1/4" to a Barefaced FR800 for monitoring. I reduce the XLR output by 16db and use the volume knob to control the 1/4" output only. The sounds through headphones is slightly different. I initially created them using headphones (AKG 702) but then had to tweak for live use. Also in the patch is an IR block directly after each amp block. if you load these in to your Helix the IR is missing but ping me a message and I'll let you have it, or you can just select a cab block of your choice. There are a basic set of effects too. I included the graphic at the end of the chain just in case I needed to make any room adjustments but in the presets they are currently all set to flat. For me, the inclusion of the 3 band compressor at the beginning makes a huge difference as it tames the live sound and reduces boominess. The compressor settings are the same across all patches. The SVT preset has three snapshots too - clean, drive and distortion. Steve SVT SW.hlx Mesa 400+ Ch1 SW.hlx Mesa 400+ Ch2 SW.hlx DB 751 SW.hlx GK 800 SW.hlx Flip Top SW.hlx
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    Their Flying V guitars are no better
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    The work @Andyjr1515 has carried out for you @TheGreek went a long way to convince me that Andy was the right man for the job. What to build you next? How about a short(er) scale 6 string like mine? I think Andy enjoyed having one around! As far as the wait goes, I've got far too much going on in the run up, what with prepping for Xmas with 2 kids, one of whom has a birthday just before too. I very much look forward to being selfish on the 27th and spending some time with my present though Eude
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    A bit of a Greek saga already - but what else would you expect from me?? Some time ago I bought this from eBay: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/330153-heavily-customised-nanyo-bass/ For "heavily customised" read "butchered". Seller, in the Manchester area, was adamant (not the Adam Ant, obviously) he would not courier so I contacted BCer, and all round good guy, @AndyTravis to assist in the purchase and he, kindly, took possession on my behalf and held it while I tried to negotiate a new (originally planned a concave semi hollow) body with an extremely busy @Andyjr1515. Unfortunately Eude's beautiful 6er and "another Swift Lite bass" builds meant that any start would have to be delayed till the New Year. However before he could make a start another body became available from @Chimike. Basically an empty Nanyo body which had the the front and back planed off. Mike, being the top fella that he is, refused to take anything in payment and I became the owner a couple of weeks ago. In that time I managed to acquire a sheet of Rosewood veneer from eBay: In trying to remove the remaining paint from the body from @Chimike I discovered it is immune to paint stripper and put up a fight when I used the heat gun. Paint now removed but in doing so I created a couple of cracks by drying out the body in the process. Pics to follow tomorrow. Click forward to this morning when the first "heavily customised" bass arrived from Mr Travis. You know what they say.. "Forewarned is forearmed" so I set about removing the (indestructible) paint from the neck using heat gun, Stanley blade scraper and a bit more care. Considering the "customisation" of the body, the neck was in surprisingly good condition. Again pics to follow. I didn't appreciate that the quality of wood used on the SGC necks - now sanded and with a wipe-over with some Orange Oil. I'll eventually be using the same finish as @Andyjr1515 uses on most of his builds - after raiding some of his previous build threads for advice - before installing the standard SGC Gotoh machine heads. Next move is to repair the splits - need to borrow some sash clamps (in reality, will probably call in a favour from a friend) - before preparing the body for the veneer. Whilst awaiting the repaired body I'll need to salvage the electronics from the original body ready to transfer to the replacement. So the first chapter of this saga is well on it's way....more to follow. Thanks to @AndyTravis, @Chimike and @Andyjr1515 for their roles in the saga so far..
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    If you're into Sharay this is his current gig... very tasty! https://youtu.be/EsCZUqiYRRo
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    Hey @eude Nothing in your last post that surprised me...I'm one of Andy's biggest fans and have absolute faith in the quality of his work. The only issue I have is what to get him to build for me next!! 🤔 🤔 Enjoy the bass...not sure that I could wait till your birthday on the 27th though.
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    Loud enough to drown out The XFactor in every house in a 5 mile radius from the gig is an acceptable level I feel.
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    I'm currently using D'Addario strings on my basses (and when I can afford them, DR Hi-Beams) but was wondering what Rotosound strings are like now? I haven't used them in years (read decades). I went from using them, to Ernie Ball Slinkys, to Bass Centre Elites and then onto D'Addario and DRs. As we approach leaving the EU I'd like to support a British firm and am contemplating using Rotosounds. Anyone use them regularly? Are they as inconsistent as they were back in the 80s? Do they still eat frets as everyone kept on telling me back then?
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    Here we have my fantastic original Japanese made (circa 1990) ESP Horizon Custom Bass in a beautiful cherry sunburst and upgraded pickups/circuit. Maple?Alder? body Maple thru-neck Ebony board Chrome hardware Upgraded to EMG P/J with 3 band BQC circuit for every tone you could possibly require This instrument is in fantastic 9.5/10 condition with just a moved rear strap peg hole to knock 0.5 off the condition. It plays beautifully, with a very comfortable neck and an incredibly wide tonal palette thanks to the EMG 3 band circuit/pickups. Also included is the original ESP case. This is the same type of bass Muzz Skillings played with Living Colour during the early glory days.....(albeit a 4-string version of his 5)! I'll be sad to see it go & only selling to clear some debt so not looking for any trades/offers. Bass is located in Guildford/Woking area and I can courier at buyers expense (prob approx £40) or can meet in South East England for petrol. Payment by cash, bank transfer or Paypal (you pay all fees) only please. Please see my extensive positive feedback record for assurance of a smooth and honest transaction.
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    I think the Sadowsky bit might be responsible for a lot of your happiness.
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    A bit too heavy with the mascara. Not a good look.
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    Military Wives were much better before they did anything.
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    Best: A secondhand G&L Tribute L-2500, was my surprise best bass purchase. It only cost me £360 - definitely a bargain. It's a really well made bass and also has classy looks (a tobacco sunburst paint job). I originally bought it mainly because I thought it was time I owned a 5 string bass, so I looked to buy one on the cheap. I have some very nice pro level basses but when I started playing it, it's quality surprised me. The B string is very clear and audible, not at all flabby or woolly. I love the Swiss Army Knife vibe of this bass. It's active and also has two big humbuckers that can be switched to single coil mode, so you can get a very wide range of sounds from, from Jaco to James Jamerson. Worst: Fender Elite Precision. I didn't get the chance to play it and ordered it unseen new. When I got it I didn't like the neck (too chunky). Pre amp doesn't have a parametric mid control (which it needs) and the controls are not very smooth (bit scratchy/gritty compared to the controls on my John East J retro). It's pretty heavy. We haven't bonded. I think my expectations were too high after seeing the reviews.
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    Yeah off in mobile by default.
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    Used RS66s for years, imo all the negative things about them are true - cheesegrater feel, they chew big divots in your frets, dead in a week. After I bought two consecutive sets with A-strings dead out of the packet, enough was enough. Strings of choice for me are Elixirs and have been for about 15 years now, and I always make sure I've got a few cheap 3-sets-for-a-tenner Ebay special packs lying around for emergencies. They're typically better than I remember Rotos being. Oh - and I hate that horrid red hairy crap they insist on wrapping around the ends.
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    I was at 3 fakers, 3 4003s and a 4000 until I decided to have one last go. Buying it new was a way of forcing me to make it work as I would lose out if I tried to sell it immediately. At first I was disappointed and thought that I had made a mistake but a few gigs later and a couple of mods and I absolutely love it. Granted you shouldn't really have to mod a bass that retails for over £2000 but it worked.
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    CPC do the Penn Elcom range which are solid pro grade. 2" ones here at £5 each https://cpc.farnell.com/penn-elcom/w0960/grey-swivel-castor-50mm-40kg/dp/TL12234?st=castors
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    I can confirm the answer is a solid yes - with the bonus that it has the ability to get even more of a pure sine wave/dub vibe when switched to active with treble&mid rolled all the way off and bass boosted to taste. The preamp in this bass really is excellent. It’s genuinely difficult to get a bad sound out of it!
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    I've found them consistent for years, one gig, dead.
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    A quick follow up. Just had Simon at GUS remove the frets. This is going to be used as a backup for my double bass and it just wasn't sounding close enough (especially the piezo which picked up all the fret noises), so now the ebony neck has maple fret markers and sounds so much more lush.
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    If you want to support a British firm making strings have a look at Newtone.
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    I liked them before they were famous. Isn't it just broadly the case that a) we all feel like this about music we liked before others (whilst it was 'ours') b) great bands knock out 3-4 winning albums but the consistency inevitably slides. Best thing a great band can do for long standing critical acclaim is implode after a handful of albums. Reverse of this thread would be interesting - great bands with crap first albums. Radiohead, Slayer and Orbital spring to mind.
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    Fair enough. That's the good thing about the band, everyone has an opinion on them. Either way, I love all the Motorhead back catalogue, even the On Parole album as I think their attitude (or more accurately, Lemmy's) never changed in all the years they were active, which for me, shone through in the music.
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    I'll subtly disagree with the original statement too, while also disagreeing with you. Can't say I love the Campbell albums (don't hate them, more that I'd never pick them to play over anything with Fast Eddie on it) but for me Another Perfect Day is up there with their best. Love Robbo's guitar playing. And while I'm not the greatest fan of the albums that Campbell's on, I've never seen him play a bad show (and I've seen a lot of them). Actually, Metallica are similar - can't say I like any of the albums they've released in the last 20-odd years, but they've always been brilliant live
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    2018 is / has been another very gaseous year for me. My 2019 resolution is reduce my emissions. Best amp considering performance, cost and exceeding expectations was QUILTER BASS BLOCK 800. But the MESA SUBWAY 800 plus is lovely but cost twice as much so edged into second place. Best bass: A limited edition Alembic Epic, have also acquired an Aria SBR-60, and a KAWAI FIIB both pristine. I love 80s Alemibesque Japanese basses. Worst basses either Epiphone Toby Deluxe, which is great value fun bass for dodgy gigs, so I am keeping it, but not is same league as other purchases. Or Marcus Miller P7 which I traded for a Chowny, but didn't like it and immediately p/x'd it for a Marcus Miller M7.The P7 was a good bass but just not as good as other Sires I have tried or owned. The M7 is lovely..
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    My fiancé bought me the flame version of the Rockabilly 3/4 DB as a present a few years ago. Moving home has prevented me from playing it recently but after fitting new strings and putting in a piezo, I think it is a great instrument - especially for a DB learner like me.
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    Serial number suggests it was it was built in 1992 or 1993. It’s certainly been well used, and was in dire need of a set up. I tweaked the truss rod to get the relief correct, then sorted out the string height and intonation. Pickup height needed a tweak as well. But boy does it sound great- it’s got a real growl to it. Never played a Jazz bass before- my first bass was an American precision delux with the humbucker, but this bass is great. one question though- it’s got four bolts in the neck, but also another hole. Is this for another bolt that is missing?
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    Almost same layout as my new 734a only difference is the high pot acts as tone in passive. They've removed the pup switch and placed a blend pot where your passive tone control is. Great useable layout. Nice bass you have there, a good find
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    Absolute steal for the money! Cracking bass As it's made in Indonesia, I think this is a Vintage Modified (VM) series? The Indonesian made Squiers I've played have all been great quality for the sort of money they sell for And this one is a Christmas present for some lucky BC member - heck it's a Christmas and birthday present all wrapped up in one Don't see many of them around either.....
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    Line 6 M13 is lot cheaper than the Helix and features a lot of the same sounds. I love it because it's a true stomp box where you set every switch / patch up just as you would if they were individual pedals. It's really easy to use and is very configurable with stereo inputs, outputs and line in and out you can easily split it from different basses or to more than one amp. I use mine in combination with a fender AB-Y pedal so I can use 2 different basses without every bother having to unplug anything mid session. In your case I would combine it with something like this, a 4 way true bypass switch with each bass being on one switch going into the M13 and one FX bank in there pre set for each individual bass. That way you're only ever maximum 2 quick clicks away from selecting each bass and it's corresponding effects chain. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F183558218430
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    That was a different body shape ped
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    The Chromes for my 5 string Jabba arrived today. Just fitted them and first impression is really great.
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    The fifth hole is for ajusting the micro-tilt thingy with an allen key instead of using card to shim the neck.
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    Red Hot Chilli Peppers were excellent back in the day; from the first time I saw them, at the Clarendon in Hammersmith, they completely blew me away - I'd never seen anything like it. They stayed just as hard-hitting, funky and rockin' until the success of BloodSugar, then there was a rapid demise into stadium-tedium and little pop songs. Don't begrudge them - they'd done the ground-work and deserved some money! But it seems that it's rare for creativity and big bucks to go hand-in-hand...
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    I saw Genesis at Eel Pie Island, Twickenham, playing mostly acoustic guitars, with (I think...) Phil Collins on drums. Well before it all 'took off'; they were excellent. I saw them several times, later, with the Gabriel theatrics 'n all, too; stunning stuff. Can't say for the post-Gabriel shows, but no regrets for having missed 'em. And 'Yes, the early Floyd shows were ace, with their oil-wheel light shows..!'.
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    I use an old Trace SMX GP12 AH300, rack-mounted for lightness, with a Barefaced Supercompact. Works for me. They weigh about the same so makes for a balanced carry in.
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    Everyone posts positive reviews, goes out and buys the shiny new thing, post even more positive reviews - then there’s a lull and their for sale post has even more positive reviews “best amp I’ve ever played , but....”
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    Joe's bass playing on The Fifth Dimension's recording of Aquarius/Let The Sunshine is one of the best performances you will hear. Very skillful but controlled. Joe was one of the unsung bass heroes and it's only in recent years that I discovered many of my favourite recordings had Joe laying down the bottom line. Thanks Joe.
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    A Hayman 4040 from around 1973/4 in original blonde/natural finish. Most of you know that these basses were handmade to a very high standard in the UK by the people behind Burns and later Shergold. They are rare instruments especially with the perspex pickup and bridge covers and bridge clip included. This one has had its neck replaced with a Shergold equivalent of the same era as the original’s trussrod was broken. The ‘new’ neck is straight and frets are very good and the trussrod turns as it ought to. I have the original neck which is included in the sale. There are dings and a few lacquer cracks as the bass is at least 40 years old however nothing structural. The bass plays and sounds great. All the electrics work properly and the chrome hardware is in exceptional condition with very little corrosion. The backplate is the earlier engraved/stamped version with ‘patent applied for’ numbers on it. There is no case or bag sorry. SOLD
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    That band should have played at Jesus' birthday party!
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    Hi everyone, here is my VM Jazz bass, very light at 7.1 lbs, play really well with a low action, has new EB strings 45-100 There may be a couple of very light scuffs but I can't photograph them, price is posted to UK The price is delivered.
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    I have had a fair few Jazz basses over the years. After a few years of trying to convince myself that all I need is a P bass I went back to the trusty Jazz. They just feel right to me. My experience of the Squier range is limited to the Vintage Modified 70s model in the natural finish. Those basses are incredible, the construction is top notch and the tone was great. The Squier you are picking up should definitely give you a feel for what a USA could offer. If you are used to playing a P bass with a fat neck then the Jazz will feel very different! It goes without saying that the USA models will be made with higher quality components, but the core sound and feel with be there with the Squier you are getting. Enjoy!
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