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  1. And I was surprised and delighted when he sold me his Vigier. I'd also been keen to hear more of his recorded work if it is out there.
  2. Hey man, really sorry to hear you saying that. I'm glad you've got the creative outlet but I hope you can find other things to keep you positive.
  3. Actually, it was really good. We had the PA up outside the tunnel entrance and the tunnel had lots of openings out to the side so there wasn't too much bouncing. We could also put the drums quite far back so our onstage sound was nice. We put everything through the PA so it was controlled. I recommend gigging there if you ever get the chance
  4. A lovely wedding gig at Banwell Castle. Beautiful venue, lovely to play outside (well, in a tunnel!) too.
  5. I always take two cos it looks cool. Is there another reason?
  6. Agreeing a band calendar is always a tricky thing and, occasionally, stuff comes up. Over the last ten years, I think we might have had to cancel one gig. We have a number of deps we use and, on occasion, have spent hours on the phone getting a last minute dep due to a crisis. Find a dep drummer and try to keep the gigs, the reputation is important.
  7. Long shot but do you still have this?
  8. How about learning all your old songs in new positions on the 5? Aim to play nothing below the fifth fret on strings E to G. That should open new musical possibilities for you and give a taste of what a 5 can bring to your playing. Since moving to a 5, I have become a much better musician by having this approach. And I have short arms so it helps me having more notes within easy reach. Don't give up, 5s are very cool instruments 😎
  9. I'd suggest practising anything you play on a four but five frets up. The best thing about a fiver is not having to go down low even though you have those low notes waiting for you!
  10. Seemingly, 9 at the moment. That's probably 4 more than I really want but selling's a hard thing to do. Maybe next year 😁
  11. The best slap video I ever came across. Have loved it for years. Well recommended.
  12. After nearly 30 years of a big variety of bass ownership, I've recently bought two SR5s and tackled the truss rod for the first time. The little wheel makes it super easy and both moved no problem and did what they should. The wheel is very easy to use so maybe I got lucky. It did feel cool seeing the relief change 😎 Edit: and I did it under tension.
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