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  1. Heard Wizzard on the radio today, made me sad. I LOVE gigging that song every year 😔
  2. Great effort, thanks for sharing. And Rio with a plectrum!
  3. Some great singers here. For me, two standouts. Jessie J - such phenomenal control and variety. And Hannah Reid, agree @Wilco. Such an emotive tone. And an honourable mention to Aimee Mann. So cool. Bassist too 😀.
  4. Maybe I should have been showing something like this!
  5. Lockdown browsing has led me to some gems where pop artists have shown their stripped down skills and their true musical and songwriting talents have been allowed to shine. Admittedly, this is an 80s edition due to my age but all three of these mainstream pop stars had me seriously impressed even though already a fan. So what other artists maybe wouldn't impress that much on record but have got serious talent when stripped down?
  6. Sadly the last one. A View To A Kill. I always thought there was some plectrum palm-muting on this but no mention. Good discussion of the song though.
  7. Well, tonight's was interesting. A Power Station track. Enjoyed this one.
  8. Two drummers can be cool. Pretty sure Add (N) to X had two. Sometime in the late 90s I was going to a lot of gigs and they always seemed to be on the bill. No live footage unfortunately to back up my memory.
  9. Rio was good tonight. Obviously a killer bass line, one of the first I played when I took up bass, an inspiration. He's having fun too.
  10. I bought a Vigier bass from Derek Forbes that he had apparently used with Propaganda and SM. I emailed Patrice Vigier to ask for more info on the bass. As I remember, his reply was brief and to-the-point, something about Derek making that bass sound great and I'm very disappointed that he sold it to you 🤣
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