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  1. Update.. we've found a drummer. Now just have to face the always-fun experience of being nervous in every song 🙃
  2. Gig still on but our drummer tested positive this afternoon and we're frantically looking for a dep. Not looking likely at this time. We missed our last gig before Xmas cos our singer was positive. Covid really is a pain.
  3. Just learning Dancing On The Ceiling for new band. Great song but, even though I knew it, I was surprised to find it has a key change. How could I not have noticed that?!
  4. This thread disappointed, was expecting
  5. Don't suppose you're interested in selling the scratch plates separately or you know where I can find some? Been keen to swap mine out! Lovely bass, I just can't justify buying a third stingray ðŸĪŠ
  6. I came here to post this exact scene and song. It's brilliant.
  7. Cheers guys, a DI box is a consideration but the buzz was so loud (and present even when the amp power supply was disconnected which was weird) that it's not going to do the trick for me long term. So I'm moving on, probably back to Markbass where I've been for the last ten years. Strangely, not a single member of the audience commented on the fact I was DI'ing out of my pedal. Ignorant lot ðŸĪĢ
  8. Thanks all, will experiment a bit tomorrow and see what's happening. Nice gig anyway 👍
  9. Tried it with various xlrs and was the same. When everything was unplugged it still buzzed like a ghost and then went away slightly when I touch the metal case of the amp. The first set has gone well anyway!
  10. OK, so just bought a new ashdown rootmaster evo ii 500. First gig with it tonight and the DI is causing a big buzz. Indeed, having exhausted various possible sources, it still buzzes when the amp power socket is out and nothing is plugged into it except the DI cable! Luckily, I can DI out my pedal for tonight but can the basschat experts tell me any solution other than I've got unlucky and need to box it up to send it back? Hopefully the gig will take my mind off it for a couple of hours!
  11. This bassist and this exact song got me into bass 👍👍
  12. Heard Wizzard on the radio today, made me sad. I LOVE gigging that song every year 😔
  13. Great effort, thanks for sharing. And Rio with a plectrum!
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