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  1. Long shot but do you still have this?
  2. How about learning all your old songs in new positions on the 5? Aim to play nothing below the fifth fret on strings E to G. That should open new musical possibilities for you and give a taste of what a 5 can bring to your playing. Since moving to a 5, I have become a much better musician by having this approach. And I have short arms so it helps me having more notes within easy reach. Don't give up, 5s are very cool instruments 😎
  3. I'd suggest practising anything you play on a four but five frets up. The best thing about a fiver is not having to go down low even though you have those low notes waiting for you!
  4. Seemingly, 9 at the moment. That's probably 4 more than I really want but selling's a hard thing to do. Maybe next year 😁
  5. The best slap video I ever came across. Have loved it for years. Well recommended.
  6. After nearly 30 years of a big variety of bass ownership, I've recently bought two SR5s and tackled the truss rod for the first time. The little wheel makes it super easy and both moved no problem and did what they should. The wheel is very easy to use so maybe I got lucky. It did feel cool seeing the relief change 😎 Edit: and I did it under tension.
  7. Yeah, Hugh's guitar work on that album is superb and BB is a great example. Great band, the first five albums were so creative.
  8. Just got into the musicman world after many years of many other basses. Now got two pretty much the same spec SR5s. The red is likely to be the main gigging bass with the burgundy as back up. Or I might swap around if the vibe takes me. Gigged them for the first time last week. Powerful basses, cut through so nicely. Sorry for the rubbish pic. The red has a nice grain to it. Now I need to find another mm hardcase as only one came with one.
  9. Buyer's Remorse can hit us all but rest assured you've got a bargain there so you won't lose out money-wise if you pass it on. Give it a go, you might like it 👍
  10. Yep, the bass mix was pretty poor considering that's what we were there to hear! Good event though and Marcus played tastefully as always but let rip with some crazy double thumbing which was cool. Nice guy.
  11. Just me then! It was a good evening, his playing was superb even though the room really didn't allow for a clean bass mix (I was at the back which probably didn't help) and his anecdotes and tips were interesting.
  12. Anyone going tonight? I'm hoping to pending work.
  13. Traded a Dingwall for a Musicman with Paul. Very easy transaction, arranged a meeting place and he even brought a portable amp so we could try the basses in the car park. Top guy, trade with confidence 👍
  14. Me too. July at Brixton. Can't wait.
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