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  1. Hi p-guys! Finally the time has come to show you my new purchase: a Fender Precision American Professional II in the beautiful "Mercury" colorway! The bass review will arrive shortly in the meantime I want to let you listen to my cover of a Megadeth classic recorded with a Nux Mighty Plug without the use of effects, totally flat! https://youtu.be/_kRsoQIw7O4
  2. Hi guys, here you will find a sound test of the Harley Benton PB20 satin black. It is a mix of covers played with this instrument in which I tried to convey the idea of how it sounds even in situations of different genres. Hope you like it! 😉 https://youtu.be/9p2xq72mf5k
  3. A great song by 80s cult movie played with a Fender Precision Boxer made in Japan!
  4. Hi guys, I have always been a fan of Duff Mckagan but strangely I have never tried to play a Guns cover. Now that I have a beautiful Fender Precision Boxer (or the reissue of the Fender Jazz Bass Special from the Eighties) I tried to play a cover of the Guns trying as much as possible to get as close to the sound of Duff ... the judgment is yours, I accept advice of course! https://youtu.be/-qA2O6d5ZRc
  5. The complete sound test of the Fender Precision Boxer played with finger and pick in all pick up and tone configuration! Strings: Fender stock strings https://youtu.be/uyLTziwyX68
  6. A great Iron Maiden classic played with my Harley Benton PB20 SBK with stock strings https://youtu.be/9kwvWej5rsI
  7. The most famous song by Robert Smith leggendary band played using a Squier Precision Classic Vibe 70. https://youtu.be/a2ExFa60oIw
  8. The godfather of soul most famous song player with a Squier Precision Classic Vibe 70! Recorded with Tone 0% and stock strings https://youtu.be/WsAKiNcZQ0w
  9. A great hit by Abba in their dance period played with a Squier Precision Classic Vibe 70: a triumph of octaves without interruption!
  10. Precision and Motown: the perfect bass marriage! My bass cover of a super classic by Jackson 5
  11. Hi guys, this is the complete sound test of Squier Precision Classic Vibe 70 new series crafted in Indonesia. Sound test sample in: finger, pick and slap https://youtu.be/RC6jq77nutU
  12. Bass cover of my favorite Nirvana song played with Fender Precision American Performer!
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