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  1. In reality I have done nothing but regulate only the volume of the base with that of the bass, all the credit is only and exclusively of the bass!
  2. For the bass cover of the week I chose this time to go into a pop song by the young superstar Dua Lipa to see how the Tribe behaves also in this musical context. For this cover I only used the single coil in the 60s position (the one near the neck) and the tone at 70% ... good listening!
  3. One of my favorite Red Hot songs with a Flea super bass groove ... this is my bass cover played with Tribe SF4 (2020)... enjoy!
  4. Tribute to Paul Simonon and The Clash in one of the most iconic rock bass lines ever! https://youtu.be/Bbc09CAhXR0
  5. Hi bassists! For the cover of the week I chose this time one of my favorite songs from Black Sabbath taken from the Master of Reality album. A tribute to the great Geezer played with a Tribe Spike ... good listening!
  6. Hi bassists! For the cover of the week I chose a beautiful funky song taken from Michael Jackson's first album played with a Tribe Spike. As always, I invite you to leave a like to the video and subscribe to the Youtube channel to stay up to date on the next video ... enjoy! https://youtu.be/n5fnIaTmlIA
  7. New bass cover of the week, this time it's the turn of a super classic song played with a beautiful Tribe pbass clone! Enjoy! https://youtu.be/vFF5r6N5weA
  8. This is the YouTube channel of my indie rock/new wave band https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqY66-AyqyerH5-wBFm8mBQ
  9. https://youtu.be/INKjtyNRpao
  10. Hi guys this is my bass cover of a classic Maiden played with a Tribe Spike, a great Pbass clone, enjoy and if you like subscribe at my YouTube channel for cover and video! https://youtu.be/INKjtyNRpao
  11. On April 8, 1990, exactly thirty years ago, the first episode of Twin Peaks was aired, the legendary series by David Lynch that revolutionized television and the concept of television series itself. To pay homage to my favorite series, I decided to make this bass cover of the iconic theme played with a Tribe Spike. Happy listening to everyone!
  12. Hi bassists, nice initiative this chat ... I have a Youtube channel dedicated to the electric bass where every week I publish various covers and videos with different basses ... if you like to subscribe and follow me you are welcome! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCejObQAoQRdV7DoYNR0Qsdw
  13. Hi, visit and subscribe to my YouTube Channel, bass cover and video every week! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCejObQAoQRdV7DoYNR0Qsdw
  14. To conclude the tests of this Harley Benton PB 20 satin black (although as soon as possible I will try to create a demo only bass and drums so as to provide an even more concrete idea of the sound), this time I chose a classic of the indie rock years 2000 of The Strokes played with the pick. From next week, however, a new series of bass covers will arrive with another "clone" Precision of a different price range but for now I won't say anything else! 😅 As always, I invite you to follow my channel for new updates and videos every week. PS: what you hear is the natural sound of the bass without modifications or post production exactly as it leaves the factory!
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