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  1. New cover with the satin black Harley Benton PB20 (currently on sale at Thomann at a cost of 111 euros)... this time grappling with a timeless classic of the Prince of Darkness and Eighties heavy metal period... good listening!
  2. New video dedicated to the Harley Benton PB20 satin black ... for this new bass cover I chose one of the most iconic songs of the rock gods Led Zeppelin played in alternative version with fingers .. enjoy!
  3. The first of the second series of new videos dedicated to the satin black Harley Benton PB20, an instrument paid for 89 euros and recently returned available in the Thomann catalog ... Stay tuned for the next videos! PS strings and set ups are still the factory ones after five months of use!
  4. The greatness of bass players as we know is not always measured by the number of notes played in a song, by the speed of execution or by the ability to perform advanced techniques. There are those like Mr. Simon Gallup, for example, who made the exact opposite of his size: modest technique and few notes placed at the right point (and with taste) sufficient to create a carpet and a sound wall that are decisive for the unique sound of Smith's band, or to compose (as in this case) a riff repeated in loop throughout the piece but with perfect solidity and rendering. Here my cover of a Fascination Street, a song in which in my opinion the concept just expressed is well evident ... good listening!
  5. Tribute to my preferite film and one of the greatest cult movie of the nineties, in the bass cover of the most important song of the soundtrack. Enjoy!
  6. Tribute to my preferite film and one of the greatest cult movie of the nineties, in the bass cover of the most important song of the soundtrack. Enjoy! 🖤
  7. One of my favorite bass players in one of his best performances ... here is my (short) bass cover of a super Jamiroquai classic! https://youtu.be/bCdjbpoMozw
  8. I thank you for the feedback and I am absolutely right about what you say ... unfortunately when I register I tend to be very serious and focused on what I do that almost seems to be bored. Much also depends on the piece, clearly this song is so classic and played by everyone that I don't feel such strong emotions in playing it. When I play live I'm actually completely different and definitely much more active. I will take your advice seriously, because you are absolutely right, the image, what you transmit with body language, when you make videos it is as important as the executive ability!
  9. It will also be one of the most inflated covers for a bass player, but if you have a Youtube channel, it is almost a moral obligation to publish it ... ladies and gentlemen, this is my version of the super classic of Queen, good listening! https://youtu.be/HU8eeYYJSzQ
  10. Hymn of the eighties and song symbol of the Swedish band Europe, The Final Countdown presents among its various peculiarities also a bass line with a great rock shot, with a perfect Harris-style ride played by bassist John Levén. This is my bass cover played with a Tribe SF4, good listening!
  11. It's true! In fact, for those with small hands like me it is a little tiring 😅
  12. Bass cover of the week: this time it's the turn of a hit of the Madonna famous among the bassists for the beautiful bass line in slap ... good listening!
  13. A super funky song starring in my new bass cover, enjoy! https://youtu.be/MzZ-8PA8ECE
  14. In reality I have done nothing but regulate only the volume of the base with that of the bass, all the credit is only and exclusively of the bass!
  15. For the bass cover of the week I chose this time to go into a pop song by the young superstar Dua Lipa to see how the Tribe behaves also in this musical context. For this cover I only used the single coil in the 60s position (the one near the neck) and the tone at 70% ... good listening!
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