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  1. This was the second song I learned to play a few years ago with the bass: this famous Muse song is not at all difficult to play but it requires a lot of concentration and stamina and many years it was really useful to me to learn to play octaves with bass!! πŸ˜… Here is my bass cover! https://youtu.be/chfDyT9ARwQ
  2. The Eighties were a wonderful time for many reasons: fashion, entertainment, culture, sun, palm trees and of course ... music! In that period, many successful hits were published that over time have become the very symbol of those years, giving us an unprecedented musical treasure. But the Eighties were also a golden period for our beloved instrument, the electric bass, the absolute protagonist in many songs of those years. As in the case of this hit by Kajagoogo, a bass line completely in slap simply amazing but above all with a melodic and sensible use of this technique. Here you find my bass cover, I hope you like it! What's your favorite bassline from the eighties?
  3. One of most beautiful post punk revival bassline of 2000's played with my Fender Precision American Performer...enojoy! https://youtu.be/RlTP5nCjvG8
  4. Another great classic of rock this time played with my Fender Precision American Performer reinterpreting the original bass line a bit, enjoy! https://youtu.be/ECxaAAqgDZo
  5. Here you will find a complete sound test of the Fender Precision American Performer for those who want to hear all the nuances of the passive American Precision PJ .. I hope it will be useful especially to those who were considering the purchase of this bass! πŸ˜‰ https://youtu.be/eNECPg6ztdg
  6. A bass cover tribute to the most famous Van Halen hit and to one of the most iconic songs of an entire decade played with my Tribe SF4 Custom ... enjoy! 😎
  7. To celebrate the release of β€œSkyfall”, the new single from the Hamburg pumpkins that marks the official return of the legendary Kiske and Hansen in the band, I decided to make the bass cover of the β€œI Want Out: one of the most important and iconic song of the power metal played with my Tribe SF4 Custom. Long live Pumpkins! πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ
  8. Another acoustic moment: one of the best and iconic songs of the eighties played with my Fender Kingman V2 ... enjoy!
  9. I finally found the acoustic bass of my dreams and I couldn't resist trying with a song that I think is very suitable for an acoustic bass ... enjoy!
  10. Short improvisation in slap with big muff, enjoy! 😎🀟🏻 https://youtu.be/7Y5wxXN9eLA
  11. Bass cover of an Arctic Monkeys song played with my Precision Performer in PJ mode!
  12. Bass tribute to the legendary movie of Brandon Lee, enjoy!
  13. Choosing a Stevie Wonder song to play is a very difficult task because they are all really beautiful. This song however is one of my absolute favorites, a beautiful homage to Bob Marley with a noteworthy bass line that I tried playing with an Ibanez SR500.
  14. Dean Town is one of the most famous and loved bass lines of recent years. A song certainly not easy to play but I tried it too and this was the result! πŸ˜…
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