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  1. Hi guys, today I propose you a great classic of seventies rock, the legendary Detroit Rock City by Kiss played for the occasion with my Epiphone Thunderbird Classic Pro, I hope you like it!
  2. Hi guys today I propose an interesting comparison between two Precision basses: on one side a Fender Precision American Pro 2 and on the other a Tribe Spike 4. For both basses I used the same strings (Sansone round steel) playing completely flat and with the same volume settings. The original versus clone ... let me know your choice! https://youtu.be/dFJjLAdXkeI
  3. Bass cover of a classic Muse song played with my Fender Precision Boxer (Fender Jazz Bass Special reissue 2020)! https://youtu.be/9F8k8dAz7Sw
  4. My tribute to the legendary Kate Bush and Stranger Things series in this personal bass cover played with my Fender Precision Boxer! https://youtu.be/XlK1dnKWQPs
  5. Hi guys, this is the complete sound test (no talking) of the Fender Precision American Professional II. The test was performed without the use of effects in the three main styles: fingers, pick, slap with tone 100%, 50%, 0%
  6. Hi guys, this my new original bass composition played with Fender Precision Boxer, i hope you like it!
  7. Hi p-guys! Finally the time has come to show you my new purchase: a Fender Precision American Professional II in the beautiful "Mercury" colorway! The bass review will arrive shortly in the meantime I want to let you listen to my cover of a Megadeth classic recorded with a Nux Mighty Plug without the use of effects, totally flat! https://youtu.be/_kRsoQIw7O4
  8. Hi guys, here you will find a sound test of the Harley Benton PB20 satin black. It is a mix of covers played with this instrument in which I tried to convey the idea of how it sounds even in situations of different genres. Hope you like it! 😉 https://youtu.be/9p2xq72mf5k
  9. A great song by 80s cult movie played with a Fender Precision Boxer made in Japan!
  10. Hi guys, I have always been a fan of Duff Mckagan but strangely I have never tried to play a Guns cover. Now that I have a beautiful Fender Precision Boxer (or the reissue of the Fender Jazz Bass Special from the Eighties) I tried to play a cover of the Guns trying as much as possible to get as close to the sound of Duff ... the judgment is yours, I accept advice of course! https://youtu.be/-qA2O6d5ZRc
  11. The complete sound test of the Fender Precision Boxer played with finger and pick in all pick up and tone configuration! Strings: Fender stock strings https://youtu.be/uyLTziwyX68
  12. A great Iron Maiden classic played with my Harley Benton PB20 SBK with stock strings https://youtu.be/9kwvWej5rsI
  13. The most famous song by Robert Smith leggendary band played using a Squier Precision Classic Vibe 70. https://youtu.be/a2ExFa60oIw
  14. The godfather of soul most famous song player with a Squier Precision Classic Vibe 70! Recorded with Tone 0% and stock strings https://youtu.be/WsAKiNcZQ0w
  15. A great hit by Abba in their dance period played with a Squier Precision Classic Vibe 70: a triumph of octaves without interruption!
  16. Precision and Motown: the perfect bass marriage! My bass cover of a super classic by Jackson 5
  17. Hi guys, this is the complete sound test of Squier Precision Classic Vibe 70 new series crafted in Indonesia. Sound test sample in: finger, pick and slap https://youtu.be/RC6jq77nutU
  18. Bass cover of my favorite Nirvana song played with Fender Precision American Performer!
  19. Through a promotional video from Fender about the new basses of the Player Plus series, I discovered this really talented singer / bassist with a great musical taste. In all her songs her bass is always the protagonist and this is one of those that struck me the most for the splendid bass line played ... and so I decided to make a bass cover of the song, enjoy!
  20. Hello everyone! I have been looking at this Squier with interest for some time and considering that I have never tried it I would like some opinion from those who own the new version made in indonesia. I would buy it mainly to do a review and sound test for my Youtube channel but I could seriously consider keeping it. Tell me yours!
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