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  1. I have one and am still in the process of learning to love it but there is no denying its sound or versatility. I find raising the bass strap height up a small bit has helped with the neck thickness. I was feeling a good bit of fatigue playing it but this helped. I'm enjoying the passive tone when playing live at the moment, the active always seemed too hot and I was dialing back the tone and volume. Passive seems a good balance for live. Love the natural look of yours.
  2. Just chiming in. At this stage in my life I just need to be making money to supplement my part time job and avoiding the need for childcare. It also allowed me to secure a mortgage as I could show a regular income. For this end the cover band/ wedding band role has been perfect. A regular income in the music business is hard to come across but a busy wedding band provides that. It depends on your life situation I guess.
  3. Great stuff thanks for the tips, I'll give it a go this weekend.
  4. Thanks for that. Just looking at the screw extractor sets on Amazon....might be worth trying a set before drilling another hole.
  5. Hey all, A screw that was holding in my strap lock snapped off in the body. As you can see the screw is broken off deep in the body and can't be reached with pliers. I have been advised to fill the hole and drill another hole a couple of mms away from it to place the new screw. I have resigned myself to doing it this way but afraid that it would affect the basses balance and just wanted to check if anyone else had the same issue and whether they came up with any other solutions. It looks like you can use a tube to drill around the screw and pull it out that way but I'm afraid I'd do more damage with my lack of drilling skills. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  6. Thanks to my old man I grew up listening to Supertramp and his bass playing has been really influential to me...he always sits in perfectly with groove and some lovely melodic lines. I love them as a rhythm section. Anyone interested check out the Paris album...it still sounds amazing production wise now.
  7. Lovely bass and a huge tone for a lightweight bass...I bought mine around 1990/91 and still have it. It's funny because mine was gigging around Malvern back in those days
  8. Marcus Miller is to blame for getting me into slap style nonsense. Love that groove is number one for him at all times even through his solos.
  9. I have a 4 channel desk that I was going to use to have both sources running into the bass amp. Was a bit afraid to run the bass through the audio interface because of lag or anything glitchy happening but it would be a lot neater to do it that way so might give it a go.
  10. The Sub This sounds great...nice drummer too. I have just started the same journey due to my left hand starting to get sore after a run of gigs. I'm skint though so cobbled together a setup that I have already of a controller keyboard and laptop that I'm going to use Ableton on. At least this way I can trigger samples as well as butcher basslines. I'm nervous about taking it to rehearsal let alone the gigs though. Do you think it's safe to run it through my bass amp....I'm using a 2x12 cab.
  11. Haha drummers!!....the worst thing about the part is that when the drummer messes it up everyone is looking at you like your the idiot. Thank god we have it sorted now, I used to dread it.
  12. I had this same issue...for the count the drummer stops on the "and" of the 4 and just counts through the 2 bars. I learnt it by copying the above live video and slowing it down an mp3 of it in Ableton and it seems to work consistently now. Those pull offs coming up at the end are tough but it's quick enough that they don't make too much noise
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