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    There is a basic error in your policy.
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    Not all my reviews here, but a few examples: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF3285qKMRQac1DgPAJeHcX9Rl57CUILr
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    You beat me to it as I was busy creating an unusually self-congratulatory Basschat post.
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    Thanks Andy. I think so too for the strings. But I Don't really like Blacks all the time…. So do I need 10 strings????? 5 Blacks for piezo and 5 roundwounds for magnetic? 🤣 Maybe flatwounds could be a nice alternative?
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    I'm 65, I don't have time for iffy bands.For most of us deep into our 60s don't have time for iffy anything. Blue
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    Only the information you put on it can be harvested. So don’t put anything personal on it at all. And don’t let other apps link to it. job done.
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    Rehearsal with bass player patiently explaining to the drummer how the song actually goes. We've all been there😉 Have a great first gig and make sure there are plenty to follow.
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    If any one is interested in Bacchus WL-433....33" scale as pictured. I dropped down to 'The Guitar Den' run by Joe near Petersfield to check out this one. Very nice bass, well put together. Great wood work, frets, finish, sound, the lot. The tone pot pulls up to boost the neck pup, ( I think it cancels the bridge one). Not Gotoh parts I'm told but still Impressive for a 33" scale and the string tension felt fine. Made in Bacchus's Philippines shop under strict control. I read somewhere that Bacchus basses are all hand made. I should add it was played straight out of the box and did play very well, slightly low action so plenty to play with. Picture shows the same model/colour/maple board.
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    What's the difference between blending and using a X-over? Well, think blend as having two signals in the same frequency band. This means that you get possible phase issues and cancellations because of the same "channel" for two different signals (clean + processed). X-over divides clean and processed to two separate frequency bands = tight bass and effects on top.

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