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    After my wife died I gave up music. Then 2 years ago I started playing with some mates from school. Old blokes are us! It was going knowhere so I replied to an ad on joinmyband doing covers. Got the gig. Now 6 rehearsals later we are doing a gig! My first in 30 years! I am 61. So... Just keep trying... My love for bass is rekindled. It has only taken me 50 year's to get the best bass sound I have ever had. Thanks markbass and Cort. And the bass soul food pedal. And thank you to this forum/site for being an inspiration!
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    Why are you being rude? What an odd reply. Literally an opinion, a point of view - my 2p. The concept of a cheaper (‘kiddy’) Flea bass in itself was acknowledged by Flea when he brought out the “fleabass” range of instruments and further addressed by the introduction of a lower price point Fleabass (street bass). I was just pointing out that Fender may have missed a trick by only having the one price point which would be out of reach for younger/less affluent fans when they’ve done broader attempts to previously... Mike Dirnt has/had a Fender and a Squier model simultaneously BB King had a Gibson and Epiphone version of Lucille (there are plenty more examples) It just broadens their buying audience somewhat and more buyers means more money. Makes more business sense. And having left the guitar/bass retail industry after 12 years in 2015 - I might have an idea of what people buy into. As a point, the cheap fleabass instruments weren’t that great - but we sold 100’s of them because people bought into the Flea name/image. But what would I know, I’m only a child.
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    @The59Sound do you need to take a break?! How about it, or do you think you can behave like a grown up for a bit? Calm down.
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    Having been a performing guitarist for the last 20+ years, last Friday I did my first ever gig on Bass Guitar with my new band; a 45 minute support slot. Using my own Ibanez bass into the headline band's Hartke backline. There was no disasters, a few moments of "I can't quite hear myself" when playing some low end notes on the "A" string, and I'm still mixing it up between fingers and plectrum, depending on the speed of the song. It felt "cool".
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    Stephen here from the Black Country. Exiled out to Brummagem for the last few years but the passport's good to get back in when the need takes. Being from the same part of the world as Ian Hill, heavy metal is pretty much in the DNA. I tried guitar when I was around 20, failed and spent the next decade uhmming and ahhing over whether I'd find four strings easier... ... So I bought a ukulele. A few years of playing with my local ukulele group I finally got inspired to give bass a try and have never looked back. I've been playing for three years, accompany the uke group at our twice-monthly pub meets, plus the occasional gig, and have had a couple of failed attempts to get a band going. Gigging in a real band remains my main motivation for learning a proper instrument. Hi there!
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    Could’ve been so much better. And being USA - alienates younger players, I mean they did the dimension and Jaguar basses in Squier, MIM and US. in all honesty, a £600-£700 Version would’ve been bought by me as a long time fan, but at £1200+ they can jog on
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    A Hayman 4040 from around 1973/4 in original blonde/natural finish. Most of you know that these basses were handmade to a very high standard in the UK by the people behind Burns and later Shergold. They are rare instruments especially with the perspex pickup and bridge covers and bridge clip included. This one has had its neck replaced with a Shergold equivalent of the same era as the original’s trussrod was broken. The ‘new’ neck is straight and frets are very good and the trussrod turns as it ought to. I have the original neck which is included in the sale. There are dings and a few lacquer cracks as the bass is at least 40 years old however nothing structural. The bass plays and sounds great. All the electrics work properly and the chrome hardware is in exceptional condition with very little corrosion. The backplate is the earlier engraved/stamped version with ‘patent applied for’ numbers on it. There is no case or bag sorry. SOLD
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    Hey gang Yep, I've been bleating on about these fantastic heads for a while now (more here), but I've finally got around to doing a video review. Hopefully I don't ramble on too much... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLyBAFiJRJY
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    There is a basic error in your policy.
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    Here's a bit more sanding with a quick wipe of tinted Danish oil 😀
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    Mozart was only 8 when he wrote his first symphony. I was 48 when I first picked up the bass guitar. No idea at all where this particular post of mine is going...😂
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    A rare opportunity to pick up an early example of these groundbreaking basses. Presented in great condition with a few marks in the finish, It is a stunning bass. its a real head turner both in looks and sound. Poplar body, Flame maple top, Graphite neck, Phenolic f/b, Bartolini Dual coil pickups and 2 band eq volume, pan, bass, treble phenolic f/b, Gotoh bridge, and tuners. Weight: 3.8kg/8lb 4oz The serial number is 51193468. I'm not sure how Zon date their basses. I'm guessing its 5/11/93? so I guess it's from 93. I've tried to take more detailed pictures of the marks on the back. There is no damage to the body, just the finish is wrinkled. There is also a faded area on the neck. Neither had an impact on the sound and playability There is a Zon hard case I would recommend coming to try the bass if you can. I really do not want to ship as it will add so much cost. Collection from Birmingham or meet up locally. £1595 with case
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    Hello BCers, So, I live on the South Coast, I’m 66, and I’m having a real problem sourcing a bass vacancy in a quality well established covers/functions band anywhere in Sussex, Hampshire or Surrey. I’ve been looking for over a year now, and have only chosen to do one audition – this was the only gig on offer I’d come across which had the decent level of playing ability and professionalism I would expect. I didn’t get the gig - I don’t think there were any problems musically, but the rest of the band (and the two other auditionees I saw) were about 25 years younger than me, and maybe who really wants their Dad on stage with them? I’m not expecting to find a Vulfpeck or a Natalie Williams Soul Family, but surely I should have been able to find more than one suitable vacancy worth auditioning for in the last 15 months. Am I looking in the wrong places? I use Bandmix, JMB, Find a Musician, Gumtree and Starnow. Maybe I should use the dreaded Facebook ? – I’ve avoided signing up to this for reasons many will understand – but is this worth selling my soul for now? I’ve been lucky to have found two long term dep gigs over the last 12 months, the second of these finishes after this NYE, so I’m hoping I’m not about to enter a gig desert and still be looking for something in 12 months’ time. Any reasonably polite suggestions welcome, apart from “Why don’t you just pack it in, Grandad?”
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    Took delivery this afternoon of my third Ibanez six string bass in the last 3 months or so. One is up for sale, so I hope to stick to just the two! Newbie is an SR 1206, premium range, and is seen here between my SR506 (standard range) and SR1006 (prestige range, and now for sale). Played the 1206 for a couple of hours this afternoon and it felt very much like the 506 which I played this morning. I was planning to change the rounds it came with for a set of LaBella flats, but after playing it, I'm not so sure now. I'll try it though one of my 'proper' amps tomorrow instead of the little combo I normally use at home. Once the 1006 has sold, I'll be putting East pre amps in both of the others. Obligatory pics below, sorry about the quality, it was getting dark by the time I thought of putting the bass down and taking the pics!
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    Up for sale is my '76 Jazz bass. Unbelievable instrument but it's just not getting the use it deserves and as much as I'd love to keep it and let the value appreciate; I can't afford to! These basses speak for themselves... It's all original but is missing it's bridge and pickup covers. I have fitted Schaller strap locks to the bass but it does come with the original fittings. Also comes with original thumb rest and OHSC (case isn't in great shape). Extra case isn’t included anymore as I need it now. Weight is 4.4kg Will consider trades on Sadowsky 5 and Fender Elite Jazz 5s plus cash Based in Gloucestershire and can ship with insured courier at buyer’s expense.
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    Not all my reviews here, but a few examples: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF3285qKMRQac1DgPAJeHcX9Rl57CUILr
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    You beat me to it as I was busy creating an unusually self-congratulatory Basschat post.
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    I'm 65, I don't have time for iffy bands.For most of us deep into our 60s don't have time for iffy anything. Blue
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    Only the information you put on it can be harvested. So don’t put anything personal on it at all. And don’t let other apps link to it. job done.
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    Rehearsal with bass player patiently explaining to the drummer how the song actually goes. We've all been there😉 Have a great first gig and make sure there are plenty to follow.
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    If any one is interested in Bacchus WL-433....33" scale as pictured. I dropped down to 'The Guitar Den' run by Joe near Petersfield to check out this one. Very nice bass, well put together. Great wood work, frets, finish, sound, the lot. The tone pot pulls up to boost the neck pup, ( I think it cancels the bridge one). Not Gotoh parts I'm told but still Impressive for a 33" scale and the string tension felt fine. Made in Bacchus's Philippines shop under strict control. I read somewhere that Bacchus basses are all hand made. I should add it was played straight out of the box and did play very well, slightly low action so plenty to play with. Picture shows the same model/colour/maple board.
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    What's the difference between blending and using a X-over? Well, think blend as having two signals in the same frequency band. This means that you get possible phase issues and cancellations because of the same "channel" for two different signals (clean + processed). X-over divides clean and processed to two separate frequency bands = tight bass and effects on top.
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    I don’t know about your local area, but yes where I am in Glasgow Facebook musicians wanted groups is where are the real action is...
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    im lucky, as mine is a 20th Aniv model, so i know when it was made. it also has a large sticker inside stating it. Still, i might check that website to see if it confirms this. I love the bass, but its the most uncomfortable bass ive ever played. Not the actual playing of it on the neck, just sitting down or standing with it. i get neck or shoulder ache. I love the neck, although i cant quite get the action i want. I think ill get a fret dressing in the new year. I guess im just not used to non Fender shaped basses. The bridge popped off 30mins in to owning it, but a bit of superglue has worked well and ive not had it come off again. I ordered a new bridge in a state of panic, but i was happy with the old bridge. The new one is more comfortable though, as i play mostly with a pick so tend ot rest my hand on the bridge. I got a nice wide strap, so neck dive isnt a problem, but i do find the edge of the body cuts in to my right forearm after a while. . Overall for me, a flawed bass but the first bass ive owned that im prepared to live with them, as i love the tone so much.
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    For me moving pictures was probably the best era for Geddy's bass tone, in particular his 72 jazz used on Tom Sawyer....I do have a slightly biased opinion as i think Moving Pictures in it's day was in terms of production, song writing and musicianship a perfect illustration and showcase of the bands evolution and the end of that creative phase...Still holds up today, subjective i know but as close to a perfect recording as could be.
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    Given you were able to stand "on the shoulders of giants", what did you do in the next decade from age 12? It's going to be amazing isn't it? Did you also learn Smoke on the Water?
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    Jeez, Tony going straight in old skool and wired. What is happening to the world?
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    It would be fine for a lot of my work - small jazz gigs and functions where I’m hired to be background. If they have to listen..I’m too loud, and not doing my job 😳. It’s a game of stealth, so a tiny amp that weighs nothing fits the bill, and pays the bills..
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    I absolutely agree. I don't think there's anything particularly special about this new bass that precludes Fender from popping out a more affordable version, bar perhaps the Aguilar preamp. Fender's own pickup, hi mass bridge, fender branded tuners, this kind of kit appears on other Fender basses at a 3rd of the price. As you've said, I expect the real market for this kind of bass will be with fans of Flea and the Chillis. Your average bass player with £1500 to spend on an instrument is far less likely to buy a signature bass, plus you could buy a REAL Stingray for the same money, arguably the bass that Flea will forever be associated with, rather than this sideways "tribute". Just my 2p too... Eude
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    Idle boast but I’ve done sessions with the engineer on the Montserrat sessions for that album- I think they had 2 tape machines each and he used 32 mics on the kit.
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    Funny thing DAve and I respect your opinion. I'm 180 degrees opposite to your view. Geddy has some stellar recorded tones on his Rick and Jazz (Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures especially) but his Wal flap had no bottom or grit. Awful and it didn't help that it coincided with their pursuit of tech over songs; Ged's penchant for chording and a loss of the mix to synths. I know Wals can sound good though, so I blame Geddy and their producers at that time.
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    And free returns when you find out its underpowered unless you use a cab the size of small country. You'll be fine with a 610, but there's no way you could use this in a loud band with anything much less. Which of course defeats the point of having an amp the size of a Kit Kat.
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    You can have a shrubbery and like it , my friend. ;0.
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    No, but it helps... However, Bach is an exponent of European music from its classical era. Even English people can play it. Going back to the OP's initial query; sometimes a small example is worth a thousand words in how not to play the Reggay. (Don't watch the entire tediously cringe-worthy clip.Italian spaghetti and Reggie band. How good can it get in the UK, eh...? ) OK, Me Lads...! Show 'em how much rhythm we can muster! Let's all go do a really cool Reggie number, now...!!
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    I had the same question and found the above site about 48 hours before you did having also picked one up! (2013 by the way).
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    Brilliant story, thanks for sharing x
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    Helluva lot of German made goodness with huge versatility
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    Everybody's favourite tones area different I guess! A tone that I heard years ago which sticks in my head as a "favourite" though is kid in his bedroom with generic recording equipment.: I think it sounds awesome.
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    Supporting The Dualers in Glasgow on Saturday... lots of fun.
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    I let my ears decide. There are no right or wrong answers. If you like the sound then it's good.
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    More speakers, more umpf! Heavy head - even more umpf! Class D and single lightweight cabs just cant compete - no matter what anyone says. Theyre perfectly acceptable and youd never know the difference, but side by side, and playing through them its a different ball game!
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    On Friday I spent the whole day recording a mate of mine on drums in my studio. He's only 19 and he's the best drummer I know. Limitless creativity, all the chops, but totally musical. Anyway, after 8 hours of watching him I was totally inspired to go and get behind my kit at The Old Town House in Warrington. We'd never played in Warrington before so didn't really know what to expect, but this venue is ace! Really lively crowd too. It wasn't packed but there were enough in for a good time. My mate had given me some of his sticks to try, really big things like 2B or something (doesn't mean a lot to most of you I know) and they were brilliant. I hadn't played that well in ages. I don't know if it was watching this amazing drummer all day long, or the sticks, or the venue or what but we were super tight Saturday was a small indoor festival and to be honest I wasn't really looking forward to it. I always like to play, but I know this venue and crowd a little too well. It was way better than I expected. The sound man looked like the same guy, but he acted totally different. He was chatty, friendly, and did a brilliant job! Not sure what was going on there but the sound was ace! The crowd with extremely inebriated, sang and danced, and we generally played well despite some very amusing distractions. I wasn't driving so had chance for a couple of beers, and I was home by 9pm! Brilliant weekend
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    If you do a lot of Steve Miller songs then I think a 'Joker' shim would be best....
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    Not enough recent SWR love so...
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    Bought a Yamaha TRB5ii - very welcoming and helpful, a really good guy and a pleasure to do business with :-)

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