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  1. Sold some DR Neon string to Brian this week.. all good!!
  2. Brand new, untouched @Oldman, bought as a spare set late earlier in the year.. no longer required.
  3. As new. PPG preferred,. 2nd Class RM signed for postage included.
  4. I'd say AC/DC is up there.. loads of them.. I've played for 3 alone.. The ACDC Experience as Angus.. and Back In Black and now ACE/DC both on bass. Previously I was in Metalleeka for 8 years as Kirk Hammett.. Done right, a tribute band can open some very big doors.. it can guarantee an enthusiastic crowd.. improve the pay.. overall a lot of fun.
  5. Sterling Ray4.. played one at the gig last weekend... really nice.. from someone who plays Ibanez skinny necks..
  6. that looks lovely.. too far from me though unfortunately, and I know little about the marque at this time..
  7. I'm going to take it along to a studio next month where there are a couple of esteemed bass players I know can audition it; I'll feedback on their views too in due course. Regardless though.. I'm chuffed to bits.
  8. I caveat this with the fact that I am a newb bass player... Last night I hooked up my Tube version to an Ampeg 8x10 classic fridge.. wow.. just wow.. very warm and full. I play melodic rock, some upbeat stuff some ballads.. ("Seven More Days" blatant promo). I can't profess to have given it a full work over eq-wise etc, but at a very flat eq setting it was excellent.. and very very loud. It cuts well and very clean. I've only touched on what this can do I'm sure but immediately I had results. The rest of the band were stunned, and commented on how well it sits, and previously I was borrowing an Ampeg SVT classic valve head!!!!
  9. Fired up my T model this week in the house.. coupled with an Eminence loaded Ashdown 4x10 it sounded awesome, really meaty, clean and warm. Will try it and band practice next week at serious volume and see how it sits in our mix.
  10. Bought an Ashdown 4x10 cabinet from Dan, cab was delivered in a timely manner as described and well packed. Great communication and attitude.
  11. I bought a tube version for Xmas and will be trying it out next week when my cab arrives from @Deedee. Will feedback.
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