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  1. Don't suppose anyone would like to create a guitar Pro file of the transcription?
  2. Yes, I started picking up some of their albums a couple of years back, can't recall where I got the tip off from. They have been featured recently in Prog magazine (110). I've had the new album downloaded for a while but not listened yet, I have a backlog of about 40 unlistened albums that I'm working through! Blame mp3va...
  3. I havent seen Yes in the flesh since CS passed away. Having said that, when I watched some youtube footage of the current incarnation it didn't seem like Billy Sherwood was a particularly weak link per se, just that the whole band as a unit look a bit tired and laclustre now. In fact Sherwood was working hard to fill some very big shoes and generally doing a pretty good job. Wont be rushing to see them though, perhaps time for me to just remember the gigs I did see and play the old albums.
  4. It can be simplified to some extent whilst still retaining the character of the song, just take it slowly. Verse, bridge/prechorus, chorus. There are some subtle variations going on but no one is likely to pull you up about it after a gig, unless Neil himself happens to be in the pub.
  5. I can't remember if he was in Steve Hackett's band yet when I saw him on one of his early revisited Genesis tours. I definitely saw him very close up in a small venue with It Bites. Even though the general band vibe didn't look too healthy Mr Pomeroy smiled his way through the gig and was a consummate pro.
  6. I couldn't justify the amount being asked for tickets when they played Nottingham so I didn't go. Someone has subsequently bought me the DVD so I'm settling for that.
  7. Can't sight read even now but I tried learning from 'teach yourself' books from library and then once I grasped basics I'd write the notes out longhand from sheet music books also borrowed from library ( no tab then). I vaguely recall Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Living In The Past being among first I could do all way through. I think Peaches was probably the first thing I tried to work out just by ear.
  8. Not sure in these politically correct times if this is the ideal role model but...
  9. Bit screechy but that girl on the early Rush albums. Hang on, what do you mean? 😄
  10. Her first solo album has been out a while, worth a listen if you've not already got it.
  11. Loads of prog bands with female vocalists.
  12. He sadly wasn't a well man for a very long time. McVie always said he wasn't the same person after being spiked with LSD back in the 60s. I saw him not long after he first resurfaced after being away a long long time. He was rusty and a little confused but could still deliver that distinctive tone. His rhythm section that night in a tiny club was Cozy Powell and Neil Murray. Slightly surreal. RIP Man of the World.
  13. I've got one, think it was about £300 second hand but in perfect condition, gigged it a couple of times in a trio where we include some blues rock stuff eg ZZ Top. No nonsense bass.
  14. I'll chuck these in the mix in case no one has mentioned them Annie Haslam (Renaissance) Julianne Regan (All about Eve) Janis Ian Heather Findlay (ex Mostly Autumn) Christina Booth (Magenta)
  15. Some bands have included lyricists who didn't actually perform, eg Procol Harum.
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