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  1. Just when I thought I'd heard all of those early 70's heavy psych/rock with touches of prog I happened upon this band from Finland no less. There's harmonica, flute and sax chucked in at times with strong guitar and bass as a foundation. Apparently its quite rare which probably means it didnt sell very well but I really liked it. Stop laughing at the back over the title or it's detention.
  2. Not saying it's my favourite necessarily but I still remember watching this as it was broadcast and being quite mesmerised. https://youtu.be/mA2RUxquIZM
  3. It's the musical equivalent of some blokes buying a Harley when they get to a certain age.
  4. Lighting man was Curry Grant.... or 'Jammy [email protected]' as I refer to him.
  5. Don't know about specific songs but Joni had an album called Mingus so could claim that a bass player has had a whole album dedicated 😉
  6. There weren't any in 1985 though. I'll have to make time to reacquaint myself with it. 😃
  7. I remember getting the sheet music book of this album from the library when I was trying to teach myself to play. Coincidentally Ruby Baby was the one that stuck out to me to learn. Totally forgotten any of it by now though.
  8. KevB

    Sad songs

    Janis Ian has written some belters. Everyone knows 'At Seventeen' but I'll chuck this one in, it manages to paint a picture in a very economical amount of time.
  9. Me and a mate went to see Styx at rock city which was far better than we expected, full show no problems. Both being Deep Purple fans we were delighted when Styx were added to the bill at a DP gig. It was 3 bands and Styx were in the middle. However there was a major technical issue after first band and in order that DP got their full allotted time it meant when the problem was fixed there was only time for Styx to do 3 songs and they weren't long ones either. Really felt for them, they were totally professional about it to be fair.
  10. I like Greenslade too, but I wouldnt suggest Pentateuch as a good introduction to them which I think was the point being made.
  11. Having not played vinyl for so long I forget about Out of the Blue since it fits into a single CD.
  12. I guess the real acid test is which double albums do you still play all way through. I certainly do that for The Wall and War of the Worlds. Though it doesnt come round in rotation very oten I also do that for Ayreon's Into The Electric Castle but that's another story telling album that would sound odd if you left big chunks out.
  13. Topographic Oceans failed all the way to No1 in the album chart and was the first UK album to be certified gold on pre sales alone. It was always going to divide opinion among fans and non fans alike. Personally I prefer sides 1 and 4 but I've known people who prefer 2 and 3 so what to leave out? I wouldn't edit out a note of either of the sides I like.
  14. They were both influenced by Entwhistle to some extent too.
  15. I don't do much recommendation stuff but based on your list, if you are not familiar with them then maybe worth checking out Pallas, especially The Sentinel album
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