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  1. Nice to see the keys player really give it his all there... 🙂 Yes, I know Roxette doesnt have any keys. I was hpoing to get out to Beeston last night but time beat me. I'm sure I saw you guys at the beer fest at the Harrington Arms in Sawley years ago but I could be confusing you with another band?
  2. I think I had a little noodle around on that beatle bass too. Only time my hands feel big is playing those things.
  3. The one place I do see those is on rehearsal room notice boards. And then everyone pretends not to look at them in case their bandmates think they are about to resign😁
  4. The band currently daft enough to use my 'services' on bass (Velvet Gorilla) are at The Barge in Long Eaton Sat Oct 5th. Fairly wide range from Cream to Muse, Thin Lizzy to Pearl Jam. We don't do jazz, sorry.
  5. My favourites from 91 would probably be a toss up between Roll The Bones and Tull's Catfish Rising so I somehow doubt I'm the right demographic to be voting😂
  6. I'd point blank refuse to do a rehearsal session on the same day as a gig, especially a 3 hour one. Band leader needs to look at themselves on this.
  7. Kate Bush probably one of the biggest names to have very few live performances in her cv. The lady just aint fer tourin'
  8. Didnt go too bad in the end considering weve had no musical interaction for 5 weeks. Stuck to same set as last gig, mainly I think because the singer just couldnt be arsed to sort an alternative. One of guitards needed to be away to catch a 4am flight so we started at 9 and finished at 11 with a short break in middle. Crowd seemed responsive and some nice positive feedback. A young lad turned up whos interested in the drumming spot when our current one hangs up his sticks (back trouble and sciatica are making it too painful for him to carry on) and brought his dad (bless!) who turned out to be a bass player and he liked the sound of my rig, which was nice. Only downside for me was due to me not playing a note for weeks I got cramp/paralysis in my index and middle finger of fretting hand a few songs into set 2. Had to improvise next 3 or 4 using only ring finger and pinkie. I just got a bit of movement back for the set closer (war pigs) which was just as well. Need to make myself practice more just to build up the muscles again.
  9. RR site say doors open 6:30 (10pm curfew!), I'm not going to be back in Nottingham until 7pm at least and then would have to bus it into town, have to leave it for another time I'm afraid.
  10. Hammil's a complete one-off, anything he was involved in was always going to be quite unique.
  11. IMO all the drummer is doing is pushing the singer toward an ultimatum and if he wants to gig more often than the band he's in does and another comes along offering more gigs then its obvious which way he'll go if given some sort of 'one band only' rule. It's all about time management and sorting your diary out.
  12. Is the Rescue Rooms gig supporting Toyah? Their gig guide has her down for 26th. Unfortunately I don't think I can make it back to Nottm in time otherwise I would have come as I liked some of the In Isolation material you've posted. Unfortunately with venues like RR and Rock City wanting to use the space twice over on the same night on a Saturday the start times are getting stupidly early.
  13. Cheers Ray, we are playing The Barge in Long Eaton on Oct 5th if it's any use to you.
  14. Flying Circus, Newark tomorrow night. https://www.facebook.com/flyingcircusnewark/ Not wanting to put anyone off but we haven't rehearsed since the last gig in August and I've not picked up a bass in over 3 weeks as I've been away. Could be 'interesting'. A prospective new drummer is apparently coming to check us out as well.
  15. Same as with most bands - find a good solid retrospective compilation, see if there are songs from a particular album that you like best then explore the rest of that album.
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