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  1. From the dreadful lack of communication and general apathy in one of my bands (plus an ex member being allowed back which will mean getting back up to speed will take even longer) I've already pretty much written off the likelihood of a paying gig with them this year. I think it will be a slog of occasional rehearsals with glacial progress. I've decided to give it a couple of rehearsals to see how much work needs to be done and if it looks too much for too little gain I may hand my notice in. However, already had 1 rehearsal with the supposed 'side band' and they have 2 gigs booked so that's now the priority.
  2. The name of your guitarist rung a bell, I'm sure I saw him play in Bob Catley's band on a solo gig so rather a notch or two up from 'non league' status. Hope it goes well Pete.
  3. It's the hardcore hedgehogs you have to worry about.
  4. If they are as knowledgeable about music as football I don't think you have much to worry about.
  5. Bitten the bullet and booked a rehearsal session for the blues rock trio project. We are all well past our first vaccine injections and its on bank holiday during day time so I'm expecting the place to be fairly quiet. I checked my booking history and I haven't been there since March 2020. I'm fully expecting it to be a bit of a train wreck with me the worst offender but got to dip a toe back in the water some time.
  6. As said before the first hurdle is being sure your drummer can accuratelt play to a click, it's surprising how many (quite capable in other respects) drummers struggle with it. Part of the reason I started getting into midi synth pedals was because the drummer in the band I was in at the time couldn't keep to a click or be relied on to trigger samples.
  7. I don't think either of these ladies have been mentioned so far either...
  8. As he's such a fan I thought I'd post this for Barking Spiders...
  9. KevB


    I saw them play with Neil Murray too, think it was a good gig from what I recall of it. Hmm, 1985. Kate Bush, Magnum, Heart and BOC all with decent albums out that year.
  10. Love him or loathe him you could usually spot a Steinman composition a mile off and that's got to be worth something.
  11. Gillan was mk2, but I'm letting you off with a caution this time.😀
  12. All the ones he seems to be playing have more than 4 strings so not proper basses anyway. 😃
  13. Not I will even be back rehearsing by May never mind gigging. I randomely bumped into the singer from one of the bands I'm in whilst out walking and we had a brief chat and both came to the conclusion that the band was probably on the verge of fizzling out. The other one has gigs booked in July and August at the earliest so not as much of a hassle to get it running, just a blues rock trio.
  14. I was at that gig with a mate. Both felt we'd had a good day out at the end of it. Opening act were arty and amateurish, appeared to be there through connections than any musical merit but I dont recall them cutting the set noticeably short but agree they didnt go down well. Main acts were pretty much as I expected them to be and as I wasnt a big fan of either it was always likely to be a 'one and done' kind of gig for me.
  15. Not a bass line per se (though the bass does play it) - crowd singing the riff to Black Night at DP gigs. There will be a video somewhere.
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