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  1. Give it a shot but be prepared to say no if it doesnt sound or feel right. I've turned down a band in the past after just one rehearsal because I thought it wouldnt work for me with the particular players and their rehearsal approach even though I'd done about 2 weeks learning stuff in advance.
  2. Not sure tbh. I don't think there are many of the type I'm referring to. There are the mcmillen type, Roland, Moog Taurus and I think Nord still make some sort of midi pedals too. here was a weird thing called the footar around at one time but that was slightly different arrangement.
  3. tbh I probably spend more time just chatting to folks or listening to someone's presentation than any actual playing myself so there's always something to go along for, as long as your travelling time isnt silly I'd say pop along to one just for the social aspect.
  4. I have a 12 step and some Roland PK-5 pedals but the PK-5's are pretty much retired now, the 12 step is much more versatile. Because I started out with the old school pedals I've never got into running midi via a laptop, I bought a used Roland JV1080 years ago that someone had rack mounted into a box to make it more durable on the road. They had also installed some of the vintage keyboard soundcards and an orchestral one in the expansion slots so it came with a pretty good range of usable sounds and I'm still using that. They no doubt have something now that will give the same array of patches from a box the size of a packet of fags but I'm still hauling the JV unit around. To use an external module like that you need the little blue box from macmillen which acts as a link between pedals and sound module and also supplies power to the pedals. I think if you have all your patches on a laptop then that would power the pedals as well and the cabling becomes much neater.
  5. Last rehearsal we started working up Dont Fear The Reaper. For a song so universally known in rock circles it rarely seems to feature in pub rock band sets (maybe itll die a death and we'll end up dropping it?). Unfortunately I've had to take on bvox/joint lead vox as well as bass and trying to slip in occasional organ bits in a couple of places via the midi pedals so getting the coordination of it all is provong a bit tricky, however we made progress so will perservere. Wont be ready for next gig but hopefully the one after that if we get another couple of rehearsals in.
  6. I used to feel a bit embarassed going to bass meetings and hearing folks doing stuff I couldnt but then accepted that I've always just learned what I needed to do to play the songs in bands I wanted to do. I can listen to a bit of jazz funk or other music employing a lot of slapping/popping but it soon bores me, hence never had any thought of looking at joining a band doing that material and as a result never bothered learning those techniques. I'm not into bass playing for abitrarily learning technical stuff, its a conduit for me to get out and entertain folks whilst having some connection with the type of music i like (mostly).
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tyler_Acord I was none the wiser tbh.
  8. Time and the obsession with pigeonholing and classifying genres and subgenres so that advertiser's can get an idea what their target groups are. None of the bands now called classic rock were called that when they started out obviously.
  9. Prog's like Royston Vasey Bilbo, you never leave... Actually I have heard a few Howe imitators in modern prog (check out some Magenta) but I get where you are coming from, he was a huge influence on so many players that it's bound to have filtered through in some bands. Plenty of prog out there with non squire musings on the low end though.
  10. I'm probably biased on this one but, bless him, Trev never gets a look in as the focus of attention here
  11. Styx were playing a gig a few nights ago and Larry Gowan did a nice little tribute :
  12. One of the best , if not the best, drummer I've ever seen play in the flesh. May he rest in peace.
  13. Maybe round your manor. I've not been playing as long as some here but I've been in several bands and done a stint in a house band at an open mic. I've attended many many open mic/jams and I can confidently say I've never heard a single person perform it while I was there. Never been in a set list of any band I've been in. But then I don't do country so its all about context I guess.
  14. Lack of a band member who can sing over about 4 octaves and play both flute and Hammond to a very good standard might be the clincher😉
  15. I've been touting it as an overlooked gem in their back catalog for years, good to see it get the full Steven Wilson reissue treatment. I already had copies of the 'On The Move' and 'Move On' bootleg CD's so was familiar with the live material from that tour even though I didn't see them live until 86.
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