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  1. I'm doing NYE this year too having avoided it twice even before lockdown. It'll be 3x45 min sets in a local WMC but the money's not bad when only split 3 ways and minimal travel for me so I've agreed to do it. We are going to have to resurrect some real old crowd pleasing sh1te to make the sets up but needs must on nights like NYE.
  2. That was going to be my first guess, never played there but seen folks going in and out when I've played the hop pole and thought it looks the sort of place that might kick off from time to time. I was in the depths of Leicestershire on Sat night little village pub gig.
  3. Relatively straightforward pub gig, it was one of those that an agent who we are using for some gig had sorted out but it wasn't his area so we guess it was a fill in for another agent, they do this sort of stuff quite often. Looked at tripadvisor in advance as none of us had played there and it looked clear the playing area wouldnt be that big so I just took my TC electronics 1x12 250 watt combo and it did enough to get through. We couldnt use monitors (front row got to see my tap dancing skills on the 12 step) and had to put the main PA directly behind us so FOH tops were right behind the mic's. Had to be very careful not to get feedback but we are all fairly experienced and just didn't push the volumes too much and tried to keep our bodies between the mic and speaker at all times. Not a huge turnout (Local autumn fair in the village on same night) but had some nice comments and a few handshakes after the gig. Most importantly the LL was happy and would have passed that back to the agent.
  4. I wasn't going to bother relating the tale but here goes. Drummer got us a gig for bonfire party last Sat. He told us th eset up a couple of months back and have to say i was sceptical about pretty much every detail he related in terms of time we would be expected to play and the type of audience I would personally expect at such an event (ie lots of screaming kids and pretty unsuitable for a 'dad rock' band). Told we would be on at 6pm, turned up to set gear up at 4pm only to be told we wouldn't be on until at least 7:30pm so wasted time rushing over, totally screwed up my Saturday. Sure enough, still full of screaming kids by time we eventually went on and then told we'd be playing until 10pm. On that money? no way. We ended up doing 45min, having 45 min off then doing another 45 up to the agreed 10pm finish. Couldnt get packed up and off quick enough. Drummers. Thick as mince. Hopefully this coming Saturday will be a different matter as it's a proper pub with adults and stuff. And not 'organised' by our drummer.
  5. KevB

    So fed up!

    In my experience it's usually the people who complain the band are 'rehearsing too much' and don't do any preparation at home that then go on to f*ck it up at the gig. They seem incapable of joining the dots.
  6. 3 of my current 4 basses are USA (3 fenders and a ric) the other is a Chinese Fender. Main rig is half Brit (TE) and wherever the SWR ext cab was made. Pedals who knows where. I mainly buy stuff for the noises they make rather than whats on the 'made in' label.
  7. My jazz has the S1 switch and whichever circuit version you get when it is pressed in that's what I've found works best in bands.
  8. I too got weary of the 'big sheds'. I think the final nail in the coffin was seeing Peter Gabriel (Bham) and you couldn't hear a note of what Levin was doing over the persistent booming bass drum. However, credit where it's due : one of the artists on my bucket list was Jeff Lynne and I never thought it would happen so me and a mate shelled out way more than we normally pay for gigs in order to see ELO. The sound (Nottm Arena) was superb, far better than when I've seen any other band there and when you consider the complexity of how many instruments and voices were in the mix it showed what a really good sound engineer can do.
  9. Got one, had it a few years and moved my SWR 2x10 plus TE 1x15 combo stacked on it no problem.
  10. Dunlop USA Nylon 1mm for me, has been for years though I do play fingerstyle on some songs when it's required. Always serve the song.
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