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  1. Deanol

    Later with Joolz last night

    This. Since first getting a car with DAB about 5 years ago, I only listen to TalkSport. I can't listen to music radio because I hate modern music and that is what is played. News radio gets boring and depressing. I could play some music from my ipod that is connected to the radio system, and occasionally I do, but TalkSport is on 99% of the time. From knowing that you can present better than Alan Brazil, to getting annoyed at the supercilious Jim White, to enjoying H&J, and then shouting at the deliberately provocative listen-in-and-dial-bait that is Adrian Durham and Darren Gough. It's all good. Even the adverts are better than most ordinary commercial radio when you get adverts for carpet shampoo and washing machines; at least on talk sport they are adverts for combi-drills and plywood! Proper man's stuff!
  2. Deanol

    No Prices On New Guitars in PMT

    Or a QR tag on each item, which you can scan on your phone which would give you the shops price. The prices would be held in a database and picked up when a scan was performed. Not everyone will have a phone of course, so for those (very few) people "Ask at the till" is the only option, because that's the way life is for you these days.
  3. Deanol

    So I am now a bass owner!

    Knowing my wife, she would spend two hours on the phone with them, and at the end of it still won't have got to the point of the call!
  4. Deanol

    So I am now a bass owner!

    She's put up with me for thirty years now (we were "going out" for five years before we got married, and in September celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary) so I think she's a keeper. Although I do keep threatening to trade her in for a newer model, and then she throws things at me. I think we are turning into George and Mildred. So now I have twice as many reasons for not doing the long list of jobs she has for me... (1) I need to practice my guitar, and (2) I need to practice my bass!
  5. Deanol

    So I am now a bass owner!

    I awoke on Christmas morning to find Santa had left me one of these... A Fret King Black Label Esprit Bass! I wanted a bass and spent a few hours at the end of November going round a few guitar shops trying them out. I tries bases from £79 (a second hand Yamaha) up to £1500 (a Stingray) and thinking I can't tell any difference between these. The only one that stood out for me was the Fret King. It felt right and sounded great. But it was dearer than I wanted to spend on a first bass. Anyway, my lovely, sneaky, wonderful, crafty wife only went and bought it for me. And kept it well hidden until Christmas morning! So now I have a guitar that is too big and missing a couple of strings! How the hell do I play this thing?
  6. A small mansion in the Peak District with staff. A Mercedes S Class with the ultimate optional extra - a chauffeur! The ability to turn left when boarding a flight to a warmer climate.
  7. Deanol

    How important is the band name for you?

    My son formed his first band in Year 9/10 (so 13 or 14 years old boys) at his school. The lads also, coincidentally played golf in the junior section at our local golf course. When they were casting around for band names I suggested "Queens of the Greens". Strangely they chose not to use it.
  8. Deanol

    The Art Of Drumming

    One name, one word - Animal.
  9. Deanol

    Worst Audition Ever!!!

    It can work the other way as well. I packed in bands twenty years ago, but about eight years ago I noticed on JMB that a local band wanted a singer. Blues and rock stuff they said. ZZ Top, Clapton, SRV etc. Right up my street I thought, and I can sing a bit, so I approached them. Had a couple of auditions at it was apparent that they wanted to be heavier - Black Sabbath, Metallica and so on. Not my scene at all and I did struggle to learn the material and sing them (I loathe Paranoid to this day! It has too many words per bar). So if you are going to recruit someone, be honest about the material. I would never have bothered replying to the JMB ad had I known what their true focus was.
  10. Great thread Ian. If you don't mind me asking, how did you get into theatre work? My daughter plays the flute in an amateur hospital orchestra. Don't let the word amateur bother you, they are very accomplished musicians, all grade 7 & 8 and very experienced (their day jobs are Doctors, nurses, medical students and the like). But my daughter has always wanted to play in the orchestra pit for musicals (even local amateur societies). My advice to her is to build up a CV of orchestra playing, and then write to the local theatre groups for them to put her in touch with the musicians. But I don't know if that is the right approach at all, just my guess. To be frank, I have a vested interest in that it would halve my bill having to pay for tickets for her and her mother to go and watch them. Musicals are not really my cup of tea (I love music and like a good play, but not together!), but those two love them, and it's a pricey business! If No. 1 daughter was playing and got to watch for free, I would be quids in. Well, half quids in at any rate.
  11. I must admit, I did see the film and enjoyed it. But then again I'm not the biggest fan of Queen, and only really know the big hits, which is what the film is based on. When asked my opinion the next day at work, I said it was "Mamma Mia" for blokes. Incidentally my daughter has just asked for Mamma Mia II for Christmas, which is fine, but she wants the two disc set, which contains the film, along with a singalong DVD. I got looked at with quite the disdain when I suggested to my wife that la daughter could simply put on the Abba Greatest Hits album and singalong to that!
  12. When I played (finished gigging 20+ years ago now) guitar in bands we only did pubs and clubs, and we didn't get fed. But I must admit, these days if I was faced with a big meal before a gig I would be asleep on my feet! I do recall one memorable occaision at Barrow Hill club (I think - it is 30 years ago now) when half way through the second set we were blasting away through something when the power went off to our stage gear, only for the concert secretary (do they still have them?) to mutter through his mike "T'pies 'ave come!". Virtually the whole audience left the concert room whilst we were powering up the amps hoping they hadn't been shafted to go and buy pies from this block who brought trays of them in from a van. What a classy place that was. They did provide half a dozen "broken" pies and pasties in our changing room though, which we scoffed whilst they were doing the bingo and meat raffles between our second set and last set. The delights of working men's clubs and Miner's Welfare clubs. What pleasures they were.
  13. Deanol

    Hello - New Bass player in Chesterfield

    No it felt and sounded fine to me with my limited experience. I don't know what model it was unfortunately, but I guess one of their budget ones that someone chopped in as part ex against something else.
  14. Deanol

    Hello - New Bass player in Chesterfield

    I don't know yet! I tried a few out last weekend and to be honest - forgive me - I couldn't tell too much of a difference between the £79 second hand Yamaha in Real Time (Chesterfield) and the £1200 Musicman in Rich Tone (Sheffield) and all points in between. I did try a Fret King which was nice, but at £500 it was a fair bit more than I want to pay (actually, how much the missus wan't me to pay!). I just don't have enough experience to tell whether one sounds better than another. They all sounded fine through the little Fender Rumble/Blackstar amp (I think) they put me through. My ears are not bass developed!! I have been fettling my own guitars for a few years and have fret saws, leveling beams and files, slotted straight edges and so on, so I am not worried about fettling one to bring it up to snuff if I get a cheaper one. I will be investing in a slotted straight edge for bass from Crimson guitars, so if any frets are a bit wonky I can get them level and dressed in an afternoon. I guess at some point I will look at upgrading pickups/pots but until I can hear a difference between good and bad, just a reasonable player (or one I can make reasonable anyway) will do me. I think I will see what is available in the sales just after Christmas. I'll be playing through my Egnater Tweaker 15 watt guitar combo for noisy home practice, or my son's 200w PA if I need to volume up a notch! But I have JamupPro on my ipad for headphone guitar noodling, so I will probably buy the £9.99 bass amp pack to drop into that. I record using a Zoom R8, which has all sorts of bass effects in there as well.