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  1. There's another thread here... "how does one rate your own and other musicians skill/competence?" Can/worms!
  2. thepurpleblob

    Best Female Bass Player

    I can think of as many great female bass players as male ones. Which just goes to show that we shouldn't really need to ask questions like this....
  3. thepurpleblob

    Begging... Girls on Film?

    Cheers.... I've got a version of it that I can get away with but I'm clearly missing all manner of ghost notes and whatever else. I'd be interested to see a more authoritative version 😄
  4. thepurpleblob

    I'm gonna be in so much trouble at rehearsal

    It's not about the bass... play anything. Nobody will be listening anyway 😄
  5. thepurpleblob

    Begging... Girls on Film?

    Does anybody know the whereabouts of a transcription for said Duran Duran ditty? TIA
  6. thepurpleblob

    how much do you love your bass and setup?

    I find equipment acceptability exists on a kind of curve. Nodal points are "It's new, it's brilliant", "It's nearly new, it does the job", "It does the job but I don't like this", "sell it!". Most equipment I have owned goes through that cycle with very few exceptions. Although I don't play it much now as I mostly play 5 strings, my 4 string StingRay is definitely a keeper. After ten years it's still great to pick up and play. My Barefaced cab has also been around for lots of years and I think is the same. About a year ago I sold my soul for a Lakland USA 5 string Jazz stylee (after saying for years that having two volume knobs was an utterly ridiculous idea) and love it. I suspect it's another keeper but it's too early yet.
  7. thepurpleblob

    Bad Days...

    Only days with a 'Y' in them...
  8. thepurpleblob


    They were more devious than that. They'd already phoned around all the venues for upcoming bookings and told them that the band was changing its name....
  9. thepurpleblob

    Ah, the naivety of a more innocent era.

    Dolores Erickson - just saying There are some other versions from the photo shoot doing the rounds. I'll leave it as an exercise...
  10. thepurpleblob


    True story - drummer friend and I started a band. Time passes, things going well. Singer leaves for new project and we recruit a new one. Great voice, great with the audience and so on. Two months later he corrupts the lead guitarist and me and the drummer are sacked because we won't do 3 gigs a weekend (which we always said). I've met some really cool people and some proper a*** h****s the like of which I never seen before playing music. The moral - I'm not sure there is one apart from to say this is what it can be like. You chuck this and you go to another band and some other diva.
  11. I think it's all reasonable advice if a little oversimplified. It probably *will* help a lot of players to play better. My best bit of advice to myself is, "nobody got sacked for playing root notes in time". It's on that kind of level! ...and she's most probably a better player than me and has much nicer hair. Who am I to judge? 😄
  12. thepurpleblob

    There is life after 50

    Erm.... yes 😈
  13. thepurpleblob

    There is life after 50

    I'm 54 and the youngest in my band by ten years. None of us finding slippers and Antiques Roadshow remotely attractive 😉
  14. thepurpleblob

    Thomann delivery times

    I've bought a few things. Everything seemed to arrive in a couple of days.
  15. thepurpleblob

    SIT Strings in the UK

    Yeh - while not unreasonable, $15 for delivery to the UK is a deal breaker. Shame...