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  1. thepurpleblob

    That question.... Money

    I'm going back a bit too. Nearly all (if not all) club gigs were through an agent. Certainly round here they didn't like to work directly with bands. As has been mention, you need to be *very* careful about performance times. It's too easy to get a "9pm to 1am with a 20 min break for the bingo" chucked at you. I've always tended to apply a cost break to playing after midnight - mostly because I don't want to. £300-400 quid used to be the going rate for clubs with £200-250 for pubs. It still is the going rate come to think of it.
  2. thepurpleblob

    Not everything about the bass is great .....

    May I nominate the hardy covers band perennial, "Sit down" 😂😎 Regarding the Cardigans - who cares about the bass line? I'm looking at Nina Persson 😘
  3. thepurpleblob

    Tony Franklin Bass

    I'd never heard of him either. On looking him up he has a massive back catalogue, working with loads of musicians, a few of which are very famous and the majority I have also never heard of. Fender must like him, though!
  4. thepurpleblob

    Adding Tube Warmth to Soiled State Amps

    I'm a valve cynic. What's not "warm" about solid state amps? It's all in your head... or the EQ... or both. Let the flaming commence 🤣
  5. thepurpleblob

    Hell Is Other People (who know you play in a band)

    The small team I work for are all (coincidentally) part-time musicians plus one night club DJ - day job is IT. We NEVER discuss it 😶
  6. thepurpleblob

    Protecting back of the bass..?

    I will now you've suggested it... 😄
  7. thepurpleblob

    Protecting back of the bass..?

    What are people wearing? My collection of t-shirts cover my belts. If I'm even wearing a belt.
  8. thepurpleblob

    Tuning - which order?

    Low to high. As an aside I always tune by pinging the harmonic at the 12th fret. I'm not entirely sure it's the best way!
  9. thepurpleblob

    Classic albums you completely missed.

    ...that too 🤣 Stevie Wonder is mostly dreadful - who knew 😯
  10. thepurpleblob

    What is it with BC and hostility??!

    For the record... I'm not having a pop at the mods. It's a thankless task.
  11. thepurpleblob

    Classic albums you completely missed.

    I'd just like to add... my musical tastes widened a hell of a lot after I started playing in covers bands.... playing all sorts of stuff I thought I didn't like 😛
  12. thepurpleblob

    What is it with BC and hostility??!

    Not here - but I am moderator in a couple of other sites (one a BMW forum and the other a well known education platform) and we just don't put up with any crap. There's *always* somebody who wants to spoil things and good moderation is needed to jump on it.
  13. thepurpleblob

    What do you play at sound check?

    What's a sound check? Best bit of advice I ever had - plug it in, switch it on, play a note. If it works, put it down 😉
  14. thepurpleblob

    Classic albums you completely missed.

    The same as everybody else I expect... there's loads of stuff deemed "classic" that I just don't like. The Stones is a good example - utterly lost on me. Most American rock bands and artists (a bit sweeping I know) I don't care for. And so on.... I staggered from prog rock beginnings at school to 80s/90s indy and such. Life's far too short to worry about such things!
  15. thepurpleblob

    Am i finally out of touch? ..are you?

    I could only find a list of 50 but I heard of around a quarter of them. I'll probably have a listen to some of the others on YouTube. I've been known to be pleasantly surprised. I try to go and see a few bands live. It's handy if they're not all dead!