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  1. thepurpleblob

    How amazing is this?

    We're clearly in the world of, "very clever guys but there's no way am I going to listen to any more of that!" πŸ˜„
  2. thepurpleblob

    Perfecting the gig setup process

    For some reason the rest of my band like to turn up about 3 hours before the gig. I have better things to do so they're always set up when I get there. I just shout at them. They probably think I'm an derriΓ¨re! If the hat fits etc. πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„
  3. thepurpleblob

    Things that annoy you...

    I've never understood this. Guitarists are even worse for it. The best bit of advice I ever had - set up, plug in, tune up, play a couple of notes to make sure it works, PUT IT DOWN!!
  4. thepurpleblob

    Warwick strings

    Once again.... you're supposed to change strings? 🀨
  5. Absolutely - I in no way disagree with you in that respect. I'm just suggesting that if you have the urge to play a 5 string I think it's a bigger challenge to find a 5 that suits as there is more variation. If you don't care (and I sympathise as there is a hell of a lot of stuff I have neither the time nor the inclination to give a stuff about) then it doesn't matter at all.
  6. I wonder sometimes if the Fender Precision/Jazz is the staple of music videos because that's "the look" they want to go for rather than the instrument normally played. I prefer to play a 5, but it's party laziness. I'd be quite happy to play a 4 string something-or-other with a Hipshot thingy for a couple of songs -- but then I'd have to learn to play in drop-D properly πŸ˜‚
  7. thepurpleblob

    We Don't Play There Anymore

    This - life is too short πŸ˜„
  8. thepurpleblob

    We Don't Play There Anymore

    One or two - we are a new-ish band so we don't exactly get the pick of the "good" places. But we're also all quite experienced so we're not going to keep digging a hole. We played a Chinese restaurant that was also a bar with live music. The average age must have been about 15. No point going back. A couple of others playing to two people. That sort of thing....
  9. thepurpleblob

    What makes this song great?

    That's really interesting. Now to watch all the rest !!
  10. thepurpleblob

    Music conservatory at ... 53 years old.

    We play that in our covers set. I give it the three notes it deserves. I may be being a little unfair... πŸ˜„
  11. Nah - I think you're wrong. What I do think is that 5 (and by extension 6 string) basses have a lot more variation. There are, effectively, de-facto standards for the 4 string (Mr Fender's creations) but these don't exist for the 5-string basses. Although I can't prove it, I'm going to suggest that's it harder (== more expensive) to produce a good 5 string than a good 4 string. Really, the E-G strings shouldn't be any different from a 4 and the B is what sorts the men from the boys. After sifting through quite a few 5s, you should come and have a go on my Yamaha TRB5 or my Lakland 5. They took some tracking down and the Lakland (USA) was a lot more expensive than I might have liked.
  12. thepurpleblob

    ... And we all fall down again

    The band I am in was formed in 1979. I am the third bass player. The first one is now the lead guitarist. The second one left and was replaced by me. The others are all original. It's quite scary. They all know what each other is thinking after all that time!
  13. I can't stand football. I'm not even sure this is a football song. But it's great
  14. thepurpleblob

    Frank bello

  15. thepurpleblob

    ... And we all fall down again

    Nowadays - life is too short and I am too old - I would only join a band that is actually gigging. I've reached a level of (in)competence where learning a full set of songs doesn't really phase me. In fact I quite enjoy it! The whole sorry business of starting a new band from scratch is too horrible to think about.