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  1. I don't know either. I think it was popularised by the world's most boring bass player, Victor Wooten. That's all I know. Others will be along soon to give me the abuse I deserve
  2. I've never played slap. Never had any inclination or obvious need to do so. However, you would *think* that it's the only style anybody plays if you watch YouTube for 5 mins or walk into a music shop 😛 "Double thumbing"... same. "Can you double thumb on bass XYZ??". Honestly, who cares....
  3. I did it to someone on here the other day if I'm honest. I'm sorrrrreeeeee. But it was all my wife's fault. It actually was 😄
  4. I had a 'home made' P-bass kicking around my house for years that somebody had left there. I played drums at the time. One day something got into my head that I might like to learn to play the thing. Having decided it was more fun than playing drums I went into Glasgow, bought a Yamaha BB605 and signed up for lessons with some guy on the music shop notice board. The rest is history and all that... I think the first rig I had was a Gallien-Kreuger (sp?) 400-something and a Hartke cab. Changed that loads before it all settled down.
  5. I have no interest whatever in football (and no idea what's happening on above date). It's always a PITA when you get hit with, "oh, you'll need to start later because of the football". Well just don't expect us to finish later
  6. I turned a Trace Elliot cab into a cat bed last week. Literally couldn't give it away.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. I've heard of one of them.... Andrea Goldsworthy. Other than that, not a clue 😄 I'm assuming that they are mostly Americans. I clearly have no clue what's going on in the USA. Or care, quite possibly 😄
  9. I've said it before... I find the American-esque marketing incredibly off-putting and the huge hike on the pay-monthly rate a bit cynical. But it would seem plenty of others don't agree with me. Good luck to the guy... I've enjoyed many of his YouTube vids. And he says "next level" too much 😄
  10. Couriers - the only business that requires you to pay insurance against them screwing up. You will also have ticked a box to say it's not their fault. It's not a good thing.
  11. Is this "everybody tunes to the same wacky tuning" primarily a metal thing? It's always seemed a bit odd to me. Especially if you play a 5 string.
  12. Hmmm... will take a few listens that will...
  13. I've had lots of active basses and have always set them flat. There's knobs on the amp/preamp for that. Some otherwise great basses have been sold simply because I've never really understood the EQ. As soon as it gets in the way of actually playing then it's a problem. Setting three knobs to their centre detents is just about acceptable. Having said that, I have a 3EQ Stingray which sounds great and a passive Lakland which also sounds great. So - executive summary - if the active EQ isn't actually a bunch of hassle then I don't care that much.
  14. I've got a QuikLok (however you spell it). The higher end ones are pretty good - I would avoid their "entry level" stuff. I hear nothing but good things about K&M.
  15. Possibly stupid question - what are these things and how do you play them? As far as I can tell it's got guitar tuning but with something like short-scale bass size. It's not a baritone guitar. That's something else. And it isn't a six string bass. It's some other kind of six string bass. I'm confused...
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