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  1. Witters

    Prep for audition/first meet

    Sounds as though you’ve got it covered, however, I would add listen to the other players, be responsive, don’t over play, have fun (hopefully) and remember, you are also auditioning them. Also, let us know how they got on. Good luck!
  2. Witters

    Your *favourite* bassline?

    Wow, some great learning here for me! My current fave is “Don’t give hate a chance” - Jamiroquai, but the lines that got me into bass were “Le Freak” Chic, “I don’t like Monday’s” - Boomtown Rats, and “Hit me with your rhythm stick” Ian Dury and the Blockheads....then I go all prog and jazz fusion.
  3. Witters

    NAD (new amp day) + YDD (young dog day)

    Most definitely mate, Friday’s are good. Bring a bass to test it or use mine.
  4. Witters

    NAD (new amp day) + YDD (young dog day)

    I think it’s great, perfect for my needs. My bass friends and students make it sound great! I hope to get some time with it over the weekend. It took a long time to get here due to various supply issues which seemed to be U.K. wide as I couldn’t find it anywhere else. Also, for around £200 or less, it’s a bargain. Definitely worth the wait. Great for small gigs and rehearsals and teaching.
  5. Witters

    New toys and a rant

    Yes, you are correct, as far as I know ABRSM theory at grade 5 is compulsory as you say, and that is why some students prefer any board that doesn’t demand that, but it should be compulsory for all boards then the issue would not arise. However, then the other boards may not make as much money from their exams! Another thread, perhaps?
  6. Witters

    New toys and a rant

    Well, I’ve opened a can of worms! Lots of great views and ideas, the most important for me “it’s personal”. I do what I do because I was hungry to do it then and I am still hungry today, perhaps even moreso the more I discover. It’s “whatever floats yer boat” and as much as I find modern “pop” repetitive and dull, many people love it and for them it has value, and I respect that. There are people on here who can do mixing/engineering/production/etc and that to me is a dark art, I have no interest in or idea how that all works (much to my sons irritation - “Dad, it’s easy, you do this.....”) and I admire and even envy those who love it and do it well. If ever I record an album I will employ you! I agree that music is not about age in any sense of the word, but it is about conveying emotion and connecting with the human spirit. I’ve seen music cross racial boundaries, political boundaries, age ranges, compel the dying to give one final dance, and so much more. Yes, move with the times but a big NO to leaving the rest behind “because it’s old”. There is much to learn and enjoy in all styles/tastes and everybody has something to offer. I was raised in a musical household, primarily classical and jazz, but my elder sister introduced me to the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Free; school mates introduced to “music of the period” (seventies), my parents introduced me King Oliver, Louis Armstrong and more. (A major influence on modern bands/styles like The Electric Swing Orchestra and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy). I researched the rest. As a teacher I believe it is my role to firstly help people play what they want, then educate them across the musical spectrum and encourage them to be open to all ideas. Hopefully, that way I may help someone enjoy more than they realised. more later, gotta teach!
  7. Witters

    New toys and a rant

    Bit of a novelty this morning, no mad dash and I get a few minutes to tidy my home studio and plug in the new amp. Having got the new amp and cab I’m now considering getting the TC HoF reverb (version 2 looks nice) and there are some recommendations for it on here. I might do that and play with the six for a short while before considering what to do next ie active/fretless/both. Common sense is controlling my desire for all of them and the Cort A5 plus. I hate common sense. Rant... My new bass students leave a lot to be desired. The grade 8 distinction (classical double bass) barely knows her major scale harmonies ie major/minor chords and then 7ths. This is what annoys me about the grade system. You can get to grade 8 WITHOUT any theory. I have to give this one student a crash course in basic harmony (grade 5 stuff) so they can play in the school jazz band. Granted jazz and classical are completely different disciplines so it’ll be hard for them anyway, but no theory? It should be compulsory to have grade 5 theory BEFORE doing grade 8 practical. 😡😡😡. Once they’ve done that teaching them to walk should be fun! ...and finally, having met my new students what do most them want to do? Ed Sheeran! I suspect it has nothing to do with the music. Last student of the day walked in and sat down. Lower 6th (aged 16/17) Me: (sighing, expecting the worst) So, what do you want to learn, who are your favourite artists? Ed Sheeran? Student: (rather cautiously) Can we do some Led Zeppelin? oh yeah! Bring it on! Thursday last lesson is gonna be good!
  8. Witters

    whats are you GASsing for at the moment

    So, I’m relatively new to this bass stuff and I’m rapidly falling for a fan fret five string singlecut by Cort, but my concern is “what difference do fan frets make”. Are octaves any easier? Opinions please! http://www.cortguitars.com/en/product/product_view.asp?qCate=00003&qSeries=130&qProdTag=&qPack=&qNew=&qKey=all&qWord=&idx=1264
  9. Ordered from Gear4Music in July and after five or six emails along the lines of “we estimate delivery next week” followed a few hours later by “sorry, supply problems, we will let you know” 😡 my new amp/cab arrived yesterday!. 🎆🍺🍾 Unpacked, it looks very nice, (and the cats like the box), but I’ve no idea what it sounds like yet as I’ve not had the time to try it. 😞 First person to try it will be one of my grade 8’s tomorrow morning! It’s the TC Electronic BH250 (red thing behind the dog) and the Eden EX112-4 (Also behind the dog - he wanted some attention, bless) Photo was taken early this morning so it’s not great, I’m rushing a bit as I’m excited to share! Have great days, folks!
  10. Witters

    Greetings from Essex UK

  11. Witters

    Bl**dy GAS !

    Yep, that’s a helluva list and I thought I was bad! Really boring I know, but the only GAS I get is for the time, talent and bands to do what I want to do with what I’ve got! Instead, I grab thirty minutes here and there when students don’t show. Maybe one day I’ll get a really sexy fretless and fretted (two instruments, naturally, and both 24 fret...although there was a super gorgeous 36 fret fretless on here very recently that I was beaten to). Ah well, dreams! Does GAS count if it’s tunes I want to learn instead?
  12. Witters

    Say hello, it said. Introduce yourself.

    Roman? Thanks for the welcome!
  13. Witters

    Say hello, it said. Introduce yourself.

    Hi Teebs! Thanks for the welcome
  14. Witters

    Your Strengths & Weaknesses

    Weaknesses...rubbish at playing the same thing twice so being in a jam band is great; being the guitarist in the band makes me a very bad bassist; vocals of any kind; reading (so hard to turn the pages whilst playing and if the book gets really interesting I tend to forget what song we’re playing)...so many! Strengths...I pay my way; have discovered attenuators; know when to shut up; enjoy listening to the rest of the band; really like playing “the groove” and seeing people move
  15. Witters

    Say hello, it said. Introduce yourself.

    Thanks folks!