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  1. Witters

    Show us your rig!

    Lol! Brilliant! Remember Thud! and Mr Grins? Wanna pen? Buy a pen for a fiver and get these four beers free! We had the large room and decided to crank up my fender twin and your 900watt rig. Poor old Phil didn’t know what hit him and bits fell of the ceiling. It was LOUD! awesome!
  2. Witters

    Best place to find new band members?

    Shared to my Facebook page, who knows where it will go!
  3. Witters

    Best place to find new band members?

    How do prospective guitarists contact you?
  4. Witters

    Best place to find new band members?

    Just spread the word. I posted on five Facebook sites, went through my contacts diary, advertised on here and I’ve had a very good response. Once people see what you want and what you are (provide a video maybe) they seem willing to help. It’s been great. People recommend people who recommend people. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by everyone and have a number of people for audition...where are you based and do you have any more details? Number and frequency of gigs, pay might help, location, rehearsals, your expectations, etc Best wishes Mark
  5. Witters

    Ibanez SRF705-BBF ... catchy!

    Go for it! G’wan. I wasn’t sure about fretless when I first tried, took a while to get used to it but I really like it. I’m waiting for the next payday and confirmation from @Rich for our Boys Bass Day Trip.
  6. Witters

    Prep for audition/first meet

    @StringNavigator you sound perfect for the band I play in, although the commute looks a little long.
  7. Witters

    Ibanez SRF705-BBF ... catchy!

    Thanks. I’ve asked, we shall have to see.
  8. Has this gone?
  9. Witters

    Ibanez SRF705-BBF ... catchy!

    Thanks folks! sounds as though the Ibanez will be the way to go! cant find the one on here, but that’s ok. thanks again folks!
  10. Witters

    Ibanez SRF705-BBF ... catchy!

    Anyone got one, tried one? http://www.ibanez.com/products/eb_detail18.php?year=2018&area_id=3&cat_id=2&series_id=51&data_id=161&color=CL01 Having tried @Rich unique Yam fretless for a few days I am now considering the above, or maybe an ESP version at half the price(ish). https://www.espguitars.com/products/9854-b-205sm-fl-ns?category_id=1963318-b-series Any experience with either maker’s fretless basses? What do you think? I’m leaning towards the Ibanez but that’s only coz I have one leg shorter than the other.
  11. Thanks Ray. Yeah, I know, but new job, newly married both etc. That’s why he is leaving. Perhaps you could come jam with us one day?
  12. Hi folks, Bristol/Bath/Devizes area (or anywhere nearish if you are willing to travel, perhaps we can gig over your way?) The Phil Prowse Blues Band need a new bass player. Age is fairly immaterial as long as you have energy, but we are 45+ if it matters. We play high energy swing blues with lots of other stuff thrown in when we feel like it. Current line up ... vocals/harmonica, guitar, keys, bass, drums. You need to be able swing, walk, improvise and funk. There is plenty of room to be creative as a lot of what we do is improvised around a blues structure, though we do play tunes with set arrangements as well,. We are also bringing in a number of well known tunes but turning them into blues numbers and you will have input to that. We gig once or twice a month (pubs, small festivals, private parties) and being Blues you won’t make a living from this, however, it is great fun and a damn fine band (ask Tim Walker, he is on here somewhere and is the man you will be replacing...get all the dirt from him.) We tend to play long sets....up to three hours but usually 2 to 2 and a half hours! You could also ask @Raymondo who saw us at the Wotton under Edge Blues Festival recently. We are on youtube ... (there are other tunes on the channel and we will be filming and recording the upcoming gigs for airplay and anything else we can think of). If you are interested then please contact me! thank you for reading! At Rich’s suggestion here is a link to our appearance at The Bradford Roots Festval January 2018. This is pre-keys and re-edited by a fan of ours in Turkey! Unfortunately, no footage from the Wotton under Edge Blues Festival a few weeks ago! this video takes about 40 seconds to kick in due to my editing ☺️ *ahem*
  13. Witters

    Dyslexia, music and teaching

    Thank you for this, very helpful. The link you provided is really quite unsettling, how those with severe problems cope, I have no idea. Anyone even slightly curious should try it. Your English is much better than my French and your “advices” come across very clearly. I will keep all advice in mind as best I can.