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  1. Selling my Mesa Boogie 2x12 powerhouse cabinet. Silver grille. Removable casters. near perfect condition - one or two minor scuffs but no tears in the vinyl. Sounds huge. 'Heft' comes to mind . Comes with a Padded 'Hotcovers' cover (slightly tatty but that's the point of a cover). The Mesa site blurb... Style/Type Tuned Front Ported Tri-Porting™ Speaker(s) & Mounting Position Custom Eminence toned for Standard PH Cabs High Frequency Horn Yes Horn Control and Protection Player Control™ Network: Selectable 3-Point Crossover (3k/4k/5k), Premium Attenuator & Instant Reset Horn Protection Wattage 600 Watts Cabinet Impedance Available in 4 or 8 Ohm (8 Ohm Standard) Connectors Combination Speakon & 1/4" Input & Paralleled Output Transport Assistance Included - Track-Loc™ Removable Casters Looking for £550 ono. Collection from Forth, Lanarkshire or can deliver within 30 mile radius (includes Glasgow and Edinburgh.) Alternatively, Buyer can arrange their own courier but insured via UPS will cost £65 .
  2. Selling my Markbass 410 HF cabinet. near perfect condition. Sounds fantastic. Comes with a padded 'Hotcovers' cover. specs.. IMPEDANCE 4 ohms SPEAKER SIZE 4x10 in. BASS PORTS front TWEETER 1" compression driver with custom horn POWER HANDLING 800W RMS (AES Standard) CROSSOVER FREQUENCY 3.5 kHz FREQUENCY RESPONSE 35 Hz to 20 kHz SENSITIVITY 103 dB SPL WEIGHT 56.66 lbs / 25.7 Kg WIDTH 23.46 in. / 59.6 cm HEIGHT 29.45 in. / 74.8 cm DEPTH 18.98 in. / 48.2 cm Looking for £400 ono. Prefer collection from Forth, Lanarkshire but can meet within a 30 mile radius. Happy for buyer to arrange their own courier. - Insured carriage with UPS would cost £40.00.
  3. What are your bass care tips?

    If you've oiled the fingerboard, put the old strings back on for a few days playing otherwise you're nice shiny new ones will pick up all the leftover gunk you've not been able to clean off.
  4. Duncan Lyall

    I have to admit I'd not really heard of him till the gig. Hadn't looked at Kate's album notes for a few years and was expecting andy seward to be holding down the low end. I'll be keeping my eyes and ears open for more of Duncan in the future though.
  5. What is it with headstock design?

    We've been down this road before https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/301501-worst-headstocks-ever/
  6. Duncan Lyall

    Saw Kate Rusby last night in Glasgow and spent most of the gig mesmerised by Duncan's playing. That's about it really.
  7. Struggling to see any five strings on there. Jimmy Johnson's Alembic for example. First purpose built low B fiver.

    They already made a 5 string. tried one out in birmingham in 1995 when I ended up getting an alembic instead. very narrow string spacing. That's about all I remember about it. possibly sound control. i remember it being pretty close to the Bass centre - through the railway arches.
  9. Chris Squire, The Fish boxed set.

    Bollocks. Misread that. Mike brown and robert m corich. Nope i've never heard of them either.
  10. Chris Squire, The Fish boxed set.

    The 2007 'expanded deluxe' version is a stereo remaster by steve hammonds and jon richards according to the booklet
  11. Chris Squire, The Fish boxed set.

    I still play the original LP and I wouldn't say it was woolly. I also have the 2007 reissue which also seems clear enough - that came with the DVD of you by my side and hold out your hand plus the interviews. Can't see much point in this box set, especially as it doesn't seem to come with the poster of the Fish stained glass window.
  12. Forget Jaco, Victor, Jamerson et al...

    Gummin the Gash. Wonder what that's going to be about.
  13. Sigh.....this is what we're up against

    Which bit of my comment are you having difficulty with? That I think he's a good player or that I don't find what he's doing particularly interesting?
  14. Sigh.....this is what we're up against

    While he's a good player, it's not very interesting. I doubt if I'd stop for more than a few seconds.