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  1. I have a hercules DB stand for my 3/4 and it's very stable so I'd imagine a similar cello stand would work well on a 1/3 size. How much bigger than a cello is it?
  2. jacko


    party right here - albert cummings or one of the myriad covers. Nice and bouncy with some interesting changes.
  3. jacko


    Brownsville Station - the martian boogie. a taste of honey - boogie oogie oogie
  4. Not aimed at any individual... This thing about tunes being cool or uncool is utter crap. What 'you' really mean is you either like something or you don't. Take the OP as an example - You're the one that I want was no 1 for 9 weeks. That fact in itself is pretty cool. When the movie came out, I can guarantee nearly all the heterosexual males at the time 'wanted' olivia newton john in those spray on trousers. Seems to me that a lot of folk claim that any song that's fun, successful or in a genre thay don't like is uncool.
  5. Think you need to look up the definition of 'uncool'. Neither of those fit the description.
  6. I do IT tech support for a very large bank. Unfortunately my team have to provide 24x7 cover so we're well equipped to work at home. No woodshedding for me
  7. I'm currently listening to 'We want miles'. Live album recorded in the early 80's before marcus got too big for his own hat.
  8. Try explaining that to the guitard who insists you play it exactly as per the record.
  9. The complicated riffs in our set I find are the easiest to get right cos there's no gaps to lose the time. One of the lines that sometimes throws me is our "Heavy" version of Hot Chocolate's Everyone's a winner which I thought I'd simplify through the verse with a dotted crotchet, rest, quaver,quaver, grace note type thing but I'm finding I sometimes don't get the middle rest right because i listen to the vocals too much. Hysteria is a piece of fosters compared to this.
  10. I had to switch that off after 10 minutes. The documentary on the other hand was wonderful.
  11. Deep Purple. Who do we think we are on heavy duty pink vinyl. Wonderful.
  12. good luck selling your wireless. Mine's been on the marketplace for the best part of 2 years with no interest.
  13. This has been an interesting and enlightening saga and I do hope big al works out. However, if someone told me what instrument I could or couldn't play i'd be out the door in a flash.
  14. I lost my virginity in a carpark at Blyth Beach in 1976. If it turns up there's a reward.
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