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  1. Your Favourite Album of 2017

    kate Rusby - Angels and men. Beautiful. and deep purple Infinite - made the mistake of listening at 33 1/3. made Gillan sound like some old blues man. Quite a bit better at 45.
  2. Looking for a double bass to borrow

    There's a guy on facebook - North east bass Bin - currently selling his Db - might be happy to lend it out for a week or so if it's not been sold. name's stephen clark in Bedlington
  3. NS Design EDBs

    Search for some of Bonnie Raitt's performances. Hutch uses an NS upright on a tripod for some tunes. There's footage of tony levin playing his with crimson and peter gabriel up there too.
  4. Who did you see live last?

    Mr Big o2 ABC in Glasgow last night. Supports first - Faster pussycat - Meh! never heard of them before but certainly not my thing. Bass player spent the set up against a big ampeg rig thudding away on what could have been the perfect line for the songs but was indecipherable from the general mush. The Answer - much better and a much cleaner balance between the guitar and the bass - interestiing and musical basslines played. Enjoyed them. Then the main event. I didn't think the overall sound was that good. Billy wasn't as prominent as he is on the records so a lot of his noodling was lost. According to my drummer, the drum sound wasn't very good ( he was disappointed at the lack of drums - prefers someone like neil peart). it was good to see Pat Torpey joiing in a bit - he got a lot of love from the audience but he really does look ill - I reckon matt Starr will have taken over full time if they tour again. Shame as Pat was a more adventurous drummer IMO. Paul Gilbert's solo went on far too long and ultimately sounded to me like someone practicing their scales very fast. Yawned several times but the guitar fanboys loved it. Billy's solo sounded exactly the same as ever - i.e. not worth listening to. I've seen him in clinics and his soloing sounded brilliant - I could make out every note. In a gig setting it always sounds mushy with no semblance of structure. hey-ho. Eric Martin's voice was better than the last time they came to Glasgow but he had an annoying habit of calling the audience 'Kids'. I'm pretty sure 80% of us were the same age as him. Overall Mr Big didn't disappoint. Pretty much a greatest hits setlist and loads of energy and they played for around 2 hours. Just wish the sound had been better.
  5. Who are you seeing live next?

    Was there with my daughter. We had tickets for the back of the second balcony but they'd put a spotlight or something in front of our seats so we were reseated about 10 rows from the stage . The Tubes were great so you missed out big time. The Mission were crap and shouldn't have been on the bill. Always been a huge Dunaway fan so was over the moon when i heard he was going to be playing. Wasn't disappointed. Was very impressed with Chuck's handling of Halo - was one of my favourites and one of the earliest songs I ever learned so he could very easily have spoiled it for me I did however think that Nita Strauss was trying a bit too hard to be one of the lads. Mr Big next at the O2 ABC on Wednesday.
  6. Who did you see live last?

    Alice cooper in Glasgow on Sunday. Brilliant! Had Dennis Dunaway out for a handful of songs which really made my night. Spent the early 70's learning the basslines on Killer and Schools out. The tubes were a great support act. The mission were just crap.
  7. I made my first bass around 1977-8. used an old mahogany desktop from my dad's office and my granddad gave me a lump of pine for the neck. The fret positions were taken from a jazz or precision in Rock city when it was still on the Bigg Market by marking them on the edge of a Burns Flyte brochure - forgot to mark the distance to the bridge!. needless to say it was absolutely crap. Remade it as a fretless with a solid oak neck (from a fireplace) and still have it to this day although it lives in a sack in the loft. Was quite surprised last week to find it was still more or less in tune when I was taking a new family photo.
  8. How to make a drummer quieter

    I'm lucky enough to have a drummer that I like to listen to so I can't envisage a situation where I'd want him to be quieter. In fact the louder he plays, the less I can hear the guitarists.
  9. Taking it to the bridge

    The space between the bridge saddle and the end of the fingerboard is your playground. Use it all.
  10. Holloween Gigs 2017

    Thought it might be nice to post a pic of me with Floyd (not on a Halloween night though ) [attachment=256292:snake.jpg]
  11. Holloween Gigs 2017

    [quote name='SpondonBassed' timestamp='1509002058' post='3395849'] . . . Neither practice is tolerated here because we don't have children in the household. We don't even answer the door on Halloween night. I'd be much better off performing during that silliness. At least I'd get something useful out of it to compensate. Did I not mention that I am a part-time miserable old git? [url="https://www.activityvillage.co.uk/penny-for-the-guy"]https://www.activity...nny-for-the-guy[/url] [/quote] A few years back when we still lived in a town I opened the door dressed as alice cooper with my 9 foot boa constrictor over a shoulder. The parents stopped their kids coming back after that. Shame as we quite enjoy making the little b*stards do a song or a joke.
  12. Hi from Edinburgh

    Hi Guy and welcome. In 1996 I was playing in a covers band in Worcester. Moved up to Edinburgh in 1998. Still work here but I've now moved out near Lanark. Maybe I'll bump into you sometime. Be sure and let us know when You're gigging. Graeme
  13. NDBD

    It's a Strunal 5/35 3/4 size. Thomann list it as a 2/5 Europe model.
  14. NDBD

    Thomann delivered this morning. huge box. [attachment=255785:IMG_2455.JPG] [attachment=255786:IMG_2457.JPG] [attachment=255787:IMG_2461.JPG] [attachment=255788:IMG_2459.JPG]
  15. tolerable Christmas songs

    Just been listening to Kate Rusby's second xmas album 'Sweet Bells' and I will happily listen to it several more times