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  1. use an accurate tuner to find out exactly where the 12th fret should be and put a piece of tape across the fingerboard so you don't lose your place. I then use my fingernail at the line to compare with the harmonic and adjust accordingly. Or. Follow carol kaye's advice and pull all the bridge saddles right back against the stops cos no-one can tell the difference in intonation anyway. ( I read this in an interview she did, tried it then decided she was talking shite BTW).
  2. It's wrong. There's the occasional slide in there too.
  3. I've started buying old recorders. (the kind one blows through). fascinating the sort of prices 12 inches of wood can fetch (fnar)
  4. let's hope he gets the scottish date rescheduled
  5. really disappointed he's cancelled the UK tour.
  6. Vinnie Moore uses one in UFO for a couple of songs.
  7. Seeing Glenn in Edinbugga next week
  8. My 'on the go' listening method is the 6cd autochanger under my car seat. There will always be a kathryn Tickell album, a james taylor album and a dream Theater album on there.
  9. The cave, Paisley saturday may 4th at 6pm.
  10. he could be trying to be clever referring to the fact that Keef did indeed play bass on several seminal stones choons. I'll nominate Steve Gadd and Jimmy Johnson in James Taylor's all star band. plus Paul Chambers and Philly Joe Jones in my favourite Miles Davis era.
  11. jacko

    Bass soul food

    I've had totally the opposite experience with the BSF, having to turn the treble up a fair bit to lighten the tone.
  12. John Myung plays fretless on a handful of dream theater songs - "Through Her Eyes", "Far From Heaven", "Hollow Years", "Peruvian Skies", "Hell's Kitchen" and "The Silent Man". More as a novelty piece for him I suspect. Also have a listen to Peter frampton's 'Frampton comes alive' Stanley Sheldon plays fretless throughout.
  13. depends what tone or attack I want. back at the bridge for a bright / sharp attack, end of the fingerboard for phat slow grooves. Somewhere in between for anything else. i doubt I'd be able to play the wide variety of tunes I do if i stayed in one place.
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