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  1. Sold my Double bass to Nick. He drove all the way to Scotland from the deep south to pick it up!. Had a great chat and exchanged music before he had to drive south again. I'd recommend him as buyer anytime and would also suggest anyone down south tries to see him play - his 'isle of Everything' CD is superb. Graeme
  2. Just wondering if anyone here is using Mackie SRM450's for their PA. I've just noticed a very faint hiss along with a high pitched pulsing sound from the horn - only about 3 years old and not pushed too hard. I've always thought it was something wrong with the desk but I get it when nothing's plugged in apart from the kettle lead. I've tried different parts of the house and the garage and it's the same wherever they're plugged in It's not very noticeable and certainly wouldn't be heard at a gig but it's not something I'd expect from Mackies. Quite likely a standard sound as both speakers are doing it. Graeme
  3. I only play Alembics and look down on the rest of you mere mortals. Does that count as snobbery?
  4. Unpopular music opinions? Where do I start. Firstly, Bob Dylan's original all along the watchtower is so much better than Hendrix'. second, bass solos and bass noodling are a waste of time. Jim Rodford's line on Hold your head up is as near to perfection as any bassline could come. and finally, amy whinehouse was just shite.
  5. I was at the Newcastle show. Probably the first time in 10 or 12 shows I've actually heard Myung properly. I guess the sound guys have finally listened to the complaints the bass community have been raising since John stopped using amps onstage. Also good that they tailored the set to James' voice for a change. The past 10 years or so he's really been struggling to sing stuff he had no problems with when it was written. Really glad they played 6.00 and finished with the count of Tuscany; great songs showcasing the whole band. The last couple of albums have seemed more a showcase for Petrucci's noodling rather than songs played by a band.
  6. Squire is an easy win for me. If I hadn't seen him in the mid 70's I might still be struggling with ragtime guitar picking. I like some of entwistle's stuff but there's a bit near the end of 'an Ox's tale' where he's demonstrating his tone and it's just an over distorted mush. Chris on the other hand was as clear as a bell every time I saw him. I will say that both YES and the Who should have stopped the minute their bassplayers pegged out.
  7. Alembic built Jimmy Johnson's first 5 string (low B) bass in 1975/76.
  8. Don't understand the thread title. Simonon gets loads of respect.
  9. I'm selling my 2018 3/4 size Strunal 5/35 five-string double bass bought from Thomann in october 2018 and gigged twice. It's in immaculate condition - only a single tiny scratch near one of the f-holes. Carved solid top with laminated sides and (shaped) back. It comes with a piezo bridge pickup, robust padded gigbag, Hercules stand and a Dan Armstrong magnetic pickup that I never got round to glueing to the end of the fingerboard. Collection only from near Forth, Lanarkshire.
  10. @tinyd maybe he lives in a small flat. I have quite a big house and my DB still takes up far too much room.
  11. I was at that concert and seeing how much fun Squire was having was what made me become a bassist. He's always been my biggest influence.
  12. Pretty much exactly what I was going to say. I visited Alembic in 2012 and they had huge stocks that they probably haven't touched yet.
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