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  1. jacko

    Bands Named After Song Lyrics

    The majority of Grateful Dead tribute bands name themselves after song lyrics. I was in Wildflower seed (from Frankllin's tower) for a while.
  2. jacko

    24 string bass + $1,000,000 Strat

    Hmm. not sure about jamerson but Jaco played a 5.
  3. jacko

    How Much?!!!!

    Worth every penny. I love my Chromes
  4. jacko

    Bass guitar strap favourites

    Levys. I've had three (one for each bass) for near enough 15 years. Little sign of wear and comfortable for a 12Lb Alembic.
  5. jacko

    Amp Quandry... Amp or Active PA / FRFR?

    You might find the Mackie SRM450 better suited to your needs. £350 new but you ought to be able to pick one up second hand within your budget. Have a more neutral sound than the Thump. We use a pair for our PA and sometimes put the bass and drums through them.
  6. jacko

    Velcro! Which Way Round?

    Don't think I've ever seen a board that comes pre loaded with anything but the loop side.
  7. jacko

    Amp Quandry... Amp or Active PA / FRFR?

    We have them for Vocal monitoring. they're a bit stinky poo for everything else (apart from disco which is what they were built for)
  8. jacko

    For Beatles Fans Over 65 Only

    "However, I am not sure there are many Beatles Fans on BC." You'll probably find there are a lot more than you think. Posters most likely think it's cool to knock successful bands. I'm only 58 this year but was still aware of the beatles at an early age. My earliest memory of listening to music was hearing 'All you need is love' while in the back of the removal wagon in 1967
  9. jacko


    The company were originally headquarted in Alsace, originally in Germany then later part of france. AFAIK they've never been based in Italy. edit. been digging and found the eb110 was built in campagnolo. Doh!
  10. jacko


    Bugatti (the company) is french. (obviously Ettore was himself italian).
  11. jacko

    Using headphones on stage

    Paul Gilbert (of Mr Big fame) has used giant headphones on stage for years. Still looks as cool as ever.
  12. jacko

    Bob Dylan's Best Album?

    I'm going with Another side of bob dylan, purely because I think Motorpsycho Nightmare is one of the best stories he's ever told.
  13. jacko

    Top Ten Jazz Mags for a Newbie...

    yes. in fact, in a tin in the loft I still have my 'feed aztecs to me' badge.
  14. jacko

    Bass Cab Power to Weight Ratio ???

    Loudest and best sounding cabs IME are Mesa Boogie Powerhouse but they weigh a ton. Markbass come a close second for power and tone in my arsenal. The TRV 121H wieghs next to nothing but is loud enough to keep up with a double kick drummer.