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  1. jacko

    Tech21 Sansamp BDDI v2

    Bought this in July from Delberthot - he bought it new in June - so it's in perfect condition. Comes in the tin box complete with user guide. Selling as I now have a Fishman Platinum pro on it''s way - more suited to double bass. price is £160 collected from Wilsontown, Lanarkshire or an addition £6 for postage.
  2. jacko

    Your Favorite Bass Prevalent CD?

    Was about to say the same. JM spends much of his DT time either doubling petrucci's lines or using so much distortion it's really hard to pick him out. He's much more prominent in 'The Jelly jam' .
  3. jacko

    £500 - Mark Bass NY 121 x 2

    Are you willing to courier one of these to Scotland?
  4. jacko

    Dream Theater recommendations

    Under peruvian skies from falling into infinity. Quite laid back ( for DT). Agree with Chris. Sherinian's the better keyboard player. As an aside i've seen portnoy and sherinian a couple of times now with sons of apollo and it's really obvious how well they play together and how much fun they're having. Long may it continue.
  5. jacko

    Geddy bass book: SPECIAL EDITION

    it comes with a 'free' copy of the standard book (which at $75 is still too expensive for what it is)
  6. jacko

    Band Personnel Changes

    Yes manage to keep going as Yes despite there being no original members in the band. (they should have given it up when jon anderson left IMO)
  7. jacko

    Bass Issue?

    Alembic do. Just as well as they don't have a quick release battery compartment - you have to go into the control cavity every time you need to change the battery
  8. jacko

    No treble!

    I've got a line6 g55 set up you're welcome to have the use of.
  9. Assuming the insurance company didn't play silly buggers, bass would have to be another Alembic. I've not played any other instrument that I've bonded with as much. I can't replace my rig as Mesa have now stopped making the powerhouse cabs and the titan was discontinued a few years ago so I'd probably end up with a d800+ and a couple of 210 subway cabs. Pedals would stay the same - it's taken years of experimenting to find what works best for me so an MXR envelope filter, a pair of bass soul foods and a tech21 bass boost chorus.
  10. jacko

    Just got this Explorerbird

    Nice. Love the colour.
  11. jacko

    Who did you see live last?

    Sons of Apollo in glasgow last night. Such a joy to watch Mike Portnoy. He should be in every band. Same volume as Motherwell but the Garage is a smaller venue so it was loud as flip!. Once again Billy Sheehan bored me rigid with his tuneless solo and crap overdriven tone. He's so much less distorted on the album. Jeff Scott Soto's voice just gets better and I think Ron 'bumblefoot' thal must be this years big discovery for me - so much humour in his playing. incidentally, Billy didn't look well all night and he seemed to be vocalising his basslines. The support band were appalling - Schiermann. Seemed to be a vehicle for the guitarist's petrucci styled nonsense with a couple of pick up musicians (bass and drums). Couldn't make out anything the bassist was playing.
  12. jacko

    No treble!

    Let us know where and when you're playing next . There's plenty of Scottish based players on here that could come and give your sound guy a good duffing up some sound advice. 😃
  13. jacko

    Difficult load in limited transport

    Very pretty. If you want to keep them that way, I'd unplug the lead when the bass is in it's stand otherwise you can guarantee a guitarist will trip over it and bring the whole thing crashing down.
  14. jacko

    Downloads or a physical product?

    LPs and CDs here. The only time I listen to music digitally is either in the car on planet rock or on youtube if I'm learning a song.