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  1. That, plus a back rest, looks like the perfect addition to my home observatory. You never know where browsing basschat will take you
  2. Being a died in the wool Mesa fan I'd have to say the 400+ coupled to a diesel 215 or 1516 would give me all the tone and heft I'd ever need (plus a hernia).
  3. For pub gigs we use a mackie digital desk and a pair of powered Mackie SRM450s for front of house. 3 mackie thumps for floor monitoring plus a 4th on a stand for the drummer. Works well for us. I'm not going to tell you to do the same but what I will say is every type of stand mounted vocals monitor I've come across (including mackie) has been crap.
  4. 'Awesome' is how I look at it. Luckily we're all quite old with no ego hangups so we help each other with the load ins.Just as well cos there's no way I'd be able to lift that Mesa rig myself.
  5. He hits everything as hard as he can most of the time whether he's mic'd up or not. And he has a lot of things to hit.....
  6. Yes. Our drummer has three cowbells and has broken the mounts on all of them hitting them so hard.
  7. Me and Mica Wickersham at the workshop in 2012. And a shot of the workshop where our babies are born.
  8. The 'rewind' comment above made me think of these two that I will always restart if someone (i.e. mrs jacko) talks to me over the song.. Heart. Alone. ooooooo nancy wilson Tom Petty, Freefallin. Had a drive round reseda and ventura boulevard in 2012. Not as glamorous as I was expecting.
  9. Jackson. Not very imaginative but coming from the North east I've been jacko since middle school (long before I'd even heard of mr pastorius)
  10. dave. What's your band called and do you have a gig listing? I'd really like to hear your 70's glam stuff. graeme
  11. This is pretty much exactly what i'm looking for. Shame it's collection only.
  12. We recorded our Ep at Paul's halls last year. Turned out better than I was expecting but we did use our own gear. We share an old barn near dalmahoy with the drummer's son's band. It's a bit cosy but craigo gets to keep his double kick kit set up so he's happy. I often think rehearsing is a lot worse for drummers than us. Most studio kits are in appalling condition.
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