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  1. A half decent retirement package and a cottage somewhere near Keswick.
  2. jacko

    Kinga Glyk. Nice playing.

    She's a superb player.I like her ensemble stuff a lot
  3. jacko

    Another for Happy Jack

    did he forget to mention he already has Oud, Hurdy Gurdy and Glockenspiel in place?
  4. Doesn't reply to posts on this thread and doesn't reply to personal messages. I think he may have difficulty selling this cab.
  5. jacko

    Best Sounding Bass Recording

    Jimmy Johnson on James Taylor's Hourglass and New Moonshine albums and Ewen Vernal on Kate Rusby's Underneath the Stars
  6. jacko

    I hate people like this...

    Agreed - can't make out the bottom end very well. Mind you I don't get why people rate the vulfpeck guy's bass sound either - over compressed and nasally IMO. Back to these two, I agree they're very talented but the tune does nothing at all for me.
  7. I have a Titan V12 which has Bass, passive Mid and Treble that I'm happy to tweak in flight but it also has a single active parametric mid control that I've set once and never touched since. Had an M9 Carbine that had a graphic which I find easier to use but fr my needs they could have left off the 'voice' knob. The Mpulse I just found too complicated to easily dial in a decent sound.
  8. Too much faff for me. I much prefer a simple bass, mid, treble.
  9. D-class with a tube. Will probably sound amazing and be as reliable as anything else on the market. Shame they've given it a bloody parametric eq. That was the one thing that made me get rid of my m-pulse 600.
  10. jacko

    Culture Club cancel (again)

    When I read the thread title the first thing that came to mind was "thank god for that".
  11. possibly sold pending the usual
  12. jacko

    off to New York next week...Music stores?

    the BDDI doesn't come with a power supply so you don't need to worry about 110 volt transformers. - it has a standard 9 volt socket same as just about every other pedal .
  13. jacko

    Guess the Christmas present?

    Shop window on princes street?