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  1. Just got home from seeing Dream Theater in Glasgow. For once I cold make out some of what Myung was playing. Mike Mangini's kit didn't seem to be mic'd properly (or the sound guy is an idiot) cos we couldn't hear his top end - octobans or smaller toms. James LaBrie's voice isn't getting any better. Still a fantstic gig though.
  2. Dream theater tonight. Glasgow 😀
  3. I thought they were just there to keep the drumster's sweat from splashing around
  4. I'll just say Bass Soul Food then get back to work
  5. They usually come free with Planet Waves leads so whatever diameter they are. They will wrap twice round a 30foot PW lead keeping them nice and secure. i love them. They stay on the amp end of the cable and give a useful loop for keeping that end of the lead hanging in the right place till I plug it in.
  6. One of the big issues I have with guitarists is that whilst we are invariably D.I'd, the guitar amps are mic'd up so any change in their stage volume will affect the offstage sound. This is something else they just don't 'get'.
  7. I left my last band after 9 years of constant moaning from the lead guitarist about my volume - like yours, it's set at soundcheck and never touched. Problem is, his hearing was shot and his ability to distinguish his own frequencies diminished after 30 minutes or so. I did explain this to him but he wouldn't accept it and would turn every gig into a battle. In the end I'd had enough and left. 6 years later my current band complain if I'm not loud enough to overpower our 'double kick drum' maestro.
  8. these sum up my teen listening quite well... Elected, Alice cooper devilgate drive, Suzi quattro gates of Delerium, Yes
  9. that would make a superb home hi-fi set up. Just needs a decent turntable.
  10. I contacted Armstrong pickups a year or so ago when I wanted a magnetic pickup for my 5 string. They came up with a custom design based on measurements I sent them. Works perfectly. the only issue is figuring a way to fasten it to the end of the fingerboard. Cost me £120.
  11. This is really sad news. I've been a fan of his music since my teens although I've never had the chance to see him live. Learning the Hammer and Tongs riff was one of my earliest bass exercises.
  12. Friend of mine was there. Said you put on a superb show.
  13. Nice rig. I have a single ph210 that i use to augment my ph410 when i need to but it doesn't happen that often. I find it a lot easier to move the 410 around than the 210. Probably cos it has wheels 😀
  14. that's my favourite genesis album.
  15. try asking alexa for a blow job
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