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  1. Should have been playing at the Pine Marten, Dunbar tonight but storms earlier this week have caused structural damage so they've closed down. First time we've blown the roof off before we've even got there.
  2. Have we had Bob Segers 'Hollywood Nights' ?
  3. There's some pretty basses on the thread (and some plain ugly ones IMO) BUT I don't think many of them meet the criteria of the OP.
  4. One thing no-one's mentioned on this thread is the need to use proper speaker leads, NOT instrument leads.
  5. So long as you've been playing them for a while in rehearsals you should be fine. I made the mistake of changing my fretless to flats a week before a gig and they hadn't settled in, nor had I got used to a totally different feel, so the numbers I used it on were rubbish. I persevered though and haven't taken them off in over ten years.
  6. I'm not sure two additional power leads over complicates the cabling TBH. To the OP. If you can find a pair of s/h mackie SRM 450s or Mackie thumps then pair them up with one of Behringers 1832FX mixers you'll have a set up that will handle most gigs.
  7. I don't get this. They've had to drive the van to your house, write the card, get out of the van and stick the card in your door. Then come back the following day. How's that any more efficient than knocking on the door and waiting more than a nanosecond for a response? came home yesterday to find an email from Amazon - we've left your parcel in your safe place. After looking there then spending a further few minutes looking in all my other sheds / gazebo etc I eventually found the parcel (now soggy cardboard) underneath the bench next to our porch.
  8. If you're talking about trace elliot, MK was using four 4x10s on stage. Not quite what I'd call combo.
  9. There's a couple of clubs halfway down niddry street between binkies and bannermans I've heard bands on before but I've no idea what they're called. The Dreadnought Rocks club in Bathgate is a pretty good venue that specialises more in tribute bands nowadays. Shame as it's getting harder and harder for rock covers bands to get gigs anywhere in the central belt.
  10. You've had a better experience at edinburgh than me then. Last couple of rooms we've used (upstairs) the bass speaker has been badly distorted so I've had to use a guitar cab and the drums are worse than useless. AND why the hell can't they provide decent lighting? I can't see any benefit rehearsing in near darkness. We've gone back to Stevenson college's Music Box round the corner.
  11. I've used Pirate in Edinburgh. At first it was ok then we were finding the door code didn't work and the bass amps were all starting to give up the ghost - rattly speakers through overuse and no maintenance. Haven't been back for a few months
  12. We're Bass players Dave. I suspect nothing we do will impress anyone besides another bass player.
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