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  1. Amp settings with active bass

    The best comment so far. Just mess around till you get a tone you like and note the settings.
  2. Acoustic (fretless) bass recommendations?

    What do you string yours with? I have laBella deep talkin flats on mine and they sound awesome acoustically but because the B string is exposed core across the bridge the piezo doesn't pick it up as well as the other 4 strings. Not really too much of a problem cos I bought it to play acoustically in the first place but it would be nice to take it to amplified sessions sometime instead of to EUB.
  3. Ampeg news

    I emailed Billy after a Mr Big gig in Glasgow a few years ago to find out why he was using Hartke instead of Ampeg . This must have been shortly after he switched. He told me at the time that although he loved the SVTs he really didn't like the 'made in japan' tag and didn't think they were to the same quality as made in the USA. This surprised me a bit till I started following his facebook posts - he's a republican and very firmly in the pro-trump camp and his political posts reflect this. Shame as he comes across as a really nice guy in person and when he's communicating one to one.
  4. Hah! That's mine. Had it since 1980. Cleaned off a tatty tobacco sunburst that would fetch a fortune these days as a 'roadworn' finish. Plays beautifully and sounds so much better than an original fender. Doesn't get played much as I went 5 string in 1995. The wallpaper was my daughter's choice.
  5. Tech 21 Sansamp BDDi [SOLD]

  6. Plexiglass amp 'cages'.

    is that suggesting they were using AC30's aswell as the marshalls? I'm pretty sure at least half the marshalls across the backline were in use as you could hear them if you walked across the front of the stage. Rhino was using a pair of markbass 410s (painted white to match the marshalls) last time I saw them (xmas 2016) and his sound was pretty much focussed in one place. The same went for Chris squire last time I saw him play with YES - the 'fly from here' tour. His rig was probably louder than the rest of th PA and made the Bass the standout part of the show - not so billy sherwood a couple of months ago who needed some serious compression.
  7. Plexiglass amp 'cages'.

    That always worked for the Quo. Easily the best sound at a gig I've heard in years. Usually disappointed with the sound of 'hung' full range systems that lose all the instrument's definition
  8. I have one of these already and it's loud as f***. Would quite like a second one but it's too far away and I still have to move my PH212 on. Good luck with the sale.
  9. Plexiglass amp 'cages'.

    John Petrucci - Dream Theater springs to mind. A bit hypocritical as he's currently plugging his signature JP series Mesa Boogies.
  10. Plexiglass amp 'cages'.

    You need one of these....
  11. Abe Laboriel jr. Drummer.

    I love watching him on McCartney videos. He always looks like he's having the most fun.
  12. The Bass Walk with Abraham Laboriel

    I can't see anything wrong with the music at all. Not my usual listening but it's entertaining and isn't the usual slapfest dross one sees on youtube. Cato's right - decent speakers make all the difference. Great drumming too.
  13. Bargains on Amazon

    It's a hacked account. Sadly I fell foul of them today, ordering a new CD player the seller doesn't have. . Didn't even look to see what the dealer normally sells in my haste to grab a 50% off bargain. Won't be so stupid next time. Amazon are sorting the refund.
  14. What Trolley do you use

    A maplin 20 quid folding hand trolley. had it for years but the various joints are starting to loosen up so the wheels fold in on themselves after 30 yards or so. might take a look at the B&Q offerings.
  15. High end rig ??

    I'm using a big Mesa rig for bigger gigs - Big Block Titan V12 (1200 watt twin channel monster) , PH410 and PH210. Up till 6 months ago i was using a PH210 instead of the 410 which gave a nice rounded tone for my old wedding band stuff but the PH410 is much more suitable for the harder rock i'm now playing. Plenty of that mythical beast 'heft'. the only trouble is it all weights a ton. photo of the 212/ 210 set up