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  1. jacko

    Bass soul food

    I've had totally the opposite experience with the BSF, having to turn the treble up a fair bit to lighten the tone.
  2. John Myung plays fretless on a handful of dream theater songs - "Through Her Eyes", "Far From Heaven", "Hollow Years", "Peruvian Skies", "Hell's Kitchen" and "The Silent Man". More as a novelty piece for him I suspect. Also have a listen to Peter frampton's 'Frampton comes alive' Stanley Sheldon plays fretless throughout.
  3. depends what tone or attack I want. back at the bridge for a bright / sharp attack, end of the fingerboard for phat slow grooves. Somewhere in between for anything else. i doubt I'd be able to play the wide variety of tunes I do if i stayed in one place.
  4. I must be out of touch. I only recognised 2 names (divinity and hadrien).
  5. Making Music was a great resource pre-interweb. I remember reading in it that Jaco Pastorious had been killed (alongside a very unflattering photo of him with no 2 buzz cut) and being heartbroken that I'd now never get to see him play.
  6. Don't Muse and Green day have to have extra musicians to play their music live? Seems like cheating to me.
  7. Every single one of the songs that inevitably get mentioned as howlers on these threads are the ones that fill the dancefloor. maybe we bass players shouldn't be such snobs.
  8. let's not forget Cardiff's finest.. Budgie. hammer and tongs still on my regular playlist
  9. Many of my favourites in there and I'll add CSN, James Taylor's all star band, Van Halen, Bon Jovi, David Lee Roth, Mr Big, Dream Theater, Alice Cooper Vs Yes, John McLaughlin's bands, Led Zeppelin and the Who.
  10. UFO in Edinburgh tonight. Queen's hall which is a bit odd for a metal gig.
  11. I think the guy deserves recognition for his username alone.
  12. If you read Bob's autobiography you'll find that even he was hugely influenced by his forebears and peers, notably Woodie Guthrie,and Odetta from the folk canon but also rock and roll performers like elvis and little richard.
  13. A month ago I missed my grandson's 4th birthday as we had a rehearsal booked for the thursday night and didn't want to forfeit the fee. I got an ear-bashing from my better half. This week I moved it to tuesday so I could attend my granddaughter's 5th last night. My better half stayed home in bed with Flu.
  14. Odd that you'd start a thread just to slag off a gig you're presumably not planning to attend. If we all did that the basschat servers would fill pretty quickly.
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