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  1. I was at that concert and seeing how much fun Squire was having was what made me become a bassist. He's always been my biggest influence.
  2. Pretty much exactly what I was going to say. I visited Alembic in 2012 and they had huge stocks that they probably haven't touched yet.
  3. We have Are You Ready in our setlist for the classic rock pubs. They love it. The sex on fire brigade just look blank.
  4. Ah well, if you'd said the live dvd..... 🤔
  5. Stanley clarke has a bigsby on one if his alembics
  6. Jimmy Johnson has exclusively played 5 string Alembics since the mid 70's.
  7. I disagree. It was the perfect bass for his crocket and tubbs 'big money' video.
  8. I play my fretless 5 string alembic in my blues trio. Couldn't give a stuff what anyone thinks.
  9. Both Phil Lesh and Jack Cassidy played big semi-acoustic basses with f holes early in their careers and I think it's safe to say they played some of the most exciting basslines you could have heard back then.
  10. Steve Bailey gets my respect simply for having the audacity to play an unlined 6 string fretless.
  11. Oh God, not the highland bagpipe please!! Give me Kathryn Tickell on the Northumbrian pipes any day. In fact just give me Kathryn Tickell and I'll be happy.
  12. I still have my first dolmetsch descant recorder from primary school and play it regularly. I'll be 59 this summer.
  13. Mozart's clarinet concerto. Nice and bouncy.
  14. I can't imagine Ron Carter or Charlie Mingus or Paul Chambers discussing the minutiae of string spacing so you're likely in good company.
  15. I love your solution for the kent armstrong. I've still not got round to fitting mine over a year after receiving it. Looking at your first photo, the pole pieces don't seem to be directly under the B and G strings. Does that affect the amplified sound or is it a trick of the lens? (I also have a five BTW) Graeme
  16. you can get a medal for THAT?????
  17. I was hoping to see them later this year. Not sure that'll happen now
  18. That second sentence suggests that in fact an acoustic bass is probably the MOST useful instrument to have. Certainly in my house, my kelly Dragonfly gets played a lot more often than any other as I don't have the faff of having to plug it in (and the amps all live in an outhouse anyway). Add a bung in the soundhole and the piezo on it means it will hold it's own against 2 guitarists when we do an acoustic set.
  19. There's a link on the markbass website to all their international distributors. Not sure what else you'd expect? My experience with MSL was superb. Speaker in my TRV121 farted out and they replaced it under warranty in a couple of weeks turnaround.
  20. Can't help thinking this would appeal to Compo Simmonite and Nora Batty.
  21. I love this. I had the good fortune to visit the Alembic workshop in California in 2012. They have the ethic of 'waste not want not' and 'why buy a tool if you can make it yourself'. Here's a pic of their main workshop - you'll see all sorts of tools and vices that have been knocked up from offcuts of neck sandwiches.
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