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  1. missed the boat when I was in my teens due to being abroad, but my first major festival was Isle of Wight this year where I played, good fun!
  2. [quote name='[email protected]' timestamp='1496988662' post='3315081'] Yep. On a few stages. Where are you playing? I've got two sets this weekend. [/quote] Sweet! Playing on the Hard Rock Cafe stage at 6.30pm on Sunday. Bands called Pennymob. And you?
  3. [quote name='ROConnell' timestamp='1487927627' post='3244141'] Did a gig at Isle of Wight festival using an Ampeg SVT CL with an 8'10. WOW. [/quote] nice! Thats the house amp right? I'm playing at the Isle of Wight festival this weekend and thats what they have so I'll use it. Never tried it before
  4. The-Ox

    Wrong Key

    happened to me one gig, was a semi tone out so the soundman cut me off - I tried my most complex runs and looked like a right idiot with no sound coming out
  5. The-Ox

    What is it about guitarists

    [quote name='skankdelvar' timestamp='1494000556' post='3292544'] Mr Blue nails it again. I mean, who would one rather work with? Ronnie Wood or the highly-strung Jeff Beck? Rick Parfitt or grouchy old Francis Rossi? The unassuming, biddable Mr Frank Sampedro or his cranky, nitpicking boss Mr Neil Young? Quod erat demonstrandum. [/quote] very true. Although the first comparison, would you rather work with a highly-strung Jeff Beck or a highly-strung out Ronnie Wood?
  6. The-Ox

    Feedback for Nathan

    Nathan bought an Ashdown 515 combo off me, great guy and easy to communicate & deal with. He also helped by suggesting a great courier, thanks Nathan, enjoy the amp!
  7. Also forgot any live version of Magic Bus
  8. Ogdens Nut Gone Flake stands out, never heard such a simple bassline make a song
  9. [quote name='Coilte' timestamp='1490613910' post='3266379'] Spoonful. (I love CREAM'S version). [/quote] good shout! The version for that French TV show is great
  10. The-Ox

    Do all precisions sound the same

    depends on a variety of factors like the pickups, tone pots, strings etc. What I do think is that most Precisions can in some way or the other emulate a certain growl, but i don't think I could get say a Motown type punchy sound out of mine without proper application as it isn't built for it
  11. Entwistle, the way he plays is just unbelievable. The more I study, the closer I get but at the same time the more I realise just how hard it is. I like the variation he showed in his career, more aggressive in the 60s, more melodic in the 70s. His technique was amazing, I've got a good grip on his finger style, picking and general style of play. Overall he's my favourite musician by far. Big respect to Jack Casady, Paul McCartney, Ronnie Lane and Chris Squire too
  12. John Entwistle without a doubt. I didn't even play any instrument before I took up bass, so feels strange when I play guitar now
  13. The-Ox

    WITHDRAWN for now, cheers.

    Great bass! This used to be mine, I miss it!
  14. [quote name='ivansc' timestamp='1484076918' post='3212519'] FWIW I had m 1962 sunburst/rosewood board P bass refinished white to match Rick Will's telecaster and Bubs White's Strat in 1963. Today I have white strat white tee and sunburst 62 reissue Precision, Go figure. Maybe get one of those guitar fablon stickons that Quo came up with? D [/quote] nice!! Do you have any pics of your old P bass? [quote name='itsmedunc' timestamp='1484077372' post='3212525'] Here it is - [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/269188-sold-limelight-precision-no-00125-olympic-white-over-sunburst-tort-guard/page__p__2861878__hl__limelight%20olympic%20sunburst__fromsearch__1#entry2861878"]http://basschat.co.u..._1#entry2861878[/url] [/quote] thank you! Kinda what I'm looking for, maybe a bit less sunburst, bit its the best guide yet, thanks!
  15. yeah agreed, when done well, a subtle bit of sunburst does look good in my opinion. Just debating whether or not to refinish it all olympic white and let the sunburst come through naturally, as its nitro Black would look good too! Although I'm saving that particular look for my next bass purchase