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    I have fond memories of Sid, my 70RI CIJ Precision from my first punk band Kismetik, a decade or so back. Nice narrow, almost J-like nut width and neck, and my fave style of Fender P logo. So when I spotted this pretty rare, late 1990s surf green edition online I dived in. Also I have been under pressure from Mrs C (who ranks basses purely based on colour) to replace 'Minty', my now-sold 62RI surf green Jazz ... oh and @Happy Jackwouldnt sell me his surf green 54P Lull. Well thats my list of excuses ...
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    Fender Precision FSR MIJ Midnight Special Edition Bass 60s reissue. Black and Gold. Legend has it there were only 75 made worldwide. Light as a feather. Fantastic condition. You cant get these anywhere. £995. Cash only. No trades, thanks.
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    Guns n Roses Appetite For Destruction. They never hit the same heights after that album in my humble opinion.
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    My mate's girlfriend's mum asked me if I'd like to 'do her in the shower' at one gig about 25 years ago. I said 'no thanks'. I was about 24 and she looked like Olive from On The Buses.
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    He answered, and what a nice guy!! It was the 59 P bass through the Basing street Ampeg amp. Yay!
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    Get something cheap and rubbish, play it until it annoys you. Then buy something that gets rid of the thing that annoys you.
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    For sale sterling fretless bass Body wood: Ash Fretboar : Rosewood Neck :Maple Scale length: 34" Truss rod: Yes Pickups Active HS Bridge: Humbucker Brand: Music Man Active preamp: Custom SBMM Inlays: Lines Construction: Solidbody Body finish: Gloss Control layout: Master volume, 2-band eq Bridge design: 4-Saddle standard Color: Chrome Price : 650€ Only sale please, Thanks
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    She turned me into a newt. Oh, hang on. Sorry. Wrong film. D’oh!
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    Did you approach many musicians or just bass players?
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    Now Sold! Here is my 2003 Fender Precision USA Highway One Neck. Fully functional, original tuners, frets are pretty worn, but still working. Any questions please ask. More pics here: click
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    On hearing the sad news about Dawson’s Music going into administration I thought it was about time to rummage through a stack of old video tapes and reminisce on how the high street was for us over thirty years ago . Back in the 1970’s and 80’s ABC Music became one of the largest music retail chains in the South. With branches based in Addlestone , Esher, Surbiton, Slough , Oxford and Bristol , the company was for many the introduction and progression with both music and especially gear acquisition syndrome (GAS). Countless hours were spent drooling over guitars , amps and effects in that quest for the ultimate set up. With the exception of Esher , sadly too ,these shops are now long gone.. Anybody here have a few memories or stories they could share ? Apologies for the photo quality as these were taken from 1980’s video footage.
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    Lovely G&L 5 string Tribute bass. Swamp Ash body, maple fretboard, made in July 2008. Controls: Volume Treble Bass Passive/Active/Active Treble boost Pick up selector Series/Parallel switch. Weight 4.5kg/10lbs Shipping to anywhere in Europe £50 insured with UPS.
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    Selling this fantastic clean and 100% original '72. maple board bass. Early '70 Fender basses are the lightest in this decennium and so is this one: approx. 3700 grams on my kitchenscale. A-neck(!), original ashtrays and thumbrest and OHSC. Frets, truss rod, electronics wtc. Everything is perfect. Plays like butter sounds fenomenal. Have to kill darlings and hardly play four strings so this one has got to go.
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    Anyone seen this before? Interesting idea.
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    This might seem strange to some but ever since I started playing I always loved and chased the tone on the first Dire Straits album. For the longest time I assumed that it was a P bass based on a lot of photos of John Illsey from this period (he mostly played a jazz later on). Then through the power of internet i heard this isolated track, and I don´t know what to make of it. It sounds more like a jazz with both pickups I think, it has that phasey thing going on in the high end but I am not sure at all. But it sounds amazing! It is through an amp for sure at least. I´m hoping for some knowledgeable Dire Straits nerds to chime in! Here´s the video:
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    Quality album. I had fist and last and always on vinyl... lent it out... never seen again like many of my records. I am now a definite neither a lender or a borrower be. My nan was right after all....
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    Agreed about Key of Life. I bought that for my wife for a valentines present 3 months after we met........ 20 years later.... I still stand by my choices though. 😊 Ha ha staring at the sea... Sorry you are correct.. I love disintegration too but some of the early stuff is unbeatable
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    For people who hate string silks being on the bridge peices?
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    And I still think it’s a lovely lil amp these days too!
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    The Specials - You only need the first album, and side one of More Specials.
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    When i say i wasn't fussy they were all gorgeous after a few beers. Not so much in morning tho
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    I've just said virtually the same thing 😆
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    I used to have an ebay account normandlanding. It was surprising how many pleople used contact me and not see the jike.
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    That is very lovely and yes, minty. Always fancied a P or a Thunderbird in this...
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    Yes the second from the left is my number 1 bass, the one that always gets played. the depth of the finish on the blue one is amazing although it is shiny so I am always paranoid about scratching it!
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    Think about amperes as watts in your amp. You do not have to use every single mA (watt) the supply (the amp) has, but there is the reserve for different effects (loudnesses). It is always good to have some extra reserve in your PSU, so it does not have to push everything in the whole time it is on. Then it is cooler and lasts longer.
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    I kept looking at this on bass direct too! Enjoy.
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    I know we're in a lockdown and times are really tough, but I find it hard to believe this is still here.. Such a high quality bass! Looks in excellent condition plus the original Yamaha case too... GLWTS @28mistertee
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    When Pick left the band, Sultans became a bland plod, IMO. I don’t think any line-up (band or solo) has done it justice since.
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    Metallica - ReLoad and St Anger 🧐
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    GAS has no cure. Impulsivity is admired and derided equally. People, on the whole are good.
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    That’s good to hear. Bit of any eye-popper that it’s now fretless, but hey, it is a Wal after all. 😉 Been watching some footage I shot at home while I had it; I remembered when I got rid of it thinking that the sound wasn’t really 100% working for me (although the main reason I let it go was the weight), but the footage told me I was very wrong indeed. In fact I probably never sounded better! 😂
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    Wedding. Bride is stoned. Shouts us: play a Polaroid! Teachers are having a party. In between sets I ask a familiar looking lady if she is my old schoolmate Sarah: "I'm Hannah, but I can be Sarah, if you wish so!"
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    Here's something to cure your GAS. Say you get furloughed or let go. The wages stop coming in. Can't eat a bass, can you?
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    This thread has made me realise that apart from acoustics, this is the only natural wood finish I've got.
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    One from the 1980’s.
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    He’s hardly Donal MacIntyre, but presumably thinks he is some kind of investigative journalist. Give some people a camera and WiFi 🙄 Just get in touch with the company, and if they don’t sort it, then go to the press. Unless your need to be “looked at” outweighs your moral outrage of course.
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    But still - extra views to screw over a business. Not a good look.
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    Very good advice from @ClassicVibes If you get a moderate priced bass to start on (and a couple of hundred quid and a browse on some of the online retailers - Andertons, GuitarGuitar, PMT, GAK etc - will furnish that by return of post) then you have something decent to start your development on. As others have said there are few fundamentally bad basses around these days. Then when we're back to some sort of normality and lockdown has been raised, in N London you're well placed to browse the really nice basses in London (Guitar Guitar, The Bass Gallery - Camden; Wunjos, The Bass Cellar - Denmark Street; PMT - Farringdon/Clerkenwell...) and find out what really floats your boat in that £1k+ price range. Lots of nice basses to look at in those shops before you even consider the Basschat classifieds here. Also budget for a small amp too... something like a Fender Rumble 15 or 40 to facilitate your home practice.
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    I owned a Bacchus P bass for a while. Great bass, dimensionally slightly smaller that a Fender and much lighter. Very well made indeed and is one of the MIJ Woodline Series. (this was
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    This little chap is excellent. I took delivery of this little combo on Friday courtesy of Thomann. I've been on the lookout for a decent practice amp as living in a terrace house with arsey neighbours can really put a dampener on practicing with a large cab and powerful amp. Even with the volume right down it's probably too loud. So I spotted this B-stock bargain and snapped it up. I've owned a couple of the 'larger' PJB combos which were excellent so I knew it was going to be alright but in all honesty I wasn't expecting too much from such a tiny amp like this. First thing that I noticed when I took it out of the box is just how well made it is, it's a smart little thing, sturdy and just 'feels' quality so 5 Stars there. I first tried it out using a Precision with dull flats on, no problems with that. To get the scooped sound I prefer needed almost all the mids dialled off, bass at 12 o'clock and the treble at 4 o'clock. Sounded ok, certainly useable and playing along to tunes at a reasonable volume it handled it very well. Now take the amp off my 4x10 cab and place it on the floor makes a big difference. It goes from being ok to pretty darn good and not to annoy those next door I did have to turn it down a bit. Second bass I used was my Precision with shiny new round wounds on. Much brighter sound obviously and very happy with what was coming out of the speaker. Finally I plugged in my Fodera, set the EQ flat and yep, all very HiFi as you'd expect. The little amp handled it well, even with the bass boosted a bit it didn't break down. Its never going to be an amp you could gig with except maybe a quiet acoustic type event but for home practice its superb.
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    You require a Fender Rumble V3 15 which is geared towards the low end. For a tiny amp it produces plenty of deep bass.
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    Classic example of the 'Fight, Flight, Freeze' stress response. The best way to deal with it is to become 'competent' and be assured in your competence ... which is not the same as being 'confident'. Confidence is free - anybody can help themselves to as much confidence as they like - but given that most people (especially the testosterone fuelled younger male of the species) secretly overrate their own abilities it is often not based upon anything tangible. Get better and build a quiet sense of assurance upon a solid foundation of competence. It never fails.

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