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  1. Well, I got a zoom b1x four and what can I say beyond "now I can't feel the fingertips on my right hand" it sure does give one the confidence to dig in. The octaver is a nice thing and there's a lot of bleepy bloop in that box AND it connects to linux just fine.

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    2. caitlin


      Yup, all I did was plug it in to see if linux saw it, used the computer to select octaver so i didn't have to find it by scrolling and then i played sledgehammer on repeat for about 20 mins

      a trip through the inbuilt patches one by one and then put it to bed because 'dinner' and 'going to the cinema' and stuff.

      I generally can't stand messing about with tiny menus and button combi-presses which is one reason I went for a computerable doodle. I think that's going to be a really big help.

      the explosion thing is stupid, what is that even for? :P

    3. stewblack


      Ha ha - I have no idea unless you play Hellraiser by Sweet which ends with a bang. The ToneLib software is very good, better than Zoom's own in my opinion.

    4. caitlin


      interesting, I do have a mac in my wee studio for running logic on, because no way am I dealing with linux real time audio and flipping jack on a laptop but I don't expect to use zoom's software on it.

  2. Stretching off, how does that work? I'm trying to stay relaxed, but pushing tempo on some riffs, inevitably there's a build up of lactic acid and whatnot in the muscles that don't understand what's needed of them yet, how does one warm up and down as a noob so one doesn't turn into a total mess?

    1. SpondonBassed


      I seem to remember this being dealt with a couple of years back.  Perhaps someone remembers it better than me.  I think there was a set of exercises to limber up the body before strapping on the bass.

      Then there are always things like The Spider...


    2. caitlin


      That's cool, thanks... amusingly of course that's the kind of warm up i might want to warm up for :) Looks like some good stretches in there and practise at reaching as well.

    3. JapanAxe


      I avoid stretching my fingers and move my whole hand instead. This means my arm is doing more work and my fingers less, but I have stronger muscles in my arm than in my fingers so it's not a problem.

  3. Srsly though why do people keep trying to steal my cable? Is there a decent system for labelling them? grrr.

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    2. Geek99


      Paint it neon pink or green 

    3. obbm


      Sadly not any more.  I stopped stocking red cable because there was no demand.

    4. MacDaddy


      Except from me! 

  4. nnnnnngggg... I'm in central Scotland so this almost seems a no brainer. I'd only want one though What's this about the 4ohm conversion because I'd want to push it with an elf... is that insane?
  5. 64 foot port on the cab should sort a vaulted church just fine. Vox Dei pedal after a compressor, perhaps?
  6. People you don't get on with is mostly the bad idea unless it's just for money and there is professionalism to rely on. Different musical tastes though, I don't listen to a lot of metal but hells its FUN playing drums in a metal band *smash smash dugga dugga* etc. It can sometimes be nice to stretch your legs a bit, no?
  7. That was scarier than it should have been.

    I broke my bass.

    I fixed my bass.

    Wasn't quite careful enough and grounded out the signal lead on the body of the new jack socket like a *chump*. Zero noises when the cable is knocked now.

    1. TheGreek


      Phew...Glad to hear it's fixed...

    2. caitlin


      Good news really, since I seem to have acquired a new bass teacher today. I'd look really silly turning up to a lesson with a broken bass /o\

  8. Yeh, That epoxy thing looks like a better plan. I was mostly just popping in to say that if you use a normal screw through the laminate and the block you're hoping to glue clamp in then it wouldn't deliver a clamping force unless you add the strap button at the same time *and* have the hole in the laminate oversized so the screw threads don't bite into it.
  9. Opening the tin on something mains powered which puts voltages across your head AND has a warrantee sounds like silliness to my mind I've never heard of ANY kit since a crystal radio set that had a mono headphone socket, this this sounds like it's broken and needs to get sent back, this is quite probably the reason for the first return but it tested out ok because they didn't check the headphone socket
  10. Have you tried cleaning your ears? Still curious what these ear bins actually ARE.
  11. What kind of headphones are these? brand? model, picture?
  12. See how the connectors on the cables have metal bits and black bands? The metal is the contact for one of the channels or earth or microphone or whatever. The very end that you can poke yourself with is the Tip (T) then there's a Ring (R) and then there's metal all the way down to the base of the plug, which is the Sleeve (S) (TRS) If you find some headphones that came with a mobile phone or something that has a microphone you'll see there's another metal band, so there's the Tip, a Ring, another Ring and then the Sleeve (TRRS) Sometimes the contacts inside a socket aren't set up to understand TRRS and fail to ground out properly if the wrong connector is used. Your headphones don't have a microphone attached do they? Because a TRS cable might confuse the headphone end if it WANTS a TRRS.
  13. I'm out of ideas, thanks for the clarification, it doesn't look like you have a TRRS issue anyway. If this thing is new you should get warrantee support, right?
  14. so if you have the head plugged into a cab, you plug your ipad into the head using that red cable, and it plays fine, audio from the ipad and the signal from your bass, but if you unplug that red cable from the ipad and instead use it to connect your headphones then it sounds wonky in one of the headphone speakers? That cable looks really short for headphones
  15. what does the tip of the headphone wire look like? you've posted the cable from the ipad to the amp, right?
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