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  1. More Than A Feeling is harder to play than I expected considering I know the song of old. Nothing in it is particularly hard, but I'm a noob and it's stretching me. What fun!

    (obv playing it on a 5 st not a DADG 4 Like an idiot)

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    2. caitlin


      I got it off one of the tab sites, there's *one* place where it seems to want a low D but I don't have good enough ears to know if that's *really* the case. I've got a spare low D obv so I can leave my tuning alone.

    3. Kev


      DADG 4 like an idiot????

    4. caitlin


      I mean I'm an idiot for 5ing it RATHER than playing it in on a normal Drop D bass. You're quite correct, I can't grammar.

  2. I've smashed the BE2 in with extreme violence, Forstner bits and chiseling a plenty, here's where we stand as of now: I had some trepidation about plugging it in, I checked as many things as I could think of with my multimeter and then whacked it into my zoom pedal on batteries as a sacrificial object that could make noise. I can hear it doing a balance between pickups, I can hear it doing a bass boost and cut and a treble boost and cut which to be honest is more than I could hear the original electronics doing. That cavity is tight as anything and I have to admit that the board and jack socket are an interference fit, the saving grace is that it's an earth that's rubbing against the earth of the board so there's no electrical risk there. I am underwhelmed with the sound, I expected it to be night and day, but there it is. I guess the pickups are potentially at a price point but it's not a lively responsive instrument at present, and the other day when this was gutted and I went back to my 4 string, I was stunned by how much more articulate and dynamic that one sounds in comparison. Of course I did get to play a friends' very modern Ibanez a month or three back and I found that almost unmanageable, by which i mean it really laid my crappy fingers out plain. I'll give this setup some time, and prod it a bit, perhaps muck about with pickup heights but it's interesting how this experience is going. What fun.
  3. Aw flip, I thought my socket was a stereo one, but its not, the third pin is connected to the barrel, but never to the sleeve of the jack, there's no switch closing taking place. A stereo socket becomes ordered and should hopefully land with the other junk on Thursday. Back to working on the motorbike for a bit then.
  4. The BE2 is HERE. I'm started soldering JST tails to it so I don't need to mod the plug and fail nature of the existing electrics. Still need to work out how the hell the wiring on the socket works, it is a three pin dooble but i'm going to need to shove leads in and out of it to understand which bit is the 'switch' and how that goes between plus and ground in any case. The BE2, with a little violence, slides into the existing holes, but since some move cavity needs to come out to allow the battery to fit I've got some forstner and some wood chisel in the post. Should be able to get this hammered in by the weekend for much grin and more drive and hopefully a lower noise floor into the bargain..
  5. Shoulda stuck to drums.
  6. ha looks like none plays it there. meh. back to the thinking about it.
  7. Well, I knew changing to 5 strings was a paradigm shift and not playing the B string was the lamest thing any 5 string wannabee could do. It's *fun* re-working out fingerings for songs but damn, some are confusing. I have a stupid book with I Wish in it but it LIES and has it written for 4 string in E when the real song is in E flat, right. So I'm tuned B E A D G and I'm starting the first riff at fret 11 of the E string (which is obv Eb), does that sound mental? It's dropped the 'shape' of the pattern into a scale box shape I understand and the pitches seem sensible but I can't help wondering where the 'best' place to phrase it is. Better go look at some videos and peel my eyes for the bassist.
  8. That's an astonishingly kind offer, however I looked at those very options and think the boards might be too tall to fit in this cavity which is why I leaned towards the BE2 which is horizontal. As it goes, I've a BE2 in the mail so I'll give you a shout if that doesn't show up or doesn't fit. Thanks.
  9. Hah, wonderful! Having looked up what they are; if I have to do this again that's a decent shout, also useful if I expand from TIG to MIG in the future
  10. How much does intonation vary on different strings? Obviously this is still settling in, and i have few clues, but my saddles are currently really far back, in fact the B is out of travel, but I adjusted the truss rod and now the 12th fret is a bit flat so the saddles will need to move forward for a couple of strings. The B is really clanky and buzzes a bit, but higher action would be insane, it's already like trying to crush a railway sleeper, my left hand *hurts* I've reworked two of the songs I like to play to use the low B and it's nice not needing to change hand position but there are a few more fret to fret+4 reaches than in the 4 string positions, so it's an interesting trade off between three fret and 4 fret reaches and staying in one position.
  11. I've not been gigging for a while but I do remember that during a verse I would forget how the chorus goes, but strangely enough just before the chorus turns up the knowledge would seem to *arrive*. Of course I get a bit of a cheat, there's loads of places on a drum kit you can hide some notes about 'how that tricky one goes'
  12. Nut slotting files are £150 on that guitar shop from the bloke with tattoos on his head so the £3.80 draper files I've just slotted mine with are totally fine, right? The B E A and D strings didn't want to drop into the slots in the nut, so i've mashed them carefully wider whilst trying not to make them any deeper. I still think the action is pretty high on this, but I'll try other things before filing the slots deeper since there's no undoing that. I'm planning to swap the nut out at some point but I may as well learn as much as i can with this one first.
  13. My zoom b1x thingy ran out of batteries and I can't remember which psu is compatible with it, darn centre positive non centre positive junk.

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    2. caitlin


      yeh, but have you seen what they WANT for a psu? I'm pretty sure my alesis one works. either that or raid a kitchen cupboard for another 4 AAs. Thanks anyway. Sometimes I just like to complain :D

    3. SpondonBassed


      Yes but now you know the polarity and you can use a compatible PSU out of a lucky bag if you want...

      No thanks necessary.

    4. caitlin


      Shan't thank you then, ner. (leaves button un-clicked)

  14. I measured it and it looks like a BE2 will fit, ho hum, I wonder if it'd be worth the cash.
  15. It sounds 'good' and it's fun playing an uppy down the neck song in all one position but the wiring is mince, the tone knobs do NOTHING and it's pretty hissy. So I think sod all that and lets get an active EQ for it, I don't know if the ARTEC BE2 fits or not, so it's time to do some measuring, I guess.
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