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  1. Generally Musical Theatre band books come in a red bound book like this: I suspect the 'Mao red book' thing might be only with a certain generation though
  2. I like 42nd Street band. The pit band is already taken and has a huge following
  3. Can I get some ideas for names for a corporate/wedding/function band? I'm sure its been asked before, but boy is it FUDGING hard to think of an original, unoffensive, bland, band name for corporate gigs? The guys I'm forming it with are two other pit musicians, so if it has some subtle Musical theatre reference , thats cool Ideas so far: Upstage The Red Book Band The Interval (s?) Stage Right
  4. Definitely falling into the business side of bands here I'm setting up a pro function band, from scratch, and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a CRM? I've seen things like Giggio (I'm not sure about , because doesn't have the band organising side in it) but open to ideas
  5. To be fair, Cambridge Cornex is effing awful for sound. I _believe_ the sound there actually is what triggered a position vertigo I had a few years back. 3 weeks of not being able to do much more than sit down or lie down for hours on end , as standing up or moving made me sick.
  6. I did a gig as an opening act supporting black box. One of hte weirdest gigs I've done but Black Box were awesome. How do you define a dance track? If we're talking 'Eurodance' I'm going to put my £0.02 with
  7. Does being forced to leave early due to train timetables count? I had to leave Stevie Wonder in hyde park doing the whole of Songs in the Key of Life early Why? Because he started nearly an hour late, then had a 1 hour break between sets /(discs on the album).
  8. Do they only wear masks when it is uncool to do so?
  9. Haha, yes I appreciate there are older people here, but I was just a bit mindblown by a comment from one of the kids I coach . About how the music I listened to is old. then I realised it was in fact, 30 years old , which is the difference between when I was a boy and the music my parents would listen to.
  10. Consider the fact that those who are young kids now look at our music from the 90's /00's and think of it in the same way that we (parents of young kids - ie millenials) looked at music from the 60's when we were young.
  11. for the sake of argument - MP3 really flips around with speeds and timing, but you are largely right
  12. Last time I used premiere I definitely didn't obtain it through a sea based downloading website ...
  13. Not free but Adobe Premiere I found spectacularly easy to do what you described on. I haven't used for a while and i think it is now a cloud/monthly based model Its not much different to editing audio (on a very basic level) - put your audio layers and video layers on and change the levels etc etc As a soundie, it made the most sense to me
  14. QFT Thing is i'd love to share some of this around the social medias but just know its not going to be the same in a different forum
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