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  1. This is the usual maths used in catering industry. 3x ingredient cost for sales cost of food. It works out as a good rule of thumb as the assumption is that you have low paid staff when you're selling cheap food
  2. I still do but the problem wkth goalies is either too many or not enough, and we're in the too many phase at the moment, with 9 for 5 teams!
  3. I run a rack mount x32 mixer and then carry a 16 ch analogue in case
  4. Im with you. In ears allow us to sound bloody good because there's no ambient amp noise and no bleed!
  5. I don't get through many strings, but if appears that several of the d'addario strings are widely out of stock. Is there some issue or is it just coincidence?
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Hey it has been recommended to me that I store my pops rosin in a cloth (in the tub) However the cloth I have used (a glasses cloth) is just sticking to it Is there a type of cloth you'd recommend?
  8. Hey Al I'm not in london but a band I dep for outside london might be interested in this - you got an email or anything I can get them to send you some stuff over for? S
  9. Hey. I'd recommend contacting either Becca Robinson She's moved a little bit out of Cambridge but when I've played with her, she is one of those drummers that I just click with http://www.beccadrums.co.uk/ Luke Pettit He's in Bury St Edmunds, another top drummer and very friendly chap. https://www.lukepettitdrums.com/ Both of these peeps I know through theatre and function work, are both classically trained and very able at all styles. The third person, who I know taught Becca above, I always hear as a recommendation, but I don't know/have never worked with personally is Roger Batting http://rogerbatting.com/home/
  10. Booked myself in for my first ever bass lessons
    Despite having played for nearly a decade, being able to read music and stuff, I feel weak and plateau'ed - no idea what to expect from lessons but hopefully some guidance!

    1. dodge_bass


      Awesome - enjoy! 

  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Generally Musical Theatre band books come in a red bound book like this: I suspect the 'Mao red book' thing might be only with a certain generation though
  13. I like 42nd Street band. The pit band is already taken and has a huge following
  14. Can I get some ideas for names for a corporate/wedding/function band? I'm sure its been asked before, but boy is it FUDGING hard to think of an original, unoffensive, bland, band name for corporate gigs? The guys I'm forming it with are two other pit musicians, so if it has some subtle Musical theatre reference , thats cool Ideas so far: Upstage The Red Book Band The Interval (s?) Stage Right
  15. Definitely falling into the business side of bands here I'm setting up a pro function band, from scratch, and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a CRM? I've seen things like Giggio (I'm not sure about , because doesn't have the band organising side in it) but open to ideas
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