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  1. You might be since I’ve added another clip!😁
  2. I made another one, this time with the Ray4 preamp boosted just a bit (bass and treble just a tiny bit boosted). Also threw in my P bass because why not?
  3. There is quite a weight range on Fenders so look around for a light one. On a side note, my Sterling Sub Ray4 is very light and it seems most of the new ones are, so if you like that sound there is hope there as well. Also if balance is an issue light jazz basses balances a bit better than P’s due to the offset in my experience.
  4. A jazz type bass and the wal actually sounds almost exactly the same through a gk like amp setup. Check this sound test between wal and yamaha bb604 basses playing a Flea bass line: https://www.talkbass.com/threads/wal-tone-for-320-the-answer-is.1475984/ It sounds much more similar than I would have thought but there it is. I think a big part of the BSSM sound is actually the amp.
  5. Thanks, looks like the D Lakin shark is the winner!
  6. What is this? Looks a bit like a music man but different headstock and single coils? https://www.instagram.com/p/CItCmYbpAOu/?igshid=1q706f5eu1f98
  7. Which tone do you guys prefer? The jazz, wal thing or the slightly “tighter” ray or modulus sound? To me he sort of goes back and forth between them on different albums.
  8. Pros use the same stuff everybody else uses in my experience. Everything from really cheap to expensive stuff. Sound wise it does not really matter in the end.
  9. The Ray has more high end on tap if you boost the treble more though, but yes the jazz sure has a lot of high end going on. And I did not even have the tone all the way up!
  10. I wanted to try something different than my usual P bass:
  11. I think the people who care are generally musicians themselves, and among non bass players I get the feeling Fenders are the most “approved” and recognised brand . So even if you have let’s say an Ibanez with a p pickup that sounds exactly like a P bass many musicians might be sceptical OR intrigued at first. The audience does not care unless it’s something totally wild like a BC Rich in a jazz band or something if even then. To generalise I also think that different instrument groups are more or less conservative(not talking politics here). For example guitarists seem more conservative and wants everything to be more “vintagey”, while drummers and bass players tend to be more open minded about modern stuff.
  12. Yeah as previously mentioned, remember that people listen with their eyes. Took me a long time to realize that!
  13. I use the Helix stomp amp models or IK Multimedia Amplitube Ampeg B15 in logic with headphones and I really get a great practice amp sound. DI can sound great though!
  14. Any link to the shootout for those of us who missed it! I’ve heard about it before and that the results were rather unexpected and interesting! Regarding the OP, I think the dry lined signal in headphones of any bass is sort of an aquired taste. I happen to like it but many use an amp sim when practising through headphones.
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