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  1. There is now a second video at the top with the Stingray preamp set to 70% on bass and treble for comparison! Someone pointed out that it would be useful to hear more of the boosted preamp sound since that is how many use the Stingray. There are of course millions of combinations but I settled for this.
  2. I will make a part 2 of this soon with a slight bass boost on the preamp as well, which I think is the way most people use it.
  3. If it’s a single pickup bass with a mudbucker at the neck then I agree, unless you only play with a pick in which case it sounds awesome.
  4. Extreme neck dive, extreme weight (70’s fenders).
  5. I made this comparison, and of course a poll on which one you like! EDIT: there is now a second video with the Stingray preamp boosted to about 70% on bass and treble (50% being middle detent).
  6. I just tried a variety of Sandbergs. After trying both the TM and the TT the sound I ended liking the most was the TT in passive mode. The TM was a cool slightly different sound too. So I guess a passive TT 4 or 5 string is in my near future. All the Sandbergs I played had amazing quality and feel, I can’t believe I didn’t try them before.
  7. Well it definitely shows why you cannot build a MM/P bass that can do both sounds accurately. The MM pickup overlaps the back P bass coil. Darn it!
  8. If you use the neck pickup soloed most of the time go PJ, otherwise jazz or something with more balanced pickups. The live sound problem could have to do with other things than the bass though. Take it easy with low freq eq and push the mids/highs if you want to cut through more. Sometimes the room is just hopeless and also remember that the sound on stage next to the amp is not what it sounds like in the audience.
  9. Ideally I would want both a more traditional active jazz sound AND something different with the TM but if I have to choose I think I will go for the TT. Now the question is 4 or 5 strings haha…
  10. Hello Sandberg enthusiasts! I’m getting either a TT or TM and I am wondering how they compare in the coil tap mode.
  11. I can say that the Stingray Special is one of if not the most comfortable bass I have tried. Very light also.
  12. Especially if played through an amp/amp plugin in my experience.
  13. You are definitely right, but in my defence it is also quite difficult to level match. What is perceived as being louder is often different to the actual db, so I compromise. For example a sound with bigger peaks (such as the Ray) will read as being louder than it sounds. If I do this again I will try to avoid looking at meters and only use my ears!
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