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    arrived this morning. Birdseye maple facings, ebony fingerboard I've had a couple of Wal's before (one second hand from the mid '80's, one that was new but not my custom order from the late '90's) and those never quite felt like they were "mine". Also, necks a bit on the chunky side. This one is most definitely mine, and the neck is unbelievably slim and fast. Plus, you know, it sounds like a Wal. Just all round gorgeous - now that I have it the two year wait seems completely worth it. Another reason to hope for the end of the lockdown so I can take it to a studio and play it through a cranked up amp And Paul and Philip at Wal were excellent to deal with - top marks all round. My boss thinks I'm working this afternoon. My boss is wrong
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    Now open to trade! Jazz or precision or PJ 4 four strings and cash in my favour MTD Lynn Keller 532 24, 5 strings Body: Mahogany, maple burl top. Neck: Maple and Granadillo finger board. Buizen feiten tuning system 32” scale, 24 frets 16,5 strings space Titanium bars along the truss road Bartolini pickups Volume treble pan bass med Mid switch Original case It is new, only a couple of notes in the studio. This bass has a price of 4799 pounds or 5300 euro Shipping free.
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    After 2-3 years hearing good things about it, last week I was alone in front of my computer and I caved in. I ordered one, and it arrived today. It's not good. It's REALLY good. Nice range of overdrives, from round and fat to aggressive and gritty, just by turning the "voice" control. No low end loss to speak of, and it's got a 3-band EQ so you can easily adjust the basic sound should you need it. I first used it with my Stratocaster... and I liked it a lot, nothing extraordinary but I got easily some really cool sounds. I've owned a couple of old Fender valve amps and I could recognise some of teh sounds in here, with low gain. So far so good. BUt on bass? Fantastic. I especially liked this lowish gain, fat, creamy compressed type of sound... hmmm. Hard to describe, I should record some clips. Anyway, I just wanted to say that if you're looking for a nice overdrive that works well on bass and is versatile... you should consider this one. If you also want it to be cheap, then you DEFINITELY should consider this one.
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    Really appreciate it. The support all round has actually taken me back a bit. Had a little card left on the van yesterday to say thanks. There are loads of lovely things in windows and on doors to say thanks too.
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    I really like how you do the finishes on your builds Andy, it always amazes me that it is brushed/wiped on. It seems a very organic finish that really complements the natural wood. Top work 👍
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    It still holds up really well. Branson's Virgin empire was pretty much built on that one record. It got loads of airplay because the piano intro was used on the soundtrack for [i]The Exorcist[/i] which was released the same year (1973) when Oldfield was 19. At a time when there was a lot of well cheesy pop in the charts it was a sign of independent intellectualism, good musical taste and ultimate progressive cool to be seen with a copy of that album under your arm.
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    Fascinating! It'll be interesting to see how good a 'rattle can' paintjob can end up. 👍 Here's a thought -- white spray cans are as cheap as black (from the motorfactors)... and could that headstock be converted to 3+1... ? Oooo, white, with those black blocks... with an M&Ms logo! I have other 'ideas', but they're mostly based around an online farting competition... 😬
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    It's reminiscent of coach painting. When you see how good a hand finish can be you wonder why folk don't insist on it. Granted, no-one wants adverts hand-painted on coaches or buses in the 21st century but there is still a place for the craftsman in the right setting. Agreed. "Top work"
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    If the legend that is Lemmy likes The Ramones that's good enough for me!
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    Red tort looks naff. Brown tort looks classy.
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    I don’t know about the bass, but with the short blond hair he looks like the lovechild of commander Ed Straker and Klaus Kinski.
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    Like a lot of people my job has been furloughed leaving me with more time on my hands. Obviously I could be using the time to get better at playing but that would be far too sensible. Instead I decided that the hideous pink of my cheap Joyo British Sound pedal was the perfect excuse to get creative with a bit of a horror vibe.
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    Roland XP-10 Multitimbral Synthesizer including generic AC adaptor & printed & bound manual. This is a 5-octave, 61-key unit with a surprisingly wide range of features. Used but fully functional, this is in excellent condition for a 25-year-old synth, and would be equally useful as a cheap & cheerful stage unit in a live setting, or as a simple startpoint for a beginning keyboard player. BASICS Despite being 'entry-level' in 1994, the XP-10 still provides a large range of quality sounds including: · pianos, · organs, · strings, · synth sounds & effects, · drum sounds. There's also a nice, sensitive tonewheel for 'bending' the notes when playing synth solos. The XP-10 does NOT have on-board amplification. Outputs include 1/4" jacks (L & R with L Only = Mono) to plug the keyboard through an amp, combo, or PA, plus a headphone socket for silent practice. FEATURES FOR LIVE PLAYING This was one of the earliest keyboards to allow split sounds between right & left hands ... the lower half of the keyboard can be set to 'double bass' while the upper half is set to 'piano', for example. If you're not great at playing in keys with three sharps or four flats, the XP10 has a very quick-and-simple transpose function which allows you to play in (for example) C and F while actually producing music in the keys of E and A. These features are very handy for live use, especially if keys are being changed at short notice like a jam session. MIDI STUFF The Roland XP10 is multitimbral, allowing multiple sounds to be played simultaneously using MIDI input. It is a simple GM-compatible synthesiser that is ideal as a sound source for playing back General MIDI sequencer files. The sample set is drawn from the Roland JV- and XP-series of synthesisers. There is also an arpeggiator that can be synced to the MIDI clock. BAD STUFF The only issue with this unit is that the On/Off button has always been dodgy since I bought it ten years ago. The guy I bought it from showed me how to wedge a matchstick in to hold it in the 'On' position. The matchstick you see in the photo has been there since 2011. No extra charge. SO WHY SELL IT? Thanks to Lockdown, I've been spending far more time playing R'n'R piano than bass, and I now feel an urgent need for a keyboard with 88 weighted keys. This one has to go to help fund the upgrade. I've never really used MIDI anyway. Dimensions = 93 x 29 x 9 cm, Weight = 5kg The keyboard is in Harrow (NW London) and, whilst I distance socially as much as the next guy, I'm quite happy to meet (carefully and under appropriate medical supervision) in order to hand this over. Within a sensible (i.e. short) distance, of course. Failing which, I have enough cardboard to do make a decent fist of packing this for a courier.
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    Hi, Im from Argentina (excuse my poor english) and I made this bass starting with an old jazz body, some pallet wood and a chinese lefty neck. Pickups are from 2 Squier basses and tunners are Gotoh Classic. I hope you like it.
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    They wouldn't be in my top 10 (only Carol Kaye would feature at that very top end), but I'd certainly be cool with bumping a couple of the others further down the list to make way for this pair 😉
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    I concur, a set of glass weighing scales gently tapped against the base of the loo as I slid it between loo and wash basin. It instantly transformed into granules, no injury.
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    I will reserve judgement until I play one. Anyone knocking a product without actually trying it themselves is clearly not worth the time.
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    That's a real nice personal touch, love it. Yes your absolutely right that you never ever make you money back on a Bitsa bass, but I'm like you I build something I fancy which I know I would never be able to find in the real world. It's just a passion I suppose. Have you any experience of Herrick Pups? Originally I planned to use another Jess Loureiro split '51 P Pup simply wired in series, but I had trouble contacting Jess, no email response, no website response, I know he's a one-man-band and the Lockdown in Spain hasn't helped but it was just radio silence, so I just ordered the Lindy Fralin direct from USA and it arrived in 4 days😎. The duty and handling is a very expensive pain🤐.
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    It turns out that Darkglass merch is not as expensive as darkglass gear is: https://darkglass.myshopify.com/ Just got some in the post today, some of the T shirts are crew neck and they dont have stock of all sizes in all of them. Here's my fave, glows in the dark as well: (and yes, I am sucking it in)
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    I wanted more of a 50's P look and the original white one wasn't doing it for me so I swapped it out.
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    Simpler is good, can’t fault that
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    I think that's an example of what @Andyjr1515 meant here: 😃
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    Yeah, it's a Guitarbuild walnut body and Allparts Tele neck, with Hipshot hardware. I tried to base it on a Mike Lull 54P, like a modern take on it, so I ended up with one at less than half the price of what a Lull would cost! 😂 Would never back for it what it cost to put together, but like I said, I would never sell it...got my wee boy's initials and DoB on the decal, so hoping when he's old enough he'll take an interest and I can pass it on to him.
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    🤢 Man, that is nasty! Fingers crossed for a good heal.
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    feck!! no such thing as a simple DIY job,Wishing you a speedy and full recovery.
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    I love finding out that I have been turning my amp off 'wrong' for 6 and a half years 😅
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    We'll keep an eye out in the Northeast for a seismic event 😉
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    Hello guys! How are you? So i just hear a great song that made me lift my bass! I hope all the best to everyone!
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    Hmm intriguing. I'm not sure I know what you mean about the head. Do you mean a paint design/scheme or an actual picture of some sort? If I go with the black colour I did think something like this raven as a logo, either in black against the natural wood, or stuck on, sprayed black and then peel the decal off to leave a natural wood raven against a black background, then lacquered obviously. You've also got me thinking about green. A nice dark BRG with cream scratchplate, I kind of Lotus Cortina theme.
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    Similar, but not quite the same. "Old School" is pretty much the same as the VLE found on the Litte Mark range but with slightly different EQ points, whereas the "Millerizer" function is a band pass filter than only passes frequencies between 5 and 12kHz.
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    +1 for the extra cab. A more powerful amp will not drive the speaker harder than your current amp, but another cab will make a huge improvement in your sound, even if you play it at lower volumes.
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    I’m with you. I think they are wonderful instruments 🙂 I hope it gives you a lifetime of service to make up for the wait!
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    Desperate times, Lozz......😆😆
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    I like this guy's Youtube Videos for theory: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRDDHLvQb8HjE2r7_ZuNtWA/videos There are loads on chords although they are very guitar oriented, and it's maybe backwards in that he's dealing with writing using these progressions (which is what I'm interested in) rather than recognising them, but still maybe useful. A few examples:
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    SOLD - Due to not getting used in the last 12 months I am parting with my favourite cab ever, too good just to be sat in the cupboard. This cab was my second NEOX2 - i missed my first so much i got another, brilliant understated lightweight cabs! Preferred over some of the bigger named 2x12's out there. Stupidly selling this one as i now have 2 x Hartke 12" cabs and whilst the Genz is superior in sound it's unlikely to get a look in realistically, plus I prefer the flexibility of being able to take one cab out, which to be fair most of my gigs have been quiet acoustic types over the last 12 months. Bought from another Basschatter and I've sadly never gigged it once apart from a 2 low volume home practices. Comes with Roqsolid cover, has castor wheels for easy portability. Blurb off t'interweb: NX NX2 MRRP £839 •600 watt, 4Ω •2 x 12" + tweeter •42hz - 18khz •sensitivity 101db 1w/m •47lb/23kg •1" x 21 1/4 " x 16 1/2"/ 78.8cm x 54cm x 42cm
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    Is Dee Dee Ramone in it?
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    Erm, three (he says rather quietly)...,
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    When did 'need' ever interfere with GAS?
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    Rick Beato has just posted a new clip of '5 Things EVERY Bass Player SHOULD Master', except that he has miscounted and included two point 4s, so there's actually 6 things that every bass player should master...! Not exactly rocket science, but still an interesting summary of what you need to be a good bass player in a band...
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    Very nice looking jazz with the block inlays and the matching headstock Bluemoon ☝️
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    I think that looks really nice with the black pickguard, is that the Elite .
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    I'm a postie and I have never been busier. However deliveries to my house are more infrequent. I think some delivery offices are prioritising certain items - maybe due to staff shortages - and others, like mine, are going full on hammer and tongues. I advise to send items tracked at the moment if possible. The parcels I am delivering each day are around the same, if not more than Christmas. It is also Ramadan, so charity letters and parcels in some areas are through the roof. Apologies if the service is not up to usual for you all.
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    The first Ramones album was a perfect place for a young punk wanting to play bass to start. With the bass panned to one side of the recording and guitar to the other on my old record player, I could have one or the other faded out so I could either learn the part listening to Dee Dee and then progressing to playing along with Johnny's side up and Dee Dee off 😊
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    To quote @Andyjr1515 "you can never have too many clamps" Evidently Martin and Chris believe this too
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    Modulus Flea Bass Black 2003 for sale. Black with multitude of battle scars but mainly on the back of the bass. 4kg/9lb comes with a Gator Hardcore/HardBag similar to Transit Lightweight cases. Bartolini pre amp (See pic), assuming Bartolini pickups too but no marking so not sure (If anyone can help verify would be helpful) Based in London & Theale. Would prefer pickup/meet up with a reasonable distance or can ship internationally if needed but will be at buyers cost. £1550 ono no trades straight sale please
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    Greatest ever does not travel well within the Arts. We all have solos we enjoy but calling something the best is a bit crass.
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    This one. Bought new in '88, been with me ever since.
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    I think I will go along that road and maybe get me a little marcus 500 head to put in the combo.

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