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  1. Regardless of the head situation, IMO the tonal difference from adding a second cab truly changes the combo into something else and when we all eventually get gigging again you'll be thankful.
  2. Honestly, the additional NY121 cab completely changes the game. I would really suggest you add a second cab then consider a head change.
  3. I was really disappointed. I've seen other people enjoying it but complaining of clipping issues instead. Particular on talkbass if you head over there and have a read.
  4. Had a terrible experience with mine. Perceivable low end loss / general thinness when flat. Had to boost bass considerably to equal the bypassed sound. Immediately returned - very poor imo
  5. I too disable the tweeter in the NY121, I also disabled it in the combo, much improved sound imo.
  6. Yep called them myself to discuss an order and received a quick answer and good customer service.
  7. Certainly get a second cab (NY121) before considering changing the amp. It totally changes everything with that extension.
  8. Just lost faith in it tbh. Sending it away just won't justify the cost for me - I'd rather have the excuse to get a new rig. More fun that way...
  9. Fortunately retailers like Thomann can offer solid warranties and supposedly good repair facilities.
  10. Probably not that bad however it really is out of warranty I purchased this in Dec 16 and I have opened it multiple times which they'll notice. Last time I used MB support it took an age to get a response and I'd assume they would direct me to Real electronics anyway. They didn't want to look at the speaker fault in the same combo months ago so doubt they'd be interested in the amp!
  11. Considered that too! I'll see when everything arrives...
  12. Yeah no warranty and the tech wont touch it! Have used Real electronics for a dodgy speaker in the same cab last year. I've decided to cut my losses and replace it with a LMT 500 and a NY121 to match my other cab. It's spare parts for me now!
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