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  1. Micing a FOH PA speaker wouldn't work given the hassle and different variables involved to mix your sound via in ears to then go back out the FOH. You wouldnt be mixing to the room or even from the front of the PA as the audience would hear it. I havent got a helix LT but is there a global eq like other models? That's one option, the other option is putting a 10 band graphic eq at the end of your signal chain if you have a free block. I'd also mention that the sound via the stage monitors mightn't be strictly representative of the sound coming from FOH given the different speaker arrangements / volume / room and other factors - the engineer could also be sending the monitors a separate mix / raw signal from the inputs. If you have a looper on the helix, play a short phrase and walk out front to get a baseline sound (excuse the pun) and ask the drummer / rest of the band to play along to give you a slight idea. I tend to just walk out front during sound check with my band as we bring our own PA and I generally run the desk and have long enough cables to get me there. Hope that helps
  2. Definitely check out the EHX Hot Wax - the blend and basic EQ are useful and the two different sounds are great. Definitely warms up my solid state pick tone. They sound pretty brutal stacked however individually two very usable sounds. The crayon side is very mids focussed with the hot tubes side being the warmer of the two.
  3. EBS Multidrive - £45 inc. UK postage Perfect working order No original box but will be well packaged Shipped via Royal Mail Great sounding drive pedal with a nice gain range and selectable drive switch.
  4. Darkglass Duality Fuzz - £110 inc. UK postage Perfect working order No original box but will be well packaged Shipped via Royal Mail "The Duality is a unique fuzz pedal that contains two discrete fuzz circuits—a gated saw-tooth wave and a raunchy high-gain sound—which can be mixed together to yield a vast selection of distinct sonic textures." Really cool and great sounding pedal - surplus to my needs!
  5. SFX Micro Thumpinator - £80 inc. UK shipping! Great condition and fully functioning Comes as shown - no box etc but will be well packaged for postage. Royal Tracked delivery
  6. Darkglass Alpha Omega Ultra - £255 inc UK special delivery! Excellent condition, fully functional Comes with original box and materials Royal Mail Special Delivery
  7. I was very pleased, give them a ring and ask a handful of really specific questions and they happily oblige.
  8. I spoke to New Moon and they said cover any unattended items in a vehicle so long as all security features are enabled and windows are closed (provided you can’t fit it in the boot).
  9. I'll probably be going with New Moon. Spoke over phone running through a load of questions about the policy etc and they were extremely accommodating despite my caution. They offered to add the items to my policy if I provide an excel sheet saving me the hassle of doing it online and giving me an even more tailored quote. Impressed already...
  10. MXR Bass Compressor - £120 - Great condition - No original packaging but will be well packed for shipping - Velcro on bottom - UK tracked shipping included in price
  11. I just purchased that replacement PCB. So grateful for both of your help, you’ve saved me so much hassle.
  12. I didn’t even consider this... thank you so much for that link.
  13. Apologies, the pots are marked B100K and thank you for your suggestions!
  14. I am desperate... I have spent hours searching, I've spoken to Fender and I've still gotten nowhere. My Fender Dimension V Deluxe bass needs new pots for the pre. I need the following and I cannot find it anywhere whether its in the UK, Europe or US. PCB mount right angle 100k centre detent solid shaft potentiometer Please if you know where I can source this, I will be forever grateful... This is what they look like. Many thanks in advance, Matthew
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