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  1. I second the idea of the Zoom B3n, fantastic place to start. When I was in your position quite some time ago I opted for a boss me25b and it was a great decision in terms of quenching the effects thirst and actually providing me with some versatility. Absolutely go for the B3n it will serve you really well.
  2. Pete recently bought my Boss OC-3, paid super quick and had great comms. Would happily deal with again!
  3. Recently purchased his Boss OC-3, absolutely pain free transaction, super quick postage and well packaged. Communication was always great and would have no issues dealing with again!
  4. COG Effects Knightfall 66 new version - £110 inc tracked postage Great condition - minor blemishes and faded ink. Well packaged for shipping. Really great sounding dual channel overdrive - surplus to requirements despite purchasing relatively recently. Royal Mail Tracked 24hr delivery Ampeg Scrambler - £65 inc tracked postage Great condition - barely used Includes original packaging Setting in photo is my favourite for mild tube drive Royal Mail Tracked 24hr Boss OC-3 - £65 inc postage SOLD Good condition No original packaging - will be well boxed for shipping Super subby/synthy but just not to my taste Royal Mail Tracked 24hr SFX Custom Shop Dual Fuzz and Distortion - £85 inc postage SOLD Great condition No original packaging - will be well boxed for shipping Royal Mail Tracked 24hr This is a super unique pedal I acquired from Basschat some time ago. The fuzz and distortion can be activated separately and stacked. The fuzz has a 3 position mid switch and when cranked can either fulfil a fairly nice Muse sound to a thick juicy fuzz which is soo nice. The distortion has a 2 position selector switch for clipping, one way is a strong blend of clean signal and the other is a pure drive sound (think Michael League intro on Taizo by Forq). It is a unique pedal and I loved it but unfortunately it is surplus to requirements and must go! SFX speaks for itself in terms of quality on this forum so rest assured you're getting a quality pedal for not a lot of money. Any questions folks please feel free to give me a message. Thanks, Matthew
  5. Likewise, I was front and centre (just over to the right a little facing Joe). His tone was on point, sounded great, almost preferable over the jazz tone... nice to see him going back to his bass roots. Curious if the new album will feature it at all?
  6. No personal experience but from images it seems to be lacking rubber feet which I would argue are essential for this type of board. I however would definitely recommend saving a few extra quid and going with a pedaltrain nano or nano + based on your requirements. Comes with a much better soft case too. I have the nano + and it has stood the test of time.
  7. [quote name='dannybuoy' timestamp='1499435829' post='3331568'] The Digitech RP360 can be had for £109 new, whereas a pair of EHX Pitch Forks would set me back £266, or even more for the POGs! The Pitchfork looks like the ideal pedal though, similar sound to the POG but can do the 5th harmony and also whammy glissando effects. Will scour for reviews of the RP360 later... [/quote] Just a note on the pitch fork. It 100% does the octave up perfectly and the blend knob is great. My problem was trying to match a drive to it. You definitely need a drive with a blend. The pitch fork would be worth a shot if you have access to a few drives you can try it out with, I think it sounds slightly more digital/unnatural than the POG (just through listening to YouTube videos and comparing them to when I owned the pitchfork) That's why I sold it in the end, it sounded too "metallic" and digital for me when I compared it to the POG but I think paired with the right drive you would have a winner.
  8. Bump - away on holiday 16th-20th July but will be able to be contacted during that time so feel free to message me!
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