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  1. Likewise, I was front and centre (just over to the right a little facing Joe). His tone was on point, sounded great, almost preferable over the jazz tone... nice to see him going back to his bass roots. Curious if the new album will feature it at all?
  2. No personal experience but from images it seems to be lacking rubber feet which I would argue are essential for this type of board. I however would definitely recommend saving a few extra quid and going with a pedaltrain nano or nano + based on your requirements. Comes with a much better soft case too. I have the nano + and it has stood the test of time.
  3. [quote name='dannybuoy' timestamp='1499435829' post='3331568'] The Digitech RP360 can be had for £109 new, whereas a pair of EHX Pitch Forks would set me back £266, or even more for the POGs! The Pitchfork looks like the ideal pedal though, similar sound to the POG but can do the 5th harmony and also whammy glissando effects. Will scour for reviews of the RP360 later... [/quote] Just a note on the pitch fork. It 100% does the octave up perfectly and the blend knob is great. My problem was trying to match a drive to it. You definitely need a drive with a blend. The pitch fork would be worth a shot if you have access to a few drives you can try it out with, I think it sounds slightly more digital/unnatural than the POG (just through listening to YouTube videos and comparing them to when I owned the pitchfork) That's why I sold it in the end, it sounded too "metallic" and digital for me when I compared it to the POG but I think paired with the right drive you would have a winner.
  4. Bump - away on holiday 16th-20th July but will be able to be contacted during that time so feel free to message me!
  5. Mattbass97


    [b][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Source Audio Bass OFD - SOLD[/font][/b][list] [*][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Perfect working condition[/font] [*][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Original box[/font] [*][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Comes with power supply[/font] [*][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Free UK postage![/font] [/list] [attachment=248265:Bass ofd.jpg] [b]EHX Bass Big Muff Deluxe - SOLD[/b][list] [*]Perfect working condition [*]Original box [*]Free UK postage! [/list] [attachment=248266:Big muff deluxe.jpg] [b]EHX Pitch Fork - SOLD[/b][list] [*]Perfect working condition [*]Original box [*]Free UK postage! [/list] [attachment=248267:Pitch fork.jpg] All pedals are in [b]near new condition[/b] with a few marks if any. I am happy to take payment via [b]Paypal [/b]or[b] bank transfer.[/b]
  6. [size=4][b]Mooer Thunderball - £30 posted UK[/b][/size] Perfect working order Slight ding in the paint on the top of pedal, very minor nearly unnoticeable No original box but will be well packaged Comes with Velcro attached Original rubber backing included [size=4][b]Joyo Ultimate Drive - £20 posted UK[/b][/size] Perfect working order Scratch across the metal at the power jack (purely cosmetic) No original box but again will be well packaged Comes with Velcro attached Original rubber backing again is included [u]Feel free to send any questions![/u] Basschat won't let me add photos... so message me and I can email you photos asap.
  7. Perfect transaction with Jamie. Absolute pleasure to do business with. Bought his EBS Octabass from him and couldn't be happier! Great communication, couldn't have asked for more! All the best, Matthew
  8. [quote name='Adonbass' timestamp='1468761120' post='3093135'] Excellent reply thanks man [/quote] No worries buddy hope I helped.
  9. [quote name='lee650' timestamp='1468755608' post='3093076'] The EBS octabass has been going for roughly £50-£60 great sounding octave and tracks very well not as dirty as the OC2. out of interest what show are you doing? [/quote] I did see a few of those and they are quite nice. Legally Blonde
  10. Before you venture into the world of fuzz. Do yourself a money saving favour and check out the Big muff series by EHX. Some love them and some hate them but the new stuff like the nano bass big muff does the job. Also for Zvex check out the mastotron (£80 in the classifieds) a hell of a lot cheaper than the mammoth but just as dirty
  11. I made a few edits above so give it a thorough reading. And to those who know a lot more about compression than myself, this is not a reflection of my ability when using compression haha, simply a simplified version of it for explanation purposes.
  12. Firstly, this video may help give some background to compression, any video about compression in regards to audio editing or mixing/recording will be your best bet in understanding how to use this pedal with bass. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=91qs3fux5HY Below is a very rough description of what the knobs do, I've never owned the pedal but this is based on basic compressor knowledge. By turning your threshold knob clockwise you will be essentially increasing the "sensitivity" of the compressor (in lay mans terms) there is a "sweet spot" which is unique to your taste. It essentially dictates when the compressor kicks in and dictates how much gain reduction will occur. The ratio knob when turned clockwise should increase the ratio so from the "off" position 1:1 and without reading the manual the knob fully turned clockwise could be something like 20:1 which is a limiting ratio. The attack and release knobs will both increase the attack and release times as the knob is turned clockwise. The gain input will also have an impact on where your threshold will be set and the volume will just be make up gain because once a compressor is used you may notice some drop in volume so that's used to bring it back up to its original level. I would read the manual and YouTube a few videos on compression. I spent so long feeling confused about compression but after YouTube research you'd be surprised how much you will learn. http://www.markbass.it/upload_area/files/fname/users_manual_COMPRESSORE.pdf Start by turning the pedal off, set a conservative gain level so maybe 9 o'clock maybe a little more. Ignore the threshold for now and set a low attack so around 8/9 o'clock and put the release up at 12 o'clock. Set the volume to just above the gain knob setting for now. Now turn the pedal on and focus on the threshold knob. A yellow light will turn on when the pedal is compressing your signal and according to the manual it will increase in intensity as the compression becomes more intense. Use your ears more than your eyes but use it as a gauge to find a nice amount of compression using the threshold knob, then adjust your volume control to make sure the bypassed level and effected level are the same and bobs your uncle, a basic compression setting to get you started
  13. I'll keep my options open for now, thanks for the input so far everyone!
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