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  1. Thanks...few words that describes perfectly this beauty
  2. Unfortunatly im on holiday, ill be able to put it on a scale back home this coming sunday. Cheers
  3. For sale Emperor Standard Classic in beautiful fiesta red. I guess is the lowest price on the planet for such a bass. Price drop to 3550£ or 3900€ plus shipping. Trade value or partial trade value 4000£ or 4500€ Please see below for trade options! Bass is from 2018, really good conditions. With Og Fodera case. Buyers pays shipping. (Sorry, spotted 2 more cosemetic imperfections. Don’t play this that much.) Not super heavy but not the lightest 😜 4,8 Kg. You can tell where the tone is hidden. Neck is a joy to play, effortless, fast, easy, has a really smooth satin finish that helps a lot, and i personally really like it. SD dual coil, 3 piece neck, amazing birdseye fretboard, super balanced, in one word Fodera. Hope you enjoy the new picture. Please ask for more pics and info. Adding some partial trade option Noble pre DI Alleva Coppolo LM4/LM5 Alleva Coppolo Kbp4/Kbp5/81009 Moollon PBass 4 String (better with maple board) Olinto Pbass JMJ Mustang Fender Precision Cs 57 Fender Fullerton Precision 57 Mtd 535 maple neck bridseye board (tu discuss trade dependin on wood selection and conditions) Celinder J Vintage 4 Cheers
  4. Trade value 2800£ (3150€). For sale at 2450£ (2750€) Relist this amazing bass, It's a Journayman Relic so scratches, dings etc comes straight from Fender. Very rare color, tone is fat as a true pbass should be. This bass was purchased past summer, and it's dated april 2019, new is approx 3450£ (as you can see from Thomann or Paul bass Matters). The bass comes with og case, certificate and strap originally included. It’ a great chance to get an amazing CS Pbass in almost new conditions, super rare color, 3A rosewood board at 1000€ less. Only trade with Alleva Coppolo LM5 or Fodera Emperor Classic 5 birdseye board and dual coil (of course addin cash) Pm me for any additionall info. Stay safe.
  5. Just a quick remind, as i received lot of kind trade offers by pm. The only trade im considering is an Alleva Coppolo 4 string, better if LM. Im also considering a 4 or 5 string Emperor classic (eventually adding cash). As been said in the add im also open to reasonable offers. Consider the same bass is priced 4000€ at Thomann. As you can see in the photo this bass is dated, as in the certificate 04/11/2019. It truly nails the 50/60's vintage p tone, personally i found it even better then the Pino...but this is just my opinion. Dont hesitate to ask more questions or whatever infos you need. Hope this beast will find soon a good home. Best
  6. Gentleman..end of the year price drop 2600£ Happy new year
  7. It's a Journeyman relic...so yes those are dings, ill post you pics of the back of the bass this evening....best
  8. Sellin this great 59’Pbass Custom Shop, got this new in June. It’s basically mint. Comes with og case, strap and certificate. Trade with Alleva Coppolo 4 string, preferring LM. Price drop to 2600£ or open to reasonable offers. bass is in mint conditions, never gigged, just played at home a few times...amazing Ptone, great worn in feel neck. Just im not to much a P guy
  9. Cmon...guys...accepting reasonable offers!
  10. Yes man...This one in particular has alder body and rosewood board with a 70’s bridge pick up. You got all the warmth and deep tone of alder/rosewood, with the tight mids and punch of a 70’s pick up placement! It’s killer!
  11. Dear friends, this is a rare Alleva Coppolo RA4 built in 2008, Rosewood board with block inlays, amazing super thin nitro sunburst. The bass shows playwear, as shown in the pics. This is only cosmetics, the bass plays and sounds fantastic. Looking for a straight sale, no trades. Thanks. Only reason for selling, im trying to raise founds for an original 65 or 66.
  12. Here it is! It sounds amazing...it’s a refin
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