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  1. His amps are in a rack behind the cabs, he uses his Signature head the JJ-500 combined with an ABM 600.
  2. Best bet would be give Dave Green a call who designed the amp and have a chat... 01621 857853. He's in currently and would be happy to clarify best way to use
  3. No worries, keep us in the loop and we'll get you sorted if required.
  4. Sorry to hear this La Bam, I was going to offer to get this sorted for you but sounds like PMT are looking after you? Keep us in the loop and let me know if there's any help needed, sounds like its been launched by a courier in all fairness...
  5. Good idea to have the pots protected, here's one we made earlier... 😂
  6. Cool, never heard of those guys but looks like it should do a job for you. Hopefully our server is working next time you email in! Cheers
  7. No problem, what did you go with instead out of interest?
  8. Apologies, we had issues with our email server pre Christmas which wasn't resolved until the first week of Jan so none of the [email protected] emails came through sadly. So if your email was during this period it will have never made it unfortunately. To answer your question however it should in theory work nicely, will all depend on how loud you need to be on stage... may be worth looking at the 100 at the same time as more power and twice the speakerage... If you're in or near Oxford swing into PMT as pretty sure they have them in stock there. Or if you're ever down Essex way then you're welcome to pop in and have a blast with your upright...
  9. We did indeed look at adding a 9v out to the Ant and the Newt for powering pedals As it makes total sense but for this version at least we wanted to make it as small, light and affordable as possible. There’s so little space in the enclosure as is that we would have had to add around 40mm to the length to incorporate it plus a bit of added cost/weight so we decided against it. We will however down the line add it to a ‘deluxe’ version for those who would benefit from it. As for on heads? Would you really want to run a barrel jacked fairly flimsy cable from the back of a head at the back of the stage to power pedals? Sounds like an accidental mute moment waiting to happen...
  10. We could likely do a custom 4ohm RM cab For that weight or less or if you were to hang fire a bit an ABM Neo, just a thought...
  11. Yes will tidy up the web page, it was all done pre NAMM in a bit of a whirlwind to be fair so there’s lots of bits admittedly to sort yet on most of the new product pages. We’re a small team so we don’t always immediately get everything how we want it done sadly as we do everything in house. In the UK we expect the first ANTs to arrive in around a months time. Dealers should be taking pre orders now
  12. We’ve tested the hell out of the production version over the past week so as to get the truest accurate figures. Essentially peak/burst ratings are irrelevant in the real world so we test for what the amp will produce all day long hence continuous power, it actually peaks at around 265 watts but when measuring the true RMS before clipping it will produce 196 watts happily into a 4ohm load and 140 into 8ohm. Hope that helps...
  13. Ah thanks, sad to read in all honesty though, we hope you get sorted. If not maybe we can help you source something that would do the job, unless it’s one of those weird half metal speakers as we have no idea about those...Aloominum? Always here to help.
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