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  1. The farewell tour rig was indeed the pre and power amp monster rig. Post Sabbath he wanted something a little easier to transport so hence the Head Of Doom was born.
  2. Yes but the Shavo has the compressor too so a little different.... January will bring what you desire however
  3. He had the first two and has used them ever since...
  4. If you give [email protected] a shout he should be able to help get you sorted. He’s not back in till Tuesday though. Cheers
  5. Good news. Everything we make is repairable forever so we should be able to get you sorted fairly quickly. Cheers.
  6. Give us a call and ask for Guy he should be able to get you up and running again. Cheers.
  7. It did for awhile... In all fairness we still do get people asking for the MK-500 and its been about a decade since we made them.
  8. That's why we make quite a few different amps... Saying that we have sold way more GB heads than we originally planned for. We were simply happy to work with and make an amp for someone we consider a true bass legend. It was never about sticking his name on an amp and hoping that will equal sales... Lol, so we have heard... To be fair its not just the UK... We will happily put the Rootmaster 500 up against any lightweight amp, class D or not... If anyone wants to come and do this here you are more than welcome just let us know and we will get the coffee prepped.
  9. Aren't we all meant to all be talking about how great Mark Bass are anyway? 😉
  10. What's a 'better' sound though? Better to you? Better to the guy in the music shop? It's a signature amp built for one person... to his design brief, his specs. Tuned by us with him to exactly the tone he wants which includes the drive element... he's since been using the amp at every gig he's done so it's confusing to be told the reasons you and others don't like it/wouldn't buy it... Always nice to get feedback but really with this particular amp there's only one person whose view matters. Also huge pedal type overdrive built into bass amps generally doesn't work in the real world, Geezer is much cleaner than you think and loves the tone and dynamics he gets which generally you don't/can't get from Class D... As for the pedal with a generic power module tacked on being worth £1100... well that's probably one for another thread chaps.
  11. We'll look forward to your visit. Cheers.
  12. Nope, as what's tonal perfection to one can often be anothers idea of hell as we all know only too well, so that's a moot point.... It's the £60 Fuzz pedal point we are taking exception to.... And this... You are welcome to bring whatever power amps and pedals you feel would achieve this and lets film it at our HQ, let us know when you want to do this.
  13. Nonsense, plus the HOD isn't designed or intended to produce anything that resembles a fuzz sound so not sure where the fuzz pedal is coming into it? Have you played one, at volume?
  14. Eh? Sub Harmonics and Sub Bass are two very different things....
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