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  1. Cheers, whilst there is a difference between the two amps a lot is simply down to the differences between JJ and Mark King's hands though... Anyway more importantly was it you?
  2. You will want an 8 ohm cabinet which when paired up with the internal 8 ohm speaker will give a 4 ohm load
  3. Wow, this is sad to read really. Hope you manage to get it sorted.
  4. Not possible to test one in your local PMT? Appreciate it won’t be at gig levels etc but it should give you the flavour... Also if you’re anywhere near our HQ in Essex and fancy a trip out you can blast one as loud as you want for as long as you like.
  5. It would be cheaper if you just hold on for 3 months... 😉 a one off is big money sadly
  6. The construction is completely different aside from them both being in metal boxes even then the Stubby is steel and the RM is Aluminium.... BUT that’s nitpicking. The paint is drying on a Rootmaster head as we speak
  7. Very differently. Gilmour is a far more more polished production. SFOS is just madness and Guy is very loud on stage, hence asking if you'd seen them.
  8. You’ve not seen them have you... 😂
  9. Yes they were a LTD edition run and we only made 25 x 210 combos and 25 x 115 combos... Hope that helps!
  10. Hmm, it was actually Guy's request to fit in with the early Pink Floyd vibe for 'The Saucer Full Of Secrets' gigs...
  11. Post it down to us we will sort. Also are you using speakon cables with genuine Neutrik connectors? Only reason to check is that we often find that generic speakon cables can have issues with the connections not connecting properly...
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