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  1. We could likely do a custom 4ohm RM cab For that weight or less or if you were to hang fire a bit an ABM Neo, just a thought...
  2. Yes will tidy up the web page, it was all done pre NAMM in a bit of a whirlwind to be fair so there’s lots of bits admittedly to sort yet on most of the new product pages. We’re a small team so we don’t always immediately get everything how we want it done sadly as we do everything in house. In the UK we expect the first ANTs to arrive in around a months time. Dealers should be taking pre orders now
  3. We’ve tested the hell out of the production version over the past week so as to get the truest accurate figures. Essentially peak/burst ratings are irrelevant in the real world so we test for what the amp will produce all day long hence continuous power, it actually peaks at around 265 watts but when measuring the true RMS before clipping it will produce 196 watts happily into a 4ohm load and 140 into 8ohm. Hope that helps...
  4. Ah thanks, sad to read in all honesty though, we hope you get sorted. If not maybe we can help you source something that would do the job, unless it’s one of those weird half metal speakers as we have no idea about those...Aloominum? Always here to help.
  5. Chaps to add clarity - this isn't replacing the current standard ABM 600 EVO IV. This is replacing the rack ABM 600-RC that we stopped making a year or two back. Since then we have been constantly asked to reintroduce a rackable ABM head, mainly by artists but plenty of weekend warriors have asked too. So this is for those guys and girls where size is less of a concern and the focus is tone, power and reliability...
  6. Nice, Jeff Ament did a similar thing not long ago.
  7. Weird... will get that looked into. In the meantime try [email protected]
  8. If you just email [email protected] you should be able to get in touch... cheers
  9. The farewell tour rig was indeed the pre and power amp monster rig. Post Sabbath he wanted something a little easier to transport so hence the Head Of Doom was born.
  10. Yes but the Shavo has the compressor too so a little different.... January will bring what you desire however
  11. He had the first two and has used them ever since...
  12. If you give [email protected] a shout he should be able to help get you sorted. He’s not back in till Tuesday though. Cheers
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