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  1. Ashdown Engineering

    2 Blown Amps - Advice Required Please!!!

    Post it down to us we will sort. Also are you using speakon cables with genuine Neutrik connectors? Only reason to check is that we often find that generic speakon cables can have issues with the connections not connecting properly...
  2. Ashdown Engineering

    Spyder330 fair price

    Was our pleasure, thanks for the fine choice in biscuits!
  3. Ashdown Engineering

    Spyder330 fair price

    Ah good news. We prefer a good quality biscuit truth be told although there is certainly truth in any old shite is better than none 😉
  4. Ashdown Engineering

    Spyder330 fair price

    Was our pleasure Andy. We’ll let you off the biscuits, but that only happens once 😉
  5. Ashdown Engineering

    Ampeg or another Ashdown?

    If not already sorted DM me your address and we will get a couple of fuses in the post today
  6. Ashdown Engineering

    Ashdown Acoustic preamp pedal

    Hi Alejandro, Apologies for the delay in getting this to you, its chaos currently getting everything finished for the upcoming NAMM show. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/thos797pu87v7vm/AABNBeh4yMEVdjnfYU9fAsYVa/User Manuals %26 Data Sheets?dl=0&preview=Ashdown+Acoustic+Manual+EGF.pdf&subfolder_nav_tracking=1 You should find the manual for the pedal here, its within the Acoustic Cubes manual so you will have to skip the irrelevant bits. Any other questions just shout. Hope that helps.
  7. Ashdown Engineering

    NAD back to Ashdown

    Nice one Andy, glad you are enjoying the new combo.
  8. Ashdown Engineering

    Now Ashdown saves Rock n Roll!!

    Nice. Looks in great nick for a head that's in its 10th year. We did used to do the wideboy heads back in the day which was the combo head in a sleeve when the regular head chassis were unavailable... Essentially exactly the same as the regular sized head would have been but with the benefit of extra venting which equals slightly better air flow and therefore cooling. Nice find!
  9. Ashdown Engineering

    Ashdown ABM 1200 smoking

    Hi Kieran, Sorry to hear this, unusual for sure. If you can email me your details and serial number of the amp I can do some investigative work and we can get you hooked up with our USA guys who will take care of you. My email is [email protected] I am assuming the amp was used when you bought it rather than new form a store?
  10. Ashdown Engineering

    Small combo amp advice needed

    To answer your original post the AAA-30 is a punchy little thing and lots of EQ scope and handy features. Our practice amps tend to be a little bigger than most but we find they need it for good bottom end so no toy bass sounds here. Hope you enjoy whatever you end up deciding on.
  11. Ashdown Engineering

    Ashdown LB30 schematic

    Sounds a fun project, if you give us a call and chat to Dave Green(who designed the LB30)he will more than likely give you some advice(he normally does even when not asked...) on how to tie everything up... I’m fairly sure he won’t mind you being ‘inspired’ by his output stage... but sometimes he can be a tad grumpy so you takes your chances 😉
  12. Ashdown Engineering

    Help Fixing an Old Combo

    Understood but if it can be sorted economically which nearly all of our products can then seems a shame to not get it up and firing again.
  13. Ashdown Engineering

    Help Fixing an Old Combo

    Give us a shout and we will see what we can do.... 01621 857853. Your best bet would be to speak to Guy he's in Tues-Thurs FYI
  14. Ashdown Engineering

    Ashdown fan club

    Wow, very cool.
  15. Ashdown Engineering

    Ashdown RM500 EVO II thoughts please

    I'm afraid not, layout has changed slightly inside as well so EVO internals won't fit into the new chassis sadly