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    Up for sale is this beautiful Fender Custom Shop 1959 precision bass Closet Classic. Alder body, one piece quartersawn maple neck with J "U" Profil (No baseball bat here). Candy Apple Red with gorgeous finish checking (closet classic..). Lightweight at 3,7kg. Comes with COA, OHSC, Chrome covers etc. Bass is located in Czech Republic, shipping within EU is not a problem, check my feedback here on Basschat.
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    That’s how G&R’s always sounds to me. 🦡 🔪🍒🤪
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    I remain unconvinced that a B string needs to be over 34" to sound great.
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    On offer is my Epifani UL310 Mk I, in excellent condition. I remember lusting after one of these when seeing them endorsed by Matt Garrison in bass mags, and a few years ago managed to snag this beauty. This is the version with the sought after B&C speakers (no longer made). It’s done a few big gigs with me (including a couple at the Royal Festival Hall with orchestra and choir), and filled the space beautifully and effortlessly... yet much easier to cart around than a 4x10”, I can comfortably carry it one handed. Carpet is in excellent condition with no visible nicks. It comes with a padded cover which has obviously done a great job of keeping it neat and taken the wear and tear punishment. Selling because I have too many amps and am doing 95% of my playing direct through in-ears, so it seems silly to have this taking up space in the house (going to hang on to my Fender Rumble for the odd amp gig). I’m not particularly looking for trades except possibly a 30-32” five or six string, or a Sadowsky 5-string P or PJ, but try me. I will also be listing a few other items so could combine for the right deal. £450 cash on collection please. I do not particularly want to post it as it’s heavy and difficult to package securely, unless you are willing to arrange your own courier and take FULL responsibility for any damage caused while in transit.
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    Fair play to you Mick, you're a decent and reasonable guy and if you didn't sign up to be in this chap's backing band then you're right to walk if it was sold as an originals project.
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    Thanks for the re-assurance guys, I think I'll go ahead and get it done 🙂 I got the bass relatively cheaply when they were out of fashion, plus it needed work. Bought it cos I was a Mick Karn fan. It was all about the sound - the future value had nothing to do with it!
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    Can you take his bass lines and modify them to something that you like with your take on it but still retaining some of his basic idea. I get the feeling its not intentional on his part and he probably hasn't given it much thought. He's been focused on how the song sounds in his head. Worth talking to him see what he thinks. He might value your input and help in improving the songs. Dave
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    I got into my band with an ad which read... "Bassist with huge schlong seeks band with a large following of randy groupies. If the totty is of sufficient quality and quantity I may even play bass for you occasionally." The phone rang off the hook.
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    Thanks Karl,I am proper loving it,in fact it is definitely the nicest bass I've had in my 41 years of playing. So pleased you love the Jazz,it is a gorgeous instrument & I do sometimes miss it but would not swap back 😁
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    I bought mine because of the Elite's versatility; it's a real pro bass. which is perfect for any gig. I particularly like the Musicman style trussrod adjuster. It makes setting up relief a breeze. This is a great price, considering I paid £1,900 for mine.
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    @skelf made me this one; ticks all five of your specification
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    Also up for sale is my 1979 pre-EB Stingray. This one has had some playwear as you can see from the photo's - a little paint off the back. Martin from SEI/Bass Gallery did a great refret for me and it's a fantastic player - very smooth, fast (and quite slim) neck and good action. It'll be a gigbag only with this one I'm afraid. Collection preferred. No trades sorry. My feedback
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    Sell the Wal and buy a fretted ACG to your exact spec.
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    Looks great, black/black/maple always a winner imo.
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    Anything sophisticated, just wrote serial number to fender customer care
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    What does this bass weigh please?
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    Well done guys! 👏 Voting thread is up.
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    I mean it is a project for someone to fix the preamp or replace it. It is a MusicMan Stingray 5 from 1993 with a broken preamp. I have removed Project from the title.
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    Turn any stage mix into a headphone mix and use your in ear monitors with the UE Sound Tap personal monitoring system. The Ultimate Ears Sound Tap is personal monitoring, simplified - Tap, Plug and Play. Working with any stage setup the Sound Tap sits between any mixing desk or speaker whilst also supporting both line-level and speaker-level inputs. Designed to give an easier setup for in ear monitoring, the Soundtap sits inbetween the mixing desk and your ears, giving the user final control of the overall mix level to their ears. Retailing at £200+, this is a bargain. Unit only, in original box, with instructions, but no cables, power supply or batteries. UK postage will be £7.00. Frequency Response: 20 - 20,000 Hz Spike Protection: Yes Active Impedance Matching: Yes Battery Life: 30 Hours using 2x 9V Batteries Connections (output): 3.5mm Stereo Jack Connections (input): 6.3mm Combo XLR / Speakon
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    Very nice indeed - love the finish and wood grain on the amber bass.
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    Modify, absolutely. Some people might talk about resale value etc etc but at the en dog the day it could make it the ultimate bass for you, so what do you care! Especially as there's been some work on it already so it's not 100% original, which for some is a key sticking point.
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    I’d rather sell it on here, if it doesn’t go by the end of today I think I’ll try eBay.
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    Yep unless he's written a full tune with the bassline i wouldnt have any of it ,and even if he has then as an unpaid session musician i wouldnt be that keen unless he reciprocates the gesture and is willing to play your ideas.. i've played with some top drawer sax players ,and never been told what to play except maybe an idea to go with a chord chart..
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    I heartily recommend reading the manual as there’s loads of good stuff in there and there are probably features you didn’t even know existed.
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    ^^^Decent flatwounds and authentic knobs are the way go
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    C'mon!! You never watched “Buffy" or “Angel"?!... How bout “Muffy"... Ya, know the Vampire “layer"?... (No affiliation to the previous two... )
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    Shocker! What could possibly be better than this?
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    GLWTS Martin. You won't need it. Great price for a great cab. Buy with confidence.
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    I wouldn't bother mate. The M6 is just as powerful, I bought the M9 because it was only a couple of £££ more than the M6 and had a good compressor built in. They sound the same.
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    Just had this delivered by our resident gear tart Karl to my hotel room in Newcastle. Blown away by the bass and Karl's 50 cash back to buy the strings of my preference. What a diamond geezer.
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    Mmmmm... https://www.roballenguitars.com/new-products/mb-2-koa-fretless-bass-
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    Looks like she could do with a new corset - the old one looks to have shrunk. That is a lovely job, you must feel a great sense of satisfaction from such transformation. The grain is just alive now!
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    My Hofner Ignition Club bass was excellent value for money. I sold it recently because it didn't suit me and I never played it. Regarding the strap, a Fender leather vintage style strap worked a treat and looked great. The strap ends are so thin that button placement doesn't really affect it.
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    BTW - this is my Mat; it is provisionally going to someone in Scotland, if/when I get a box to post it in... (See the dot position markers on the Vol/Tone controls?)
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    If the information in the OP is correct about Hofner owning the plant and everything being manufactured to the standard and tolerances they set then there's no moral or physical reason why they should be any difference. A chinese millimetre is the same as a german one, and a CNC machine in china works identically to the same machine situated in Germany. There is some tat coming out of china, and as aforementioned a lot is deliberately aimed at budget prices and markets. However, there is no reason whatsoever why a quality item made in china should be inferior to a quality item from germany. Are people's memories that short? I recall in the 70s folk would scoff at Japanese cars, and before you knew it they'd taken over the world with a quality product at a keen price. Well, its happening before our eyes again and still people don't get it. Their heavy machinery and recent civil engineering structures are already some of the best in the world bar none. In terms of military naval technology and its application they've very quickly overtaken every nation in the world other than the US and UK (and it could be argued they've already surpassed the UK). Hell, they had a decent civilisation, buildings and technology while we were still living in caves and wearing animal skins. There's no reason why they shouldn't make a decent guitar if so mone paid them to do so.
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    Staggering that this bass is out for this price. People are now asking around a grand for Japanese Miller's yet this far superior bass (opinion from having both of these basses) is not selling at this ludicrously low price. Bizarre.
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    Most things apart from funk and jizz, although heavy rock and post-punk are ahead of the field.
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    I love Ricks 💓 I can't play Ricks. 😢 Enjoy Al, all the best mate. Glad you're liking it Neil, that Elite Jazz with Ki0Gon stacks/serial/parallel is sadly now my number 1. The Green is displeased 😁
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    Someone stole my Carlsboro back in the mid 90,s ....one the nicest gestures in my whole bass career!
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    Regarding funk, I like long sections that stay on one vamp, but the art is in keeping the music developing at the same time. It's the same as the montuno section in Latin music. If the band don't know how to change things during the section then it does indeed become boring. It's funny, I've often tried to figure out why I like jazz and funk, but never really got on with prog. I think it's the opposite problem. To me, prog tends to change feel/tempo too often and doesn't stay on one groove long enough. Maybe there's a gene that controls one's groove Vs boredom tolerance...
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    I agree to a point, but there is value in learning even skills you know you will never use because doing so often improves those skills you do use. Learning slap has made me more aware of note to note consistency in volume and tone for example, and better at regulating that playing FS.
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    I wanted to put a thumb rest on here but something that could be removed if wanted. I like the look of basses with the extended fretboard but obviously a bit late for this one so I looked at trying to it with drilling and holes in the top. Came up with the idea of using the truss rod adjustment slot on the principle of once it is set it could be covered. Messed around with a few shapes and came up with this from an offcut of the original fretboard ebony: Took a little while to shape but it fits nice and snugly into the slot like this: It's a push fit so can be removed anytime if needed.
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    Some uniquely good Shufflling from Tower Of Power. . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAVC0CUP5TQ

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