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  1. Hi Mec, nice MTD535. Would you be interested in a trade with my Sadowsky NYC 5 Daphne blue as advertised here on Basschat? The Sadowsky has 2 additional 'period correct' (old) Bartolini's with 2 x 3 way switch (for each set of pickups). The pickguard is custom made. Othe rthan that the hardware, body and neck are original.



    1. mec


      hello my friend, I have already seen your sadowsky for some time, but he is not really the model I am looking for.  Thanks for writing me

    2. will4bass


      Thanks for your reply. It is an acquired taste I understand.. but a great old NYC player. Good luck with your sale/trade! Willem

  2. I'm selling my awesome MTD only because I don't love the 35 'scale. The instrument is in excellent condition without any problems. Perfect neck and truss rod, close to ground action. a very small mark on the edge of the leotard -The body is alder with a maple burl top -the neck is ash with an ebony fingerboard year 2007 SUPER LIGHT 3,95 kg case Gator TRADE ONLY BASS SCALE 34' PREFERABLY : - MTD 534 - SADOWSKY NIC - FODERA - KEN SMITH I only evaluate deals with 34 'basses
  3. fantastic ! really very nice !! ❤️
  4. I don't know, I came to cover it ..😂😂 if you are interested I'll take a picture of you 😉
  5. Fantastic !!! ❤️❤️❤️
  6. Fodera Victor Wooten Monarch Deluxe 4 year 2012 excellent condition
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