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    Mine would magically change every 8 months (according to my GAS) from a Precision to a Hofner to a Ric to a Thunderbird and round again. Said with no pride whatsoever!
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    Scuse the crude 'shop job. I do wish Yamaha would come up with more colours for the BB line. The BB414 Orange was an absolutely lovely finish but they seem to be regressing to offering not much more than black, natural and 3-tone sunbursts these days. Anyway, here's the BB-AT414:
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    Amp Update: I just spoke with amp legend Dave Green. He thinks it's more than likely a damaged pot. Will be taking it direct to them next week to get it looked. Can't trust those pesky couriers. Great customer service Ashdown! A+ for effort
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    Another price drop - £650 for bass chat! or Trade for the right P-Bass (additional cash from me considered). This is a great players bass with a huge range of tones. The MFD pickups are detailed and powerful, the Tri-tone electronics are capable of all the tones, from bright to HEAVY. Tonally it is worth researching - the combination of passive/pre/pre + treble boost and the 2 pickups and series parallel switch make for a very versatile bass. This bass was made in the USA in the year 2000. The finish is in great shape with no chips, scratches or dings. I have owned this bass for 18 months and believe the previous owner mainly kept it in it's case - the plastic film was still on the rear electronics compartment when I bought it from Wunjo in Denmark Street. It has recently been professionally set up and needs nothing. Plays and sounds great. I currently have flats on it. The only mod I've made was to add a hipshot drop D tuner and still have the original which can be replaced to make as was. CONSTRUCTION: bolt-on SCALE: 34" PICKUPS: Two L-spec G&L MFD™ humbucking pickups made in Fullerton, California BODY WOOD: Swamp Ash with tobacco sunburst NECK WOOD: Maple with Rosewood fingerboard NECK WIDTH AT NUT: 1 3/4" NECK RADIUS: 12" NECK PROFILE: medium C FRETS: 21 medium jumbo, nickel TUNING KEYS: Traditional open-back BRIDGE: Leo Fender-designed G&L Saddle-Lock™ ELECTRONICS: Tri-Tone™ system with 3-position pickup selector, series/parallel switch, 3-position pre-amp mode switch, volume, treble, bass WEIGHT: 4.3 Kilos. Comes with G&L hardcase. Pick-up in person encouraged!
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    Myself and @cd_david spent a couple of hours this afternoon in the company of a '72, a couple of '73's and a '78. The verdict? They're all fantastic.
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    In between bl_ody Halloween preparations (I know, I know, and I agree with you, but how do you say that to a 3 year old?) I've made a bit of progress. First up I glued the neck heel in place, and of course added in another pin stripe. Yippee! You may wonder why it's laughably oversized, poking way out of the neck pocket? The reason is that I knew I was going to want to rout it flush with the side of the neck so I needed it large enough to provide at least some stability on the router table. Thus: So, putting the neck in and checking on height at the bridge? Really at this point there shouldn't be any surprises, cos I've measured several thousand times, but it's to within 0.5mm, so happy with that. I then start to shape the neck itself. First of all I do the taper, going from 21mm depth at the 1st fret to 24mm at the 12th. As usual, I use a router to do this. It leaves a lovely flat (but tapered) surface for me to be able to draw on the facets that I use to shape the neck itself. Here's my taper jig. Like most the jigs I have they were prototypes that were supposed to replaced with better ones made out of baltic birch and beautiful machined clamps and stops and such like. The trouble is they work as they are, and I really really hate making jigs. If you are easily offended by crude MDF with router stops that are just taped on rulers, look away now.... Next up, neck carve. I started by doing the curved profile for the volute and the heel on the spindle sander, then started my usual technique of carving flat facets that give the neck it's rough shape, before filing/sanding off the sharp edges to leave what is hopefully a fairly standard C shape. More on the neck carve tomorrow😁
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    Same for me Deedee, I initially bought a set for my P bass, but out of interest I tried them on my Sandberg, and loved them, now I’ve got to buy more 😂
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    I once forgot to confirm with a venue so ran down the road and found a spare venue!! "as long as you don't want paying" was the Yes we needed. My guitarists mum had travelled some distance to see us so the show had to go on somehow.
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    It is - I'm in it! Blink during the club scene and you'll miss me though 😄
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    Thats what happens when you flash your donkey on live TV (her, not you lol)
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    Always carry Gaffer tape. You can't prevent every possible failure or problem. Even if you do the traffic could get you. You have to improvise etc. I saw John Mayall using a combo for a PA when his broke. Tower of Power did several gigs without a bass player when Rocco Prestia was hospitalised on tour in Europe. Our singer didn't show on a gig and the 3 of us took it in turns to sing the songs. We couldn't sing and didn't know most of the words but we got by. I've done gigs when the drummer didn't show and one when the drummer and guitarist didn't make it. We were a bass and a singer strumming an acoustic guitar. We got an encore!
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    So, who out there bought into the signature bass market? and how did it work out. My stories 1. Billy Sheehan Guitar 1. A Yamaha ltd pacifica, budget friendly "single out with a guitar hum bucker at the neck" version. Needed a fret job to prevent blood loss, in the end. Swapped out the bucker for a real Dimarzio, good sounding bass. also added a d-tuner that never got used. Looked the part though. Guitar 2. A proper £1000+ Mk1 Billy Sheehan Pacifica. Huge in every way, sound neck. Beast of a bass. Conclusion: The proper one sounded great ...as long as you wanted 'that Billy' sound. seems like a dumb thing to expect it to be all things to all men...but its was brilliant at its job but nothing outside (cue: howls of Pacifica owner rage comments..) 2. Geddy Lee Bought in early to this and got a CIJ Jazz. What a bass..loved it.clanky and very Geddy like. Terrible machine heads... Conclusion: More like a Jazz than a 'Geddy only' bass. Great neck (marmite comment I know some people dont like thin necks). A mate of mine owned a twin neck Wal for a spell (he collected Wal's..) apparently the number 2 of 2 originally designed for Jonas Hellborg, midi, fretless huge. In the end a novelty coffee table sized bass. So who else...Macca hofner, the fella from the foo's p bass, more exotic one off's . Interested how people have get on trying to swim in the same pool as their hero's...Was it worth it?
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    Following Ped's suggestion to start our own thread for gear built by BC builders/luthiers, I'll start off with my two builds by Andyjr1515. The Psilos: The Silk Bass (who says you can't make a Silk Purse...)
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    Aguilar pedals have tilt eq, like the agro, and a few others too I think
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    @Bassface Yamaha bb is a saved search anyhow 🤔
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    You should really pick up a tatty, old 414 and get it refinished in that colour. Guess it could be done for £400 all in? It'd be a splendid one-off and no mistake.
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    Wont sombody please buy this!!! Or buy it for me?
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    I have zero interest in my signature bass appealing to anyone other than me. The whole point of having a signature instrument is that it provides something that is not already available or easily achievable with DIY mods. That's why I mostly fail to understand what is "signature" about most Fender signature instruments.
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    A mixture or two Ibanez's : Aerium and Portamento
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    All the very best and let us know how it went.
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    Excellent. I’ll put away £1 a month. You might be ready to sell by then. 😂 @Chiliwailer if you ever end up taking it back can I get first refusal from you please. 😃👍🏻
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    Of course my friend. You are now officially Second Refusal for The Purple One.
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    This 😉 : http://leduc.fr/index.php/series-l/basses-de-la-serie-l/164-l-09-la-u-contrebasse-moai
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    Oh - forgot I had a Mike Dirnt in sunburst for about a month. Was nice, think I just already had the NM and didn’t need two P basses.
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    You know that well known saying, “ you can’t polish a turd”.
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    I have a Mercalli 4 in metallic copper fire which I bought in January of this year. I bought it unseen and unheard (!) and after a tense six month wait, it finally arrived. I liked it so much I bought a Decision P two months later. These are fantastic basses and live up to the hype. There are exceptionally good value for money, are finished really well, light weight and sound amazing. The blend knob is so simple but effective. It really does give a good tonal sweep. I suppose I tend to favour the Merc over the Decision as those pups are very powerful and can need a bit of taming when using IEMs but it is an absolute beast of a guitar and great fun to crank up at rock gigs. Best money I've spent in over 25 years of playing bass, after my my Mesa Subway rig.
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    Snap! That thread says "eBay items only" so I put it here instead! Presumably someone commissioned and paid a load for it ... Possibly Simone Feroci himself, as here he is playing it! Maybe it was a gift from jacoland ... which for some reason, he didn't much like ( except for the knobs, which he kept). .https://m.facebook.com/simoneferociofficial/photos/a.3247995105240617/3247994978573963/?type=3&source=54&ref=page_internal. He lives in London according to LinkedIn ... so maybe traded it himself? But why with crack converters not wunjo or the gallery? Anyway, I tracked him down and messaged him; it was indeed his and he sold it to crack converters as he was short of ..... cash!
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    Love those fingerboards! And that rendition of Peaches was spot on with the valve crunch
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    They used to have a teal one in the Bass Gallery years back, which I used to play every time I went in. Fabulous neck. Unfortunately I don’t get on with forearm chamfers and the one on that is pretty extreme, which I found pretty uncomfortable. I toyed with buying it - nearly talked myself into it several times as I loved the neck and the look - but the chamfer was a deal breaker. I also don’t really get on with carbon fibre sonically. I mostly play with a plectrum and find that, IMO, cf basses sound much better with fingers (YMMV). Don’t get on with piezos either, for similar reasons, so sonically it wasn’t really for me. I’ve had 2 Rickenbacker 4001CS Chris Squire signatures, a ‘96 (bought new) and a ‘91 (bought used). I bought them because I think Chris’s bass is possibly the best looking bass ever; I didn’t expect them to make me sound like Chris. The necks on both were sublime, particularly the ‘91, which had one of the best necks I’ve ever played, maybe even THE best. Both sounded very good but darker than my preference; I didn’t know at the time that the pickups were way hotter than vintage and the pot values different. These days I’d change everything out for vintage spec. The ‘96 was the heaviest Ric I’ve owned, which is why I sold it, as it coincided with my first back injury. The ‘91, to be honest, was probably the worst built Ric I’ve owned. In the end, neither sounded as good as my vintage basses, although with hindsight it’s possible that with work they could have done. But they looked absolutely stunning and had lovely necks.
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    You can try David Coomes, Doncaster, UK. [email protected] He builds cabs of my design, I don't know if he does any others.
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    Purchased this morning
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    Think it’s a classic 50’s and that’s what the vintera replaced - he’s looked on the fender website to get specs and that’s the closest match?
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    Don't disagree, but want to keep this thread going rather than it be locked😉!
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    Sandberg MarloweDK bass, probably the best jazz bass out there
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    I took the rear cover off the Spector and there is a mid adjuster. Its a small thumb wheel, so no screwdriver needed. Adjusting it does make a big difference to the sound. It was set with too much cut for my liking. I ended up increasing to just over half way and now its much punchier. Shame there is no adjustment for treble frequency, as it seems very high. The bass control is crazy powerful. My favourite sound is bridge pickup with the tiniest of bass boost.
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    I have two sig basses bought for their own qualities....I'd not buy a bass just because of the person who played them. I have a Jack Casady bass - a lovely instrument, only marred by its neck dive. It's a testament to how much I like it that I decided to keep it despite the ergonomics. Usually I have no patience at all with instruments that don't balance on me, but it sounds and plays so well that it's remained in my possession. I've also got a Geddy Lee sig...mainly as it seemed to match the spec of my beloved '62 reissue jazz very closely and I fancied a spare....and I quite liked the bling . Loved it at first, but now find that my '86 reissue just 'has it' - I think the Geddy Lee is just too clanky for my taste. Interestingly I'd never even listened to any Rush until I started thinking about buying the GL Jazz and wanting to get an idea of the type of sound I could expect !
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    Tricky. I'm a big admirer of Phil Lynott's playing. The downside is I prefer the Jazz to the Precision. Upside is Lynott used a Jazz early in his career. Downside is there are few pictures of that particular bass, and zilch information out there to enable me to recreate it. So, I'm just building a Jazz to suit me instead.
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    I've had two signature basses: an Ibanez K5 - the Korn model and a Lakland Duck Dunn Neither were really bought because of the connection with the named player, with the Lakland, you wouldn't have known to look at it, it just looked like a red precision, but because they were good basses. The Duck Dunn sounded superb - just like a really good Precision, but it was a) heavy and b) had a very narrow neck, which I never quite gelled with. I replaced it with a G&L SB2 The Ibanez was my second ever bass and my first five string, a pretty good bass, though the pickups and pre-amp were a bit weak, with an electronics upgrade it would have been great. I swapped this for a MIM Jazz.
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    To be fair, a well tanked crowd are almost always better than a stone cold sober one.........
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    Latest version of my board has a bit of space which will soon be filled over the coming weeks with a boss dimension c waza and an not yet 100% sure it it will be a md or Od 200 inder the bridge is a Cali 76bc and a moog clusterflux and lpf as well as my midi aby which lets me pick between amps ( orange ob1-500 or rockerverb mk3
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    That's because the OP mentioned having a budget 😁
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    Just sold my Peavey GV to Clement. Very straightforward, good communications and quick payment. Deal with in great confidence! Thanks once again.
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    The construction is completely different aside from them both being in metal boxes even then the Stubby is steel and the RM is Aluminium.... BUT that’s nitpicking. The paint is drying on a Rootmaster head as we speak
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