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    When I read this about the old headless Hohners beeing kind of rare, I come to think of my own headless bass. It's a Cort Space B2 (I think it's called) With active/passive Electronics. I'm not shure how rare this is, but The Cort webpage states that these where manufactured alongside the Hohners in the Korean Cort factory in the 80's, and share much of the same hardware and Electronics. I do think that the active ones are a litte more difficult to find than the passive ones. Well herre are some pics.
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    Plays as good as it looks, first Ibby tried a few cheaper ones in past and they felt a bit lightweight and a bit like, for want of a better word toys, tried the natural coloured one in Gear4 in york and thought having this, but had to be the Mojito which looks a bit like a chocolate lime sweet. Been playing on it since i got home.
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    Hello people, Probably about time I made a post. I am a young player in my early 20's. Been playing Bass for a little while now, I picked it up on a whim as I needed to record a part and I found out that the low end is where I belong. Music is a big big part of my life, I grew up listening to my Dad's records. He unfortunately passed away just over a month ago. I intend to focus on my musical vision to honour him, it's what he would have wanted and I know it would make him proud. Music and Bass are my way to express and deal with emotions and difficult times, I'm glad I have them as a part of my life. I play prog-rock and metal mostly, but I don't try to emulate the big bands in those genres, I'm trying to create something unique and compelling. My two biggest influences from a song writing point of view are Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree primarily) and Mariusz Duda (Riverside and his solo stuff from Lunatic Soul), their approach to melody is something that I find very compelling. In terms of technique and general bass playing I'm more influenced by modern players, Amos Williams from Tesseract always inspires me to be creative and mix up my techniques and voicing and Jon Stockman from Karnivool inspires me to be creative when it comes to rhythm, counter-melody and using effects with Bass. John Frusciante is also a huge influence of mine, even though he is a guitar player, he is so expressive with his playing and you can really feel that his instrument is a true extension of himself. I've also played guitar since I was young as I dreamed of being on a stage and I wanted to 'play music' and that seemed like the only option at the time because guitar was where it was at at the time, but honestly as much as I love guitar, bass is just too fun that I never touch my guitars anymore. I would say my biggest musical skill is singing though, I have a huge range and good control but I prefer to sit back in the pocket and play bass. I'm looking to get more competent at singing and playing bass, I can sing pretty effortlessly but I play in a very complex genre that requires so much concentration to play in that it just seems impossible.
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    If I was to do a demo of an amp I would use a looper. Play a phrase and let that go round and round with the camera pointed at the controls of the amp. Fiddle with all the buttons and knobs. Then go around the amp and get up and close to the outputs and inputs etc. I don’t care for what the bass player is doing. I don’t need to see that. I need to see the amp. I’d mic it up and do a DI comparison etc but that’s a lot of work and a good enough reason not to make YouTube video demos.
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    The update. Just got back from the "mime" gig. I had previously said, "what could possibly go wrong?" Four days ago, I think I broke my left little finger. Still bloody painful. So, I took a back up normal fretless. Got to the sax player's house, to find he'd now taken the bass off of the tracks, suggesting that I can now "play along" with the numbers!! Great, a random 15 numbers from a list of 30 numbers I didn't know. Fabulous venue and food, corporate gig for 70 high-flyers. I get told that I can share the guitarist's real book charts. Fab, a busted finger, an upright bass I've had for 5 weeks and songs I don't know and now, have to take my eyes off the fingerboard😂 Lasted five numbers on the upright and changed to normal fretless. Less painful and at least I knew where the notes were. Got through it, but stressful, got paid and the unexpected key changes in a couple of numbers were a bit of a car crash. All experience though I guess.
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    Any retirement package that looks better than "Death in Service"...
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    Warwick Streamer Stage 1 from the great vintage 1991! Very good condition, maybe to light, cosmetic cleaning of wood. Realy, realy big sound. Very comfortable neck. Bartolini pickups !!! At this price free shipping to Europe.
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    For sale is a gorgeous Japanese Charvel 2B Bass from 1988. Overall condition is very good for a 30 year old bass but there are a few paint chips that I've photographed. It plays beautifully and sounds great too. Weight is under 9lbs with a poplar body. Build quality is superb The 20th fret could do with a bit of levelling as there is some buzz on the A and D string and I have priced this accordingly. These are pretty rare now and I happen to have a couple I'm looking for £200 and it can be picked up from either Monmouth or Bristol. Happy to post too.
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    **SOLD** Now £1450 £1400 £1350 Musicman Stingray 5 Classic. Natural with maple fingerboard and East MMSR 3 band pre-amp. Totally amazed to be selling this, but now I have a Wal it's just sitting there, with a sad look on it's face, and needs to be played! Excellent condition. Original case included. List price is around £2200 now, and around £150 for the preamp. Pickup from Cambridge, or met up within reasonable distance. Cheers, Andy
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    Not had this very long at all but we just aren’t getting enough time together. This is an absolutely mint, pristine, as new 2018 MusicMan Caprice Bass in diamond blue. Only just taken the plastic off the scratch plate so even that is mark free. This is a passive bass with p and j position humbuckers. The passive sound is very flexible and it’s easy to find a good sound in the mix - however I haven’t had the chance to get this honed down has its only been used in a couple of rehearsals at the studio. I’ve reduced the bass to a very reasonable £1150, I have a dealer offer at this level so this is as low as it goes. Apologies on the pooh quality of the iPad piccies, unfortunately no natural light in the frozen North at this time of year. I’d prefer a meet up as I don’t trust the post around the silly season, but will entertain travelling up to a radius of around 50miles around Sheffield. Unfortunately UK sale only.... Edit, forgot to mention, these are very lightweight for a MM, this one comes in around 8lbs on my digital scales.
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    Brubaker Extreme 5 String Model: KXB-5 Xtreme Scale: 34" Frets: 24 Body: Swamp Ash Top Wood: Buckeye Burl Neck: Hard Maple with Paduk Fret Board: Paduk with Buckeye Hardware: Hipshot A Style Bridge with Ultralite Tuners Pickups: Bartolini MM5 CBC (Bridge) and XXP25 (Neck) Controls: 4.6 Bartolini NTMB Ships from US
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    Hi, Just joined and a small intro. Early 50s bass player now gaining a healthy interest in bass building. Been playin since I was 14 on and off. Thanks Shaun..
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    Well that love affair was short lived
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    Would think a good quality looper would be fine. Many pros use them on their demos. Guys like Fredrico Malaman use them to give a backing track to solo over. No idea what type he uses. Michael Manring too. When you hear the original riff against the looped riff it sounds pretty much same to me with headphones on. Dave
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    Serious question, would a looped signal (basically a recording) interact with the amp in exactly the same way as the live signal?
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    At a gig last week a poster at the pub was advertising future bands including one called 'topless barmaids'. I can imagine a lot of disappointed punters.
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    Actually, I've got that wrong. I'm seeing them on Sat night at Rock city. I keep thinking today is Friday as I have tomorrow booked off work😃
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    I think the lineup (apart from bass due to Trevor Bolder passing away) has been reasonably stable for 10+ years but they have always had a fair number of muso's going through the ranks. Mick Box must have been the only original member for decades by now.
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    I'm off to VHB / UH tomorrow night. Fingers crossed for a decent mix, VHB deserve sound techs to do their job as they always seem to give 100% with their performances. Not seen UH for about 15 years!
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    Several manufacturers offer a splitcoil design in a J-bass casing. Adding a series/parallel-switch should get you pretty close! Technically none of the pickups below (with the exception of the Aero) were designed with P-bass tone in mind, and a J-pickup is much less hot than a P-bass splitcoil, but any of these that offers 4-conductor wiring has the option to be switched to series like a P-bass splitcoil is wired. There's the Seymour Duncan Apollo, Lindy Fralin Split Jazz, the Aero PJ, Curtis Novak Splits, the DiMarzio Model J, the Nordstrand NJ5SE and NJ5SV and I may forget some options. Edit: and of course, the other way round is possible too: having a splitcoil P-bass pickup switching to parallel, like Fender did with their S1 switch. It cleans it up a fair bit.
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    2015: an Aerodyne Jazz costing 55,000 JPY would have cost £282 pre shipping & tax. Today it would cost £392... something must have affected the exchange rate.
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    Went to Hull Minster on Sunday to a carol concert hosted by The EYMS Brass Band. Not a big fan of brass bands in general, however these guys were just amazing! Trombonist in particular was outstanding, and the leader / conductor was brilliant too, hosting proceedings with enthusiasm and humour. Very enjoyable evening, and with the added attraction of mince pies and mulled wine what's not to like?
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    Aw shucks. Why thank you so much for the kind words Paul S (no relation! lol) PS, my paypal account is not working.... do you accept Green Shield Stamps? (there are a few of us on here who will understand that comment.....)
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    Personally I am not a greedy man , I have small needs and was brought up with the philosophy of my old father. we would each wish for only a halfpenny more than we could spend
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    Someone to finish my bloody kitchen properly so I can get back to bass stuff.... Or more realistically, world peace.
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    Email John Hall, I’m sure he’d be accommodating and grown up about it How about a drip of clear nail varnish?
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    There are likely two allen key locks (either side of the bridge). With both loosened, position/adjust your saddles to a comfortable height and set the intonation moving saddles forward/back accordingly. When happy, re-tighten the allen screws either side of the bridge. :) Tonepump Jr is a less dramatically eq-changing/boosting/cutting preamp than it's bigger brother - the Tonepump.
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    Remote country cottages are great when you are fit with your own transport. i'm going to move next to a hospital when i retire!
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    In most cases separating cabs is a bad idea. The shows why. It's specifically about PA subs, but the same issues apply to bass cabs. http://www.prosoundweb.com/article/in_search_of_the_power_alley/
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    Shirley Bassey's vocals had to go through two studio compressors. If you heard her without compression, your effing head would explode. 😁
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    Compression is an enigmatic and often misunderstood tool amongst bass players. Which is ironic, given that bass is an instrument that really benefits from compression. But it’s not essential. You won’t sound ‘worse’ without it. You just won’t sound ‘better’ 😉 One of these days I'm going to write a thread on how to set up a compressor for bass guitar, step by step. Until then, either experiment with yours DIY style or just leave it well alone. It very easy to do more harm than good with compression if you don't know what you're doing, that's for sure.
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    Lonely as I am.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJPFEJnjkw4
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    It is a paid gig at a regular place, although the place recently changed management and cut the rate, so I'm not so bothered about that! I just don't want to stand up there for two sets as part of the unrehearsed rock'n'bongo comedy roadshow. I'm getting massive Spinal Tap/Stonehenge vibes about the whole thing. Also it's at an undisclosed location. Unless I can get loads of you to turn up and shout "TURN THE BASS UP!" throughout. Or maybe if you all bring a tambourine and join in it won't be so bad!
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    Sold, thank you for the interest everyone!
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    Surely a preamp pedal can’t control the damping factor of a power amp?
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    about 3 times, once the output transisters failed in my elderly Trace Elliot, twice when signal to the sound engineer mysterious disappeared, no fault found with the amp later but I always have a spare available, but as I said I'm using elderly Trace amps. Another amp failure story, our guitarist orange amp wouldn't switch on, he finished up using my spare Trace Elliot (sounded ok according to the crowd but he was not happy). When he took it in for repair it was just the warning light bulb that had blown, the amp was working ok all the time
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    At this point I'd be looking at getting a different cab lol Si
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    Given a level playing field - same price, item you want is in stock and polite and helpful staff - I think most of us would like to support out local shops. For many of us this hasn't been the case so we vote (shop) using the power of the wallet. If you want my money, have what I want when I want it - and don't talk to me like I'm an idiot.
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    In fairness, Graham, most of the pro-Ishibashi posts on this thread were made before the UK voted for economic suicide and destroyed the value of the UK£.
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    [quote name='jonsmith' timestamp='1361531820' post='1986980'] Like these guys: [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hatfield_and_the_North"]http://en.wikipedia....d_and_the_North[/url] [size=4][/quote][/size] [size=4]I suspect Bert was having a little joke with us. [/size]
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    He's dead right of course. When I first played my Martin a good bass player was in the audience and at the end he came up to me and said, that's the best bass sound I've ever heard.' I told him he'd made my day to which he replied 'well, you've certainly spoiled mine!'.

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