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  1. I cut the treble on my stingray bass and use a keeley bass comp then a custom made box with an OC2 clone into a mountainking megalith clone (into a phase 45 clone if wanted), then a robot factory meatwad EF (meatball clone) then delay if wanted. This sounds very good but is quite hard to tame. If I want Something softer and easier to master I replace the Megalith by an Aguilar agro with saturation all the way up.
  2. Maybe they had concerns about string tension effects on the neck?
  3. About shape, in general they Don't have a 33,2677654 scale and 16,4575422455 string spacing at bridge and nut either .
  4. I own a 1512L for years, and am very satisfied with its sound and power, nevertheless they are quite expensive for what they are. the finish is far from meticulous, and I burned a lot of tweeters (Jorg gave me some) before realizing mine has NO FILTERING !!!! (a joke, said a tech I know, happily I don't have a big need for tweeters after all). I got it for very little money so it is fine, but otherwise won't be very pleased, if I had put a thousand in this one. edit. It has a very good sensitivity. 103db on the paper I Believe.
  5. I sold my Stingray V to Miki, and that is true, it is a real pleasure to deal with him.
  6. Tried one, nice feel and cool sounding, as said before. Looks very cool too (most important).
  7. Being fretless it certainly miaows and yowls.
  8. Well though I voted "white" I'd really like one like this;
  9. Incriminate anything except the other members (yourself, fatality, tendinitis...) Sorry mates, but I've been too long holding this piece of unbalanced wood to avoid neckdive and a broken headstock, I feel tired of it, and need something else now. All in all we had a very good time together.
  10. Wow, it is very nice, beautiful top. How is the B string ?
  11. Yes it is LS. Economy of scale I suppose.
  12. I liked the feel of the stock Fenders on the JMJ model. They are not really low-tension that said, but very pleasant.
  13. This pic makes me think of some futuristic Wind turbine project.
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