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  1. Got to do business with Steve today, as he took ownership of my gorgeous '66 precision. Top guy, great player, super smooth transaction and had a awesome time noodling and talking all things bass. Highly recommended! All the best Adam
  2. I had the jazz from this series and it was utterly glorious.
  3. Yeah, I’d say it was refinished at some point in the late 70s, so there’s some age to the finish for sure. It’s genuinely the best playing P bass I’ve ever had the fortune of playing, and if circumstances were different, it wouldn’t be going anywhere!
  4. If someone DOES want to buy it for 3k, you can buy my '66 precision for the same price...!
  5. As new Vintera series 60s Fender Mustang Bass in fiesta red. Bought new for a project that didn’t come to fruition, literally taken out of its padded gig bag, set up, played a few times in the studio, and put back away. Not a mark or scratch on her. Awesome funky little, exceptional playing bass that I wanted as soon as they were released, will even come packed in its original shipping box. Any questions, please ask. No trades or offers. Shipping at buyers risk and cost, cheers!
  6. That was originally my plan for her, but I ended up coming to love the grain and the finish as it was!
  7. I have this exact bass from the same year that I bought from new, and out of all the basses that have come and gone, this has always been one I’ll never sell. Awesome bass for the money. GLWTS.
  8. Oh man...don't...I've seen those ones go by before too...so painful!
  9. I mean everyone says this, but I really do mean it when I say this is the best playing neck I've ever had on a P bass. It really is a beaut. And I've played a bunch!
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