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  1. The little MB 200, which I have, is kind of minimalistic in that it doesn't have separate gain and volume Controls. it's only one volum knob, the eq and a contour switch. Good little amp, but I think I want something a little different sounding as well.
  2. Thanks for the good answers and stories, guys. I guess I will continue my quest for a warm sounding amp in the 500+w. range. I sometimes find the GK a little harsh and sterile sounding. However that may also be caused by other parts of the sound chain. (SquierJV jazz with Dean Markley steels.) I will try some nickles and see if they are a little more mellow in tone.🤪
  3. Thanks for the reply. I am aware that the "square footage" of speaker cab is also a factor when it comes to how loud things can get. I got the same response about the GK cab from a guy on "the American site", and I am a little puzzled, as the cab is rated 400 watts @ 8 ohm. (The old Stage line is rated at 500.) I guess that I eventually will get another designated bass cab, possibly another 210, but these will have to do for now. I have the streamliner on my watch list, but they don't come up that often second hand here I Norway. (I do have a rather right budget.... And I like the thought of utilizing what others don't want or need anymore.😀)
  4. Hi! I'm considering adding a second amp to my "arsenal", as my 14 year old son is becoming interested in learning the bass. (Yeah, I know most of you consider multiple amps a necessity, but that is not my situation right now.) I currently have a GK MB 200 going in to a GK MBE 210 Cab, and/ or an old Stage Line 15" PA speaker (which actually sounds quite all right at modest volumes). With the GK being only 200 watt @ 4ohms (cabs being 8 ohm), i think it would be wise to add a slightly bigger amp. I'm thinking 500 to 800 watts @ 4 ohms. I want: Light weight head, warm sound, possibly a tube or three in the pre amp. Budget about £300- 400. (another cab will probably come later on) Will it be possible for such an amp to produce a nice, warm sound, clean enough to be of value for a learner at livingroom/ bedroom volumes. The idea is that I can practise together with my son to help him learn, and maybe me to become more concious of my own playing. Suggestions are welcome, of course. Best regards halvor
  5. When I read this about the old headless Hohners beeing kind of rare, I come to think of my own headless bass. It's a Cort Space B2 (I think it's called) With active/passive Electronics. I'm not shure how rare this is, but The Cort webpage states that these where manufactured alongside the Hohners in the Korean Cort factory in the 80's, and share much of the same hardware and Electronics. I do think that the active ones are a litte more difficult to find than the passive ones. Well herre are some pics.
  6. Would you consider sending this bass overseas at all (to Norway)? I am interested, but don't know what shipping would be and so forth...😉 Halvor
  7. If I have understood what I have read on the interests these past few days correctly, the "P-Project" was/is Fernandes' custom shop/high end department. I guess that gave room for some custom touches when an instrument was ordered.🤗😀
  8. Wow! That is some impressive detective work, by you, MrWalker. And a good observation from bassassasin as well on the scarf joint.😀 It looks that the only differences between the '98 and the one on sake in Norway are the colour and the headstock logo. Still puzzled by the Warwick back cover, though.
  9. Thank's for Your reply, MrWalker. I also think this might be a custom shop Product, or perhaps a custom rebuild With quality parts here in Scandinavia. The latter is based mainly on the Warwick electronics route cover. The tuners does actually have a kind of Warwicky angle to them as well...
  10. Hi! I am thinking about wandering into the world of five strings, and the following has appeared on a sales page here in Norway. It is supposedly one of two basses specialordered by a now deceased Norwegian bassplayer who was quite well known in his day. He kept the other one, and this was sold. The story is not confirmed... Anyway, this is what I can tell from the picturesand the sellers description: The headstock doesn’t look like any otherFernandez I have seen online or anywhere else. I can’t say if the body is correct. It has two strap studs on the bottom end. The pickups are basstec. I think the tuners might be Gotoh. Possibly a Kahler bridge. I have no idea about the electronics, but they sit behind a Warwick cover on the back. The pots are, according to the seller hi, mid, bass, volume. The 5th one is said to be tone, but I think it might be panning between PUs or a second vol. pot. There are some pictures in the ad in theattached link, and I will add som more in a comment. The asking price is about 650$, but I think I might be able to haggle it down a bit. Any comments, thoughts and answers are welcome Bass gitar
  11. Hi, folks. I thougt it was time for me to write a short presentation of my self and what I do (or try to...) I am currently in the mid- fourties, and just recently picked up bass playing again after about 20 years of thinking to my self: "why dont i play that stick standing in the corner any more...?" Back in the days i learned to play on a Cort Space G2, headless travelbass with licensed by Steinberger hardware. I still have this little Axe, and am thinkin about using it mainly to teach the bas(s)ics to my youngest, who at the age of 13 is beginning to become interested. About a year ago I got myself a loaner from a bass- playing friend. It's a Squier JV- series Jazz bass from 1983, and he's not getting it back anytime soon! The bass is played through a Gallein Kruger MB200 amp with a GK MB 210 cab (400w) on the recieving end. I recently startet playing With a band, doing Country/ Americana type Music (which I never thought I'd be playing, but playing is fun regardeless og musikal style and genre). So: That's the short of it, and i want to thank you all for the informative and meaningful reading- experience i have on this forum. Best Hal
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