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  1. So that "79" has a body made in the 80's as well. Many S9 basses were actually finished in the early 80's, as were the International series. That particular bass has a 1982 neck as well... https://reverb.com/fr/item/52673031-1979-fender-precision-bass-with-maple-fretboard-olympic-white-ohsc
  2. Beautiful bass The way the body is routed under the pickguard is more 80 / 81 than late 70's.
  3. eneade


    Love the pictures and the story of the bass !
  4. Thanks ! Here is the matching 78J (I know I should not show this picture here) :
  5. Here are some pictures of my 1978 Precision. It's a middle weight bass for this era at 4,4 Kg.
  6. Just found this picture on my hard drive, and thought the bass looked good, so here it is ! A really simple color layout but with the right piece of tort, it looks sweet.
  7. Unusual Flexcore setup. What are the controls ?
  8. Some pics of my Stingray Special. This one is light and perfectly balanced. The roasted maple neck is slightly flamed, love it. Currently fitted with DR Hi Beams... sounds so good !
  9. I have sold a bass to @Samuello. He has been a super nice guy to deal with. Very easy communication, instant payment : highly recommended !
  10. No, it has been sold and sold again already.
  11. All Specials are not superlight and have neck dive. Mine was 4,1 Kg / 9lbs and it was well balanced.
  12. I have not been able to compare the basses side by side. The standard was long gone when I bought the Special. The Special is 0,5 Kg lighter. Both are good basses, the Special may have an edge on all positions of the switch being good.
  13. @Duarte I have had a Sterling 5 in HS. Good bass but the volume drop on the single coil neck pickup (position 5) was not convenient. The HH has all positions with the same output. The HH Ray (Standard or Special) is very nice as well, but the Sterling with the series routing adds extra bief to the sound.
  14. Error, replied to wrong topic. Sorry
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