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    And here are the finished pics As always, thank you all for your encouragement along the way - always greatly appreciated!
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    I picked up the bass Wednesday night. Last night I was humping logs cut from trees felled, for 2-3 hours. So reviewing it last night was a bit rushed as I'm expecting to be passing it on today, as I know @gary mac has a gig Friday night. However, I've had a bit of time today. Messed about with the amp - I had it plugged into an input on the amp marked "Active". So now I have it in the "Passive" input the sound is much better. I've tweaked the Truss rod and lowered the nut. I play finger-style. I can't slap to save my life, but this bass is amazingly easy to slap in different ways and get a variety of slapped sounds from it. On finger-style, there's a good growl and there are some really good tonal variations available. The feel reminds me of a Wishbass I owned and did up years ago - and that is a compliment. The neck has a rustic feel that comes out of the thickness. It is a good bass. It would be good to have it longer. Maybe Gary will have to wait a day longer.
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    I was playing keyboard in a pop-reggae band a few years back (well, we thought we were reggae but really we were a rock band with a passing offbeat acquaintance) and one of the doormen round town booked us to play at his nephew's christening. He wasn't offering much but he was a nice lad and we already owed him a few favours for 'well-timed assistance' around town, so we hop in the van and troll down to Brum for a play. We rock up outside this old community hall about 6PM to meet Mustafa, and after a minute he comes out dressed in this incredible full-length black and red leather robe, which makes him look like something out of Star Wars. That was Red Flag No 1. Red Flag No 2 was the polyrhythmic music playing at punishing volume inside the hall. We go inside only to find ourselves walking into the middle of a traditional Ghanian christening ceremony (or whatever the equivalent is) and that was the point where we instantly realise we are not going to go down well. We're sat down over at the back of the room with the other men and given a plate of rice that nearly takes my head off (our singer causes a minor scandal by sitting with us instead of the women, but I think we got tagged with the 'musician' exemption) and Staf introduces us to approximately 350 members of his extended family, who are all absolutely lovely and just as totally baffled as to why we're there. The ladies are all sat in circle of chairs in the middle of the room with the kid in the middle, the men are sat around the edges, and the actual ceremony is being conducted by two MCs, one man and one woman, who will quickly become MC Tall and MC Short respectively. They're taking it in turns to shout through a PA turned up so loud it's become a fuzzbox; there is a second PA playing music at a volume where my eyeballs are vibrating; I do not recognise a single tune all evening. Every few minutes MC Tall or Short will double up on the shouting tempo and the women all get up and pull huge wads of dollars out of their pocket, which they then throw at the kid. The ladies are all stunning with incredibly elaborate hairstyles and the men are wearing the same leather robes as Staf - this is clearly a big occasion and everyone is putting on their best 'look how much money we have' display, which explains the throwing of the dollars. We are under-dressed, hungover, and trying to make awkward chit-chat at the top of our voices. Eventually the ceremony is over and we set up on the community hall stage, planning to make this the shortest set of our lives. We have a quick argument about what to play, which ends with us scrapping everything from our set that isn't the reggae material. Our singer is already nervous after the men's section faux pas and we've not been able to understand a single word of the ceremony so far so we have NO IDEA what is happening. We're gamely vamping away at our best imitation of an authentic roots band but are keenly aware that our material is aimed at a spot several thousand miles and a different hemisphere away from what the crowd is expecting, and it's just dropping into the abyss of stares. The crowd is polite but clearly expecting something which is not happening. Second song in and we're contemplating dropping the rest of the set and legging it. Singer is visibly wilting under the stares of an entire flock of matriachs perched to stage right; I'm getting extremely interested in the top of the keyboard, which I have never examined so closely before. My nose is scraping the flat keys at points. Suddenly MC Short is on stage with us and grabbing the mic off the singer. What fresh hell is this??? We're expecting to be cut off unceremoniously, but instead she starts shouting at the crowd with a variation on her earlier theme. This lady is about 60 and barely four feet tall, but she can shout for God and with the backup of the PA she is reaching pitches that are melting my fillings. Every dog in a twenty mile radius is starting to howl. At her instigation, the entire front row of (stunning) women gets up as a unit to start throwing dollars at us - I'm beginning to have some very complicated feelings indeed. After she feels the crowd are sufficiently harangued we get the mic back and play another few songs which are met with respectful applause if not much actual interest, so we take the hint and finish up. We've picked up about 600 dollars in ones and have to carry them in a basket along with our gear. As soon as we finish the party is back on and everyone is off their chairs and dancing; hundreds of kids have appeared out of nowhere to do the old church hall skidding dance which apparently transcends culture! Huge baskets of homemade fried fish and curried rices have started appearing round the edges of the hall and we eat as much as we can physically carry back to the table. It's all delicious but so hot my hair starts curling and I spontaneously develop sunburn, which the kids all find hilarious. Staf is crazily happy that we played as he seems to think we are megastars rather than the chancers we are, and we're just happy to have been asked to do it so we decline our fee and take petrol money instead, reasoning that the story will likely pay for itself in beer over the years. We donate the dollars to the kiddo as a gift because we're all fairly drunk on Star Beer at this point and getting them changed seems like hassle. Some of the stunning girls from earlier are starting to give us the eye but my daddy taught me never to hit on a girl when A) you're at someone else's family occasion and B) her daddy is roughly the size of a car, in the room, and giving you the death glare, so prudence becomes the better part of valour and we make a swift exit. In reality it wasn't actually that desperate considering we were playing to an audience who had absolutely no interest in what we were doing, but it was hell of a night at the time. Don't think I've ever felt so out of place before or since. The food sure beat the hell out of my family dos though! I'd do it all again just for another crack at that buffet, even if my fragile little English stomach meant I spent three hours glued to the toilet next morning...
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    Arguably one of the very best gigging combos available today. This 2014 model, which I have owned since new, is in very good condition. It's been used (but not abused!) and very well looked after throughout, as you can see from the pics. I've never really had to dial it up to more than 6/10. Comes with a separately purchased fitted padded case. It's key features include: Bi-Amp Design two separate amps and drivers that deliver 500w of power to the main 12" speaker and 100w** to the smaller 1" tweeter that offers up a bright attack along with overtones. VLE or Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator to give the amp a more vintage tube amp like sound which in turn dials back on the response from the tweeter; VPF dial for a more mid-scooped sound. Speaker 12” Power Amp 500W (12") + 100W (tweeter) Weight 15.9 kg / 35 lbs **on this Mark I 2014 version (the later Mark II version has a 300W tweeter, but not something I've particularly missed having ) Collection from central London ideal and happy to meet half way; if insured courier required that can be arranged.
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    Oof - do you think I can get a discount off Fodera if I only want to buy the back of a bass?
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    Do as you wish! No problems with that. @Grangur aah feels good to hear. I don't want to throw myself flowers, but the basses I build are like "oh my god it is so bizarre" and when you play it a while, some things appears to be so nice... Weird, isn't it? Because it's made withe more love than skill 🤣 Anyway, glad you enjoyed it, for the passaround, do as you want, I don't mind some planning changes! Thanks Richard Cheers
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    If you haven't already, you chaps should check out these lads from Argentina. Steve Hackett has been known to perform with them.
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    Another thought is, I can have it back from you after you're finished, as I sometimes travel near Staines. So maybe I can drop it in to @TrevorR... besides, I've never played a Wal. No, no that would be far to presumptuous.
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    Shouldn’t “ect” be “etc”? Oh no, I’ve turned into @NancyJohnson 😛
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    I've just weighed all the parts and I think final weight will be about 3.4kg (7.5lb). Perfect.
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    Currently being interviewed by Kyle from The University of Sheffield about my career and tips for new graduates 👍 I love Skype 😂
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    Magnets to hold the electronics cover on has got to be the best idea since somebody (Will??) chopped the corners of a square thing and mounted it to an axle.
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    I had one of the first, if not the first, in this country, and that was fine, so its not an early batch issue. Ive sent it back and have another one coming from Guitar Guitar on Friday. Hoping its better. It is a very good DI out. The tone is strong and clear.
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    Another cracking build and a very nice finish.
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    Your walk gives it away. S.P.
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    The neck was a super tight fit in the pocket - it wouldn’t quite go at first, so I gave the pocket rout a light scrape with a sharp chisel to clean what was left of the original red paint out and, with a little persuasion, in it went. Still plenty to do, but this ‘dry run’ gives an impression of how the finished build should look.
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    No fear. There can only be one #001
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    Well... I didn't really have time to sit down to test everything... but earlier today I found myself in front of the pedalboard and I thought I'd start at least. I plugged in and... it sounded worst than last time I used it. Not just the volume issue and slightly degraded sound... there was a bit of a weird fuzzy noise that followed the envelope of each note I played. I started wiggling patch cables... yes, very technical, I know... And what do you know? One cable, between the last overdrive and the wah started making noise... and in one position made the bass sound perfectly clear... then move it a bit and the problems start. I think it all may be THAT single cable. Since I'm at it, I'm going to revise the setup to make the cabling tidier but... replacing that cable seems to be doing the trick. The simplest things...
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    Indeed Maude, and the whole purpose of a thread on inexpensive flats is to let others know of what's out there, and to alert others as to what's good value or worth a punt Bridgehouse, you may know what flats you like or prefer - but there are many out there who haven't tried flats or avoid them because the one set they tried... they didn't like At £11 or £12 a shot - the Adagio's are amazing value - are they a quarter as good as Thomastik's, which are £50+ a set? - No! They sound and play great! My bass with adagio's, sounded better than my bass with TI's on at my last gig In fact, I bought my TI's from someone on here who paid full price.... and didn't like them. I'd say, at £50+ with P&P, that's an expensive experiment, if you then decide you don't like them Even selling them on to me, at under £30 inc P&P that's a loss of 2 sets of ADagio's A while back, I tried a set of Steve Harris sig flats, at £30+ a set, and I really didn't like them.... and that's 3x sets of Adagios - plus, it put me off flats for a while, so the more expensive strings were counter-productive, for me I'm definitely going to try a lighter gauge set of the Adagio's soon. And at that price, if they last a long time - they're superb value, great sounding strings And far from being a "compromise" they're a contender for my Flatwounds of choice
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    This was THE sound that made me fall for the bass. Great track "hanging around" and I felt so pleased that a while after learning "Peaches" I learned how to play "hanging around" and "Princess of the Streets" - great intro on that last track! In fact, JJ's bass sounds fantastic on the whole album. After an absence from playing (for ages) a return to this album gave me P bass GAS all over again Never heard a P bass sound quite so good
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