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    Year 2007 True Marcus Miller sound, with its own character. Badass bridge white binding with side dots High-End jazz bass! Unique! ExtraNarrow thickness neck 2800€ 2470£
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    Man o Man.......what a band. And as for JD....wow
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    I've just taken this lovely thing in trade from grahamd and as I had discussed with him before trading, I'm moving it straight on at the agreed trade value. I'm tempted to keep it but I'm going through a bit of a Musicman phase at the moment so this doesn't really fit in with that Fender MIJ alder precision body which was converted professionally to PJ by Howard the Bass doc who also did the electrics, CTS etc Lindy Fralin precision pup DiMarzio Ultrajazz bridge pickup Hipshot tuners Gotoh 201b bridge Fender neck plate Warmoth USA maple/maple precision neck, vintage tinted gloss finish with string retainer It really does feel lovely and plays well. The nut is Jazz width (38mm) but depth wise it's quite chunky, to my mind reminiscent of a Blue Sparkle Steve Harris Signature P so to P bass players it shouldn't feel alien or narrow. The back of the body has some indentations (from I assume a protruding belt buckle) but nothing nasty and nothing that has broken the surface of the finish. Collection/meet up preferred (I'm in South Yorkshire) but will ship at buyer's expense as it's now back in it's box and ready to go (in a leather look gig bag for added protection) Link to grahamd's original ad below (thanks grahamd): https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/330298-traded-high-quality-pj-bitsa/
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    Another UPS fan here, credit where credit's due I haven't had a serious problem in years of use.
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    I've used nothing else but Trace for 25 years and have felt that love myself. Many of their amps have come and gone. But times have changed. I'm using in ears more and more these days and have moved onto something more portable. Hopefully the fella taking this off my hands will sort it out and enjoy it as I have. 🙂
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    Why not email Matrix http://www.matrixamplification.com/
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    Either the Ampeg BA108 or Fender Rumble 15 will be more than enough for home use, I`ve had both and never used either of them at anywhere near full volume when playing along to music on my stereo/pc/tv.
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    Ha ha this talk about older geezers getting back into gigging again reminds me of the current Legal & General TV ad featuring same ageing rock chick with large teeth
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    I'll send mine back then as it's straight lol
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    Indeed Maude, and the whole purpose of a thread on inexpensive flats is to let others know of what's out there, and to alert others as to what's good value or worth a punt Bridgehouse, you may know what flats you like or prefer - but there are many out there who haven't tried flats or avoid them because the one set they tried... they didn't like At £11 or £12 a shot - the Adagio's are amazing value - are they a quarter as good as Thomastik's, which are £50+ a set? - No! They sound and play great! My bass with adagio's, sounded better than my bass with TI's on at my last gig In fact, I bought my TI's from someone on here who paid full price.... and didn't like them. I'd say, at £50+ with P&P, that's an expensive experiment, if you then decide you don't like them Even selling them on to me, at under £30 inc P&P that's a loss of 2 sets of ADagio's A while back, I tried a set of Steve Harris sig flats, at £30+ a set, and I really didn't like them.... and that's 3x sets of Adagios - plus, it put me off flats for a while, so the more expensive strings were counter-productive, for me I'm definitely going to try a lighter gauge set of the Adagio's soon. And at that price, if they last a long time - they're superb value, great sounding strings And far from being a "compromise" they're a contender for my Flatwounds of choice

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