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  1. Google is saying 8.75lbs
  2. Dingwall Combustion 5, 2017 I think, has the rounded pickups, Trans white Collection only, No trades Thanks
  3. Can a mod please change the price to £1750 please Thanks
  4. Anyone done this? Thinking of doing on my Combustion 5
  5. Deffo worth the wait, Iv had 3 all being a year and I can say its 100% worth the wait.
  6. This has got me thinking.. Would you not post to Birmingham?
  7. Putting this back up for sale. Will consider PX For a 5
  8. Something I don't find myself very good at but always wanting to improve. I have a VOX amplug thing which i use with my mac as the AUX and some Phil Jones headphones, This seems to be my go to at the moment but thinking of investing in some monitors as I imagine it would be a lot easier to hear the bass in tracks Always curious to what other setups people use and what they find best Thanks
  9. Fender Rumble 500, Im hoping to pick one up the weekend, Played through one saturday night and it was fantastic and I can't get over how light weight it is!
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