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  1. It really is like daylight robbery but I just don't play now and have no intentions of picking the bass back up Thanks
  2. £1,000 I have ended my time in playing bass so this might aswell go Thanks
  3. Unreal. Love this bass! Did I read your in drop B! What strings you using on this? Is it 34" scale? Im tempted to have my Cobia setup in B
  4. Will let this go for £1,200 this weekend if someone is interested
  5. For sale is my Alpher Instruments Cobia 4 string - 34" Scale 24 fret - Padauk top - Swamp ash body - Wenge neck - Ebony fingerboard - Wenge scratchplate - Nordstrand preamp (active and passive) - Nordstrand dual coil pickups - Iluminlay dots on the neck Great condition, This is the first ever Cobia built by Chris and Alex, Collection only and no trades Reasonable Offers accepted Thanks
  6. Dingwall Combustion 5, 2017 I think, has the rounded pickups, Trans white Collection only, No trades Thanks
  7. Can a mod please change the price to £1750 please Thanks
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