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  1. Hi, I'm interested... could you send me pics about the back of the Bass. can you ship the Bass to Italy? Are there any digs scratches or any other thing i should know? thank you very much Daniele
  2. 1570£ last price drop or 1750£ for a Trade.
  3. It depends in wich kind of trade do you have in mind...
  4. Weight: 3.7 kg!!! Mint Condition Original Case Shipping Worlwide (pm for costs) Superb Craftmanship and Sound Patrice Vigier pioneered graphite neck construction in the 1970s and 80s, and after much research and fine tuning Vigier moved away from the colder and brittle sounding solid graphite necks to a composite of 90% wood and 10% graphite - this yields the same strength and rigidity famed on graphite necked instruments bu..
  5. Yeah man... It was built at the NY shop 🙂 for sure his best period 😉 thanks for your comment
  6. Posted new pics of the sexy back and outstanding body wood 😉
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